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Sign of the Times - Harry Styles KOver

Watch my new live KOver video for Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times" and be sure to purchase the song on iTunes.

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Down - Marian Hill KOver

Watch my new live KOver video for Marian Hills' "Down" and be sure to purchase the song!

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BestFan - Video Interview with Kevin Olusola

Kevin Olusola from the music group Pentatonix, sat down with our host Devo to discuss his solo EP release 'Renegade', his experience wining a Grammy Award earlier this year and his forthcoming album with Pentatonix... Click here to watch the video. 

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ANDPOP - "Pentatonix's Kevin Olusola talks Solo EP, Beatboxing & Plays The Backwards Pop Song Challenge

As fans, it's always nice to know that our favourite artists are just as cool, vibrant, and generous as the beautiful music they make and share... Watch the video interview here

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PopCrush - "Kevin Olusola Kelly Clarkson Tour Exclusive"

In addition to being immensely, almost mind-numbingly talented, Pentatonix’s Kevin “K.O.” Olusola is basically the most positive, upbeat person on the face of this planet. Dude is a straight-up ray of sunshine...

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The Courier Journal - "Kentucky singer wins at 57th Grammy Awards"

A Kentucky Center Governor's School of the Arts alumnus won a Grammy in the Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella category. Kevin Olusola won for a medley titled "Daft Punk."

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How much love do you have to give?
Happy Sabbath. The Lord is good.
Woooooow I am so saddened to hear about the passing of @Avicii. What a tremendous talent gone too soon. His mark on… https://t.co/wOy9aJHeEn
@KINDSnacks @ptxchristine Thank you!! And thank you, @ptxchristine you roooooock!!
New video! A medley of all the songs we covered on #PTXTopPopVol1! Enjoy ✌🏿 https://t.co/A42rBgXRLn
Aaaaaand more progress 🎢🎡🎢 https://t.co/C3EmwGg5Ch
It only starts with drum and bass 🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢🎡🎢 https://t.co/irqhRi8r1G
@scoothooying My electric is named Mr. Carter ✌🏿