Proud of you guys. https://t.co/gGsjR6fKUf
🏎🏎🏎🏎 @alfa_romeo (📸 @leigh_411 ) https://t.co/VuAdElZGgq
Used to be a boy with a cello and a dream. Not a thing’s changed ✌🏿... well, maybe slightly better hair 😂… https://t.co/SstjLtQRiK
Excited to be talking to Deke Sharon and Rob Dietz about how @PTXofficial does a cappella! Tune in to my interview… https://t.co/QaxOBEgzTF
Thank You Next - @ArianaGrande #KOvers https://t.co/XTDy6QWGsZ
NEW VIDEO! What Christmas Means To Me by the insurmountable @steviewonder! Fun fact: my fiancée @leigh_411 recomm… https://t.co/pQdJNtBqwT
Rockefeller Xmas Tree Lighting🎄 (📸 Meghan Kehoe) https://t.co/15nE0jNcjh
ANNOUNCEMENT! Our Christmas special “Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night” will be airing on @nbc on Dec 10th @ 10/9c!… https://t.co/TzXERotZXJ
Little Drummer Boy #PTXChristmasIsHereTour 🥁🎄⛄️ @benhausdo https://t.co/aPC5fkxEkD
Happy Sabbath. Resting with the Lord today!
Happiest of thanksgivings. My family spent it with my new family. Joy all around. #HappyThanksgiving2018
It’s cold in the city
RT @charlieputh: The songwriting within a record is really important. But don’t forget the production within the record is just as i… https://t.co/64Ox2mGfS7
I need a tea kettle.
You don’t wanna miss this!! https://t.co/DwxmhHaF50
Y’all are wooooonderful.
Starting an @instagram livestream right now! Join us! KOlusola is the name!
Been a while since we actually conversed, y’all! IG Livestream this Sunday at 1 PM PT! KOlusola is the name! See y’all there!
@TonyaYorkDees @leigh_411 Awwwwww thank you Tonya!
@Ashton73773255 @leigh_411 Please don’t clog that
@AwkwardLilBean @leigh_411 Hahahaha I knooooow
I think we’re going as Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Halloween 😝✌🏿🎃💍 #HappyHalloween #EngagedAF (📸… https://t.co/SkVJxGnUQ5
Y’all, the outpouring of love has been absolutely mindblowing. Thank you for all the support! It’s such a blessing… https://t.co/9v8qZfCL4L
@vlbonachea @leigh_411 Hahahaha thank you!
@CurlineO @leigh_411 @oluwole_olusola THANKS MOM
@hassanahmed120 HECK YEAH I DID
@Conqueror1991 Hahaha you just gotta know what’s important to you. We just wanted to make sure people knew at the right time.
@chelle190281 Hahahaha just like I like it lol :)
@elmo3907 @PentaTonya @amazingjr87 Thank you!!!
@ElenadeLen4 @leigh_411 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@EgoandEd @leigh_411 Thanks, Arun! Excited to have her in my life forever.
@PStroud10 @amazingjr87 Hahahaha that’s the way I like it with the personal stuff lol :)
@aniistoll @leigh_411 Thanks Annie!!
@obsessedptx Hahahaha tryina hide my kids hide my wife
@kirstin Awwww thank you Kirstieeeeee
@scotthoying @leigh_411 Thank youuuuu!!!
@KimPiggie Hahaha this is just a special part of my life that I wanted to keep private until it was time to tell ev… https://t.co/7laDqALY27
@PentaTonya @amazingjr87 Like you can’t belieeeeeeve.
@dreadhead_oreo Hahaha you didn’t fail. This is a very important part of my life that I wanted to keep private unti… https://t.co/pPmQsskOkq
@Jyd__ @leigh_411 Hahahahaha noticed!
@AinJulSays This means the wooooorld!!
@PotatoBrownie2 @MikeGrassi @leigh_411 Hahaha I kept this on the doowwwwwn loooooow
@annaliisaptx Thank you!!
@PentaConEvent @leigh_411 Thank you!!!
@amazingjr87 I did it on Oct 4th, the day before my 30th birthday!
@gmarrast @leigh_411 Thank you!!!
@cuumulus Like you can’t believe
@PentaToddler @leigh_411 Thank you!!
@PentaTonya @MikeGrassi @leigh_411 Shoot I didn’t even know until I saw the photo and then was like “shoot...I’m engaged?!?!”
@queenolusola Aw that means the world!! You work at Disney now?!?! Do you do VIP?
@_lisaw_ @leigh_411 Thank you!!!!
@PTXRoisin Thank you!!
@scnjas Aw thank you!!
@LAOnAir @leigh_411 Thank you!!!!!!!!
@MikeGrassi @leigh_411 YOU ROCK!!
@McKathlin @leigh_411 Arigato!!!
@DanaDelany @leigh_411 Thanks Dana!!!
@CATHancock @leigh_411 Thank you!!!
@violaleanne226 @leigh_411 Hahaha thank you! It was haaaaard!!!!
Hahaha I love you, baby girl. God is so good 💍 https://t.co/aLsSdGsq64
@Candie4JC Hahaha thanks, Candace. We’re blessed of God.
My lover and my best friend. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you 💍 @leigh_411 (📸… https://t.co/8m8yvMTYM1
YAYAYYAYAY #Wicked15 Such a pleasure being a part of this! https://t.co/tdfX9Uy0Sp
Y'all!! WE HAVE A NEW HOLIDAY ALBUM!!!! We recorded and arranged a bunch of songs on tour because we wanted to give… https://t.co/fMgVz0SQqi
400 DEADLIFT!! Let’s goooo! Thanks to @eddielesterpt and @eveoverlandfit for starting the process of training me, a… https://t.co/1nlapO8MzP
It’s been a minute, y’all. I’ve been decompressing and centering myself. Getting in the right headspace for 30. It’… https://t.co/ILIdbZhX2P
This was a very special moment! Thank you!! I still couldn’t believe this happened! https://t.co/XmFZ3EC0AA
@TyOlatoye Thanks Ty!
@michaelomusic Thank youuuu!
@frankthedoc1 Thanks Uncle Frank!!!
Wow this is cool!! https://t.co/jmEmm4gcup
@PTXofficial I love you guys!!!
@rubenharris Thank you broseph!!
Thanks mom. You are my rock. https://t.co/xOcgcEUHyi
Thank you guys for all the outpouring of love! I’m so thankful that I get to go into my 30s with such love, support… https://t.co/IirTRbtL9O
@PTXofficial Awww thank you guys!
@AuntKimmie875 @PTXofficial Thank you!!
RT @PTXofficial: What’s @KOlusola thinking? 💭 #CaptionThis https://t.co/wi7u2DE3Ph
Saw @SMALLFOOTMovie today. I really liked it!
RT @CareForKids: Before @KOlusola was a member of the award winning, Billboard topping #Pentatonix, he was studying to become a doct… https://t.co/NF51b2ro1Z
wow how many times can I say "I love y'all" and it doesn't get old
I meaaaaaan I try https://t.co/P5LvFp0yQP
What up. How's everyone's Sunday morning going so far? Going well? Enjoying it?
@ghostofcallie thank you!!!!
@raindropsktm whoooo thank you!
This is veeeeeery exciting y'all!! Hope you love this! https://t.co/VEngLUzrNU
We’re touring this Christmas!! Who’s coming to see us? https://t.co/CAbvNWxmfl
RT @PTXofficial: To celebrate ONE MONTH until the release of our NEW HOLIDAY ALBUM 'Christmas Is Here!', we want to share the artwor… https://t.co/Pm4lhy6ZXd
Saw @Beyonce at @RoseBowlStadium. I mean...it was perfect.
New Album aaaaand a tour?!?! Oooooops Christmas has come in PENTATONIXLAND EVERYBODY https://t.co/u1jqVje6X6
This is my everything. Like...everything. @kirstin https://t.co/ZGwbAplhJk
I love the Yo-Yo. https://t.co/P4SLOX3GkC
@BettyHalamicek @PTXofficial you were so sweet! Thank you for the Bible!
@Nicole_Cav1 @seoulfood225 hahaha yes yes!!!
@braunrl @scotthoying wasn't it!!!
@smileyboygrassi @scotthoying thanks for coming!
@actuallymaxie @scotthoying we did!
Getting to celebrate @scotthoying's birthday with the fans was such a blast. That's the way to end tour. And y'all.… https://t.co/akavzswowG
The only way I know how to get leg day in @kirstin https://t.co/WiD4PzqVAg
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, … https://t.co/0q0qU0DPHK
I have so much love and respect for all the people that have supported us on this tour. 7 years. I can't believe w… https://t.co/PJlOckl6pk
This is hilarious https://t.co/ptvlpMuIrw
Only a few more shows left, everybody!! https://t.co/nQklWUrG6I
17 years ago, the unthinkable disaster of the Two Towers in NYC crashing down occurred. It was such a sad day in ou… https://t.co/1mXFOMFZqE
10 years ago, the unthinkable disaster of the Two Towers in NYC crashing down occurred. It was such a sad day in ou… https://t.co/Ca2T8DaYKG
We love you all.
@rosegoldsallee @mattsalleemusic ...well No but that’s beside the point
@rosegoldajr @mattsalleemusic Good I like a good chilled green tea
....this homie @mattsalleemusic made me stretch in the middle of the show. Like what the show just became a yoga cl… https://t.co/7y8F3lDzgg
What happened was this...
Ok fine. I’ll tell you.
Y’all really wanna know the drama between @mattsalleemusic and me?
Oh my don’t let him fool you...Drama Free 😫🤦🏿‍♂️ https://t.co/yeBvFeZ4nr
@Carla_Mae_94 Hahah I just wanted to make sure you were sure you wanted me to sign your Bible!! You are so wonderfu… https://t.co/PGWPvceX4h
A congratulations is in order!! @johnlegend THIS IS HUUUUUGE CONGRATS MY GUY!!! https://t.co/WrulZSEhjL
@braunrl Awewww you are be sweetest.
@PentaToddler I absolutely looooved your abc’s book! Thank you so much! I needed that a lot today! I’m excited to s… https://t.co/DXQcorMT6r
Read so many fan letters and scrapbooks tonight and my heart is sooooo so full. I love each and every one of you ♥️… https://t.co/33lZo5Ucf6
.@AndyStanley I just finished your book, Deep and Wide, with my core church team. So soooo good. Next steps: do you… https://t.co/gp7Y2BXckp
@MashUpStanleyT @backstreetboys Hahaha thank you! If it ever plays on your radio show let me know!
I was introduced to Mac Miller through Ariana Grande’s “The Way.” Such a talented, taleeeented individual.… https://t.co/8ZVZCSIhjA
RT @ptxelysia: legend!!!! @KOlusola your talent never fails to amaze me 💖 #PTXSummerTourTOR https://t.co/ZO2BZfZh4y
This makes me so happy!!! https://t.co/kTFwqx3ltJ
RT @backstreetboys: Kudos man! This is awesome 🙌🏻 @KOlusola @PTXofficial https://t.co/5h41c5Sk82 https://t.co/xF47fnJFbO
About to livestream on IG! Kolusola is the name!
My inner fanboy just came out 😱
Thank youuuuu!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿 https://t.co/9juZsdQ1Vz
Guys!! So happy you’re liking the new video! Send me gifs or screenshots of your favorite parts using #KOALAYLM and… https://t.co/xi9o69gha0
Y’all! I’m going to be doing an IG livestream today at 7:30 PM ET! Come hang out with me!!
Ha looooove this!! https://t.co/NDQVF0FYTn
In case you missed it, you can watch my BRAND NEW cover of @backstreetboys “As Long As You Love Me” here:… https://t.co/IylJzAorQ9
Hope you guys are liking the video! You can also purchase or stream my cover of @backstreetboys “As Long As You Lov… https://t.co/hMhQcuP2hG
@nuggstruggs @backstreetboys Hahahaha it’s there lol!
@AshleyAhnberg HBD! Have an amazing one, love!
@HoyingBabyBoy Check Spotify or Apple Music! It’s there!
Put a little spin on the classic @backstreetboys song “As Long As You Love Me”! Watch the video here:… https://t.co/uSkjs9XSJS
If you haven’t received an email from me, check your spam/promotions/junk mail folder! It could be in there!
@xoxoitzdestiny Is it not in your spam/junk folder?
@Klaus1955 Have you checked your spam or junk folder?
@Carolinasmoon Or your spam folder?
@Carolinasmoon Is it not in your junk mail?
People who are signed up for my newsletter miiiiiight want to check their inboxes right now ✌🏿
Hey y’all! Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter... 😉 https://t.co/g0opsbfK9U
Sooooo you’re kind. https://t.co/f9DPZxFYRy
Hahaha appreciate you!! https://t.co/9XklFrSlty
@Pentaholic36 Hahaha tell her “Whatup, I’m Kevin, and SHE is bae!!!”
@ptxdink Haha you’re so wonderful.
Do me a solid by following the cutiest kid in IG, @_byzai!! I love this little guy!! https://t.co/COidClxnhe
Still can’t believe this is my life. #ptxsummertour2018 (📸 @benhausdo) https://t.co/RCMANUSZdV
I love music. (📸 @benhausdo) https://t.co/3Ea7UL2cvm
I’m reading letters and I’m emotional. Thank you for opening up your hearts to us in these letters. We love you all. https://t.co/5dsZoULX0D
@ptxanne @mattsalleemusic Carve out special, uninterrupted time with God each day. Make sure it’s purposeful, that it brings you energy.
.@ArethaFranklin inspired a generation of singers. Her voice shook you to the depths of your core. She will be missed. Rest well, Aretha 🙏🏿
Tonight. Jones Beach. (⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/l09ITwuBnm
@braunrl happy bday!
Day off. I’m happy.
Going to bed now. Love y’all ✌🏿
We had an amazing time tonight, Raleigh! (📸 ⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/hofZbjS0bW
Ha you’re so kind. https://t.co/Vw3kuY92eo
New PTXperience is LIVE!!! https://t.co/r1WYDFDcyQ
This was so special. Definitely a gift I will cherish. https://t.co/rk4H3VqpIE
RT @PTXofficial: It brings us so much joy to read all of the letters we receive from our fans during the #PTXSummerTour2018... and y… https://t.co/4bPMBwpW2c
@vinylgrassi That is so kind of you to say. I’m excited to spread this love and joy because I know I need the healing as well. We all do!
When mom and Dad tell you that Santa’s not real (by @GioGMartinez) #WaltDisneyWorld https://t.co/ZL4BbJv0sP
Issa look (@Disney) https://t.co/fM8SxsNCfL
You’re so kind! https://t.co/wqe1em8dA5
#PTXSummerTour2018 HAS BEEN CRAAAAZY https://t.co/OniUeKo2zA
Crazy that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my version of “Down” by @MarianHillMusic! Thanks @kennatonix f… https://t.co/3KSn4bbRZw
Beatboxer. (⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/wSitRVzKp8
Please y’all. Let’s support this woman and help her medical bills get paid. https://t.co/S19Lv1YNWU
@utdftptx omg girl ive been seeing all the tweets about what happened with you and your friends!! I’m so sorry that… https://t.co/QDmVhqs9ka
After a show, I try & read the fan letters. To hear your victories over your fears and insecurities give me hope. Y… https://t.co/pWrUZXYJAt
Jeez now I’m thinking I might run for President if it stops this madness
Lord have mercy. You have got to be kidding me that this President tweeted this. #whoisrunningourcountry https://t.co/8FD0sVwAnr
Also been listening to this worship song by @philwickham “Till I Found You.” Been helpful in my weakest times. https://t.co/JelXlpHJCh
Taking time to worship the One who created me. #HappySabbath
I love this sooooong!!! https://t.co/tCr6yryQnn
I love touring.
@lipsticknick @FashionNova OMG YOU LOOK AMAAAZING
Ha what can you say I love children https://t.co/1v5rMMmHuK
New PTXperience episode!! https://t.co/AdNfFMxBPX
That’s so dope!!!!! https://t.co/0qFHP6GM9I
@mitchscupcake What do you wanna know
@DeeDeeJosefine You right you right
I still don’t know https://t.co/US3wDvRfwP
@PTXRoisin I 100 percent agree.
All I’m saying is to be careful, that’s all. You don’t know how those early seeds you plant can affect your whole l… https://t.co/iJGrbFzoS9
I will say this...I am thankful for my parents raising me up the way I am. I saw a lot of friends get sucked into s… https://t.co/BGSW9EJDOg
@obsessedptx Ha it is what it js
@PentaPilot That would be me in high schooo thank you very much
@ptxabbey I don’t know what to tell you
@ptxaddy I meeeeean
@honeyhoying Amen amen
Oooof lets no open up this conversation https://t.co/0WRmkkT4b1
@scottsbff Please protect me I’m still scared
...yeah, what’s funny was that the family was sad they fixed it because the band became famous! The Dad said “had I… https://t.co/YC1pQdwW65
Haha the story was that I went to my 7th grade middle school dance, and I everyone was bumping & grinding. I was ho… https://t.co/2SjiodNlmP
@karen_exe_ Hahaha thank you!!
@CATHancock That is nuuuuuts!!
@KimPiggie Wooooow I’m honored!!!
Ha this is true https://t.co/ollwIO98fM
@mitchgrassi Honestly I just thought you didn’t like me that much glad to know that the love is real
@eelyr21 thank you so much for the letter! God must be the center of everything you do! You can do it!
@heykatiet I absolutely loved your gift and your letter! That meant the world to me. Thank you so much for what you do for those kids.
Tonight was a homecoming. All of y’all in the audience are like family to us. You’ve grown up with us, and tonight… https://t.co/9nu5In58Kx
New video!! Evolution of @rihanna!! https://t.co/EvdSHODNDD
Buuuuut I’ll tweet it out again sooooooon
Whooooops wasn’t supposed to tweet that link out yet forgive me
Every time I read fan letters I get emotional. I’m living a life I could’ve never imagined for myself in a million… https://t.co/1vGx7D0ZdJ
Is this even a competition https://t.co/p5NdtYBwMJ
@mitchgrassi Oh no Mitch Grassi the pleasure is supremely mine!!!!
Happy birthday to the one and only @mitchgrassi!! You inspire me to be a better musician constantly! I love you so much!!
Don’t waste your time on things that don’t add value to your life or to others.
Ok I’m off, y’all. Peace and blessings✌🏿
@mattsalleemusic @hausDO Why are you flying through space we never choreographed that in our show
Ha I get it. tell her it’s a hard journey. It’s even hard for me. But she needs to find why the cello inspires her… https://t.co/5ujQKUwzRG
My favorite gift is when you all donate to your favorite charity! We as a band have been blessed with so much, that… https://t.co/LqfwCwINJj
Y’all! This tour has been such a blast! If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you can get them at… https://t.co/97ysoQivHM
I’m glad you liked it! https://t.co/xJeaZR9LaV
Albuquerque. We’re ready for you (📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/CfN7hRyiSJ
Now see this...thiiiis is my happy place. (📸 ⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/D8nrYUeP3T
Backstage. (📸 @LukeFontana) https://t.co/yx7QFcvoZn
@ptxyonce YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! Thank you for flying out so far to see the show! I hope you and your friends enjoyed it!!
Tonight, it’s going down in LA. (📸 @LukeFontana) https://t.co/tdogcOJLWr
@kirstin @PTXofficial You love the tmi Kirstin Maldonado don’t play
What an unforgettable show tonight, Mountain View! (📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/K95bCsZUyZ
Living a dream. #PTXSummerTour2018 (📸 ⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/hEenNP2wOj
RT @mattsalleemusic: All Smiles with the bro 😂✊🏾👌🏾💯 @kolusola (📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/5Dk2Jct4ow
Thanks for an amazing night, Ridgefield! (📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/Sktoa2xYIh
#tfw @mattsalleemusic tells me I can’t have his last cookie https://t.co/hpubcGdjaV
Here is Scott Hoying pulling up with a lemon y’all https://t.co/yCJXZjzRlG
We love you, Auburn! #PTXSummerTourAUB (📸 @LukeFontana) https://t.co/sPJCohva9T
This is the most vocally and choreo demanding show we’ve ever put on, and we were nervous tonight! But seeing y’all… https://t.co/e501bk5qC8
Hahaha I haven’t seen this sax performance in forever! https://t.co/vHku2ei4ku
Love the little bro @mattsalleemusic!! (📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/RELoHQ7fX3
Summer tour vibes (📸 ⁦@benhausdo⁩) https://t.co/lKnWct4BEJ
God’s Plan. ( 📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/dHDFAGB9o3
Tour rehearsals 🎶🙌🏿🕺🏿(📸 @lukefontana) https://t.co/DyFMNhJgIq
@violaleanne226 Hahaha if you wanna bring us anything bring us no carb healthy snacks! All of us are trying to sheeeeeed lbs on tour
You wanted a photo of my haircut this morning well here you go https://t.co/buL1sqgsu0
@queenolusola Let him judge
@ptxyonce I mean there are always new swole goals actually my trainer left so now I have to find someone new
Please don’t hate me for being offline getting a haircut and tweeting simultaneously is hard y’all
@syd_exe What is off line
@PICKMlNE Do some chores for them to make up the money
@hyunandra I will spar with you real fighting doesn’t seem hygenic
@ptxspams wooooooooooow
@honeyhoying You are a summer bop
@flowerparties Are there blue roses? Ooooo bluuuuue
@hyunandra Just saw an old movie called “Two Can Play That Game” with a friend! Was sooooo good!!!
@tiffanyvcornejo Panffles
@LisaSteiner_PTX !!!!!! Love !!!!!!
@PTX_On_My_Mind I’ve already started my stretches!!!
@tiffanyvcornejo ....I mean fiiiiiiine I’ll take it
@PTXfcute Oh my!! Good luck! I love South Korea!
@jirahlawrence You are kind!
@ptxemma I mean I’m getting a haircut and getting my life together for tour soooooo pretty good
@PTXEilidh Give me a scale to answer by
@amazingjr87 ...explain this phrase “solo number” for me
@Manderslicious Go off!!!
@lovetunesabby How amaaaazing.
It was a good Sabbath.
7 years. Think about that. We’ve all grown up together. Some of you have graduated high school, some of you have gr… https://t.co/k6HIRORWV4
Awwwwww man this week is about to be liiiiiiiit
@lovemymusic97 @PTXofficial Well then. Happy birthday.
RT @TonalityMus: Our final day!! Please help us reach our goal for our album “Sing About It” with our crowdfunder! https://t.co/G8aUOHwTDF
Broseph! Look at us! @mattsalleemusic https://t.co/0nWvG1TbmJ
@aniistoll ✌🏿
We’re gettin ready for tour y’all ✌🏿 https://t.co/VcthMDP2CQ
Putting faith and trust in the daily process.
This was so special! I miss you girls. https://t.co/AVl5DRk9Ok
✌🏿💪🏿 https://t.co/OoIzMwaWOv
Love acts.
@Avi_Kaplan I mean have you tried sauce on ice cream?
@Avi_Kaplan Ehhhhh I don’t know about that bro
Ahhhh thank you guys for this. I love y’all. Just taking it easy and resting up before tour starts. #KevinOlusolaDay https://t.co/YfDPc3ewGb
✌🏿🎶🙌🏿🎼 https://t.co/FMArAGmaRs
Turning up Chicago! https://t.co/QDMcTFUIJh
RT @PTXofficial: Curious to know what type of music @KOlusola enjoys? Find out by listening to a @Spotify playlist of his favorite s… https://t.co/dsFPHQgdbX
Great weekends >>>>>>>
We wouldn’t be anywhere without them!! Thank you PentaFathers!!! https://t.co/tTr1xT45Fy
Still out here trying to liiiiiiveeeee https://t.co/Io6ioKp9sD
This is me all day loooong https://t.co/BZb7B2DeV3
We can’t wait to see you, Celia!! https://t.co/9rcFOUUMy6
@Carla_Mae_94 Happy birthday!!
You are beautiful.
RT @PTXofficial: This week we celebrated 7 years since PTX met for the very first time. We cannot thank you enough for 7 INCREDIBLE… https://t.co/lrknHpteuw
My man @jtimberlake absolutely killed it tonight! He made that arena into his own real life block party!! Keep doin… https://t.co/nUaIVT1hE5
@Avi_Kaplan Avi I don’t think u remember the damage I do with popcorn. Remember the night after our 2016 LA SPRING… https://t.co/9dkT6qVtCG
I am human. Very human. I have made so many mistakes, and will continue to make them. But I’m thankful that there i… https://t.co/yO29276uNd
You are incredible!! https://t.co/Fw3SQ6poN4
Making music with you all in mind.
@carmymouff @AinJulSays Oh that you did!!!
Doing a bus tour of my city LA! This place is incredible!!
I. LOVE. THIS. https://t.co/5yesuhbeG2
My Godson. I love this little man. https://t.co/PTwNnBCoYv
It’s the crew. #HappySabbath https://t.co/yCoICVL7ib
Push. Up. That’s the point. It’s hard. But you keep pushing. Up.
@arteeninLA I missed you Arteen
Music. Production. Songs. Lyrics. We love it allllll https://t.co/htv3ALvOpq
It’s good to be back.
Am I allowed to say all of them? https://t.co/pCBkQzEQp9
Wow wow woooow thank you @KINDSnacks and @ptxchristine for the baaaars!! https://t.co/l8bbK6gXXv
Back at it again 🎶 #arrangingsessions @thebenbram @mattsalleemusic https://t.co/DO5o4YmG1o
Soooooo proud of this woman!! https://t.co/D4vzzOj5Q6
Tonight’s the night. PAUL. SIMON.
@kirstin Well at least you liked it
Ooooo I’ll give Gaston a piece of my mind Come be my guest in the ring sucka https://t.co/nfmlKX9wXn
Love these photos! Thanks for coming! https://t.co/hoNrosWg7o
Just received the QC35 IIs from @Bose! The headphones are insaaaaaaaaaaane y’all 🎶🎧🎼 https://t.co/WwnicGhZFh
So ridiculously proud of you, @ShekuKM! You and your family @thekannehmasons show them how we rock our classical he… https://t.co/HZv4Aeky3k
Always thinking. (📸 @jefftatarchuk) https://t.co/pAdnw11aI6
In the next @theblackpanther movie I would lead the Olu tribe and beatbox all of my orders and combat tactics during battle #WakandaForever
All I desire in life is to have a role in the next @theblackpanther. How do we make that happen?
I. Love. Every. Single. One. Of. You.
@JimGaffigan you’re kind of funny. Thought you should know.
@erwinmcmanus I’m gonna need to find time to come to Mosaic! I’ve heard some amazing things about what’s going on there!
Oh I thought we kicked you out of the group but oh well the past is the past https://t.co/1iCKUOuZfM
I’ve had the pleasure of watching @kirstin grow into this young amazing powerhouse woman over the last 7 years! It’… https://t.co/dwe4zStpmx
We love progression.
I know #mothersday has passed, but I’m still gonna post about my mother. Without her, I couldn’t be who I am today.… https://t.co/QzQ3h9Pe3M
Happy to be back with the @PTXofficial fam again 🎶 #rehearsals
Finding the vibe 🎶 https://t.co/drAaP8qRts
@McKathlin LOVE THIS.
I love what I do. @ForbesUnder30 (📸 @JaeScottStyle) https://t.co/cFNmoGoJfp
Went to Jericho. Stood on the mountain where Jesus was tempted. Went to Bethlehem. Saw the place where Jesus was bo… https://t.co/VhhABuBEqA
@DenZhadanov @StevenBertoni @kendricklamar @ForbesUnder30 My man! Such a pleasure hanging with you!!
RT @zogblog: Live from the Negev: Kevin Olusola of @PTXofficial celloboxing at the @Forbes #Under30Summit !!@ForbesUnder30 https://t.co/JXPaPzVInw
This. Books. Rocks. And you may find a little blurb about it from me :) https://t.co/BLfejIu2Hv
@lipsticknick @TheCremeShop I’m so ridiculously proud of you!!!
.@ForbesUnder30 Israel Summit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Under30Summit https://t.co/XrYY48rvro
There’s something special about being in the middle of the desert dancing away to @Beyoncé and @kendricklamar with… https://t.co/aHJUl0dsMn
It’s. Been. Fun. https://t.co/pq6PFJiC4i
.@askdrruth was in excellent form that night. She had us dyiiiiing laughing https://t.co/Wq1IK7lxgl
Jerusalem. This has been too emotional of a spiritual experience for me.
6 years later and I’m still as energetic as ever https://t.co/66ak4S5IZT
We got literally alllll the topics at the Summit https://t.co/yLz5MbNolO
Hi Israel.
This is just hilarious I had to repost 😂🤣😂🤣😂 https://t.co/pKwcvz4qcO
Kentucky Derby @Unbridled_Eve Gala. Gotta love Kentucky. #myoldkentuckyhome #DerbyPieIsMyWeakness https://t.co/UtCXOMzlXz
Aw come on Carter https://t.co/9r7mi1xOKR
RT @LisaSteiner_PTX: Kevin Olusola on the red carpet of #UnbridledEve at the #KentuckyDerby @KOlusola @PTXofficial https://t.co/nZf8JMP5n5
RT @PTXofficial: We had SO MUCH FUN singing the National Anthem at The @KentuckyDerby today!! #KyDerby https://t.co/njUuyufYhl
RT @smileysallee: @KOlusola is this woman literally mimicking ur beatboxing https://t.co/Ku6afOqwLB
RT @kennatonix: we love a good drumroll @KOlusola https://t.co/7pdRaikHed
I ask God for hope in my darkest hour, believing He will provide answers for me. #HappySabbath
@bribricutie3 ✌🏿
@terribleme1004 That’s all the details you need for now 😝
...maaaaaaybe 😋 https://t.co/D1wRzNAbEb
@GENESlSexe Love this as well!
Hello. Been on a little road trip. It’s beeen good. I still love y’all a ton. Happy for these little breaks.
@ptxchristine Well!!
@mattsalleemusic My DUUUUDE 🙌🏿✊🏿👌🏿
@AinJulSays Hahahaha thank you and wioooonderful :)
@PTXRoisin You have no idea how much that means to me!
Hahaha thank you! It’s been a long process of trying to understand out my artistic soul, which is just not easy by… https://t.co/f8bJgghOpY
@_draghasis Hahaha working on new music!
Hahaha all I can promise is more new music is coming!! https://t.co/ivjPPZDlwS
RT @LisaSteiner_PTX: “Forbes Under 30 Summit Global will gather an elite community of young international entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv and… https://t.co/9qwdyhatzo
That’s @mattsalleemusic! His voice is beautiful isn’t it?!?! https://t.co/RHbXw20KOV
Meet us at our shooooows! https://t.co/uVE2HSHGSe
Y’all @kirstin is a STAR! So ridiculously proud of her! Her and the cast were mesmerizing to watch on that stage!… https://t.co/mzlWtg7tqF
I love supporting the realest of Broadway talent https://t.co/X0EFjGq3YP
👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿👋🏿 https://t.co/bZ6FXyUQ2G
How much love do you have to give?
Happy Sabbath. The Lord is good.
Woooooow I am so saddened to hear about the passing of @Avicii. What a tremendous talent gone too soon. His mark on… https://t.co/wOy9aJHeEn
@KINDSnacks @ptxchristine Thank you!! And thank you, @ptxchristine you roooooock!!
New video! A medley of all the songs we covered on #PTXTopPopVol1! Enjoy ✌🏿 https://t.co/A42rBgXRLn
Aaaaaand more progress 🎶🎵🎶 https://t.co/C3EmwGg5Ch
It only starts with drum and bass 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 https://t.co/irqhRi8r1G
@scoothooying My electric is named Mr. Carter ✌🏿
@uhxangel @sofiaspillari Happy birthday to you both!
Y E S 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#RSA2018 @RSAConference https://t.co/IIxqz5TnFw
Hahaha I think he’ll be just alright 🙌🏿🔥🙌🏿🔥🙌🏿🔥🙌🏿 https://t.co/b3SPi3qjG0
RT @EdSwArchitect: . @KOlusola at @RSAConference was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Haha thanks! So fun singing for y’all today! https://t.co/q06SSUtpFs
RT @securityjones: I’m enjoying the #RSAC2018 opening this year! #nowmatters https://t.co/cZTbNpfSqm
RT @MT_Heller: .@KOlusola killed it at the #RSAC opener
RT @RSAConference: . @KOlusola bringing down the house at #RSAC https://t.co/BdENf4tujx
RT @PTXofficial: Thank you @KellyRipa and @RyanSeacrest for having us on @LiveKellyRyan this morning to perform #PTXNewRules!… https://t.co/mgVnMpe0O9
Let’s GOOOOO https://t.co/xH4PlX6NVT
@EriuOConaill @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin @mattsalleemusic @PTXofficial Ooooooohhh woooow!
Beeeeautiful!! https://t.co/rsTvIDwq3F
This is all I do https://t.co/FlKRJ3btD2
@activedirect38 I only gave one laugh
@ptxbutterfly @PTXRoisin @sweetlifehoying You are right!
RT @TimesTalks: "One of the most important things of a capella is listening to one another, " says @KOlusola of how @PTXofficial lay… https://t.co/6LMwo4B823
@brookesnr WHOOOO WHATS UP
@ptxanna_ whoooooo
@ptxari I uh what
@spacemillies You are too kind
Thank you sooo much for having us! Such a fun event, especially having all those fans in the room! https://t.co/d2o6v5jvPy
@blissfulhoying Ha I am not I can promise you
@musicislife1900 @TEDTalks Red talks I seeee lolol
@superptxfruitt Hi!
@starrymatteI @TEDTalks What’s a dictionary
@ilysallee @TEDTalks But I don’t have a dollar in my bottom
@SarahBethBoss12 100. Percent.
@flavielooper They are great!!
Would people watch me do a @TEDTalks if I did one? https://t.co/O9GadwLoh0
@dahrlingmitch Wow thaaaaank you
@uhxangel Thank you!!
@ptxdink Nooooo Idea this was a thing! Whoa!!
@ptxchristine Buy me a year’s supply of KIND bars and I’ll think about it
@obsessedptx Woooow I love this tweet thank you
@toriiptx Hahha you are toooo kind!
@kennatonix You are so right
@hoyinq Wow that really means the world to me!
@remimarcuss You killed it!
@mymymy_planta Do youuuuu
@actuallymaxie Saw you!!
We’re going LIVE on New York Times Times Talks Festival in 10 min! https://t.co/kQp0b2LRWv
This is my cousin Allana. She’s 9, and she’s a little singing star. https://t.co/15qREY3hHv
Happy Sabbaaaaaath
@actuallymaxie Happy birthday!
NEW VIDEO! We did “Perfect” by @edsheeran on our newest album @#PTXTopPopV1! Hope you all enjoy it 🙌🏿 https://t.co/vwZdQ53RtI
Press Daaaaay 🙌🏿🔥🙌🏿🔥🙌🏿 https://t.co/YsgxwwKkzN
This. Is. Sooooo. Exciting. #PTXTopPopV1 (📸 @jkthreethousand) https://t.co/lVzqJne3ks
Also....nite nite NYC https://t.co/AiKTyyruVM
Can't wait to go back to my ol' Kentucky home to perform at the @KentuckyDerby!! I MISS HOME https://t.co/0ns6v0VSmI
Soooo excited about this! @PTXofficial @KentuckyDerby https://t.co/IlakJmxZUP
This. Is. LIFE! https://t.co/SouHscTkrf
@mamaT6399 @PTXofficial Woooooow that is the kindest compliment!!!
2018 @PTXofficial https://t.co/siaelXfAJ6
🙌🏿 #PTXTopPopV1 https://t.co/x4iuXeYEcH
@pentatonix_kana And I love you!!
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/doGY0HsXN0
Last day in Paradise #Bali https://t.co/AEAxdscHMS
RT @petaltonix: @KOlusola @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie this part!! love the emotion you put into it! #KOFriends https://t.co/CUvVQgGJ1t
RT @SUP3RFAITH: @KOlusola @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie i’m absolutely floored at this arrangement, the instrumentals are stunning &… https://t.co/ibPGAdZmfy
RT @LivinPoetry: @KOlusola @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Can we talk about this breakdown? Like I was already loving the video, but th… https://t.co/dO6yPEsu63
Thank y’all so much for all of the love on my new #KOver of @marshmellomusic and @AnneMarie ‘s “FRIENDS”! So happy… https://t.co/K6cpUN7Aay
You can also purchase or stream “FRIENDS” by clicking here: https://t.co/P3sQ5YQxBN
What do you guys think of my new #KOver? If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: https://t.co/mzfQaRjrUL #KOFriends
The video of my new #KOver of @marshmellomusic and @AnneMarie’s song "Friends" is OUT NOW! I had so much fun making… https://t.co/ILyQaUr1is
@ajkins92 @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Hahahaha thank you!!
@smileysallee @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Y’all are hilaaaaarious!
@kennatonix @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Hahaha thank youuuuu!
@scodiemiche @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Hahahahaha we’re working!
@GleefulChibi @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Hahaha just wanna get y’all some #KOvers quick!
@hassanahmed120 @marshmellomusic @AnneMarie Video in the morning!!
@scoothooying Ha will do!
My new #KOver of @marshmellomusic and @AnneMarie‘s song "Friends" is officially OUT NOW! Get it here:… https://t.co/Of1wjJbGLD
TOMORROW. #KOFriends #KOver https://t.co/az1qRA5RO9
COMING FRIDAY. #KOFriends #KOver https://t.co/jNGnFcbZ2i
🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔 https://t.co/C1dxW4p5As
I’m kiiiiiinda loving Indonesia everybody
RT @terragrassi: I'm down for these being @KOlusola's new tour outfits https://t.co/ZEp5QoR8Pn
It’s amazing when four college friends get to see the world together https://t.co/aHateDVTkY
Love me a good Indian waterfall. (📸 @iamdanram) https://t.co/9U9wVmPTgh
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/Q4M1E8JlAV
My shirt matches exactly how I’m feeling in New Delhi (📸 @jamestmurphy_) https://t.co/BgHlTuKlJW
India is a beeeeeeautiful place.
Meaningful conversations that challenge you to reach your highest human potential >>>>>>>>> #HappySabbath
Being on this show was such an amazing moment for us, and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you all! Tune in… https://t.co/ZrxP6DIIG5
@RKCBmusic Ah shoot if only it wasn’t a layover I would have!!!!!
@Winston_Duke proud of everything you’re doing my man! I knew Lupita well from Yale Drama when I was just an underg… https://t.co/NGhpoyj3rr
Also I watched @DarkestHour on the plane ride over to Delhi. Looooved it
RT @PTXofficial: #PTXAttention. Friday. https://t.co/SSi9yeFxxB
@shatakshi_joshi :)
@braunrl Thank you!! I appreciate all of your support! Every time you tweet “this is your year” I get so giddy
@Ptx_Bridge @foolsptx When IS Kevin coming back to America that’s a great question
@emilyyurchison Smile. Even when there is nothing left to say.
@RoseGoldAvriel Tryin
@heykatiet Hilaaarious
@AliciaRose53 @KimPiggie Ugh I know I knoooow it’s soooo hard
@aaangelakt @KimPiggie I don’t know let me think about jt
@HeathrowAirport It deeefinitely was! Also...The First Galleries lounge at British Airways is amazing!!
@KimPiggie I don’t know that’s a good question I don’t know maybe one day it’ll happen you can never predict these things
@foolsptx This is true!
@tiffanyvcornejo I mean
@softmitchie I love to offend people I guess
Next stop...Delhi ✈️🙌🏿✈️🙌🏿✈️
Whoooops let me preface that l had a 5-hr layover in London so I took the express train over to Paddington and saw… https://t.co/lLxxrsmQ9Y
Also a huge CONGRATS to @SUP3RFRUIT for completing their first show!! Such a huge accomplishment!!
🙋🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/XnLiGtltUp
@scotthoying Wait are you tho
Beauty is only skin deep.
RT @PTXofficial: Our new album ‘PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I’ will be here in ONE MONTH! Who pre-ordered a digital copy!?… https://t.co/GxSuqkdAvs
Love one another.
@laradownes @classicalkid @PTXofficial @SIRIUSXM Hahaha I love that! Thank you!!
@hyunandra We love a good shake
@killjoyptx I LOVE wearing grocery bags
@scoothooying Eh it’s pretty good I guess
@tiffanyvcornejo @ESTArose This whole conversation needs to not happen
I meeeean I like them all but hey I’m obviously biased https://t.co/WvrMBs1xm8
@ESTArose Um I’m gonna fight you when I see you next???
Um I love you all???? Very much?????
RT @PTXofficial: What did you guys think of our @LSB performances last week!? Congrats @KOlusola for taking home the belt by serenad… https://t.co/xzUmy5DdJu
❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ (📸 @timurmeyster) @everest10x https://t.co/Ye3PaR6Hmc
We came. We saw. We conquered. https://t.co/eoKBjIxmic
@kirstin 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
For all the lovers out there #PTXonLSB https://t.co/wxH1ulhmQG
RT @lsb: Okay, @KOlusola's tribute to @ChrissyTeigen was PERFECTION. #LipSyncBattle #PTXonLSB https://t.co/mTbK1peO7u
Alright I’m done dragging. Good night everyone 👑#WakandaForever #LongLiveTChalla #PTXonLSB
@LivinPoetry @kirstin Lololol I love a good drag
Well...how did that turn out for you @kirstin #PTXonLSB https://t.co/DpljpeFFAz
@ptxari I’m sorry I just can’t do that
@braunrl Hahaha I’m just staying patient 🙌🏿
@hyunandra @lsb Like I just cancelled John’s tour
@PTXSavannahUTD Maybe Chrissy is but I don’t think Christie is so I’m alright
@livy_ptx @lsb ....ok
@PentaTonya @lsb Hahaha just me being me you know 🤪
@PentaTonya @lsb “Why do you have to be a...heartbreaker”
@sequoiakaplan Hahahaha you’re welcome 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
@handicapable15 @kristinindo @mary_palominos @chrissyteigen @lsb 🙌🏿
@ptxsavannah @lsb Hahaha I love this tweet
The most real moment of @lsb https://t.co/9M3YIJ1RIe
@roseyexe @lsb I mean you win some you lose some
@AliciaRose53 @lsb Hahaha thank youuuuu
@JDudleyRowe @lsb Thank you!
To all of the amazing women out there: we love, honor, & respect you all. Thank you for everything that you all do.… https://t.co/XwF0xQbG9x
Haha I mean maaaaybe I leaked it #PTXNewRules https://t.co/fOjm4sCeV4
This is one arrangement I’m extremely excited for y’all to hear :) https://t.co/oE9Quaty5R
Hahaha I meeeeean @chrissyteigen and I were ready https://t.co/IVoKdZfJDR
I’m veeeeery excited about this 🙌🏿🤙🏿 https://t.co/THUNsSdoWM
RT @lsb: .@KOlusola is feeling pretty good about his song choice on this week's #LipSyncBattle with @PTXOfficial. https://t.co/8BbocBr03X
RT @PTXofficial: The competition is heating up! 🔥Will @KOlusola take home the belt on @LSB? Watch this Thursday, March 8th at 10/9c… https://t.co/rR6omQEhFo
RT @lsb: These four are amazing and we love them all - and so will you after this Thursday's #LipSyncBattle! @PTXOfficial:… https://t.co/JCBKXB2Czj
Let’s GOOOOOOO #PTXLipSyncBattle https://t.co/AWZe4DH0y8
@PhlegmaticPanda Hahha you can buy it on iTunes Bro
@Rachel1889 Thank you!! I had such a fun time performing!!
First solo performance of the year coming up and I AM PUMPED!! Been working on expanding my set and I’m excited to do what it DOOOO
@RoseGoldAvriel This is woooonderful. Coooome!
Good night!!!
Morning talks with God >>>>>>
To one of the rocks and foundations of my life. I love my sister @Candie4JC so much and will ways thank God for the… https://t.co/M7dcYCTziX
We’re. Going. On. Tour!!!! LETS GOOOO https://t.co/ChuXkGrUIC for more info on getting your tickets!! https://t.co/Bvt9y2JeY5
Y’all are wooooonderful people.
@Camila_Cabello @PTXofficial @CCabelloNews @YouTube And we love you too sis!
HAVANA OOOOO NA NAAAAA https://t.co/mjocIaiBxK
Good night woooooorld!!!
If y’all don’t go...shame on you https://t.co/vl137BCSJM
What the world needs now is love sweet love
Thanks for the amazing carving. You roooooock. https://t.co/u1LdUWh3UO
This carving is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/uTYnXeKYbk
Hahaha y’all are wonderful. Signing offfff
@ptxcarrie Always
@Yung_And_Menace Amazing!!
@GayForGrassi None whatsoever
@humminlovetunes You have been ignored
@princesshoying Please in the name of all things dark and presidential aka Obama
@strangerwatts Ew with those hands absolutely not
@avrieleyes Avrieleyes
@utdftptx We. Workin. On. It.
@ptxelysia You beeeetta
@ptxkris Oh my goodness you are the best
@zorrahoying That’s a problem you need to get that battery charged homie
@disneylandtyler This is a travesty well I’ll talk to KO about it and maybe he can rectify the situation
@mascmitchell Waking up and knowing I’m alive still
@kennatonix Woooooooork
@thrillergrassi Hahaha Scott asked me if we could use my framework to make the PTX mashup and I said I was down
@braunrl You are the kindest! Thank you!
@vidaanastasia You are loved!!
@revengegrassi I have a muscle growing on my left forehead
@VintagePhase @Ionelylush Oooooops this conversation is over
Hello world
Living in the realm of the uncomfortable only to gain more joy, perspective, & growth >>>>>>>>>>
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! 新年快乐!万事如意!祝你身体健康!
New music. New tour. New everything. WOW IM EXCITED FOR LIFE LET’S GOOOOOOO
RT @bjlutz: Today's shooting at a high school in #Parkland, Florida is the 18th school shooting so far this year, according to… https://t.co/2hgRlazKlS
Happy Valentines Day!!!
My heart just melted. This is amazing, @kirstin 😭🤧😭🤧 https://t.co/ZX5R1jKUqc
Progress >>>>>>>
RT @km: While “timing is everything”, some ideas are just so good, they bend time, and pull the future a little bit closer.
happy birthday @mattsalleemusic !!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
This girl was absolutely hilarious today at Crosswalk church. She had prepared a rap that she wanted me to freestyl… https://t.co/QVXJvLSsOv
RT @laradownes: FOR LENNY is out TODAY on @sony_classical and I hope you all love this friends & family tribute to @LennyBernstein!… https://t.co/A6eNhKtfdY
I meeeeeeean we gotsta keep it interesting https://t.co/XpoyfAkYkl
“There’s always room for a good unison.” Wise words by @thebenbram
@scotthoying ...No
I love beautiful people. And you all are beautiful people.
@LiliHaydn @JacobSzekely If you're in LA, you can purchase tix at https://t.co/eaVKMMUhPm ($15 Advance & Students;… https://t.co/uA5fFso7xp
So excited for the LACSF concert this weekend with @LiliHaydn @JacobSzekely and Rushad Eggleston! Honored to be p… https://t.co/XkCXxYkQl8
Don’t criticize someone else for attracting so much joy in their life.
Preach preachaaaaaa https://t.co/LZtUa6RYB0
@bribricutie3 @NormaniKordei Happy belated!
Catching the Grammy highlights!!! Some craaaaazy performances
#mypartychronicles #Grammys https://t.co/hCE3roizua
I just lived my liiiiiife at these parties tonight thanks to @scotthoying @kirstin @mattsalleemusic
Thanks @billboard for our #Power100 award for our Xmas album going #1! Amazing way to celebrate @RecordingAcad… https://t.co/850ba6xa15
Early morning in NYC w/ the styling phenom @cdicelove13 ✌🏿 https://t.co/IlIQPSS9CL
I sometimes get so caught up in my life that I forget to look around and see the joy that’s everywhere.
@ptxemilee I love this! We can do this!
Making a place feel like home is an art. It’s hard, but when you starting getting there, woooow there is literally no place I’d rather be!!
@KevinHart4real how’s it gonna feel when the Eagles lose to the Patriots? Let’s gooooooo
@Asiucc Hahahaha looooove that
Tried another @BarrysBootcamp workout today with @jkthreethousand and WOW LET ME TELL YOU HOW MY BODY FEELS
I love eating. What a pastime.
@officialchilli @PastorBatchelor I’m really happy to see this, big sis!!
Ok, I’m done. Have a good day.
AND in light of my mom being from Grenada and my dad being from Nigeria, I stand extremely proud to be associated w… https://t.co/gBAERzQzty
I never like talking about politics on my twitter, but in light of all that’s transpired recently... @realDonaldTrump...WAKE👏🏿UP👏🏿!!!
I never like talking about politics on my twitter. But in the light of all that’s just transpired... @realDonaldTrump....WAKE 👏🏿UP👏🏿!!!
I’m just thankful for breath in my lungs. #HappySabbath
@hassanahmed120 @PTXofficial @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin @mitchgrassi Have a good one!
This whole “I get to make music for a living” thing is kind of amazing y’all
This warms my heart. I’m glad you liked it!! https://t.co/xwJflXwRQD
@mattsalleemusic Yeeeessssir!
🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 https://t.co/srORZFD76q
I love working with brilliant people. @colorthought is brilliant people.
It’s because of Martin Luther King’s legacy that I as a minority in America get to be who I am and do what I do. Thank you, MLK. #MLKDay
Hahaha gracias! https://t.co/jXqX0m441U
Aburo mi o! Love this! https://t.co/FrNRIcUvKb
Yep. Needed this again. #ImLivingWell #HappySabbath https://t.co/QGsVtZPir1
Thought I’d put this #Havana cover out to celebrate this doooope album that she put out today! #CAMILA https://t.co/age0A8F9E0
Havana — @Camila_Cabello #KOvers https://t.co/LgzSwjU0ZP
@IAmBrandonJ Hahaha why are you disappointed?
@JackytheWriter heeeey! I just wanted to say Happy birthday to you. Know that you’re not alone, and that you have a… https://t.co/CIf2iR9UDY
This is so sad. Donate if you can. https://t.co/azVFRnmCSh
This city New Orleans is amaaaazing.
All you can be is who you are. Nobody else.
Also I’m curious just cause I wanna figure out the kind of content you wanna see from me. I make music with you all in mind always!
Y’all! Thanks for the love and support you show the music I make, esp on the short 1 min videos! I gotta question f… https://t.co/mH1eoeWGdi
@Carla_Mae_94 Hahha you’re a wonderful human!
Hahaha y’all are fun to talk to!!!! KO signing off
@fcut3rfruit Just be you
Um this is incredible and I command everyone to look at this. Go ahead. Look. https://t.co/HKPW2I2a3e
@mascmitchell Come to a show or VIP! I’ll say hello!!
@Ally_Hoying @scotthoying None whatsoever
@marieisLOST With the baby hair!!
@avrieleyes Well now when you say all thaaaaat now I gotta say what’s up
@zorrahoying Como estas? Estoy LIVIN
@MitchieGuitar 🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿🏃🏿‍♂️
@frxm_lxnely i want to!!
@CantSleepLeah 你好!中文真是我最喜欢的语言。你呢?
@PentaConEvent You guys seriously rock!! I still can’t believe that an organization like this exists!
@scoothooying @ptxftbroadway You better roll
@17Pentatonix24 I better be your only sunshine that makes you happy when skies are grey
@sugargrassi See now you said the magic words
@futurepals Deep breathing.
@ptxari Not a single thing...😚
@misbrihavin ....focus on school
@taylorptx Ugh I don’t know I guess its inside my DNA (let’s go Kenderick)
@scottaholic_ Ugh I know I knooooow it’s haaaard to be me Lololol thank you!!
@MissMinoriPTX Go iiiiiiiin!!
@SUP3RFAITH Always gotta support the fam!
@kennatonix Not gonna pretend like these ARENT dope
@claudiaov1 @PTXofficial @scotthoying @kirstin @mitchgrassi We appreciate that!!
@SILKMITCH @cdicelove13 There are always words
@PentaToddler Just flights on flights on fliiiiiights
@LivinPoetry @tiffanyvcornejo I almost believed this and got emotional whoooooa
@queenolusola FLEEEEX
@LetyMartini_ I mean you know
So proud of this girl! Our HMU person is a BOSS. https://t.co/mrqGs9MR1b
@MitchyMitchy62 Hahahaha I’m glad you think so!
@cdicelove13 Please you know people got love for this Swoleneck
@tiffanyvcornejo DITTOOOOO
@kateptx Hahahaha I love this!
When you wake up, listen to what you created yesterday, and head bang harder than before >>>>> Also...imagine me head banging goodbye
RT @PTXofficial: We LOVE seeing all of your #ThankYouPentaholics tweets!! Keep them coming!!
Just tried this whole 10 min stretch and yoga thing this morning. Veeeery interesting indeed. #imlivingwell https://t.co/NGdgoI5OrF
I’m just here for the love and positivity, y’all
My soul needed this. #HappySabbath #ImLivingWell https://t.co/Tp7GGPKYd6
Happy Sabbath. #ImLivingWell https://t.co/h3ny7CDL01
First #KOCorner @YouTube video of 2018 is OUT NOW!! Find out why I’m not making any New Years Resolutions this year… https://t.co/d5PhpRhTjr
Whoa, thank you @ptxyonce for letting me know about #ThankYouKevin! I don’t know how in the world I missed it, but… https://t.co/REHNcwX8fS
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I’d like to call it living. #ImLivingWell https://t.co/1uxV9OyMTi
@SuperfruityGigi I read your whole letter. I’m so proud of you for all you’ve done! Prep 9 is not easy...my best fr… https://t.co/j0u7Od9QG9
If you have breath in your lungs, you have hope. Choose this day who you want to be, and go after it.
Quality >>>>>>>>>>
Fresh cut to start the New Year right💈#ImLivingWell https://t.co/6rPrSGAUpe
RT @scotthoying: Love this! @jehreeus https://t.co/DrIU9GCXxf
@AmericanAir Thank you. Please dm me when you get a chance. I still haven’t received a call about my bags, if they’re even in Los Angeles.
A little morning interval run to start off the New Year 🏃🏿🙌🏿✌🏿🏃🏿#ImLivingWell https://t.co/IkCuFHPshZ
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May 2018 be a year of positivity, light, love, and joy. Throw back to three years ago when I perf… https://t.co/mrWfyuVGwT
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Starting the Year right with a bitmoji! https://t.co/MZknpZRfuX
2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018
@AmericanAir Both my connecting flight and return flight were each delayed by two hours on, and now AA exec plat is… https://t.co/ZOUn4jWkZr
RT @PTXofficial: It’s @KOlusola’s turn to share his New Year’s resolution. Press play to find out what it is! https://t.co/qZYjA1glLp
This is my everyday life https://t.co/OBYhPorcUT
We most definitely have the most dedicated fan base in the history of fandom. #LoveThesePentaholics
@xuiliaa @OfficialBBD @distortedSF Yes I love the way you thiiiiink
I can’t wait for 2018. https://t.co/6Y8EfOKY9E
I mean, they might have won cause method wants to go to their concerts....but I mean, is anyone going to… https://t.co/0KCWVbxJfg
We’re talented I think???!!! https://t.co/zcaOtkkoyZ
THIS IS GONNA BE LIIIIIT https://t.co/jgfa26JJbH
God and I have some things to discuss before 2018. #purposeandvision
My tryout pic for Monday Night Football https://t.co/RFaC1QkWN9
Merry Christmas from my family to yours ❄️✌🏿❄️✌🏿❄️✌🏿#InTheOzarks #ItsCooooold #merrychristmas https://t.co/xut8ZeyRj0
Not so good: I missed the @garthbrooks concert tonight because of multiple @AmericanAir delays and them not letting… https://t.co/K9A24dmrPB
Excited to sing for you all tonight! Know that our Christmas show tonight only comprises of Christmas songs, religi… https://t.co/OdFr68tCFP
@C_Hoyssi I loooooove this!
@KristenCowans @scotthoying Make the right choice you know what to do
Nuuuuuuts right?!?! https://t.co/sQX9UGbATu
Another show. @beacontheatre https://t.co/CabLkDlUhS
Who’s gonna be playing #APentatonixChristmasDLX on Xmas Day? If you have Alexa, you can let @amazonmusic make your… https://t.co/dH3HmNIEED
Hellloooooo iPhone X https://t.co/wacGFw9luH
Looooove these. https://t.co/MXwelVP9K2
Woooow thank you!! https://t.co/d9VaBE6MoZ
@PTXSavannahUTD Tell me about it
@DavidArchie @lauvsongs Haha thanks!! It’s been waaaay too long!
Haha thanks broseph! https://t.co/PcqXhLkGqA
Who will we serve this Christmas? Will we serve those who have basic needs this Christmas? The poor, the sick, the… https://t.co/ThEWAIZ4D4
I love my nephew. https://t.co/pdiHezWYYH
I Like Me Better -- @lauvsongs #KOvers https://t.co/sy6XXMyRkb
I looooooove this. https://t.co/TFLdFnJNA4
@Nicole_Cav1 Bahaha lets just say I’m still figuring it out daily my good friend
We’ve never postponed a show in 6 years and cannot tell you enough how unbelievably hard it was to make this decisi… https://t.co/EkudMSXXl6
Song. Writing.
God’s love heals. #HappySabbath
@maggie_grzybek What I uh don’t know what you’re talking about
@gracedwithptx HEEEEEELP.
@1GBFL Hahaha let’s just say I’m figuring it out day by day. That’s all.
NOW YOU KNOOOOOW https://t.co/eJW5x8walb
I’m always humbled to know that people will take time out of their day just to livestream chat with me. Thank you. Till next time...✌🏿
Will be on IG Live soon!! Just getting into my hotel!!
Never in a million years did I think my one little video would lead to Grammy Awards, double platinum plaques, tour… https://t.co/DYaNMhAGMM
You are such a wonderful human!! https://t.co/XJ1knUHasx
RT @Logic301: Don’t focus on negativity. Just love yourself, enjoy the company of those around you and love your life! Do the thi… https://t.co/rEtaClUjBw
@thegreatkhalid just date already https://t.co/xBOY0LGPDc
RT @theweeknd: black excellence.
Thanks for taking this shot!! https://t.co/hGwMj6RTFI
@PTX_Delly thanks for the card!
Tomorrow. 4PM Eastern. Instagram Live. Let's haaaaang. https://t.co/8P7Tvn0dEB
RT @PTXofficial: Miss our holiday special on @NBC? You can stream #AVeryPentatonixChristmas online here: https://t.co/60I8R1wdMt https://t.co/POrtWwnOrb
I love thee too and these photos are greeeeat https://t.co/a0JVd1oZjH
I looooove this https://t.co/yLOERkkSt9
Just did my first @BarrysBootcamp and LET ME TELL YOU If my legs don’t work on stage tonight, you know why
This is a friend who I’ve known for years and love her grit and character. If you’re in the ATL, go out and vote fo… https://t.co/7mfEv4jQpn
@DAlexander78 Be in contact with our agent Lee (Lee.goforth@caa.com)!
Haha, indeed. (But what is that finger thing I’m doing I don’t understand) https://t.co/j3mKIr57hL
First night of tour was such a success! Thank youuuuuu Chicago for the energy!! And the deep dish. And the Garrett’s popcorn.
I just found the email where I wrote the lyrics to Natural Disaster on my plane ride from JFK to LAX on Jan 6th, 20… https://t.co/fqX9eYWjwD
If you haven’t done the Tilt at @360chicago, I hiiiighly recommend that you do. (📸 @bonjour770) https://t.co/g8f6sbOQoH
Rich, poor, gay, straight, black, white, Asian, etc. whatever and whoever you are. All God wants to do is to love u… https://t.co/ymERx9Ii1R
I believe we as humans have real God-given purpose, real God-given value. If we exist, then we matter. #HappySabbath
How Long?/We Don’t Talk Anymore/Attention — @CharliePuth #KOvers https://t.co/JcJPgEnJzB
I’m just trying to live my best life, y’all
I just watched a guy flick off an ambulance cause they wanted him to move out of the way 🤦🏿‍♂️ #ComeOnFool
Fun (but veeeery eaaaarly) morning performing at the @TODAYshow! 👕: @dolcegabbana 📸: @cdicelove13 https://t.co/AuL5Kn61BT
Goooood night NYC
HS/College/Grad/etc. students, if you’re trying to find relaxing music to study to, here’s a @Spotify playlist with… https://t.co/Tw2yHPTorQ
I. Love. Christmas. https://t.co/fYyKtrRflm
So cool to see our NYC @BeaconTheatre concert shout-out on @Spotify! https://t.co/ctjCspD3N9 for more info! https://t.co/ND0bNZEaYC
@thewowward Muchas gracias
@city_celestial @thegreatkhalid Ha glad you like it!!
RT @PTXofficial: We're so excited to be performing at #RockCenterXMAS! Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 8/7c on @NBC! https://t.co/SoSRHhCPWY
This tweet was supposed to come out yesterday 😂 https://t.co/uZjpNRZFJ3
It’s still crazy to me that our special came out yesterday! Thank you guys so much for watching! And nooooow to start this toooour
This is true. I was not amused. 😂 https://t.co/oGliwLM2EC
RT @nbc: Jingle bells or SLAY bells? #AVeryPentatonixChristmas https://t.co/lZGmy8Jywb
At least where I am lol #AVeryPentatonixChistmas
It’s about to happen!! #AVeryPentatonixChistmas
This is nuts. Our second Xmas special #AVeryPentatonixChristmas airs on @NBC in less than 90 min. This is nuuuuuuuuts
Our song “Deck the Halls” is out! And tune in to @nbc TONIGHT at 10/9c to watch our special… https://t.co/kUIqwjQY6b
Family is everything. #HappyThanksgiving https://t.co/AsdUdd25tC
So incredibly thankful for each and everyone of you this Thanksgiving. Cant wait to spend it with the ones I love..… https://t.co/bdjzEDA9F4
Hahaha I love this https://t.co/6m0z0Rfz2P
If you don’t hear from me this Thanksgiving break, that means I’m watching all the seasons of @ScandalABC. Buh bye world✌🏿
I love these photos! https://t.co/F0jtcTOixq
Our performance of “How Great Thou Art” w/ @iamjhud from our @nbc special is out! Make sure to check out the specia… https://t.co/WaiybnmeqZ
Hahaha I️ love this!! https://t.co/gZ2rUyr8rQ
This is my hometown friend’s (Brent Phillips) newborn. Say hi. My have we all grown up. https://t.co/8xV2I42Hat
@mattsalleemusic What is this Matt you usually need to be asleep to start dreaming haven’t I️ taught you anything
Flying home to be the Grand Marshall of my hometown’s Christmas Parade!! So. Excited. #HappySabbath
🎶🎤📽🎶🎤📽🎶🎤📽 https://t.co/haQfE56TGQ
Got through Day 10. And then had rice with my Korean BBQ. Proud that I️ got through that much of the challenge! Jus… https://t.co/Bw3jL6lU9N
Excited to have been a part of this ✌🏿 https://t.co/IdG7pyifVV
I NEVER WANTED TO PURSUE MUSIC! New #KOCorner is up on @YouTube now!! ✌🏿🎶🙌🏿 https://t.co/WyfWNCVM7U
RT @Lupita_Nyongo: My People. Wakanda Forever! #BlackPanther @MarvelStudios https://t.co/K9BB3JLDf0
@BillieJElliott Study all the great songs!!
@PentaPilot Haaaaa I️ will
@scodiemiche You are wonderful.
@humminlovetunes I️ really decided to dedicate myself to studying it at the beginning of 2015! Still take lessons a… https://t.co/aY7L98AyM7
@PTXRoisin @RamenDoodlesss Hahahahaha I️ don’t know about that he’s my duuuuuude
@celestine_17 Prepare prepare prepaaaaaare
I️ just saw this, and “cello-boxing DJ”...I️ kinda like the sound of that ✌🏿 https://t.co/f8Y4tU2ByU
@PTXRoisin Haha im learning more everyday that’s for sure!!
@PTXRoisin You’ve got it!!!
@KellyKuKu @jennasscomiche Why do you hate her now?
@horanstylesgurl THIS IS AMAZING!!
Hahaha hilarious! Still learning about this singing “mix” thingy https://t.co/mnxop0XJVs
@SWOLECHECK Not baaaad! It’s deeeefinitely getting harder and weighing on my soul a bit lolol
@aphrodite_blue_ @scotthoying Hahahaha I’m learning every day!!
@ptxehlia Wooooo!!!!
@ptxgemma Ahhh I’m glad!!
@jennasscomiche I’m happy!
@softcrinkIes Haha we’re all learning together!
@cutiepotatoptx It’s true, life definitely does!!
@DeeDeeJosefine Haha we can all learn from each other!
@grassiwho I️ believe in you!!
@terribleme1004 So happy. Gotta embrace them!
@ErinCullen8 You got this!!
@Ionelylush Loooove it
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RT @PTXofficial: Going over the script for #AVeryPentatonixChristmas! Who's tuning in to watch our holiday special Monday, November… https://t.co/4J1KoPiwJH
Wooooow. I deeefinitely saw this. You guys fill me with joy! https://t.co/IfHw6TYfHY
Can’t. Put. This. Book. Down. @U2 https://t.co/1LiOjCPirK
Amazing weekend. Excited to start this week ✌🏿
@DeeDeeJosefine Niiiiiice!!!
Worshipping the Lord for His goodness when you don’t deserve it >>>>>>>> #HappySabbath
Day 1 of #whole30 starts TODAY. Not gonna pretend likes it’s not difficult, but I️ gotta try it! I’ll be posting about it on my IG story!
@scotthoying Haaaaa thanks Scott!
Young Dumb and Broke -- @thegreatkhalid #KOvers https://t.co/4yMT7jc4tP
How did this tweet turn out this way weeeeird
This is exciting!!! https://t.co/d9eU75Zwfl
So much love and happiness to spread.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! https://t.co/lkNcdlpFZy
Happy Halloween. https://t.co/U60ctBvLzy
If I did the #Whole30Challenge, who would join me? It seems like something we all need in our lives!https://t.co/yNK712Oikc
Y'all! My first #KOCorner is now public on my @YouTube channel! Check it out here if you missed it -----> https://t.co/kDaXUEXDmF
@kennatonix Wow! I’m proud of you for dreaming for the stars, Kenna! You can do it!!
New Rules / Are You That Somebody -- @Timbaland @DUALIPA @AaliyahHaughton #KOvers https://t.co/kdSESZF0AV
What a weeeeeeeeeeek. So much quality content coming from PTX that I’m so excited about!
Yes! It was @thebenbram and I! He and I also did Mary Did You Know! https://t.co/o76uCgFo3D
RT @hoyinq: there’s an episode of an old PBS program all about @KOlusola when he was only 17! very cool to watch if you haven’t… https://t.co/roPKa5WfMi
Xmas special taping 📽🎶🙌🏿🎤 https://t.co/jsVVUHq0F9
Celebrating my birthday in Vegas w/ amigos and being on stage while @eltonofficial performs >>>>> Btw HE’S SO. GOO… https://t.co/WVRJCKuAuT
Sing with meeeeee https://t.co/QR78EWzya5
@scottolantern More importantly, are you gonna apply?
A relaxing breakfast by the beach ☀️🏄🏿 >>>>>>>>
La da da la da da ☃️❄️ New video “Away In A Manger” from #APentatonixChristmasDLX! #PTXAwayInAManger https://t.co/Bvq9YPMwQ6
RT @PTXofficial: #PTXAwayInAManger ❄ #tomorrow ☃ #APentatonixChristmasDLX 🎶 https://t.co/tdSxpNxXOo https://t.co/18f2nYj0UF
ahhhh 1 Day till #APentatonixChristmasDLX comes ouuuut! https://t.co/GTIo6FtEOK
I love this thing called life.
Music that speaks to the depths of your soul >>>>>>
Just trying to live everyday better than the last.
Excited to have Matt Sallee join us this Christmas season for our tour and holiday special! We love this fantastic… https://t.co/1LyjCrze9U
Too Much To Ask -- @NiallOfficial #KOTMTA https://t.co/DUhuNTFywh
Me love you.
Thanks for having me, @GEANCOFDN! They’re doing such amazing work in Nigeria! https://t.co/LpuJeml7lD
I love my band. @scotthoying @kirstin @mitchgrassi
🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗 https://t.co/KBdRPKQW4u
@xxMia_Shaixx This was incredible!!! Oh my thank you so much!!
@PTX_On_My_Mind This was incredibly incredible.
@TaraPTX I love you veeeeery much
@Ally_Hoying I love this!!!!
Y’all! My first official #KOCorner is coming today! The only way to see it is if you’ve signed up to my newsletter: https://t.co/g0opsbfK9U
@MorningMashUp @neiltyson @PTXofficial Thank you so much!!
@WORLDMUSICAWARD @PTXofficial Thank you so much!!
@KimVFields Thank you!!!
Looooooooove! Thank you!!! https://t.co/HRqmH23w4T
This is super kind Scott!! Love you broseph!! https://t.co/pAczXYwMUE
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! https://t.co/68CjfiLhsh
Tomorrow’s the day I came out of my momma’s womb 29 years ago and now I’m bigger than her whoooooooooooa science is crazy
What a cool story. https://t.co/leqCVvlYVk
God be with Vegas. What an absolute tragedy.
Video shoot doooooone ✌🏿 https://t.co/IvPNwQd5Uo
As @mitchgrassi says, “we love quality content” https://t.co/mml4nSrJ7x
My college suite mates. Always the fam. https://t.co/935qCFpz9R
Psalm 25
RT @nowthisnews: THIS is how you respond to racism https://t.co/y5i7YjyuUr
@scotthoying @HoodieAllen Whooooa!! Dude congratulations!!!!!! This is siiiiiick
Oh happy day cause I just got a Steinwaaaaay 🎶🙌🏿🎶🙌🏿🎶🙌🏿 @SteinwayAndSons #DreamsReallyDoComeTrue https://t.co/dJtioCcjIi
@aniistoll @TobiasHutzler You both are the best!!
Increeeeedible!!! https://t.co/xrGbykpQSU
@OperaStarr Sure why not. Happy birthday!
RT @ESTArose: Twitter is a public text message convo and I love it.
📽🎶✌🏿 https://t.co/iX1InJVgPs
@bribricutie3 Wooooow I just noticed you did this! Wow that means the world thank you!!
We spread love and positive vibes. All day. Everyday.
It's real he's still hoping tho https://t.co/1KvLorHKGL
@Jezahlie Shake baby shake
Y'all thanks for hanging with me! I'm also happy you guys are liking my version of "Sign of the Times"! Love y'all!! https://t.co/BzdmLqgoBa
Doing a FB live event today at 4pm PST/7pm EST! Send me your questions using #KOSOTT! Excited to hang with y'all so… https://t.co/n6Kd4t5prD
@my_wetties This is awesome!!
RT @TonalityMus: Come hear see our concert "Put Your Guns Down" on Oct 7! Details and tickets at https://t.co/I8XIAAlImQ! https://t.co/crAdaPLSN9
.@edsheeran, you absolutely blew my face off with that wall of sound tonight, broseph! Incredible. Hope I see you at another #GRAMMYs soon
Come on @edsheeran we're waiting for you https://t.co/qGgCxugytc
Growth, not perfection.
Praying with your sister over FaceTime for about an hour >>>>>> #HappySabbath
Thank you guys SO much for all of the love you have shown #KEVINSOTT I love making these videos for you! ❤️ https://t.co/BzdmLqgoBa
RT @Scotty_Noodle: @KOlusola This gif does a great job of showing that you truly love what you’re creating. #KevinSOTT https://t.co/6Q9LTAQgPV
RT @honeykaplan: @KOlusola I LOVED when you were absolutely feeling that piano solo! Means so much to see someone put so much passio… https://t.co/GEAtfID2tI
RT @AbbyHauck13: @KOlusola The cover is absolutely incredible and you are amazing 😍😍😍👏🏻 here's my fave moment cause you were belting… https://t.co/ILjcWmHm4n
RT @ktm_grace: @KOlusola The fact that you were so smiley and that it truly showed how much u love what u do was my fave part!! It… https://t.co/oVyBUuc7mw
RT @TheLexiReece: @KOlusola The looping in general was just so dope #KEVINSOTT https://t.co/0vFLLwTT9E
I want to know your favorite parts of my new cover video! Send me gifs and screenshots of your fave moments and I'l… https://t.co/lyKdhd7wjl
@imaginarygrassi Ha that's because I deeeefinitey did
This is doooooooope!!! https://t.co/IGqGIVCeK5
RT @creatingkelsey1: This is amazing! @KOlusola blows me away with his talent 😍 👉https://t.co/rA9BAjitns https://t.co/wGw14x2zzG
RT @SuperPTXfruit2: @KOlusola Wow wow You’re cover “Sign of the times” is sooo good!😍👏🏼 https://t.co/MBxDMqGl0t
RT @HannahJustStop: Talent beyond comprehension. Better than the original. 10/10 would recommend. Also, marry me. @KOlusola https://t.co/d80DkYx616
RT @missymoore9075: @KOlusola @YouTube it’s so GOOD and you’re so passionate throughout the whole thing i’m crying 😭 #KevinSOTT https://t.co/2xaky41G4S
RT @rosegoldvicky: @KOlusola @YouTube I keep saying how amazing you are but it's just the truth! I love the cover! ❤ #KevinSOTT
In case you missed it, I released the live cover video of my cover of "Sign of the Times" on @YouTube : https://t.co/BzdmLqgoBa #KEVINSOTT
@Harry_Styles You can purchase "Sign of the Times" here: https://t.co/dLvAbc3HBG #KEVINSOTT
Hey y'all! The video is here! So excited to share my cover of @Harry_Styles "Sign of the Times" with you! https://t.co/BzdmLqgoBa #KEVINSOTT
@PentaTonya @Harry_Styles @iTunes Thank you so much!!
It's here! Hope y'all enjoy my live cover of "Sign of the Times" by @Harry_Styles. Purchase on @iTunes:… https://t.co/xi1y6jhtIn
Finally the waiting game is over! My live cover of "Sign of the Times" will be out everywhere tonight at midnight!… https://t.co/1IcEvkpcnQ
Hey y'all! Some exciting things are coming soon! Be sure to sign up for my mailing list https://t.co/g0opsbfK9U to get all the info first!
#NewKOtrack Friday https://t.co/piJ48EUNpd
@ptxsivanfranta Hahahaha I'm glad you're liking it!
@twisted150300 Ha don't hurt yourself now
@violaleanne226 Nooooope
@liIacdaze Hahaha I can say for certain that's not it
@ptxviola Bhahaha I love this
Here's another hint to the #NewKOTrack coming Friday! This is some of the video; any guesses to what it could be? R… https://t.co/YplfgnUSso
Another hint: it's definitely a song that came out earlier this year ✌🏿#NewKOtrack
Y'all! New cover coming this Friday! Any idea on what it could be? Send me your guesses via the hashtag #NewKOtrack… https://t.co/tJ66UYH1gW
Congratulations!!! Huge inspiration. Saw your film and was moved! https://t.co/SynMf9hnzY
RT @scomiche_snaps: Vivien's Ig TFW when the insanely talented @kolusola '06 from @ptxofficial drops by his alma mater. https://t.co/fcPwrxv8yb
Happy to come back to @phillipsacademy to perform!! https://t.co/XGkDf8am1b
You only get out of this life what you decide to put into it. #HappySabbath
Soooo proud of @SUP3RFRUIT for all of the craaaaaazy hard work they put into their album! @scotthoying @mitchgrassi Happy Release Day!!
Ha she's been in the works since January of 2016 https://t.co/NrWJQiA8MK
THIS IS AMAZING https://t.co/ZwhkBLFt6Y
the release date is...when it's ready 🤣✌🏿 https://t.co/wHZKCj8UQn
@hurryupaiden Hahaha I don't know what to tell you ✌🏿
RT @WQXR: Check out how the talented @KOlusola, from @PTXofficial gave this Bach prelude a brand new beat. https://t.co/jRlsZljfQr
I love this kid. Man after my own beatbox https://t.co/TBgsCAXZkr
@pentaoutai well haaaaaappy birthday!!!!
My happy place 🎶🎤🎶🎤🎶 https://t.co/DH3ZB0UVbY
Glad I could be a part of it! https://t.co/gIb36F1MOF
Excited to perform at The GEANCO Foundation event Oct. 3rd in Los Angeles! If you're in LA, ticket information is o… https://t.co/51SUIxAAf5
@youkneecorn78 Happy belated!!
Lord this world is such a crazy place.
I LOVE THIS SONG https://t.co/O2vuLQ2thP
Performing at @willowsouthlake this morning! Looooove Chicago!!!
Wooooow the love is reeeeeal. Y'all are wooooonderful.
Excited to have collaborated with the team at @followMFS on their commercial based off #Renegade! Check it out:… https://t.co/S4YzLErpnO
And we're just getting started! ANOTHER ONE TODAY https://t.co/lnDEjoOmj9
Um just did my first yoga class ever, and it was hot yoga with cardio and weights! It was INSANITY, but veeeeeery addictive!! 🔥💦🔥
RT @BarackObama: Americans always answer the call. https://t.co/SV1jixOExu https://t.co/ktEvL6s89d
I still can't believe I get to make music for a living. Woooooow.
@LivinPoetry Hahaha no that's it!
@nuggstruggs Hahaha you're so kind. I miss you as well young grass hopper.
@kennatonix Ohhhhhh that it was young grasshopper.
We must focus on what we can do to be joyous! We can't let outside forces dictate our steps! We will fight for our joy, whatever the cost!
@ptxyonce This is so appreciated. Especially today.
Hahaha no it's not my address at all on IG! https://t.co/N5Ko2e0un6
@angelatonix Hahaha but the word is true!
I couldn't have said it better myself broseph https://t.co/EmZprpsaDM
Love people.
@scomiche_larrie @hyunandra @vacationaiden Ha thanks guys! It's my mgmt's information where you can send fan letter… https://t.co/kHttHnb2rT
@TheRealJGuts Thank you, Jeremy!!
@carolinasluv Ha it's already begun.
One chapter ends; the next one begins.
Wrote a couple songs, practiced a bit of cello, and now on this last flight I get to dive into THIS! A fan gift! Th… https://t.co/Nb9gvmRA2o
My brother. This has been an amazing chapter in our lives. Can't wait to see what the next chapter brings. https://t.co/MkBPCydg8J
@pentaholick Of course i won there was never a contest
@OperaStarr They're all amazing!!
@PTXShelllvz happy birthday!!
@gingertonix Whoooooooooa this is incredible.
@ptxyonce Looooooove
@ptxxhannah AGREED
@oririmusic We gotta speak that truth!
@Scotty_Noodle @AnnaTichenor Yeeeeees dancing to classical music
@TShannn____ @heyitscaileigh ✌🏿
@aaaaalyssia I'm glad she came up!
@ariyahgrassi Happy birthday!!
@lilyptx Anatophysics
@celestine_17 I love thiiiiiiiis. Thank you!!!
@ptxholly Saaaaaame
@ptxsteph I'm so happy you came to the show!!
@petalcaro YOUUUUU! Im sorry I couldn't find you in the rain! I wanted to bring you up for MisBehavin!! But I'm so… https://t.co/ccV9y8cogB
You may not start off the best. But you can definitely improve if you truly believe in your vision.
Y'all know we love y'all, right?
Patience. What a virtue.
Don't let your day conquer you. You conquer your day. Live it intentionally.
@celestine_17 That's so exciting! PA meant the world to me and gave me the tools I needed to be the most effective… https://t.co/jc25W6NkFE
Wow Minneapolis is fun!!!
Ok and it's French this is when I return my Yale degree for good https://t.co/hQy1Hak5V1
Ugh I went to Yale for Chinese, my English is deteriorating everyone https://t.co/cpXM7mMRAp
🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿 https://t.co/RoQmq1PxaE
Hahaha piano was the very first instrument I took lessons on! https://t.co/RPjv6SSgJ3
I miss playing piano 😌#claredelune #piano https://t.co/59YPwlaHrZ
@AllNightKTM Eh he aight
@mackkov12 Y'all were great!!
@Okay_Aki That's kind!!!
@jessicamarie525 @Avi_Kaplan Oh no that sounds gooooood
@aLittleTooPuth 🙌🏿
@LindsayInTheSky We're so glad! We had fun as well
@DebbieDemmy Yes. Yes I am.
Nebraska, you were aaaaaabsolutely wild! Will KS top their enthusiasm tomorrow?
@lMAGINARYPARTY Oh I know and I feel like @mitchgrassi already knows I'm the fairest of them all
RT @PTXofficial: NEBRASKA!! We are OBSESSED with all the #PTXForever signs you held up. THANK YOU!! ❤️ #PTXNE https://t.co/rKeWTDjltX
This talk had a profound effect on me today. I don't want to live life aimlessly. I want to live it intentionally. https://t.co/W5eemVaHnu
Happy 30th anniversary to my beautiful parents! I love you two!!! ...Also why does my dad look like my older broth… https://t.co/jzCe7H6Aan
Sometimes we get distracted off our path. Don't beat yourself up. Just make a decisive effort to get back on track. #HappySabbath
@thunderfrick apparently it's your birthday! Happy birthday!
S/O to @scoothooying for taking that photo!
@mitchftgrassi @scoothooying Thank you for that pic! I had no idea!
I love this life. https://t.co/LJo6jmMOOp
Excited to be a judge for this!! https://t.co/B3JGJlrdEX
RT @PTXofficial: PTX ANNOUNCEMENT! 🎄🎁 We're SO EXCITED to share that we'll be releasing a DELUXE VERSION of #APentatonixChristmas w… https://t.co/G3gUbWdATU
@ptxyonce Ha hilaaaaarious
@ptxcharlotte_ Love!
😭😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/DTE1qRmxcW
@JeaneCummins Wooooow this is suuuuper humbling! Whoever she is, I'm honored!!! #PGChamps
Crazy things will always happen in this world. Control what you can control within your sphere of influence, and leave the rest to God.
I can't wait for the day when I can show you all everything I've been working on.
I looooooooove touring. But maaaaaaan I love coming home ✌🏿
Hahaha I love playing, thaaaats for sure https://t.co/MgcO8szsZV
@petalptx Ahhhh that's very kind! You have it in you, and nothing can stop you if you have a dream that aligned wit… https://t.co/CdAGywTCvr
@practicallyptx These are incredible! Can you put your Twitter handles on these?
@ohhoying Hahha you gotta have fun with the photos
Hahaha I hope your shoulder gets better https://t.co/JgU9LhkSQ2
@Cuspofarrows O
"Unto the Lamb who sits on the throne, glory and honor and praise." @hillsongworship #HappySabbath
@AllNightKTM Can you put your twitter handle on the bottom right corner? This is awesome!
@EmilyDBeato @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin @Avi_Kaplan @SUP3RFRUIT Amazing! Put your handle on th… https://t.co/tMls9WiXrF
I am nothing without the One who created me.
@sup3rkirstin Hahaha so good to meet you! This pic is amazing
@Ptx_Bridge The tank is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@roberts413 @PTXofficial That's wonderful!! I completely remember this! Have fun at the show!
@diff_diff Belieeeeeve me I want to return
#tbt when @RachelPlatten and I were looking extra fresh at the @SonyMusicGlobal afterparty at the #Grammys… https://t.co/z2Ky5Gq4zv
Thanks @classicalkid for the write up on #KODown! https://t.co/pTv63bue52
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...the mic drop 🎶😂🎤 (📽 my girl Neph!!!) https://t.co/Mzjqv3uRKD
@aril515 That's great! I just saved it in my phone!
Hahaha I mean we might as well perform full out! https://t.co/90vBHo5Q6f
I love this!! #KODown https://t.co/lJv0zyR07l
My #KODown cover surpassed 100K views on @Youtube? 😭😭😭Thank you thank you thank you thank youuu! More to come!! https://t.co/geepoCMAB6
@aril515 Did you draw this? Amaaaazing! Put your handle in the bottom right corner!
THIS MAKES MY HEART JUMP 😭 #KODown https://t.co/VVpt2HkhUF
@ptxsivanfranta @hurricanektm Loooooooooove!!
@TheDragonOfAces Looooove this.
@spitfire @petalcaro That is incredible
How cool is this?!?! #KODown https://t.co/Xiw557nfUh
You're gonna learn a ton about me in this video, probably things I haven't really shared with you all! Enjoy!
Glad I could return to Owensboro to receive the city's Walk of Fame plaque & reminisce on my formative years there. https://t.co/BZGCQ7Qu36
Yeah I don't know why @scotthoying calls me KOMoney still 😂😂😂 https://t.co/C9evyfen2E
Hahahaha WE DONT PLAY https://t.co/CW8Qu35eLc
@Nicole_Cav1 Haaaaaaa looooove! #KODown https://t.co/geepoD4bZG
Hahaha my dad said I behaved during the livestream LOL COME ON DAD
Haaaa go ooooofff #KODown https://t.co/FxjYSS0hWP
Thank you all for hanging out on @Facebook Live with me! If you haven't seen #KODown yet, check it out below! https://t.co/geepoD4bZG
@facebook and I'll answer them during the livestream! See you then ✌🏿🎶🙌🏿
Y'all!! I wanna hang and talk w/ you via @Facebook Live! Submit your questions using the hashtags #AskKO #KODown https://t.co/nHwxHznsa3
@LaineyLips That's kiiiiiind!!! Thank you! See you for Shabbaaaaat
RT @LaineyLips: So, @KOlusola= prodigy of everything musical &fantastic person I'm lucky to call my friend. Check out his new cover! https://t.co/8xFxbS5PdB
@xxMia_Shaixx @MarianHillMusic I LOVE THIS
Ugh, I love our fans.
Just in case you haven't seen thiiiiiiis! @MarianHillMusic #KODown https://t.co/geepoD4bZG
@yuyuyu19 This is increeeeedible!!
Yoooo this is siiiick! https://t.co/pc9vUhyHVx
Haha love thiiiiis :) https://t.co/21XYryxZ2g
I mean if you're gonna stomp you might as well do it with a passion 😂 https://t.co/oUjNBBidtG
I believe if we honor God with our lives, He will do things that we think are impossible. That's the God I know I serve. #HappySabbath
This is everything!!! https://t.co/ZJWsTNOuBf #KODown https://t.co/VpYEaizzZK
RT @antoniettecosta: Checkout @KOlusola's new single-#KODown 🎻 2:18 🎤🔥 https://t.co/ZVFKiCrsRy #leggoKO
ARIGATO GO ZAI MAAAAAS #KODown https://t.co/6iQKNqCojq
@PTX_SingEd Haha thanks for watching! #KODown
@Jokaylena Hahaha I'll definitely be sharing more music #KODown
@Sabrinatw75 Haha you're too kind! Great seeing you at the wedding!
RT @rg_ptx: @KOlusola I can't stop listening to this! Your talent continues to blow my mind every day; it's remarkable!! #KODown https://t.co/EY929r8zMt
@arteeninLA Hahahaha I love you Arteen
@Scotty_Noodle That means the world!! Figuring myself out one step at a time 😘#KODown
@mitchscupcake Hahahaha thank you! #KODown
@wonderingkind That's so incredibly kind! Thanks for listening! #KODown
@xxseethroughxx That means the absolute world to me!! #KODown
Hahaha you're too kiiiind! #KODown https://t.co/geepoD4bZG https://t.co/YN8IPLDTzx
@Ptxlaiyah :) #KODown
@angeliquetana Hahaha just keep practicing, young grasshopper!! #KODown
@horanstylesgurl ...that may or may not be in the works #KODown
@scottsearrings Hahaha you're too kind :) #KODown
@eyelinerhoying Hahaha this is awesome #KODown
@emilyyurchison Hahahaha heeeeey we're working on it #KODown
@aniistoll @TobiasHutzler I LOVE THEE SOOOO MAAAAJ #KODown
@touchofptx Ayeeee well it's inspiring to have people like you listening to it! It's appreciated like you can't believe! #KODown
@kristine26345 Hahaha thank you! I love what I do so much! #KODown
@marit_ptx Hahahaha I just love what I do! #KODown
@AneleCarey @MarianHillMusic Thank youuuuu!! #KODown
@an_88star88 Thank youuuuu!!!
@ptxviola Hahaha I love what I do! #KODown
@Scomichee1 I. LOVE. MUSIC. #KODown
@KD_TaylorJ Wooooow what a statement!!!! #KODown
RT @amazingjr87: Mind = Blown! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @KOlusola continues to WOW me w/ his sublime talents! Go buy #KODown now!! https://t.co/JMkqLb0iyF
@nastiel Maaaaaybe a little bit of both ;)
@tiffanymonet53 Thank you! I'm working on turning it into that for myself first!
@KimPiggie Hehehehe I'm working, Kim
@ptxvalentine 😭😭😭😭😭😭thank you! #KODown
Hahaha my sound is still evolving, belieeeve me. But I think it shows a small segment of where I'm going :) https://t.co/aPQrZdaJdL
Well, I've found part of my sound. Still developing. But definitely more to come ✌🏿#KODown https://t.co/0TEtv2i9zn
@HelplessHoying Hehehe more to come :) #KODown
@ptxdevon That means the wooooorld. Like you can't believe. #KODown
@p3ntaholix Ooooo maybe
@kana20010330 @MarianHillMusic @AppleMusic Awwww thank you!
@LivinPoetry Hahaha you'll see soon enough :)
Like. You. Can't. Believe. #KODown https://t.co/OIDGDcj8vz
@PTXftPotter You'll know veeeeeeery soon
@Jennasscomiche Hahaha that's what we're working towards ;) #KODown
@hotttscoying Hahaha I'm so glad you liked it ✌🏿#KODown
@EmilyDBeato Well then...#KODown
@khadijahholgate Thank you!! #KODown
I'm hype y'all are hype about it ✌🏿#KODown https://t.co/8jmJsnAL5A
@PinkShihtzupup Hahaha you're wonderful #KODown
@missymoore9075 Hahaha you'll see soon enough!
You guys guessed it! New live cover of “Down” by @MarianHillMusic coming #soon #KODown https://t.co/bVl3EkOLkZ
"🎶 Are You Down... Are You d-d-down... #KODown 🎶" https://t.co/IpFxQXNpDR
@cryingbckirstie Well I love Neyo so thaaaats great
RT @mitchscupcake: @KOlusola Is it Don't Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers? #AreYouDown
RT @katelyn_dudley: @KOlusola down by fifth harmony ft gucci mane? #AreYouDown
RT @RilakkumaMitchy: @KOlusola #AreYouDown that kinda looks like an M so is it Down by Marian Hill?
RT @gentlehoying: take you down by u2?? #AreYouDown @KOlusola
RT @molly_agspor: @KOlusola #AreYouDown you know what whatever it is it's gonna be amazing so I CANT WAIT. LOVE YOU KO ✌🏽
RT @recreationalove: @KOlusola down by jay sean and lil wayne ? #AreYouDown
Any ideas what my new cover is? Respond w/ your guess using #AreYouDown. Until then, here's a sneak peek at some ar… https://t.co/hQ7W1QHxN3
This is soooo dope! I can't wait to see this in person! https://t.co/40TGzI1WfX
RT @PTXofficial: A cappella + Cello = NEW PTX cover of "Dancing On My Own" #PTXROBYN https://t.co/nN20Qbw8Z1 https://t.co/2yXTI23DjV
@ptxftokbaby @alexclarkephoto 🎶😎🎶
@Penta_holic @brookeborden8 @alexclarkephoto It's Mr. Carter for sure
@Penta_holic @alexclarkephoto Haha this baby is everything
@ptxhannah @alexclarkephoto 🙌🏿
@Sreed1991 ✌🏿
@kirstin @alexclarkephoto KIRSTIEEEEEE
New K.O. track coming soon... #AreYouDown? 📸 by @alexclarkephoto https://t.co/qY8FYXDCEU
@aesthetictonix Thank you!!
@ErinCullen8 Incredible!!
Waking up speaking the innumerable blessings from God >>>>>>
🎶I keep 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿on my own🎶 #PTXROBYN @PTXofficial @YouTube https://t.co/RdUm2HmKVu
It's coming....#soon https://t.co/pBuLJA7UR1
@MitchOlusola @PTXofficial ...soon
I haven't added cello to a @ptxofficial cover in a whiiiiiile y'all
Nigerian weddings >>>>>>> #TemiAyo2017 https://t.co/DzdFBt5zw5
We praise the living God for showing mercy to us even when we don't deserve it. #HappySabbath
After-work, prayer. Brings a certain centeredness and peace.
Love all people.
Fun fact: Every morning when I shower play my "WAKE UP!" playlist & without fail I make sure I listen to "Paradise" by @coldplay
Current mood 📸@WilliamFWells https://t.co/a7XPImupyj
Just another Sunday making music In the lab w/ @williamfwells. Thankful. @villagestudios https://t.co/pitX4uMEE0
To the most freakishly talented singer on planet earth, I must give @mitchgrassi my deepest and most sincere "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" LUV U MAAAAN
Yoooooo that Hey Ya tho?!?! https://t.co/1ylg3Lj8D8
It was an amazing Sabbath day. Amaaaazing. Now...to the Korean BBQ :) https://t.co/Ahtz7lW7gK
I love y'all so much !!
Praaaaaaaise 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 #Yalies https://t.co/49LXhs9zkA
So sooo heartbroken to hear about @linkinpark's loss of Chester Bennington 💔
✌🏿🎶🎶🎶✌🏿 https://t.co/YPDwjr98T2
Goooood morning
@classicalkid @carnegiehall @marinalsop @PurchasePAC Love this!!!
🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 https://t.co/qqca6Fz5CP
What a blessing it is to be in the House of the Lord and worship Him who created the heavens and the earth. #HappySabbath
Looooove thiiiiis https://t.co/QSUVl4QniV
Looooord be on my side this is AWESOME https://t.co/blzIcxP6Bc
Music makes me happy. (📸 Thomas Hefferon) https://t.co/UykjEZO9KC
WHHAAAAAT "Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time - TIME" https://t.co/DKk0hEDkBX
Oh you know, just touring the Greek Island of Poros. NBD ✌🏿 https://t.co/LnVaIKEFNf
Hanging with the moms @CurlineO in Athens. She's fuuuuuuun 😝 https://t.co/rQXerjrT9B
I just love music.
More wedding vibes. @gucci @hex_tie https://t.co/TWeq48de4T
Wedding vibes. https://t.co/mjcVZiXWaH
In Chios, Greece w/ @CurlineO celebrating @tarakamangar's wedding, meeting new friends. Life has been lived, everyb… https://t.co/1H4u5PuZgB
Pirgi, Greece. https://t.co/8wsSuMpehR
Who loves the freak out of Greece? KO loves the freak out of Greece. Is it true? Mmhmmm I do I do I do i do oooooo #iMissKenanAndKell
The Acropolis with @curlineO! https://t.co/ZSdMpE6ofg
Hahaha as we touchdown to paradise.... https://t.co/gZb0W1hfy9
Happy Independence Day, everyone! 3 sold out nights at the @HollywoodBowl w/ PTX was the best way for me to spend the time :) Now packing...
One of the most surreal nights of my life!! Just emotional that we played a sold out show at @HollywoodBowl 😭😭😭 Her… https://t.co/VzMG0DTNHc
Y'all we're playing the @HollywoodBowl for THREE NIGHTS WHAAAAAAAAAAAT
RT @PTXofficial: LA! We're less than a week away until the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular at the @HollywoodBowl! 💥 Get tickets at… https://t.co/AVv7RZXzzl
Had the most fun time in KY maaaaaaan. Home state pride all day ✌🏿 But now...it's time to go back to LA 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿
@molly_silvey 9 years!
I got to see my first cello teacher in KY, Dr. Mack. I played her some of my new songs & she said "at least you use… https://t.co/lHPh1z3GRO
God is truly good.
Love these people. https://t.co/lawQXq1Zaq
And they said that Kevin Olusola Day would be June 23rd! That's so ridiculously awesome!
RT @OboroLiving: Here's what @KOlusola had to say to us at #romp https://t.co/gOnhdjEeQx https://t.co/xfg1Ehy29T
It'll be in almost 30 min!
So weather permitting, there will be a live stream of me getting the Walk of Fame plaque @ https://t.co/mHlv8Th7Gz !! Check it out!
Owensboro, KY. I am home.
The fact that we get to do what we love everyday because of yalls support is something I will never, ever, EVER take for granted.
I'm going hoooooooome. Blessed.
Helllooooo again. Sorry I've been offline. My head's been in the clouds dreaming of music. I will come back to the ground.
I've heard some of this and it's reeeeeeally fun everybody https://t.co/A64Mt1dGTN
Baba Mi O, no words can explain how much I love and appreciate you? None. Just know that I will do my best to honor you. #HappyFathersDay
God is glorious. Happy Sabbaaaaaath.
Haha guess I was found out! Still freaking out that I'm getting the Keys to the City in my hometown 🙈🙉🙊 https://t.co/S4wWI3bAU6
My question is: how much did DJ Khaled have to pay to use Maria Maria for Wild Thoughts?
Feels like beach time. ✌🏿 https://t.co/7aP28r6S50
I'm starting to looooove sweet potatoes. Wow, they're good.
A day at a time.
Hiiiiii everyone.
Thanks for having me at @a16z! https://t.co/TBoqEMCEx4
Yooooooooo 2U? 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Ugh Ed Sheeran you are so good broseph.
You guys making me get all sappy and stuff with this #kindness4kevin hashtag! Ugh. Y'all are amazing and I appreciate y'all!!
What a blessing it is to commit yourself to God in prayer in the morning.
@MisbehavinJulia Well, it'll be some sort of content lol!
#NewProfilePic https://t.co/EKTTBhE0Qg
Throwback to when I had baby hair on tour 😄 📸 @JenRosenstein https://t.co/kpY0xYBAk0
@iambeckyg Haha girl you ain't wrong.
A Solar-powered cooker?!?!?! I want one of these!!! https://t.co/mXorLUfxen
@kirstinscoffee That's amazing!!
@AlyssaJaneway Your brain!
@_draghasis Hahahahahaha I'm working on it, belieeeeeve me.
@Pentatronz You wonderful human you.
😭🤧this was beeeautiful!!! https://t.co/zPfHD41sBG
@charIotte_xo But only when skies are grey, right
@torikelly I like you a lot
@pentaoutai Awww and you are a wooooonderful human being! Stay inspired!!
@hoyinghugs Haha thank you for supporting!
@EzriaFitz_B26 Ahhh I'm glad you liked it!
@ptxalbums You are a wonderful human!!
@Lucys_jeans I mean I'm pretty bad when I want to be so
#6YearsofPTX 😭🤧☺️ https://t.co/IfYfcJBEfy
@katief1107 Well it sounds like as you ask him to reveal his plan for you, focus on the things you know you can control with your time now.
@Cutiepotatoptx And i struggle every day following that dream. That's why I have stay inspired by the word of God, … https://t.co/ejxnXoQlKw
Ok, I'm done. That was a #KOCorner within itself lol! I just want all of us to live our best. I know it's possible, for myself, & for y'all.
We can't let our feelings dictate our lives. We let what we know is right override those feelings & we take action every time. We can do it.
Last thing: I'm learning that it takes a decision based on your mind, not on how you feel, to do the right thing. That's true discipline.
I'll grow, I'll stumble, I'll make mistakes, I'll get frustrated. But to know that God will hold my hand into maturity amazes me.
Sorry for the sermon y'all. Just been reflecting, & can't say enough how thankful that there is a God that only wants to wrap us in love.
So I finally let go of my hold and gave it to Him, cause He only wants the best for us. Doesn't mean I'm perfect, but victory is possible.
Jer. 29:11, God says: "For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
I was scared to let God be everything to me because I didn't want to let go of my control on my life. It was meaningless.
@MeghanSimone_xo Haha bigger than I could've ever dreamed!
@grassihopper I make God no 1, and then let everything else fal into place. Schedule God and your desire to grow fi… https://t.co/amGwDGZ9y4
@christine_seon Haha sure God has a plan, but it's whether or not we trust Him enough to follow it. That's where I… https://t.co/eGfp5tnFYP
Had I not trusted God on leaving pre-med to join PTX, I wouldn't be part of this amazing family, nor have the career I've grown to love.
I praise God for trusting Him in times I didn't fully understand. God's plan is always better than we could've ever dreamed. #HappySabbath
Happy Sabbath ✌🏿
Goooood niiiiiight
Whoa. My mistake. I meant to say 11 PM to noon. I meant I got plenty of sleep. Just didn't realize that my body needed that much!!!
11 am to noon. That's how much I slept. Jet lag is a real thing, people.
Japan, it's been real. We love you. America, we're coming home 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/kEfQyY7yKo
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/MAqhbq5QSE
@sofiaspillari Omg yeeeees
@PtxMegan Ugh this makes my heart warm. Thank you!!
@AlyssaJaneway We can keep swipes in check to no worries 💪🏿
Haha it looks like I'm hitting a punching bag ✌🏿😂 https://t.co/8lPfV9tQul
Haha I love messing with my mom @CurlineO https://t.co/00YPj2nuN0
@kelly_clarkson Do you, Kelly, do youuuu
Nagoya what an amaaaazing night!! https://t.co/wdHqoETKWa
RT @PTXofficial_JP: ⚡現在来日中&最新EP好評発売中⚡ もうチェックした⁉ 奇跡のアカペラ meets 永遠のポップス名曲💨 『PTX VOL.Ⅳ-クラシックス』 日本盤はCMソングでも注目の「NA NA NA」追加収録‼ 👀試聴&購入はコチラ☞… https://t.co/qOxfsfYXSi
@xxMia_Shaixx Hahahaha it can be whatever you want it to be 😂😂😂😂😂
So I told the server at Yamachan I wanted 10 wings...how did I get 40 of them instead?!? (For the record...I diiiid eat all of them 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿)
Just some more quality content. @scotthoying https://t.co/sLJhcoGBYv
'Twas a riiiighteous day driving go karts on the streets of Tokyo looking like...this. https://t.co/vCJexn5wq0
I'm always the most joyous when I'm clinging onto the Lord.
Proud of you, Avi. https://t.co/IqN1R6CVDI
Oh this is cooooooool https://t.co/a1BpFgyt5x
Oh hi @Perfume_Staff thanks for coming to our Tokyo concert tonight ✌🏿 #PTXTokyo1 https://t.co/exfeyygk02
Also...jet lag is a real thing y'all. Veeeeery real.
Japan night 1: Fukuoka. So. Much. Fun 🙌🏿 https://t.co/fFPi2ygzS4
All we want to do as artists is spread love and light to our fans. My heart breaks to hear about the tragedy in Manchester.
I just saw @U2 live. My life maaaaade.
Sabbath Hike in Riverside ✌🏿#HappySabbath https://t.co/d9csYoOK8e
Sooooooo. Prooooooud. https://t.co/QwRmbuZnRS
I can't wait to hear it aaaalllll https://t.co/yjYsmcni8r
COME ON NOW! 325 max deadlift let's gooooooooo 💪🏿 https://t.co/rPQ9guNXoF
@kirstin_taylor happy birthday! Or shall I say happy birthslaaaaaaaay
Making music is very, very fun. Challenging. But fun.
RT @thebenbram: My thoughts on @Avi_Kaplan's departure from @PTXofficial: https://t.co/xHdkfDbpkD
@Hayleygrassi121 IM SO PROUD OF YOU!!
@MitchOlusola @scthoyings @thebeatles Happy birthday!!!!
Was playing around with #Yesterday by @thebeatles. What. A. Song. https://t.co/cD0Va4qlwS
Oh you knooooow #KOCorner is only going to be about my mom today. (IG kolusola) https://t.co/rIgUYV9EnL
Momma, you having only one a day a year can't express how much I love you. I am, & will be, because you are ♥️ #happymothersday @CurlineO
We love you, Avi. https://t.co/SqOwSSWl5c
#tbt to when I took a full helicopter tour of the island of Kona 🙌🏿🏝✌🏿 https://t.co/lpBeCMWHIw
@tiffanyvcornejo HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!!!!!!
Had to mess around with the new @charlieputh song #Attention while in Hawaii! That hook drop is siiiiick. https://t.co/XUTws1Wrfj
Thanks for hanging out with me on the #KOCorner Facebook live chat! Literally always a blast talking to you guys! S… https://t.co/8wlh3A75zu
5 min till my Facebook live #KOCorner chat!!
Also...how freaking catchy is this?!?! Good jooooob, you two! https://t.co/Yg8Zxnqagi
Tomorrow for #KOCorner, I'm gonna do a Facebook Live chat! Might as well when you're in Hawaii! 11 am PST/2 PM EST! Talk soooooon
The Lord is my strength. I shall not want anything else. #HappySabbath
Such a pleasure meeting you, @IAMJHUD! Your voice is insaaaaaane https://t.co/ZydLg3tF5B
Songwriting a bit this morning in this paradise 🙌🏿🏝🎶 https://t.co/9zT3Dqq5OI
Aloha Hawaii 🌋🏝 https://t.co/7hXwI5mrLP
✈️✈️✈️ https://t.co/tI7O1Myak4
Glad I could be a a part of it! You wrote a beautiful song! https://t.co/aDAnZXughZ
Had a ton of fun on set w/ @ryanparma and Sophia Dickens on their new kids web show Q Wunder! https://t.co/GwxVmqGG0Y
Oh the memorieeeeees https://t.co/WKXQaDX0Zk
I haaad to mess around with one of my favorite old schools jams. Like...haaaaad to. #TearinUpMyHeart @jtimberlake… https://t.co/dENstsOmHU
Y'all know what time it iiiiiiis. Head over to @instagram this time for #KOCorner! (IG name: kolusola) https://t.co/fJKKDauzFH
@thebenbram @Avi_Kaplan Dude Avi knows how to write some cello lines!!
RT @Avi_Kaplan: .@PopMatters has an exclusive premiere of the #FieldsandPier music video! Watch it now: https://t.co/V5yqabyJYW https://t.co/S3p5NbqEUC
Wow, I appreciate this! And I believe in you! Vous pouvez parler francais!! https://t.co/obuzkURy1Z
#FBF when @rubenharris and I went crazy at @coachella. What. A. Weekend. https://t.co/BkASrjvz08
Ok sooo IG stories are kiiiinda fun?!??
LETS DO IIIIIIT https://t.co/m0UYbbWfj8
@yourdel @sherlockftptx Hahaha I'm still figuring myself out. Still learning and growing, i can promise you that.
@Hayleygrassi121 You've got this, Hayley!! The community believes in you.
Have mercy; I love them all!! https://t.co/582sothTcP
Uggggh my heart. This means the world more than you know. You all will always be my inspiration. https://t.co/aUPI1wOy1v
@xxMia_Shaixx @scotthoying We love you!!
@thisNAO Woooooow you were insaaaane this weekend!! Can we be friends pleeeease?
.@coachella was so inspiring that I haaaad to mess around with a new one! @imjmichaels #Issues https://t.co/grRJevDtjZ
I can't help falling in love with youuuuu 🙌🏿🔥♥️ #PTXFallingInLove @youtube https://t.co/lSzcbcYP6o
Why hello, faaaaamily.
Ed's the man in my book. What a crazy moment to be able to give him his Grammy with PTX. One of my favorite. Moment… https://t.co/BoLaLZznhw
✌🏿♥️🙌🏿 https://t.co/WBOoYYPVzt
Let's get it today.
I hope it was the most amazing one yet! https://t.co/pXEmwf0NHz
Decided to mess around a bit with "I Don't Wanna Live Forever"! Cool song! @taylorswift13 @zaynmalik https://t.co/NBXBwZuJ0Z
@sofiaspillari happy birthday!!
Happy Easter!! https://t.co/Du29YKLx9y
Soooo yes, I did fall off the couch, but I promise you it wasn't thaaaaat bad lol! Behind the scenes for BR shoot! https://t.co/haWSWTZx14
RT @RecordingAcad: An all-star lineup will take the stage for Stayin' Alive: A #GRAMMYSalute To The Music Of The #BeeGees airing 4/16… https://t.co/waHaTc7sTO
@MysteryKnits Heck yeah I am
@daemoniiic Working on iiiiit
Already dooooooone https://t.co/yMZUrMUdHp
Have faith in the process.
So honored that we could be a part of this!! https://t.co/WTrfRKulHE
Change begins with ourselves.
@AlyssaJaneway Hahaha will "my homie Alyssa" suffice? 😂
@sherlockftptx Hahaha im working on it! Just right now a process of self discovery. Just want it to be right.
Thought I'd have a little fun with this song! @TheChainsmokers @coldplay https://t.co/7iRPQIGdA1
🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 https://t.co/JEaSdxf5vl
@ptxkris That's what matters, not how much time necessarily.
@ptxkris Just have a schedule you like at the start of the week, and section out what you wanna do in time blocks.… https://t.co/NT7Eg6wo92
@lgbtqrassi And you are loved as well! I hope you have many people in your life that will adore you.
@_draghasis @pentawholic Ha naw that's all you girl!
@carolineewalk @PTXofficial Please do! It was one of my favorites to arrange!
Yeah....I'm gonna stay on Snapchat.
@ptxholly This is amazing! Congratulations!!
@leahperez_ Ha of course!
@Nicole_Cav1 Just focus on what you want, and you'll get there!
@Nicole_Cav1 Hahaha you've got it!
I'm thinking about moving all my Snapchat type work to IG story. What do you all think?
Always making music with @thebenbram. #lovethisdude https://t.co/BVJfEC5ko7
Literally just finished a 12-hr straight song writing session that was inspired the whole time. Now THATS a fun time.
@PTX_Ivy 哈哈哈确定确定
@mitchgrassi STOP! you're one of the most naturally talented musicians and singers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life Mitch!!
@ptxlizzy Ha Lord I only wish
@starryhoying Ha just practice :)
@vanillahoying @calvinnowell @Triptyq @Candie4JC The fact you wrote so much about the interview just gives me Inspi… https://t.co/xYX6ghfiG2
@pentaoutai You are incredible! Stay inspired, keep dreaming!
Did an interview with my dude @calvinnowell on his new podcast @showuppodcast! Hope y'all tune in! https://t.co/OnnzVMlHOb
Also, our Snapchat is @ptxsnap, just in case it wasn't clear!
No #KOCorner today on my Snapchat since I'm taking over the PTX Snapchat!!
Y'all this was so much fun!! Thanks for participating! Also, go to PTX Snapchat right now and I'll be talking about… https://t.co/xn916ohixd
THIS IS AWESOME! HI GRANDAD! https://t.co/mydWeU6T0E
I love everyone...but me, myself, and I https://t.co/LA9Xx8ZXR7
Watch this and then get back to me. https://t.co/bbspXS45VM https://t.co/pww1Iaouuf
Find people you love, learn from each of their voices and see how they apply to your voice, and then get the lesson… https://t.co/9r1LdvM4Ti
"Be extraordinary and common." By my mom @CurlineO (♥️ U Mom) https://t.co/LPsGKbfPHW
Hey now You're a rockstar https://t.co/nZl4M3q7QK
100%! Ive learned over time that you have to find mental triggers that turn the anxiety into your strength. https://t.co/wqpyn3ghg0
Write down the must-haves you want in a college! It'll better define what you need. https://t.co/CUAPbQrRGC
English at @phillipsacademy w/ Ms. Tousignant. I found out quickly that using big words doesn't equate to formulati… https://t.co/b6xdiuNTkO
Ha I'm always thinking of new stuff :) https://t.co/W9jx6nMqYL
I think something clicks when it resonates with your soul. That's when I know I've found the right idea. https://t.co/Coe66Kxujt
More and more than I used to that's for sure! Practice deeeefinitely makes perfect! https://t.co/surXU4wlT2
Sprinting! Finished it with 1 min sprint at 13 mph! I was proud of myself...and dead! https://t.co/WK4eKRBqO9
Least...multivariable calc. Don't even ask me about Green's Theorem anymore. Favorite...Algebra!! https://t.co/nq50c9Ar6M
So many people. Sting, Yolanda Adams, Bono, John Legend, etc. list goes on. https://t.co/pc4PNK5LHL
@PTXlivie Not too much. We just believe Jesus came to eradicate all the ceremonial parts of the 4th commandment, th… https://t.co/hA7fxZGI8f
@KatieBiehl @P90X Ugh that's what I did this morning
@RachG0LD Just set it as a priority you accomplish first. Then let everything follow! You are the CEO f your life;… https://t.co/zHcWz1lQ92
Also...@P90X hurts soooo. muuuuuch.
@chxrlotteptx Hopefully this helps!
@AnnaLovesPTX You better do a video
Sometimes, I just gotta stop and thank the Lord for everything He's done. Real talk. #HappySabbath
@lilyptx lily loves lollipops from la la land.
@OperaStarr Yes. Yes I am.
@tigereniko Thank you! And I know nothing of how to play actual drums!
@adorablekirstin What is this "breathing" you speak of explain this concept to me
@lgbtqrassi Ha it huuuuurt
@ptx_sophie @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor Hahaha you both are adorable
@angdef27 Definitely fell. And too many times lol
BOHEMIAN RHAAAAPSODY https://t.co/0vo0zLkTqx
@kennatonix Huh? Breathing? I'm confused what's that
@olusxla Ha screeeeeam
@xxMia_Shaixx @mitchgrassi Whooooo!
@chloeptx Thank you!
@Pentatronz Ableton!
When times are crazy, you regroup, re-think, and keep it moooovin.
RT @PTXofficial: Just 4 more days until #PTXVol4! Who's ready!? https://t.co/i7FKePocbo
#KOCorner up! Another late night one. Talked about this video right here. So inspirational to me -----> https://t.co/XRKjAUvBwp
🎶A rhapsody for you and me And every melody is timeless🎶 Good job, @cleanbandit & @zaralarsson. Goooood jooooob.
@g_kindhart Ha it's....coming lol🤣✌🏿just a lot to understand about myself.
What a crayon. @Crayola https://t.co/Kz06JfDjRh
Guess who can stream "Bohemian Rhaposdy" from #PTXVOL4 on @Spotify? You can! Link here -----> https://t.co/OWVtatWgwT
Hahahahaha loooooove. https://t.co/1Aimf3dHmr
Was messing around with #faded by @IAmAlanWalker last night! The production on that track is sooooo siiiiiick https://t.co/FJ4SbWx53D
Life will be lived today.
Short and informal, but #KOCorner, is up on Snapchat! 🙌🏿
It's amazing to know that God adores us unconditionally & wants a deep relationship with us despite our imperfections. #HappySabbath
@carocracked hahaha stay amazing and happy happy birthday!
@thegreatkhalid yessir! Tunji speaks highly of you!
Oh how this dude @thegreatkhalid muuuurders his first album. Congrats my man!
Even though the pic is blurry, I'm proud of my girl @iambeckyg and her whole @PowerRangers crew! Congrats on the fi… https://t.co/zcUgJG7Kkp
Wow there's a lot of good music out there. Anyone wanna recommend me some tunes to listen to?
Y'all! So proud of my man @EricHutchinson for releasing his new video "Dear Me"! Watch it here: https://t.co/QuyKQHaCWA
You can't be great without the support of an amazing team.
Did a quick #KOCorner tonight! Check it out on my Snapchat (kolusola) ✌🏿
Hahahaha I love it! https://t.co/1TYQbt7Rud
@mickfinney whaaaat I don't know what you're talking about
.@JordanPeele, @GetOutMovie was one of my favorite movies in a long time. At the edge of my seat the whole movie. Congratufreeeakinglations.
Sorry I've been gone for a while. I'm back.
If you're not learning, you're not growing.
Caption this. @jkthreethousand #PTXImagine https://t.co/DnRxR7dkNc
@UsTheDuo @kennatonix OH MY THIS IS HILARIOUS
21-yr-old Matthew Walzer (far left) made a revolutionary shoe w/ @Nike. Check out #KOCorner to hear what I learned… https://t.co/xKncbmNsQY
#ptximagine ✌🏿 https://t.co/JyDUPxErfg
@kennatonix this reaction video is everything. Thank you ♥️✌🏿🙌🏿
Thank you God for who you are.
I wanted to learn how to be the best I could be. I wanted to be challenged to think deeply and broadly about the wo… https://t.co/VZWOZvjrLv
Y'all. The love that has been shown on our imagine video is nothing short of overwhelming. Every person is different, but we're human 🙌🏿♥️
@mermaidgrassi now THIS is awesome.
@jesslme26 @PTXofficial aw thank you!
@MsKindraLynell thank you!
@Hi_Its_Kiersten @PTXofficial :):)
@CiaraHoying we must we must we must.
@tashaa_mary haha one day!
@ptxangel_ hahha thank you!!!
@violetgrassi awww thank you!
@brookeborden8 😜🙌🏿
@KimPiggie 谢谢姐们儿!
@allie3ga awww thank you! Working on it :)
@prdarmywf 😭arigato!
@fcut3rfruit aww thank you!
"You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one." ✌🏿♥️ #PTXImagine https://t.co/yYFdm1FqYW
Maaaan another best day ever moment. Finally maxed out deadlift at 300 today!! Excitement is reeeeeaaaal https://t.co/EBgG8TZQVm
@ptxangel_ it looks good on you! 🙌🏿
Always a pleasure talking you wonderful people over Snapchat! Also, RT to vote PTX for a Kids Choice Award! #KCAFavMusicGroup #Pentatonix
Aaaaaand here it goes on Snapchat!
Snapchat name: kolusola
This Sunday I wanna do another Snapchat Q&A cause it's been a while! Tweet me your questions using the hashtag #KOCorner and I'll answer ✌🏿
Ha this will always be the case. https://t.co/g7ZiRi7v7P
Talent at its finest! https://t.co/T3atwP7Ybf
We love when you come through the studio!! https://t.co/gMoztIBLBx
@MitchOlusola @edsheeran @FuseODG @killbeatz uggggh proud of my west African people. Get it my people.
Ok @edsheeran who were you hanging with in West Africa when you were writing Bibia Be Ye Ye
#OrchestraNerdsUnite https://t.co/2DXrdlLuSf
.@tyleroakley we look kinda amazing?!?! https://t.co/wPIIJ2lSzB
Definitely was a good time 🙌🏿 https://t.co/vVErWufnLt
Also, watch the full clip of the video I referenced here: https://t.co/HmYoV0ovj1 (cc: @EvanCarmichael @MichaelPhelps)
The dude Michael Phelps continues to inspire. Check out what I've learned this week from the champion on #KOCorner… https://t.co/1S2IfkjGGl
Being thankful >>>>>>>>>> #HappySabbath
Just a little music making time with the man @Kylemoorman #gettingitright #gettingitdone https://t.co/bAh4L5JUqx
Keep your mind open and experience the new.
It doesn't matter who you are. No person deserves to feel like a second-class citizen in their own country.
I think we might have just completed one of our most exciting...and craziest shoots of our lives. Literally JUST got back home. #sleepallday
WHY HELLO @cdicelove13
I love making music. But I can't pretend like it's not taxing on the mind, body, and soul.
It's the small steps that make the difference.
Maaaaan good friends are hard to come by.
Link to the whole @MichaelPhelps interview: https://t.co/GMGYvn1JQm #my30under30people @forbes
I think @MichaelPhelps just became a hero of mine. And you'll see why on #KOCorner today. (Snapchat: kolusola) https://t.co/V13w27EEQf
Isn't our God amazing? #HappySabbath https://t.co/mZUrPpxqmn
Back w/ @thebenbram making music. Life is good.
You know I love hanging with my mooooom @CurlineO https://t.co/2frUB44fGV
@LEGOBatmanMovie 100 percent. Soooo good.
Fun-Filled day 1 with the momsters? ✔️
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." -1 Cor. 13:13 Happy V-day, beautiful people ♥️
@callmekirstie down
This is my trainer whoopin' me for all the jollof rice and acai bowls I ate post-Grammys 😂 follow him on IG (eddiel… https://t.co/7TL1Ezc7mJ
Needless to say, ''twas a good time last night 🙌🏿 #Grammys https://t.co/7qB1UJ4iKr
@JohnCohen1 I just saw you liked a tweet! Big fan of your movies!
@JKCorden soooo...we're going to find a raincheck time for this #Grammy PTX carpool karaoke. 😃✌🏿
Remember that time we won our 3rd GRAMMY? #GRAMMYs https://t.co/Hgz7LdV93G
#Grammys outfits ✌🏿(styled by @cdicelove13) 👔 @Brioni_Official #Sulvam 👞@jimmychoo https://t.co/hMxiGyKbfZ
@carocracked you
@carocracked love
@carocracked I
@maddyfraaank thank you!
@MeghanSimone_xo @AlJarreau I'm so happy. We wanted to honor that man correctly.
@joshuadun good seeing you today, my man! Would love to link up sometime. Just DM.
What a privilege to honor @AlJarreau and to sing one of my favorite Jackson 5 songs, ABC! We love the freeeeak out of y'all! #GRAMMYs
Good Lord @beyonce that was one of the most captivating musical and visual performances I've ever experienced. #GRAMMYs
That sibling radiance 🙌🏿 @Candie4JC https://t.co/TvBQL8RJWv
@DollyParton @PTXofficial Dolly we love you so much! Thank you for writing such an amazing song!
Lord if you told me in 2009 that one decision to go into music would lead to all this, I would've never believed it. Praaaaaaise Him!!!
Y'all! Thank you for all the questions! Can't wait to see y'all at the #GRAMMYs 😎 #GrammyKOCorner
@Pentatronz wait this is awesome! Get it!
IT'S THE #GRAMMYS TODAY!! I'm gonna be doing a Snapchat Q&A!Tweet your question w/ the hashtag #GrammyKOCorner & I'll answer your question!
@KWAYNTjoia I didn't mean to hide them for so long but I just can't contain my beauty anymore
@thesweetace wooooow!!!! I'm so proud of you! You're an inspiration! Keep at it, girl!!
It's Grammy time. :) #TheGrammys https://t.co/0MnCUuev05
Adopt God's view and perspective for life. That's where your true joy lies. Don't listen to the world's view. #HappySabbath -Romans 12:2
Good day. ....aaand good night
Food for thought: If you don't believe in yourself, who will believe in you for you?
Oh how I love me fittings 😎 @cdicelove13 https://t.co/zxK1abQ0NF
Andover pride runs strong. Congrats, Coach Bill. @Patriots @phillipsacademy #superbowl
I love finding those necessary pockets of rejuvenation time. And you? Check it on my @snapchat #KOCorner today! (Ko… https://t.co/g1NHaceugW
It's a #patsnation type of day. @patriots #patriots #superbowl #letsgo https://t.co/OjndZTGui8
When you call your sister @Candie4JC Sabbath morning to talk about all the magnificent things God has done >>>>>>>>>
RT @rubenharris: Join us on Feb 23 as we gather Black Leaders leveraging tech to create effective change. Not another diversity pane… https://t.co/Zo0L9jtyX1
@ESTArose @Darienkoop shoooooot ok I see you both!!!
@mitchgrassi Mitch do you have your own emoji who'd you have to talk to for that
I'm in love with the shape of you Daaaang @edsheeran what a lyric
RT @hyunandra: @KOlusola your cello is pregnant!
Arranging session with @scotthoying and @thebenbram!! Back at it again 🎶
Maaaaaann when I started I couldn't even do 3 pull-ups. Now in over a month I'm doing 5 reps AND adding weight?!?!… https://t.co/s338z1WOMS
@chloeptx 没有什么安排
@tiffanymonet53 happy birthday! Be legal and stay legal
Had the most amazing time this weekend with my Utah family! Loooots of laughs, and now I'm ADDICTED to skiing ⛷🙌🏿 https://t.co/mVgFGLbVWg
Another Sunday, another #KOCorner. 📓✏🛎 #Sundance (Snapchat @kolusola) https://t.co/6EWgnaYbKu
I'm ready for the cold. #Utah #HappySabbath https://t.co/neJpmUVurv
We can either be the navigators of our own ship, or let others tell us how to navigate. Personally, I'd rather set my own course. ✌🏿, K.O.
Maaaan @JorjaSmith killlin this. https://t.co/2sQusQyHqY
My man @theebillyporter, you reeeally nailed this cover of Edelweiss ✌🏿 Check it out! https://t.co/c903Ect4z6
Another Sunday, another #KOCorner. (Snapchat: KOlusola) https://t.co/6kT6jH3Y4h
I just realized that tomorrow is going to be one of the most interesting days of all of our lives. #TrumpInauguration
Sometimes, the only thing you can do in the face of trials is worship the One who will conquer it for you.
My @phillipsacademy classmate just started her luxury clothing brand “Aria Claire" for new moms! So proud, Parla! https://t.co/FE0hin270U
It's a beautiful thing getting to hang out with friends and just experiment w/ the weirdest musical ideas.
I learned some things hanging w/ the non-profit #Club42 at @rosebowlstadium! Check it on my #KOCorner snapchat (kol… https://t.co/QjUITcK9Ey
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments." Psalms 111:10
@ReginaRWhitt1 it's the day of rest instituted by God! Check the fourth commandment Exodus 20:8-11!
A Sabbath of rejoicing in the Lord. What a blessing. #HappySabbath
.@POTUS awarding his brother @VP with the Presidential Medal of Freedom w/Distinction melted my soul. Thank you both for your service.
So that press conference
@OperaStarr @POTUS hahaha I was there!
Thank you, @POTUS. Just...thank you 🙌🏿
It's awesome when you can talk about life with your parents in the morning.
@rjenk444 I just did!
You wanna know where all the fan letters go? https://t.co/Pir0w3lRWY
@Scomichee1 start with positivity in the morning. Reading what I believe about the world and myself gets me amped for the day :)
@taylorftptx take it from a different angle. Or just stop until you feel inspired again.
@teresatonix haha! Facts are important, but applying life lessons to facts of life can bring personal success and tons of joy.
@Naenaenegrete stay inspired!
@chriistynguyenn ✌🏿🙌🏿
@Sam_L_05 what's it about?
@Lauralil10_LTD it can be depending on how you use it. If you schedule out when you use it, then it can be productive rather than a waste.
@_draghasis hahaha just sharing what I've been learning as well! This is for all of us!
@ptxkris it's so necessary! I'm trying to apply it daily.
@awilcosky of course! ✌🏿
@LetyMartini_ hahaha if you watch a lot of @FLOTUS and @POTUS speeches you'll learn a lot about eloquence!
@shawnadole we can do it together!
@ptxamy :)
@stacee_grassi schedule it out!
Today's #KOCorner: "The Law of Process" & why we may not always follow through w/ our goals! #ClassInSession 📓✏🛎 (… https://t.co/WiMMW8g0uz
@AllisonSchaefe3 @MichaelAlvarado 😜
@AllisonSchaefe3 @MichaelAlvarado nope.
@jas_egarcia heller mom and Harry Styles
@LENTILPOT ...maybe.
@leothestan @MAGICALKlRVIN right?!?! ✌🏿🤣
@leahlovesbey panwaffles
@starlitelawley ....aaaaand motivation on aisle 2
@ptxthingsfirst hahaha I wake up and am grateful and humbled that this is my life.
@CATHancock have mercy I love your children!!
@MAGICALKlRVIN I can't fight my own picture icon. Can't hit that pretty face right there.
@melissahoying your welcome! Now get off twitter 😂
@lilyptx fill yourself up with good food that doesn't make you hungry and drink tooooooons of water.
@jas_egarcia you should probably get that checked. ASAP.
@melissaptx it has been, thank you!
@ptxrenee I know, right?
@edgefranta I'm going to listen to them soooon
@Scomiche_69 I mean he's nice I guess
@JusticeTen through all the hurt and pain, I keep my eyes on the Words, and meditate on them day and night. Believe the promises.
@AnnaLovesPTX your wall is so awesome!
@Sam_PTX_Love stop it is
@AinJulSays what do you see
@AlyCatVideos no I'm not
What a blessing it is to spend uninterrupted time with God. #HappySabbath
@AnnaTichenor I'm so happy for your transformation. Stay inspired...the Good Book won't lead you astray✌🏿
@ptxpasta karate or tennis
@misbrihavin jazz + beatboxing = 👼🏾
@marieisLOST ...celery sticks
@Ashlyn_And_Zip why?
@legendofjulia eat all of the sushi and never get big
@tiffanyvcornejo ...killing is not nice so I don't think I did that
@buttboats oh that's nice! We appreciate you 🙌🏿
@lafondette no! What tracks should I listen to?
@ktm_grace uuuuuum no
@notplanningwell completely. We're citizens of a great, big world. Let's love each person for who they are as people.
@najanile as do YOU I'm sure!
@ptxamy 🙏🏿
@nicole__hicks I don't know I think you could
@WhatsUpMiah I could say it again, buuuuuut that might get exhausting 😝
Even though we may be different in race, culture, ideals, etc., at the end of the day we are all human. Let's love & cherish one another ✌🏿
@biklar10 yeeeeep!
@RKCBmusic @YouTube absolutely, so fresh! See y'all veeeeery soon ✌🏿
When you and your brother finally decide to text only in your secondary tongue from now on https://t.co/vXr6QV8wiN
My dudes. This song is so cool. @RKCBmusic https://t.co/5VEnSssHnu
Listening to 20/20 experience album, and the beat on "Tunnel Vision" is just insaaaaaane @jtimberlake @Timbaland
@elisia_shannon how about we do it at 15 and then call it a day
@PtxHaraHoying 😭😭
@smitchymitchy @PTXofficial @billboard it feels wooooonderful
...well I do like chicken https://t.co/Vncq8E2Npy
@ptxelysia 很好
Sometimes it's nice to know you can wake up without having a million things to do on your plate.
Relaxing night. Wow, this is cool.
@rjenk444 inspiration comes from many places.
@ptxslaysangela yes. It absolutely will.
@CATHancock is this something you'd share with your kids? (PLEASE DONT)
@thiccgrassi 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
@PTXTrinity haaaaaaa
@SharvaAnime see I would think so
@dontbebashful oh believe me. I. know.
@ptxamy 🤣
@ptxcharlotte_ ha that's how I felt reading it but...inspiration is inspiration
@MitchOlusola please don't.
@PinkShihtzupup basically, you're gonna be scared achieving a goal. People that go ahead and do it while being scared are courageous.
"Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is doing what you have to do with wet pants." -Dean Graziosi Seminar So...happy soiling, everyone.
Anyone remember "Love Like This" by @natashabdnfield and @SeanKingston? That was a jaaaaaaaam
@onaroIl ...sodapop
@avi_ously_ptx mustayo
@brookesnr I like that shirt veeeeery much
@Pentatronz @scotthoying as long as I'm the good looking one I don't care which animal I am
@carocracked ...🤡
@strang3rfruit I don't feel I'm a robot remember I beatbox
@Soofia_loopez ugh I know I knoooooow it's hard
@tornado_tori affirm yourself in the morning. what you truly want to believe about yourself. If you start positive, u might end up positive.
@mitchtrashi ...naw homie I'm good
@ptxdaisy I just saw one called my best friends wedding. I enjoyed it!
@thunderfrick ...what the? No
@melodiousbliss I'm not telling you NUTHIN
@carocracked when you are moved, then I'm moved. Just like that, Caroline.
@DeathTailOnline you have been noticed. Now go forth and play.
@ptxelaina ...are you coming at me and my band we don't appreciate that
@ptxrenee more importantly how do you feel
@ktm_grace yes!
@acapellaptx being fed all day
@todrickftptx @KelliKellyyy ...I don't know how I feel about this twitter fight
@kylalow so now what if i didn't like your tweet would you come after me
@ElleAButler 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a fantastic book! Steven Convey, Dean Graziosi, Jeff Walker
@gahokechi don't get pulled into the "I'm a mess" mindset! That stops now in 2017. This is your life, only you can make it "unmessy".
I said this already, but I'm so excited for 2017! I just put up a #KOCorner about my break and how I started the ye… https://t.co/Sj1xnho2Be
Here's to living your absolute best life in 2017, despite whatever circumstances you face today or in the future. Let's do it together!
YOU ARE AWESOME https://t.co/Rc7kBQLT66
God is good. I legitimately cannot wait to tackle this year. Let's go 2017!!!
Where I want to be on the last day of the year. Lord, I'm genuinely excited for 2017. #HappySabbath #HappyNewYear https://t.co/kitJNB7w36
@Soofia_loopez looooveed it
RT @billboard: Congrats to @PTXofficial: The group tops the Billboard Artist 100 chart for the first time 👏 https://t.co/CRCnzsKH5G
@scotthoying @Ptx_argentina ✌🏿how in the WORLD is Iceland?!?!
From my family to yours ✌🏿❤ #Chichenitza #VisitMexico #SevenWonders #Yucatan https://t.co/2oHKgxeqRF
RT @RollingStone: On the Charts: Pentatonix's 'Christmas' rings in Number One, beating out Bruno Mars and the Weeknd… https://t.co/yb0TJHA1jA
I miss my touring family. https://t.co/g2hhKmFLHK
@yonceptx @KWAYNTjoia I think your picture answers the question
@carocracked you...on a scale of one to I'm happy for you...IM HAPPY FOR THEE
@doweloveit_ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is THE book
@utdftptx go slow, pray, and hold on tight
@ptxcharlotte_ truthfully? ...eat
@ptxlily that's awesome!
@smoshftptx just be you
@jas_egarcia ...I really don't know what you're talking about
@glowingktm absolutely not I'm on a warm vacation
@taylorftptx seeing some beautiful parts of Belize
@Music_500 @mitchgrassi OF COURSE
@sconemiche @ptxamy whoooo congratulations, girls! Have fun!!
@Oluswole whoa who stinks
@kennatonix you're the best!
@AngelaSilva811 thank you!!
@PinkShihtzupup Belize was great today!
@Shannonigans76 hahaha have fun!
@awilcosky @billboard Ballin!!!!
@colombrican1 will do!
@AinJulSays ha it's my dad right now on this cruise!
Also, what a blessing to see two of our albums take the #1 and #5 spots on @billboard 200 charts. Thank you for making Xmas unforgettable!✌🏿
Merry Christmas from your favorite a cappella nerds :) https://t.co/H2Jso7zxTu
Family Vacation begins. I'm. So. Excited. #HappySabbath #Cruisin
@utdftptx hahaha loooove
It's going down. @dallascowboys vs. @TBBuccaneers https://t.co/u8jx6BsTSQ
What an incredible year it was!! We traveled, had many amazing moments, & our team accomplished so many milestones cause of y'all. Thank u ❤
@maritpad tell the class that the main benefit of music is to help people through their problems...& give u an A on your the presentation.
@ptxtereza explore things you're interested in. Start there.
@ptx_glee yep. That's just life. You are the one that knows your own potential for greatness. Not them.
@ptxzoe homie I don't ship anyone except me myself and I
@tiffanyvcornejo maybe there are other places that you and your mom can agree upon. Search for those places. There's not just one school.
@oakleyloveee by posting my workouts, and I read about health in the morning first thing.
@misguidedghostz can you study while you're at Disney so he knows you're trying? During your off time?
@elisia_shannon I mean I don't know your full situation, so you need to judge what's right for you and the situation.
@coventrycarol @YouTube that gives you a model for success that you can learn from.
@coventrycarol @YouTube also, you don't look at successful people from afar. You dig deep into their lives and understand what they did.
@coventrycarol @YouTube everyone has to start somewhere. You have to start with a positive mind.
@elisia_shannon why let other people's opinions and jealousy stop you from getting what you want?
@callmekabbo no. What if you took it and you had many trucks that went around the country and you had an amazing business?
@HayleyBrianna96 wiiiiiiingz it
@stacee_grassi don't view your life as pathetic. See it as the obstacles and trials to cultivate your mind and make you great.
@wyattonix um
@Pentatronz sleeeeeeeeep Taylah sleeeeeeep
@Naenaenegrete hot choconogg
@ptxtina at least you gave it a go and have no regrets. That was my plan.
@ptxtina my adviser told me to try music for a while. At least try, and then if you're not getting to where you wanna be, go back to med.
@coventrycarol start on YouTube. Use the internet. It's free. That's where I started and is how the band found me.
@leahlovesbey slow down slow down one step at a time I just figured out what a book is
@justines_jeans @kirstin_taylor yeah the "I can't wait to get out of this interview and cut this brotha" look
@kennatonix i really don't know what you are talking about
@JesstheFruitfly @SUNSHINEGRASSl so books are something you read ok ok
@SUNSHINEGRASSl thank you! But what's a book never heard of this item
@UsTheDuo whaaaaaaaat I thought it was up to my momma
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments." -Psalm 110:12 #HappySabbath
Thanks for being a part of the team, Annie! https://t.co/slMJSzmhS1
@thebenbram @leahbrinley11 I believe it's called the viridi-anne
@thebenbram you're duuuuumb lolol and @cdicelove13 got it for me!
Thx to @DollyParton, @kelly_clarkson, @reba, @nbc, @rcarecords, #BradLachmanProductions, mgmt, etc. everyone that was part of this!!!!
RT @nbc: .@PTXofficial's performance of "Hallelujah" is giving us chills! #APentatonixChristmasSpecial https://t.co/qD0s99vgcL
RT @nbc: Thank you for watching #APentatonixChristmasSpecial! 🎄 🎅 @PTXofficial https://t.co/coLRDHLXQA
I can't believe #APentatonixChristmasSpecial just aired on @nbctv! Such. A dream. Come. True. https://t.co/JoBCT33w8A
Best. Day. Ever. Again. #APentatonixChristmas #PlatinumAlbum #Praaaaaaise https://t.co/Vf1a4A9MKa
@gungormusic @crowdermusic @YouTube saaaaaame!!
@Hoyingtrash you're gonna need that soul of yours
@JSweggg and you did just fine after meeting me as well
@Tipples84 @willsmith @jadapsmith uuuuugh
@kennatonix @jkthreethousand no still need to call
If you ain't dancing, you ain't LIVIN https://t.co/XZQmfA86ru
@LotteNae HAPPY BIIIIRFDAY https://t.co/qCr7Y6GcTi
@AinJulSays me eeeeeveryday
@jessicaebodner girl focuuuuus
And that's a wrap on @TODAYshow! Now...all I want is 💤😴💤😴💤
#tfw you're in sync with your band mate 👏🏿😝👏🏻 https://t.co/u5I3fp9M5q
We're performing on the @todayshow this morning! Performing at 8:45 am, 9:45 am, and 10:45 am local time!
If you want some good Naija pop music, this song "Collabo" is SO. GOOD. https://t.co/Nh6sKpCy3a
@ptxamy @AllieKins92 ha I meeeeeean
@katie_ptx what's a santy klause
@SharvaAnime I like being more planned out. It forces me to get what I need to finish done. And you can change what's on you schedule.
@SharvaAnime haha all the time. Hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, personal travls (like my cruise this break ahhhhh)
@LisaSteiner_PTX it depends. I spend most weekends planning for the week, but I also plan every day for the next day
@ptxelysia stop you guys blow my mind everyday!
@ptxcharlotte_ @AllieKins92 well I know @willsmith and @idriselba are right now in talks for my part
@Mackenzieptx what's a movie never heard of it
@sofiaspillari @AllieKins92 ...naw should be an action movie
@ptxwiktoria ok my polish people
@Marinaptxx I'm sorry what's a Wyatt
@Dragonchick_101 ummmmm @jkthreethousand? Help?
@LilyEllen13 listen to music, work on a different aspect of the song, or just stop working all together until you're inspired again.
@nuggstruggs and I love Guac more than I love anything else
@shona_ptx @asda oh get it!
@LetyMartini_ byyyeeee
@AllieKins92 waitfirst im coming out with my action-drama movie called "The K.O." stay tuned
@SCHOMICHESFRUIT haaaa you're awesome!
@Asiucc @mitchgrassi they call me the cute NY selfie King
@ptxboca what thaaaa aaabsolutely not
Love y'all.
@gudmythiclmoose this is awesome
@jas_egarcia whooooooooa
@wyattonix @ElusiveKaplan ✌🏿️
@KWAYNTjoia you've got this. You're the swolest of them all
What. A fun. Songwriting. Day.
Life. What a journey.
RT @PTXofficial: FOUR MORE DAYS until #APentatonixChristmasSpecial airs December 14th at 8/7c on @NBC!! https://t.co/FJHFWRH7PQ
RT @billboard: Dolly Parton is joining Pentatonix for an NBC holiday special https://t.co/GVFNksbCzr
Wake up, worship. #HappySabbath
It was a good day, but it shall be an even better rest. God, friends, and the truest love. #HappySabbath
Ok I have to drive y'all are wooooonderful bye for now✌🏿️🙏🏿🙌🏿
@PTXMolly we love making music! It's an amazing thing we get to do!!
@ptxangel_ loooooooove
@wonderingkind @jen_melhiser September song by @JPCooperMusic!!!
@Maldonaddict that's nice of them!
@jen_melhiser I literally put on my favorite workout music and think to myself "this is my favoritr part of my day" and keep that going 😅
@wheresallthemlk 我爱美国的中国城市
@GaultReilly time management, eat well, wake up early & start your day right (not with social media, but something that activates the mind)!
@fashUnptx it's been an amazingly productive day!
Whooooa our Little Drummer Boy rendition is over 100M hits? 😭🙌🏿😍✌🏿️Y'all are absolutely incredible! Thank youuuu https://t.co/elpgBdxV2U
@tm9013 hahah good choice!
@pentatomitch don't hope! Set a plan in motion now!!
That gym time in the morning, y'all. It sucks, but boy can it get your mind ready to win. #allwedoiswin… https://t.co/MjCfzd51qz
@PtxA_Capella Email sarab@themgmtcompany.com about the issue!
@PtxA_Capella I'm not sure. Lemme check on that.
Congrats to everyone in @HairsprayLive! I couldn't watch it, but heard that the singing was insaaaaaaaane
If you missed it last night, check out our performance of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" on @JimmyKimmelLive! https://t.co/o0sbr9q6K0
@tiffanyvcornejo 🙈🐒
@KlRVIN thank you!!
@TheBaddest_Girl @cdicelove13 hahaha y'all are hilarious
RT @AppleMusic: Hot cocoa ✔️ Ice skating ✔️ Tree decorating ✔️ #APentatonixChristmas ✔️ Celebrate w/ the latest from @PTXofficial!… https://t.co/OWe2L6Vohq
@MaireadCarlin wooow I'm meeeean 😝I hope my bunk doesn't suck!!
RT @PTXofficial: RT if you're excited there's only ONE WEEK left until #APentatonixChristmasSpecial airs on @NBC!!! 🎅🏼🎄 https://t.co/AGMQqPkRem
THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE @LEGO_Group https://t.co/hYMpfRumxb
We love you, Dolly!! https://t.co/WboAfgQImB
Huge thanks to @DollyParton for collaborating with us, and @CrackerBarrel for making the collab happen! Onward and upwards 🙏🏿❤️🙌🏿😭👍🏿
AHH A GRAMMY NOM!! BEST. NEWS. EVER!!! 🙌🏿😭🙏🏿Thank you @RecordingAcad! Can't wait for #grammys2017!… https://t.co/I6ERPgAo4j
@KelseaBallerini CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! So excited! We're gonna partaaaay
@kelly_clarkson @PTXofficial YOU TOO LOVE!! Are we all hanging out or what
Just put up another #KOCorner on my snapchat about starting the day right! 📓✏️(kolusola) https://t.co/GP7s71oQrq
My friends are starting their own startup podcast! So ridiculously proud! #BreakingIntoStartups Podcast #Everest10x https://t.co/jn9kvcWOsa
Well then, this is all the approval that we need 😝 Glad he likes it!! https://t.co/h3055Xbkkp
@cdicelove13 hahaha remember when you had to school me on the term #streetswag? 😂
See, isn't this the face of someone who's excited about Xmas? 😂 (Oh & thx @cdicelove13 for teaching me how to put… https://t.co/rjQWORnkGj
@tara_mcneill haha well I hope you do have a great tour! Are you all coming to LA soon?
While everyone was apparently enjoying the absolute beauty that is Whistler, BC...I slept. 💤🇨🇦💤🇨🇦💤#hibernation
@jen_melhiser I would!
@jazirivy haha I just love what I do everyday!
@Ptxlynds haha you have good friends :)
@Chynaboyo die die
@carocracked haha just use olive oil and vinegar instead!
It is an amazing thing to take your mind off the craziness of this world & our lives to focus on what really matters. #HappySabbath
@NBCBLK @PTXofficial @nbc hahaha it was awesome! Where can I find full interview?
When you're happy to get the last slice of pizza with your friends 🙌🏿@torikelly @scotthoying #RockCenterXMAS https://t.co/nDmFSqM1n9
Can I just say that @MileyCyrus is a doll and a hilarious human being? You had me on set laughing, girl! So great performing with you!
I mean...😍 #DollyOnTheVoice @NBCTheVoice https://t.co/RKfFR2Uw9C
RT @NBCTheVoice: .@MileyCyrus and @PTXofficial join @DollyParton for the most unforgettable "Jolene" ever. #DollyOnTheVoice https://t.co/eb71iVfP57
RT @NBCTheVoice: RT to RSVP to A Pentatonix Christmas Special starring @PTXofficial on December 14 at 8/7c on @nbc. ☃️🎄🎶✨
It was so fun performing!! https://t.co/QRRHb8Ltqc
I just realized how many incriminating photos of myself fans probably have that are floating around the internet and I kind of shrieked.
Can you believe it? @Triptyq @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar https://t.co/AQLFcgTjFL
This was a fun interview about our Christmas album! https://t.co/8SGblJxaf7
It still blows my mind that 5 years ago we won @thesingoff. The journey has been absolutely insaaaaane! We ❤️y'alls support the whole way 🙌🏿
I gave my testimony about how my life transformed from pursuing medicine to going into music and meeting PTX. Thx L… https://t.co/khiYXKOcC0
Almost hooooooome
@amariahoying @carocracked well don't be foolish now buy it
Family just had the Thanksgiving meal. Wow...we are happy.
@_draghasis I didn't drop out! I finished my degree in East Asian Studies and did my pre-med requirements! I just didn't go to med school.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Remember to be nice to your turkey 😂🙌🏿 https://t.co/sGSoLNuP1R
@tiffanyvcornejo haha funny enough we're having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!!
@carocracked this is awesome to hear! Stay focused on the things you're insanely passionate about! I'm so proud of you!
@ptxhallejuliah wowowow Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Stay inspired young grasshopper!
@ptx_ella how sweet of him! I hope you enjoy it!
@BoopSup3rfruit i mean iiiiii would obviously say yes but it's your choice
@MitchsHoying 😒 lol
@glowingktm uuuuum...hi?
@ptxhallejuliah looooove! I hope you like it!
@Gabii_nix ha that's when we shot the music video for On My Way Home but because of legal problems could never release it!
I just had a 3 hr long conversation with one of my classmates from @yale who I haven't seen or spoken to since 2009. Wow, such a blessing 🙌🏿
@TaraPTX haha I miss that little one!
@harley_atchison are you angry at this y/n
@Ptx_Bridge being awoke on thanksgiving so that you can eat your entire body weight in food on that day duuuuh
@rachapella1728 really pretty!
@DANITWEETSTRASH yes thank you!
@tiffanyvcornejo @Candie4JC stop it allowed.
@scomitchell22 at the end of the day, that's what compels schools to accept YOU. It's about your person, your story, and your candidacy.
@scomitchell22 noooo stop! You are kind. Just make sure that your essay is a specific, interesting story that tells the reader who you are.
@ptxkris hahahahahaha love it!
@Willing2die4PTX hiiiii
@kennatonix hahaha my sister wrote that, not me! I just kept it cause I thought it was hilarious 😹
@Pentatronz gladly lolol
Hahaha you all are literally the best audiences to perform for!! We have such a fun time with you all! https://t.co/pMkvITrv3Z
@LotteNae that's nice!!!
The perfect way to end our world tour...with a NEW VIDEO! Hope you all like "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"!! :) https://t.co/HaMialdsZv
Early flight this morning let's gooooo (I'm tired)
@kristasaidthis I did sleep!! I have an early flight home this morning!!
Hahaha I loved this tour!!! https://t.co/2PRf3FQotf
It's a year and a tour I will never forget as long as I live. Thanks to everyone for the memories. We love you all so. Ridiculously. Much.
@klarc_naomi @PTXofficial hahaha love it!!!!
@pentatonina hahaha that would be kinda cool honestly
@ptxwiktoria love this!
Oh my goodness congratulations!! https://t.co/AHlUPyiuqd
@ptxhannah loooooooved
@sconemiche you are the beeeeestest peoples in the whole widest worlds
@raynbowisme I just started meditating on principles of health first thing in the morning. Gets me motivated to do it now more than ever!
@thunderfrick if I think about it I won't be able to contain the emotion!
@pentabaes you've got this!
@KaylaMint that's what it's about!
@thabreannashow haha I hope she didn't
@isabellamelen 😋
@CATHancock absolutely! I love your class!
@Nicole_Cav1 that's what it's there for!!
@ptxcharlotte_ what can you say I'm an emotional person
@isahorselover aw wow that means the world!
@voguehoying well I guess that means you do it inside then?
@tiffanyvcornejo thank you!
@HindchuStyles we need more concerts in Spain!
@defnotolivia ha I wish!
@ptxelaina still crazy to me!
Dallas, we will never ever forget this momentous night. It's here where it all began. Thank you for supporting us our whole journey.
Hahaha y'all are absolutely ridiculous!! https://t.co/MrOIG4qbub
@_King_Kaplan_ this is amazing!
@sarahsons wow what an amazing picture!
@tea_rex9 hahaha this is adorable!
@sconemiche that is fuuuuuuneh
@marta_ptx that's awesome!
@snugglegrassi hahaha good job!!!
@ktmgian_ I'm not sure when
@AppreciatePTX keep the faith, and stay inspired! You are worth it.
I'm thankful that my household & I decided to serve the Lord. It was the most important decision of our lives. Let Him lead. Joshua 24:14-15
Be the change that you want to see in our world. Just be. #HappySabbath
@ptxsavannahc I don't want you to get hurt I'm pretty big
@tea_rex9 hahaha only place to be :)
Thank you! These photos are amazing! https://t.co/S76xqOF1XE
Oops I'm excited for this day. #sorrynotsorry
@Pentatronz happy birthday!
Just a man and his cello. (📸 @johannaheidorn) https://t.co/bQmWGphS9n
Stop. Over 40M hits?!?! 😭🙏🏿 https://t.co/h6ctQq8wuD
@queenolusola you too!
@pentatomitch hahaha I just love performing!!
@LotteNae omg you supporting the way you did tonight made my whole night! Thank you so much!
Philly, the brotherly love was real tonight ❤️#PTXWorldTour https://t.co/kSJ2SHXLB1
@MitchOlusola so good to see you! I didn't see you tonight when i was looking for someone for Misbehavin!
I still can't believe we get to do this for a living. https://t.co/5ZvjwjB71n
And now? I go back to my day job and keep working to make music that will hopefully inspire others to be the best they can be.
At this point, all I can do is pray for our president-elect. I don't know how his presidency will unfold, but I pray he exercises wisdom.
Whoooooooooooooooa. I did NOT expect that.
Today...is going to be the most interesting day in 2016. #ElectionDay
Ok. Canada came ready to party tonight. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
This is hilaaaarious https://t.co/KpoTk0TYLp
@carocracked this is awesome!!
@AllieKins92 you're so welcome!
This is me getting my leftover cardio in https://t.co/uOav1ybLqM
Yes sir Michigan was amaaaazing!!! Now...🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦you ready?
@xXAubreeJXx haha it was fun having you on stage!
🙏🏿 (📸 @ESTArose) https://t.co/fRs15eT9jn
Black Swan. Wow what a movie.
Saw the National Civil Rights Museum after church. I have opportunities because of others' sacrifice. Snapchatted m… https://t.co/It3SgAwfkY
Pursue an upright character more than anything else. That will stay with you all the days of your life. #HappySabbath
A fun music video day 🎶👍🏿📽🎞
Learning is a daily process. Take your time, be patient, do your research, and trust the process.
RT @CurlineO: CMA flow @KOlusola https://t.co/p1r5zj54Zi
Well howdy y'all 👍🏿 #CMAawards50 https://t.co/EoFvgRVlUG
It's happening tonight. #CMAawards50 https://t.co/CCNx8eEEXi
@wheresallthemlk that means the world! I had a ton of fun writing it!!
I know. I didn't expect that at allllll! https://t.co/qoPEh2jjxZ
ITS. ABOUT. TO GO. DOOOOWN. https://t.co/fpKMsioh3x
All these awesome photos recently! So legit, y'all! 🙌🏿📸💪🏿 https://t.co/OcfbiyWbDg
@MitchieStan this is a great photo!
Yeeeeeeeh man! 💪🏿🎶🎵🎙🙌🏿 https://t.co/BfIMcLHZsD
@little_Aline @Avi_Kaplan @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi we tried our best, promise!!
@ptxamy ha thank you
Oh my...the Halloween festivities lolol
Just rewatched the @jtimberlake @netflix concert again. My brother, talk about wiping the stage clean with a ridiiic performance! #inspired
You killed it with these photos! 🙌🏿📸💪🏿🎉 https://t.co/Me0ONE2iXZ
@ESTArose @satisfiedkaplan I'm not sure Esther was it really thaaaat cute
@little_Aline ....no I don't think so
Haha Austin's workouts are paying off!! 🙌🏿💪🏿 https://t.co/Ts5QjpfefQ
@hoyingqueen haha you can with practice!
@VintagePhase hahaha all I can do is do me on stage 👯‍♂️💃🏿
@Pentatronz haha girl we are always working on the #swole
I literally couldn't look at @Avi_Kaplan tonight. He made me laugh with that cowboy hat on 😂 https://t.co/TcbNk3NajR
Hahaha thank you! https://t.co/3fSMED0q09
Hahaha I just love performing for you all! https://t.co/vY72VnEg2l
@Trans_former420 I did 250 while you were tweeting this I won 😂
@ElusiveKaplan aaaaabsolutely not
@kmg7692 thank you! And you too!
I had a really, reeeeally great time tonight. https://t.co/u5C6Aj8fko
@candlelightptx ha all the time! You prepare throughout the day so that when you step on that stage, you're ready, regardless of jitters
IM RADIOACTIVE https://t.co/iJeXWb0xwT
@ptxamy happy birthday!!!
20M views in one week?!? 😭 I'm speechless. Just...thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuu!https://t.co/h6ctQpQVD5
Chicago. You are an amazing city.
Chicago are you ready? #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/cPq5ZEfsbL
I still can't believe this is my job. #blessed (📸 @rayzemel) https://t.co/Fk4f8A5ka0
Yes yes yes yes yes https://t.co/Rp9B0XzM1a
Girl we love you and miss you! https://t.co/rOGc2rtCSp
Haaaaaa yes sister! We need to write more together! https://t.co/RgOpnged6l
@kristine26345 I loved your letter. Stay motivated, stay inspired, and keep following your dreams!!
It was insaaaaaaane! You are the man, Jacob!! https://t.co/OwKuoAgNDq
Wow. Heathens is such. A. Good. Song.
Looooooooooooove https://t.co/KZsfbR8O6V
Our cover of Hallelujah has 10M views? 😭 We love y'all so much! And we hope you're enjoying #APentatonixChristmas! https://t.co/h6ctQq8wuD
Stop! We love y'all and looooove with y'all on stage!! https://t.co/2CTUb8PPJe
After working out with Austin this morning, I got back to my hotel room & literally just sat for 10 min straight doing absolutely nothing.
RT @OperaStarr: @KOlusola I think Tony the Tiger is jealous of your #swole https://t.co/nbaX9nT4BC
You're right :) #KOListeningParty ... compiled into one @YouTube clip! https://t.co/QpDfmWEjYX
@_draghasis sing it like
RT @ptxsnapchat: Listening Party with Kevin : O Come All Ye Faithful, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, White Christmas and I'll Be Home… https://t.co/G7pcxTl0vu
RT @ptxsnapchat: Listening Party with Kevin : Up On the Housetop, The Christmas Sing-Along and Coventry Carol 🎁😋💛 https://t.co/RUalHREwts
RT @ptxsnapchat: Listening Party with Kevin : Hallelujah and Coldest Winter 👼🏾😭💛 https://t.co/0jeuvQl80q
RT @ptxsnapchat: Listening Party with Kevin : Good to Be Bad and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 🎅🏾😘💛 https://t.co/8KJUImGllS
@meganrtomlinson well how ballin of him
@XDreamWriterX hehehe I might :)
Uh oh. I love this thing we call performing. #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/5gpdCdgi84
Happy. Sabbath. #GodIsGood
Soooo that listening party was veeeery impromptu, but I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for hanging out with me on snapchat! #KOlisteningparty
Also check out my snapchat right now! I'm listening to the album & talking a bit about the tracks (before I have to drive! It's @kolusola)!
It's one of my favorite songs ever, & I'm so happy we finally got to do our own version of it. #APentatonixChristmas https://t.co/F3uJ8LyOUg
Happy birthday to my dad, Oluwole Olusola! Thx for inspiring me to live a life of service, and to be a man seeking after God's heart. I ❤️U!
@ROSEGOLDKTM amazing!!!!
@ptxcharlotte_ hahahahaha your reactions are everything!! And I did write it! @scotthoying also sprinkled in some magic!
@gracehelbig well I guess then you just need to show me how to throw myself into a wall... in a good way, of course. 😅
@ptxhannah haha I don't want you to fall!!
@thunderfrick ha I just love music!
@kennatonix hahahahahaha
@eowyn1986 thank you!
@singi_vivi ha I just love what I do, that's all!
@Penta_holic aw thank you for listening!
@mirsties yes. Yes indeed.
@yassiiptx awww I just love making music!
@GagaftPTX haaaaaaaaa
@ptxequalslife I'm glad you like it!!
@DeeDeeJosefine hahahahahaha
@heykatiet hahha glad you enjoy it!
@PtxHolicc glad you like it!
@Ashlyn_And_Zip so happy you like it!!
Oh @gracehelbig you are truly a gem. It was so good chatting with you tonight! And thanks for coming to the show!!!
I JUST BOUGHT OUR OWN ALBUM ON ITUNES https://t.co/DI8Xd2KoUd #APentatonixChristmas https://t.co/pIz695uxS9
@Pentatronz thank you!!
Hahaha I looove singing noooow https://t.co/92836zosD5
@ptxcharlotte_ wow, I don't even know what to say! Your love and support truly means the world!
@carocracked ...ok or that just be prepared for 💩
@carocracked ...don't have children until you're ready.
Oh no they're not swolechecking. I know swolechecking when I see it. https://t.co/rIwEXl1rOD
Does anyone else think that these new iOS updated emojis are too big and overgrown? I'm sorry, but I like my emojis non-GMO thank you 👍🏿
@ptxamy thanks for being such an incredible being! I love that you came to hang with @ptxmadison!!!
@ptxmadison you're awesome and wonderful and amazing and thank you for bringing @ptxamy and thanks for coming aaaaaaand ok bye
@ptxsidnie and we love you! Thank you!
Sacramento you guys were such an amazing crowd. I love my job so much because your energy gives me life! (📸… https://t.co/2DBvv4uPC8
It's an amazing thing to affirm your core values and beliefs in the morning. To me, it makes me clear-headed about who I desire to be.
Thanks to @probablysomehow for being the bomb and making a new profile pic that I could use! pentaholics continuously blow me away ❤️
@probablysomehow this is dope. You are the bomb :):) I appreciate the work you put into this! It's so special to me.
Thx to my friends at @getfilld for the @PTXofficial gas fill-up! If you're in SF use "PTX" for $20 off 1st delivery… https://t.co/s4wHgzxvq6
Spent the day at the @Apple campus! What an amazing place to work 🙌🏿🎊👍🏿 https://t.co/oRXYxLpk4K
@probablysomehow that's great!seems like my name is hidden by my shoulders a bit lolol! You're really good at this! Just space the name out!
@TyOlatoye y'all coming to the show?
@jazirivy hiiiii
@pentabae hahaha that's amazing! I'll tell you though, I lived in China for 1.5 years! I couldn't learn Chinese in 6 months if I tried!
@LotteNae oh we don't play games here.
@mitchgrvssi hahaha well hopefully there's a day I get tired watching you workout in the morning cause you're killing it!!
@Berniesmiles97 hahaha im happy it's paying off!
@SCHOMICHESFRUIT hahaha it's just having defined long-term goals, and what helps me is keeping my self accountable. I read a ton on health!
@chlxeptx one day he will, I'll consult him on it
@carocracked see you soon!
@meagan_frye whaaaat? I'll talk to KO and let him know he's terrible ok?
@NicoleHoying hola mi Amiga :)
@lilyptx PERFECT STRANGERS BY @JonasBlueMusic
@PTXTrinity I actually celebrate the Sabbath sunset Fri to sunset Sat! But just to always have an attitude of gratefulness.
@pumpking_soup good luck!
@GegenHass much appreciated!
@CocoJacko someone very special at RCA :) her name is Annie!
@lilmissbb1245 happy birthday to your mom!
@wyattonix hahaha I'll keep at it :)
@probablysomehow how about you put my first name on the same plane as my last name and then we have a deal?
@Marinaptxx hahahaha I love that song!
@TerryDianePTX hahaha we keep on movin' and strivin' :)
@Pentatronz no more crying not allowed
@rmrm4innc see you soon!
@ptxamy aw that's nice! I'm figuring it out daily! I'll see you soon!
@johannatonix see you tomorrow!
@PTXRoisin hahaha sounds like an amazing father 😜
@ptxkenzie saaaaaaaame.
@Marinaptxx hahaha as long as I'm of service, that's all I need lol
@MrsHoyingGrassi hahaha that's very nice of you!
RT @ptxsnapchat: Kevin blessing us again with "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots ☺️🎧❤️ https://t.co/fMTU0SZuuI
So crazy that a year ago we released our 1st #1 Billboard 200 original album! Such a surreal moment. We ❤️ y'all!… https://t.co/kvGQyfSFkO
About to do a Shabbat lunch with some veeeeery lovely people. See you soon, @thebenbram and fam! #HappySabbath
World, you are lovely. But oooooh blessed rest time has come :)
@fletchasketch67 @_msjessielee_ @calbaptist haha well tell the school activities board to have me come speak!
@aids_ubaldie @PUCNow tell the school activities board to have me!
@Sreed1991 I really love the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I recommend it all the time, but it really is amazing.
@Heather_Pants what thaaaaaa
...maybe I am 😁 https://t.co/kpyy7UurRj
@ExactlyWrong13 @kirstin_taylor @PTXofficial @YouTube thank you my man!
@icep147 hahaha just start, but start efficiently! There are tons of workout videos you can find on YouTube!
Thanks for having me! https://t.co/8Z4xpeM7Ou
@thebartyone @PTXofficial yesssiiiiir!
Gold. Up. In. My. Teeeeeth. 😁😬 #PTXGold https://t.co/c5qRRiLw8h
RT @PTXofficial: Just wrapped something special... 😉🎁 https://t.co/NX4Uw5ZyXZ
UH That's awesome!! https://t.co/0022K3Brct
@ptxmadison @PTXofficial @mirandarenee3 @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi can't waaaaaait
Oh man my heart. These #WeAppreciateKevin tweets make my daaaaay. We only make music for you all. ❤️🙌🏿🎊💪🏿
@KOlusolame I really miss @MichaelAlvarado and @CarissaAlvarado
@brassigrassi just schedule your time well!
@heartgrassi no thoughts. Just laughs 😂
@PTX_Blossy breathe. And prepare.
@PTXstem can you try them both and see what suits you better?
@PTX_Ivy 没时间但我已经去过一次!love the bracelet!
@queenolusola awww well hopefully we see you soon!
@noodleptx whoooooa I love this! You're so talented!
I just love making music. (📸 @RyHutchFilm) https://t.co/rnBa2r8vXm
@Pentatronz congrats!! How exciting!!
@sconemiche 😭 this made my morning. Thank youuuuuuu!!!
@mirsties 😭 thank you!
@_fabugrassi doooooo iiiiiit
@harley_atchison I can't wait to meet you!
@cupcakekirstin you too!
@carissajoan awww thank you! Hadn't done one in a while
Hahaha 我爱说普通话! https://t.co/qrCgMBG5pV
Uggggh @HeyItsMarioJose I'm just so proud of you and your EP! Congratulations my man! Let the world hear your voice! https://t.co/sJkGhRSgxO
An absolutely crazy day, but an amazing one nevertheless.
It's a great thing to wake up and praise God with Fam. @Candie4JC #HappySabbath
@marta_ptx wow thank you! I love this!!
Uh oh. I just realized that we're about to start touring in America very soon and I got REALLY excited. Pentaholic love is REEEEEAL. 🇺🇸🙌🏿🎉
@ktmmochax tell her happy birthday!
IT'S HAPPENING #APentatonixChristmas https://t.co/n1XyaxMimY
@THEBEAT999FM @MariaOkan @OfficialOlisa thank you Fam! Means the world to me!!
@blossomozurumba thank you so much! I hope I get to meet you sometime when I go to Nigeria!
@antoniettecosta I love you big sis!!!!
@BYUVocalPoint I appreciate y'all!!
@video thank you so much!!
@abiannmusic thanks Abi!!!
@YTCreators @PTXofficial thank you thank you thank you!!!
@Avi_Kaplan I'm just being honest, I really do wanna fight you
@Avi_Kaplan bro I love you so much! But this tweet makes me want to fight you
@scotthoying thank youuuuuu!
@kirstin_taylor Hahahaha she says hi to you, Kirstie!!
@Penteatonix you are a sweetheart. Stay inspired!!
@CATHancock wooooooow looooooove
@xxMia_Shaixx @YouTube Mia you are such a precious soul. Thank you so much for these videos! Can't tell you enough how much it means to me.
What a crazy 28 years of life it's been. Thank you all for being a part of my story. https://t.co/dfBLrPajGQ
@sofiaspillari 😭 I'm glad that you got something out of the talk!
Woooow @HardingCAB got me a cake for my early birthday! I can't tell you enough how much that means to me! Thank yo… https://t.co/h00FKEnWlT
Wow @HardingCAB that's so thoughtful! 🎉🎊🙌🏿🎉😅 #TomorrowsMyBirthday https://t.co/A2jt3xjY8A
Well. This is disturbing. https://t.co/eyQUgpzux6
Had an amazing weekend with the friends, the family, and the #BroBrunch. Happy early bday to meeee 🙌🏿🎉🎁🎊 https://t.co/5MIqZ9Yokd
RT @HardingCAB: Where will you be Tuesday, October 4 @ 9:00 pm? The Admin Auditorium. For An Evening with Kevin Olusola. (@KOlusola) Tickets on sale now
Even 10 minutes of a serious, hardcore workout can be an amazing start to your day.
@rubenharris @BingChen @arteeninLA @EmekaCAnen @ckisunzu thank you all for coming out!!
Weekends are awesome. So is sleeping. #goodnightworld 😴💤😴💤
There is no reverbnation show btw in Missouri. This is the hack I was talking about and I don't know why it was there. Anyway. Goodnight!!!
@Odaekim @ReverbNation this was the hack I was talking about.
@lubilooAbFab96 something about a show I have on Oct 2nd.
Regardless, all I know is Shabbat dinners with good friends make for a good beginning to the Sabbath day. #HappySabbath
I don't know how that last tweet happened. A hack?
Kevin Olusola has a show on 10/02/2016 at 02:00 PM @ Rendezvous Cafe and W... in O'fallon, MO https://t.co/2jRU1Fnkv0 #concert
Goodnight. Much love.
@ChipotleTweets um can we make that happen for liiiiiife
Music lab time. @colorthought @isitjohan #YaleConnect https://t.co/aJxQdMBYdd
If you're gonna do something, give it your all. https://t.co/E7uQuQ9eAh
My first line of business was to get a haircut. My second line of business was to eat Chipotle. And now commencing my third job 💤😴💤😴💤
Oh...I'm back 🇺🇸🙌🏿💪🏿🇺🇸
Oh no I'm about to be OBSESSED over this show @ABCDesignated @RealKiefer https://t.co/7OGWqwt2Eq
@MargotRobbie where in the world have you beeeeeeen homie! Miss our times with @antoniettecosta
@octavemind 😂
Ok, Japan. I see you. https://t.co/ygRMlpGG9e
Whoa my 28th birthday is coming up very soon. What a trip.
@fishfear_ same! Should be fun!
@chiara_muroni I feel there are books on this topic you can read
@mattquijano29 you're not wrong
@PTXRoisin yes he is thank you @lipsticknick
@Pentatronz just go in prepared for all the possible question they could ask. And. Be yourself.
@Pentatronz we love you!
@sofiaspillari great!
@ptxehlia nope won't do it
@kateisweird that's veeeery cool
@Auntie_Haunty aw thank you! I promise it's just the lighting, though 😂
@crystalkirstin oh my goodness I just moved before I left for Asia...id say get everything packed BEFORE the actual movers come.
@ptxtara @NMAAHC that's what it's all about!
@sconemiche same!
@carocracked you are greeeeeat 😁
@tiffanyvcornejo right now reading a book called "Sugar Nation", but favorite book is probably "Michael Jackson Inc.", or 7 Habits.
@kennatonix incredible! So proud of you!
@tiffanyvcornejo ha it's cause I'm old 😂
To know that the exterior of the new @NMAAHC is inspired by Yoruba culture makes me very, VERY proud. #HistoryMade #YorubasRule
Wow everyone. I can't even begin to tell you how much this AUS/Asia tour has meant to us. We ❤️ y'all so much! America...here we come 🇺🇸 :)
One of the most memorable tour shows of my career with PTX. Got to perform with @LIAKIMTL & @1MILLIONDance studio.… https://t.co/1Z58ST7XrP
@kristasaidthis happy birthday!
@del_i_a great meeting you! I'm glad you all could come to the concert!
@OperaStarr happy birthday!!
So many of my friends in Seoul came to the @PTXofficial show! Wow, friends from different times of my life all in o… https://t.co/6ub9NEkBMW
I welcome the time of peace in the morning with God.
@keithtuttII I love it! For the kind of places we're playing its so helpful. And no feedback issues thaaaaank gooooodness
Wow...how time has flown 🙌🏿 https://t.co/qqSbAJERRm
Another #KOCorner up on my snapchat (kolusola). Giving props to the man #peytonmanning in this one.… https://t.co/VP55nOj5Kv
@sconemiche ha yes!
I couldn't imagine my life without performing. https://t.co/ycNly5uccQ
@KelseaBallerini are our tour paths ever going to cross Lord I pray it does
Wow it's so good to hear these comments! I have a looooot of thinking to do now about beatboxing...
Im truly interested...what do you think stops you from being able to beatbox? Would love to hear your comments!
I've hear people say "there's no way I can learn to beatbox". Well let me ask yall...why do you think it's impossible for you to beatbox?
@KelseaBallerini you are such a trooper! We adore you, girl!
This is good music. #JPReynolds #PeaceandPower https://t.co/Lu3GjcIWko
This pics I love ❤️ https://t.co/sSNvmqK0Xs
@PTXfcute see you soon!!!!
@jesgrassihoying 谢谢!
@bubblyhoying I mean sure why not 😁
@crystalkirstin I mean why not?!?!
@chxrlotteptx you were great!
@ptxbri I don't agree in the least 😂
@fcutescott meditate and pray.
@ptxmaria alriiiiiiighty then!!
@PTXDIMPLES 💪🏿👍🏿🙌🏿👌🏿
@IAmMartinha all you can do is the best you can do. Also...learn to make your weakness your strength.
@Pentatronz congrats!!!!
@cupcakekirstin people deserve to be treated with love!
@xxMia_Shaixx don't stress out! The fact that you are fan is the greatest gift possible!
@ptxnic 😬
@madelynnnx they were awesome! And maaaaan can they beeeelt
@maddie_ptx that's pretty great
@brassigrassi that would be awesome!
@crystalkirstin yay for the bonding time between the two of you!
@PTX_Ivy it's my favorite Chinese food
I love you, Philippines. And I love....LOOOOVE your food. https://t.co/SaZjFahabJ
Me, Enoch, and John MacArthur tonight. #HappySabbathfromManila https://t.co/1rf8Jy3I8B
@Blaq_Proud @stephaniie_hung ha the energy I learned from @beyonce and @Drake
Excited to be in the Philippines :)
Hong Kong, that was one of the wildest shows of the tour! The HK love is reeeeeeal. (📸@stephaniie_hung)… https://t.co/xK7sc2hFP9
The two guys created an event planning startup (https://t.co/8GvPIUiFxb), & the other started her fashion brand! https://t.co/h38fq4oAsH
So blessed to have seen my '06 @phillipsacademy HS classmates in Hong Kong tonight for dinner! https://t.co/LwzHqwoxU7
@OnAirJake @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar ahhhh I wish we could all see each other!
Whooooa I love songwriting. Nothing new in the world. Carry on with your lives.
Hellooooo Hong Kong 🙌🏿 https://t.co/SHQRpgKCNz
@EstherGabby hahaha well that means the world!!
I like to jump https://t.co/gHJ4NuQNfa
Taipei. I literally had the best time performing for you all and speaking all the Chinese in the woooorld to you. 我很期待PTX回来再给你们表演!
Also, it's nice to know that I can go into a Chinese-speaking studio and conduct business as normal! Thanks, edumacation 😁
A lady yesterday tried to sell me a shirt for $158 at the Shilin market. I got it for $28 💪🏿 #bargainingpower
What a nice quote! I just love making music for you guys! https://t.co/vGXHXKQsK6
.@Avi_Kaplan and I got to hang out with my favorite Taiwanese a cappella group #SirensVocalBand! https://t.co/J449GyYO05
Me at the @F1 race in Singapore. What. An. Event. https://t.co/GcYMqHkke7
Taipei, I can't wait to see you. https://t.co/EkR0VKULra
Wowowowow the #KOHelpedMe hashtag made my day. Yall inspire me on my best days & on my worst days. All we can do is do our best. Let's. Go.
I meeeeeean 😁 https://t.co/KHvz5SvN1T
5M views on our collab video "Jolene" w/ @DollyParton?!?! Wowowow thank you for all the love and support!! https://t.co/9FYxtMdR76
Love y'all. Bedtime. Round 2 of F1 tomorrow. Let's. Go.
RT @andpop: .@PTXofficial & @DollyParton reimagined #Jolene & you're not ready for how incredible it is: https://t.co/T3RHgB9rRH https://t.co/R3dvDKcCzX
@Pentatronz hahha thank you for the photo!!
"My flesh & my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." #Psalm73:25 #HappySabbath https://t.co/M5ZFwtWsEv
@kT_pTxfan Haha just read the 10 Commandments!
And on that note....#HappySabbath from Singapore. Let us worship the one who breathes life into our nostrils.
@CourtLovesAvi that's youuuu
Performance for me is worship time for all the things He's blessed me in my life. https://t.co/Iy2mjMb7rH
@devonhev alright! That's what it's about!
@calumdelgrassi @scomichetrxsh you are incredible!
@LotteNae you are amazing and loved.
@little_Aline wow that's a lot of adjectives but thank you? 😂
Happy birthday to one of the most creative individuals I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! ❤️ you, @scotthoying! https://t.co/aw6IccNIMi
Haji Lane, Arab Street || Singapore 🇸🇬 https://t.co/aixlj6SaEJ
I just did an impromptu #KOCorner on my snapchat soooooo there you go (kolusola) https://t.co/zvl086pmAe
You're already there buuuuuut https://t.co/XLfNNEUWnB
@sonymusicsg ha thank you!!
This gif is cooooool makes me look cooler than the nerd I really am 😂 https://t.co/VnNc1b45El
RT @HardingCAB: Reminder: @KOlusola of @PTXofficial will be here Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 9:00 pm (Admin. Aud.) to dazzle us all. https://t.co/nenfhBWSmo
@mitchxhoying Hahahaha college and high school friends are everywhere, and they introduce me to their friends :)
I see you @lipsticknick and @scotthoying https://t.co/0328P5aYEu
Elephants in Ayutthaya, Thailand :) 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘 https://t.co/zQJ8LXvtbw
How my @phillipsacademy classmate greets me in Thailand 😂 (I was '06, but oh well) https://t.co/fHPrvk3ukx
Thailand, we're here! https://t.co/aQPrTVrz4Q
Thailand. I can't wait to explore. https://t.co/V7GxmCOT73
North Korea just banned sarcasm Yeah let me know how that works out
This still amazes me every time. https://t.co/Nqc6gRYh8W
Oh man I just realized we're going to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE
Oh you know, spending the day with hobbits at Hobbiton :) #TheHobbit #LordoftheRings https://t.co/YaRVBaQ95C
Auckland is gorgeous.
New Zealand: We. Have. Arrived. https://t.co/jglBctPjhb
These 4 am wake up calls are noooooooooot fun
MELBOURNE! What an incredible show! It's such a blessing to be able to perform for y'all!
@dontbebashful hahaha riiiiight?!
@marieisLOST @probablysomehow hahaha those are awesome
@Sam_PTX_Love ha no! It's L or XL!
@mirandarenee3 ha thank you!
@_MichelleKiera_ @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan I wiiiiish
@BjDanPTX love!
I. Love. Choir. #tonality https://t.co/8MhBfVrb2a
Man I need to get a T-shirt from every place I'm going to! So many new places I've never been!
If I ever did beatboxing tutorials, what would you guys want to learn about?
I can't help it. I just like Koalas a lot 😁 https://t.co/Kw0u74lpnh
Well...I guess she's hungry then 😁 #clelandwildlifepark https://t.co/3hBVZrS55T
🐨 ☺️ #clelandwildlifepark https://t.co/YvIVHIepUg
@muxic_lyf just do things differently than others do. Once you know technique, find what's different about you, and then do that!
@mickfinney that's exactly what happens. Exactly.
@nuggstruggs I don't. I focus on my breathing and "zen"-ing out
@PTX_R_MY_LIFE believing that my life can be helpful to someone else.
@chriistynguyenn I'm sure you are as well!
@horses8566 You. Rock.
@grassibieber ha you do! Just act on what you believe is right.
@stirfryedshana that's exactly what that is
@Ptx_Bridge hahaha still had some work to do
@PentaToddler it's so important! It's your lifeblood.
@goldensparr0w you know what...hopefully it's coming in soon!!
@shawnadole it's hard. I think watching videos help, and finding a partner helps. Doing it solely on your own is hard.
@msboss_vee @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan and we love and appreciate you.
@Carolionasmoon @Avi_Kaplan haaaaa
@Pentatronz you are fuuuuneeeeh
@DaenaCowell thank you!
Physical training molds the mind to stay sharp and to focus on your singular target: completing your task. https://t.co/Z36SRYvbbu
Keep your eyes fixed on the prize.
Sydney to Brisbane. @kirstin_taylor https://t.co/yDGyRWxfHT
Wow, Sydney! That was the show of a lifetime! I'm glad we came here, cause y'all got me hyyyyyype tonight 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
@Pentatronz soooo good seeing you today! And thank you for your note! It meant the world!
Carribbean food in Sydney??!! Yaaaaaaaas
Kangaroos are officially my new best friends. https://t.co/uJoC2gUSDr
Sabbath dinner in Sydney...#hilaaaarious https://t.co/EdEwWCdEsV
If you're having a bad day, just remember this slogan 😂 https://t.co/XiAVXgF3Xz
Another Friday sunset, another time of worship. #HappySabbath
Interview day. Yaaaaaaaay https://t.co/AKTxHWEWxr
I love coming to Australia just when spring hits.
It's crazy to me how much reggae music I've heard so far and I'm in Australia
Snap. Chat. (Kolusola) https://t.co/3cCMh866pR
And so it begins!!!!!! https://t.co/cVogEfJuHX
My goodness there are so many talented people in this world.
It was aweeeesooooome https://t.co/8epyhSCHer
Sometimes we are not fighting what we physically see.
And the day I finally get to tour every nook and cranny of our world and perform for everyone...well, I can't even describe that emotion 😭
The fact that I'm getting to see all of our amazing fans in Australia and Asia soon makes me veeeeery excited.
Yay to my man @EricHutchinson for releasing his new album! Happy I could collab on it! https://t.co/3eAptEIwAG https://t.co/ksAm15V0LG
Boston, you've been fun. LA here I cooooooome ☀️✈️🏖 https://t.co/JLMlBsYg2q
Guess who's a groomsman today?! 🙋🏾!!! https://t.co/q1GankYKp6
Hahahahaha looooove thiiiiiis https://t.co/8LF11Wsf3e
@lalainethestan The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Classic.
@cdicelove13 @CATHancock @kirstin_taylor @ESTArose let me get in the middle of this. Candice. It's me. You know what decision to make. Byeee
@abbyptx ha I read that 5 years ago!
@foolsptx well that's exactly what I'm doing now lol reading Wall Street and The Economist
@CATHancock amazing! Hopefully this message will encourage your students to study more! https://t.co/5JpvOR9iK9
Read extensively. There's so much to learn about our vast, complex, global society.
Well look at what we have here https://t.co/ftF3bLCLiz
@tiffanyvcornejo YAAAAAAS
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! https://t.co/p6aahPOkAp
Now you see THIS. THIIIS my people. Is gonna be a good day.
@echosmith AHHHH I wanted to see them!!!
Visualize what you want for your life this morning. Do you see it? Do you see what you truly desire? Now go forth. Make plans. Conquer.
Recording four songs in one day 😱😫😖
Good. Night.
I'm baaaaaaack 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sometimes you're gonna try things a million times before you find the right direction for a project. Do not feel like you're wasting time.
@scotthoying yeah good luck with that
RT @cnnbrk: Typhoon #Mindulle roaring over Tokyo after making landfall earlier Monday. https://t.co/iuy6FQhEue
RT @AllieKins92: how many rts for someone to buy this 4 me https://t.co/4sOdwPOz1m
Tokyo Typhoon...you can't scare meeeeee
@sheridan_sugg @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan whoooo see you there!
@Pentatronz it's gonna be the best meeting eeeeever
️👁❤🎶. https://t.co/TCaiInjud7
RT @FES_WOWOW: #サマソニ の #バックステージ からお届け!他のアーティストの写真はコチラ⇒https://t.co/Fab7Ljgp3F #wowow ペンタトニックス @PTXofficial #サマソニ https://t.co/xBU22XPPxk
RT @Simone_Biles: 🇺🇸 🇧🇷 outdream yourself https://t.co/VmYjqUpAkt
@JasPTX @ptx_is_flawless y'all were awesome!
Osaka that was the hottest show ever, but we loooooved every second of it 🇯🇵☀️🇯🇵☀️🇯🇵☀️
@katinstroodle @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @scotthoying 😅
@Avikaplanlove22 never.
@oluusola loooooove
@pie_martina @Avi_Kaplan @NuggStruggs uggggh I know it's haaaaard
@MaydInTheShayd you are awesome!
@callmekabbo prayer.
@KimPiggie it looks good on you Kim!!!
To be able to receive and give forgiveness is such a beautiful thing.
@charlieputh so good meeting you today, my man! Hopefully we get to see each other's shows tomorrow, or back in the states!
Leadership is a stewardship. It is temporary. And you will be held accountable. -@AndyStanley #HappySabbath
And yes…the Daft Punk glasses have made a comeback :)
NEW VIDEO! Check out our medley of some of @Perfume_Staff’s most famous Japanese songs! https://t.co/hMEoLQuSPH #PTXPerfumeMedley
You run the day. Don't let the day run you.
You're veeeery welcome! 😃 https://t.co/o4w0cBSdCG
Tomorrow 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵!!!!!
So proud of you, @lzhernandez02! It's amazing to see you crushing the competition at the Olympics!!!!
Poor Gus... Niki stole your answer https://t.co/1wvaP8NSWf
@geminisixsix stop tweeting and pay attention
@_superfruitt_ your environment doesn't define you. You define how you control your environment. Have a proactive mind, not a reactive one.
@ptxxaholic do you see an opportunity to be an entrepreneur in the field and make it something that everyone in the world will need?
@gracedwithptx what the heck are these
@lowkeykaplan wonderful!!!!
@sconemiche girl I just like grapes in general they could be checkered grapes for all I know and I'd still eat them
@ptxmaria keep your friends close. And prayer.
@AddieBlueford ...no
@anaiismlopez meditate. Workout to get back in it. Write down your goals on paper and visualize how you want your day to go.
@ptxlizzy just don't give up
@Music_500 I was actually good at it in HS and college! One of my favorite classes! Mol mol mol
@chloeptx well you all are so
@jeremycowart same!
@PentaToddler stay inspired, stay lifted.
@Maldonaddict hahaha I don't know if homie is my faaaaavorite word...
@HannahJH_Lee never back down. You are wonderfully made, and wonderfully loved. Never forget it.
@SlutDropTroye haha I just love music and people.
@StephenReacts thank you! So much to show you all! Once it's done that iiiiisssssss
@ItsKaiyaaa29 @aksmkptx with folders in your cup?
@Pentatronz and YOU! ARE! AWESOME!!!!!
@KWAYNTjoia haha I call it #KONation
AAAAND it trended?! 😭 https://t.co/gaPLzw5qnl
Also shout out to the #KOStanMeetup! That's just one of the most humbling things in the world. You all are amazing.
Just had the best time with my bro @jeremycowart! His hotel will literally help change the world while you sleep. https://t.co/rP6go1kOJy
My boi @LeeEnglandJr crushing tonight on the violin!!! https://t.co/eWioEbU1PE
Trust and obey. #HappySabbath
Talent doesn't mean a thing if you don't have humility, work ethic and vision.
The bros. @Avi_Kaplan https://t.co/czQNmYyci2
@shannamalcolm heeeeeeck naw 😂
Aaaaaaand back to cleaning
This article is awesome. So true. @alyssa_lein https://t.co/DsrslGs6xi
@DavidArchie bro I miss you! What's goooood?
😭 I hope to see him at the concert! https://t.co/RiDhzx9Vfg
Whoa that's amazing! I hope it will be an incredible experience for all of you! https://t.co/PuWwvGLbHW
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Wow, I can't even begin to tell you how true that is.
Guuuuyyyyys. These #WeLoveKevin tweets are so inspiring. I make music for you all. That's what matters to me. I love y'all SOMAJ 😁🙌🏿
@NajaNile wooooow. That note literally makes my week. Thank you!
What a great day this is gonna be.
Cleaning and organizing and thinking and creating and back to cleaning but in no particular order
The Olympics are legit my favorite event ever! Go watch the Opening Ceremony tonight on NBC! #GoTeamUSA @NBCOlympics https://t.co/o2tcP8rnQv
Haha I just really like this song! @charlieputh @selenagomez https://t.co/Ih378bZglw
I just don't take "no" for an answer. https://t.co/xL2OkZHbRE
I really, really love making music y'all.
Link's not working :( try this one! https://t.co/zIaCjwylMl
Also, @aliciakeys #InCommon is my jaaaaam!! SO proud of you @TAYLAPARX! https://t.co/V3EsaBM3Cx
Y'all. God is so good.
RT @ptxsnapchat: 'Begin with the End in Mind. #KOCorner' 👦🏾⏳☀️ https://t.co/2M9DmxkMEP
@LaurenKudyk yes
@jeremycowart wait this is cool!
You Pentaholics are the best. #signingoff #loveyall
@biklar10 行。你好!你最近怎么样?
@totallymaslow aaaaand you've been tweeted
@TaraPTX awwwww ahhhh see you all soon!
Touched. https://t.co/2Io5o080t6 #PentaCon2k16
@hassanahmed120 amaaaaazing!
@Br33Downs yaaaaaay and i appreciate you
@karisamariex this is woooonderful
@ayeebxni haaaa this is hilarious!!
@ptxaddy no not one surprise...
@ptxsteph urban plates. Tendergreens. Lemonade. Bludso's. You're welcome.
@PentaholicPetra happy birthday!
@Penteatonix yay! Just practice to the point of muscle memory!
@geminisixsix tell him you're in another class talking to another professor 😂
@starwarsptx hi
@doweloveit_ uuuuuuuhh more Christmas songz I know that for sure
@MeghanSimone_xo THIS IS INCREDIBLE! I'm so proud of you. Seriously.
@brassigrassi good question...;)
@SuperfruityPhan cooooool
@jeremycowart brother bear, what's going on?
@queenolusola happy birthday! Thank you for all the support you've shown all these years! We appreciate you!
Double platinum Xmas album and Gold original album plaques. Best. Day. Ever. https://t.co/b79PLzFahs
@KaraLuvsKirstie let's do it!
RT @LiveKelly: .@ptxofficial was AMAZING!!! #LiveKellyPTX https://t.co/lL0ieOWsCP
Wow @PentaConEvent seemed absolutely amazing this year! It's truly a blessing to know that our fans have become this incredible family ❤️
We had a blast!! https://t.co/XTmnmOiwbD
@cdicelove13 @scotthoying thanks for the stylezzzz
The bros doing @GMA this morning! Who watched?! https://t.co/tTJnqbd9Po
Aw thanks @scotthoying and @kirstin_taylor I gladly nominate myself https://t.co/VcQtjyCC0A
A beautiful weekend to be the beginning of new beginnings.
#RIP pants. This is what you do for the game of volleyball. #HappySabbath https://t.co/WyaNBoCE37
now THAT'S what you call #swolecheck food https://t.co/sryKLmmOpk
Matthew 6:34. I can worry about other days. From this sunset to sunset, it's just about me and My Maker. #HappySabbath
@fcuteoakl3y 😂
Always workin' on the swole! 💪🏿 You can get your #swolecheck tank here: https://t.co/w5xZ9y3rae https://t.co/pFQ7Oli63F
Chipotle for dinner after writing sessions. Nothing new under the sun for me.
Blessed to be living the life I live.
@Avi_Kaplan stop you know that's my fav right
It was fun to play for all the @VocalizeUApp students! https://t.co/lAOTTOHxa1
Arranging with @thebenbram again. Back to the good ol' times.
Truth. #swolecheck https://t.co/SvWqUsLPap
My snapchat name is actually kolusola! I just changed my profile name to KO. Still trying to understand how snapchat works 😅
@toosassy4grassi @Snapchat I think purposely changed it to KO! Is there a difference
Another #KOCorner is up on my @snapchat this morning. (Snapchat name: KO) https://t.co/7vW3SO3U16
Psalms 1. It's the way to go. #HappySabbath
This is what PTX rehearsals are about. Getting swole 😁 @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor #swolecheck https://t.co/8ftVmJ5HpD
Believe in the strength inside yourself.
@singforeverxo that's fun
@kennatonix Hahahaha do your thing
@Pentatronz saaaaaame
@Rhikaelon @todrick 😔
@cupcakekirstin Jonas blue - perfect strangers!! It's amazing!!
RT @PTXofficial: Take a listen to @KOlusola's @Spotify playlist featuring his favorite songs here! https://t.co/NhMcdlmFSx
MY JAM. @JPCooperMusic @JonasBlueMusic you guys did an amazing job on this track!! https://t.co/grXIldRXL7
I love songwriting. https://t.co/WHKH0ipFlY
During my songwriting session yesterday, I made @natecampany & @kyleshearer do push-ups before eating lunch 😂 #swolecheck
Faith will get you through a multitude of trials and tribulations.
And the solution is not easy. How do we uproot such deep prejudice in the hearts of so many? Just...mercy. I can't deal with this.
I am blessed to have friends all over the world, & it's these types of problems that influence their decision to never live in the US.
How do we solve such police brutality? My heart is so broken. There's just no excuse for this. Why why why why why. Just why.
God have mercy on this country.
I went into an open house & the realtor told me "It's $35 per person to take a tour of the property." You have GOT to be kidding me
Secret drone footage confirms: you can't take me anywhere 😂 https://t.co/5uVQ1fnpww
@queenolusola haha thanks for getting it for me!
@cjolley93 hilarious!!
RT @WorIdStarLaugh: Even cops are coming forward to admit the corruption. https://t.co/WnAl66uEln
Studio, seeing friends, and now going back to where I'm staying in NYC. 2 songs written in two days. I love my job.
Making it happen. #NYCSongwritingSessions https://t.co/VRT9BpcYig
@purposeptx you have now been tweeted. Now sleep child.
@elisia_shannon you must not miss me enough seeing that your profile pic is not our picture
I ignore them. Or punch them in the face. I'll let you decide 😂 https://t.co/BUYKbNsF3m
@rosegoldgrassi @scotthoying oh that's what it was I'm sorry everyone
@nicc246 hahaha yes! Worked out before my NYC flight, & then yesterday I was working so much on music from noon to midnight I forgot to eat!
@LilMermaidAlex MY HERO! I miss thee! And when I'm back in Italy I have more songs to show you :)
@_aaliyah_casey_ ha I just love what I do and want to do it to the best of my abilities. You can do the exact same thing.
@marieisLOST no! Should I?
@PTXMYScomiche https://t.co/pXKvNLkSfa
@pentaoutai oh I wiiiiill. Just coming later in the week
@jaylupold thank you! And thank you for all you do as an educator! We wouldn't be here without you.
@KaraLuvsKirstie you wanna fight me don't you
@PTX_Ivy yes! 而且我收到了你的tweet!我很兴奋终于飞到台北去开演唱会👌
@scotthoying I'm not sure "weird" is the word to explain this
@scotthoying Scott I'm really confused by this tweet
@wyattonix I wish I could 😔
@pentaoutai it's about the vibe! I'll do skype sessions, but if I can vibe...I'm gonna vibe :)
Just now leaving the studio. I love my job waaaay too much. #NYCSongwritingSessions
Writing. Sessionssssss. #NYC #wowitshumidhere @mzkendrafoster @Redsoulstice https://t.co/4vHh1h0tqt
Our Daft Punk Medley now at 200M views on @YouTube? 😭 thank you for all the love you've shown us through the years! https://t.co/5315IgG8UB
Why hello, NYC.
No joke...@justinbieber's album is pretty incredible. I can enjoy the whole record from beginning to end. That's hard to do today.
@thatjazzlover I watch videos of inspiring people. You learn so much about what they had to do, and it motivates me to go at it!
@PTXDIMPLES love thiiiiiis
@tiffanyvcornejo love this! And we appreciate you!! Stay inspired!! (And @mitchgrassi & @scotthoying aren't goofy...they're crazy)
@nisha_PTX as are you. #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@lyricalhoying happy birthday!
@LetyMartini_ it's all that you can be just great in your own way. #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@Nicole_Cav1 it's all for you. #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@ptxclaudia I love @TEDTalks! #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@Bamaky haha you are amazing! #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@tendollarbi you're very welcome! You can do great things if you desire it and love your life! #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
@CraftyGamer43 you've got this! You can be amazing! #KOCorner #AttitudeOfGratefulness
RT @Candie4JC: If you've watched #KOCorner today, share what gives you an #AttitudeOfGratefulness.
Aren't fireworks amazing?
🇺🇸🎉🎈🍽🍔🍟🌭🍗🇺🇸🎉🎊 #happy4thofjuly
@Kyra02pugh @acappellacademy I can't be excited to speak to the youth? Something's wrong here
Amazing day speaking to the kids of @acappellacademy about time management & how to make music your business. https://t.co/Ki6NPUwOiV
If you're gonna live your life on this earth, you might as well make an impact.
@alyssa_lein oh my goodness Alyssa
In the Lord's House. Where I'm supposed to be. #HappySabbath https://t.co/xPqvF6kNBL
Shabbat dinner with some of @thebenbram's Jewish friends and family. What a wonderful way to usher in your time with God Almighty.
@KaraLuvsKirstie loooooove. You can do it! We're all working on it. I believe in you!
Did 110 burpies. I'm dying. #swolecheck
Take the #MusiCaresChallenge! Post a pic of your favorite album, tag friends, an donate to support @MusiCares! 😀 https://t.co/gLzFuQrYSF
🦁 (Who took this photo?) https://t.co/jTS4sK006L
Wooooow these #WeLoveKevin tweets have made my day. I love y'all.
Haaaaa loooove https://t.co/SM5UXMnwMn
@AngelofMusicDT my daily life smh
@BLURRYFACEPTX I LOVE!!!! Get it! Just remember form, cause we want you to come back in one piece!!
RT @Candie4JC: Check out @KOlusola's snapstory today about Family, starring myself and Kellon! #kocorner #classisinsession
@kirstin_taylor didn't we write that song I don't remember
AMERICA IM HOOOOOOME 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Europe, what an amazing tour this has been. We really love y'all. I gotta say this though...AMERICA WE'RE ALMOST HOME!!!!
@Mendelssohn yaaaaaay!
@fruitleen 是吗?! 没想到是这样的!感谢你给我这个意见!
@little_Aline oh I read it. Believe me :)
@Tina3Magic of course! As many as I can! I read yours :)
@superfruitsugg hellooooo
@_draghasis 我们也很兴奋!很期待吃你们美食 :)
I now know that @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @CarissaAlvarado @kbuckner8 @ESTArose are the craziest party animals in life
@ptx_obama wow that's amazing. Stay inspired, my good friend.
@PtxHolicc good luck!
@AntiBunni heck I dont even know that stuff
That's nice! I just love this song!! https://t.co/s6aLrQCnnI
@ZZReese and observe I deeeeefinitely did. Felt like I was in the wild, doing research
@KaraLuvsKirstie correction* 90s white people music
I go hard. #KOonthebeatOK https://t.co/cMN7JlhU8m
It doesn't matter how much belief others have in you if you don't believe in yourself. See your potential. Believe in your gifts. And WORK.
@icep147 oh no dear...you might wanna get that checked.
@ptxliv go nap
@foolsptx 😭
@thequietkirstin I'm not to sure I'll ask him
@ptxbritt come on mom make her dreams come true!
@juliatonix it's a great day!
@ptxamy @ptxmadison maybe I'm not sure
@IrisKollenburg go ahead and pass out
@PotatoForeman ..."til"
@ptxmargie tell her I said you are awesome for raising a wonderful daughter
@toosassy4grassi you are great.
@dolansftptx happy birthday!
@LetyMartini_ just like you!
@MEGSlNGS and I'm singing tomorrow cause I have a show
@LisaSteiner_PTX awww gracias!
@MichaelAlvarado ...ew?!
I need to write with @jonbellion.
So when you gain that fresh perspective...ACT FAST. Don't let the momentum go to waste.
Sometimes people will say the one word you needed to regain a fresh perspective on an idea you initially thought wasn't worthwhile. 🙌🏿🎊🎉🙌🏿🎉🎊
@antoniettecosta that's dope!
@Pharrell dope. We're in the same city.
Sometimes I will do Q&As! But for now, I just want to post about the life lessons I'm learning. Hopefully they will inspire you as well :)
I'm making #KOCorner the inspirational snapchats I do. I care about it, and it also inspires me to stay inspired. Keep on the lookout ❤️ :)
@lunchboxtours that'd be awesome! DM me about it :)
Let's just say #KOCorner is happening on @snapchat. Right now. (@kolusola) https://t.co/EsiXpGdK5v
Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeeeees. (Me when random music ideas come out of nowhere and you feel like $1M)
My daily life 😂 https://t.co/EgTQtKHjAe
I love our crew. And I looooove Barcelona. #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/qw2T1RwqDB
It's officially SUMMER! Celebrate by ordering some KO merchandise! https://t.co/ACXXE5Iof5 https://t.co/OlZWi0PeaK
Happy Father's Day to the man that taught me that serving the One who created me is the greatest blessing of my life. I love you, Dad.
Whoa @cdicelove13 take note https://t.co/5X9qr8UxXO
@SwashJasmyn @EbonyLife_TV thank you!
My everyday life. https://t.co/3uiAraThJG
Every single day I'm reminded of how much understanding I need to gain and act upon. What a journey, life is.
Time for the renewal of my mind with the One who is much wiser than I'll ever be. #happysabbath
So excited to be interviewed by @euniceomole on #HelloAfrica tomorrow on @ebonylifetv! Tune in at 3:30 PM EST/8:30 WAT!
@yallptx OF COURSE! I just bought their song "King" yesterday!!
@Kamaricopeland @nicolethesmol right?!
Haha I remember this!! https://t.co/RxQhvrAGuD
@bravehrx hahaha thank you! I'm learning everyday!
How do we feel about this? Seems like uber's got some work to do in China. @NaithanJones @rubenharris @suzywillow https://t.co/ooPY8YqCuw
@Ithunn_ I always watch inspirational videos from the people I love
Productivity is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
RT @EbonyLife_TV: Thanks @KOlusola and @PTXofficial fans for a great Q&A last night. Kevin's got next on #HelloAfrica Saturday 8.30pm https://t.co/Shx33JXtXF
Thanks a bunch y'all! Sorry it was a short Q&A, but our bus is leaving the venue and I'm gonna lose wifi! We love you all! #HelloAfrica
@ThatGurlCalled just know I'm pursuing what I love every single day, and being productive in learning how to showcase who I am. #HelloAfrica
@ptxaddy kevy Kev
@ItsKaiyaaa29 give up cello. In a heartbeat. #HelloAfrica
@ptxaddy ...my gf 😭
@runtoyouuu seeing your ideas come to life!! #HelloAfrica
@tiffanyvcornejo the first time yeeees. After that, I wanted to do it more times! #HelloAfrica
@ptxnic schedule it out. With food, I think it's just doing research and understanding why certain foods are good/bad. accountability is key
@sconemiche thank you! #HelloAfrica
@ninazelinger GELATO!! #HelloAfrica
@ptx_obama 24!!!!
@ptx_grace Boovies. #HelloAfrica
@GRACEE0EVANS @EbonyLife_TV @scotthoying hahaha he paid for half of my ticket to meet the band. #HelloAfrica
@rydelshowell @EbonyLife_TV just finding my voice more on stages
@CaptPentaholic @EbonyLife_TV every day! I hope to continue living it! #HelloAfrica
@etherealptx probably renegade lolol #HelloAfrica
@Sup3rGus I don't really watch American TV! I'll watch Chinese tv shows though
@ptxsidnie when they remember something very specific about something musical I did in the past! #HelloAfrica
@ptxaddy healthy me says celery, real me says buttered popcorn but I'm trying to stay away #HelloAfrica
Join me today for a Twitter Q&A with #helloafrica at 6:30 pm est! I'm excited to talk to you all tonight! @EbonyLife_TV
RT @KimPiggie: @KOlusola I have no swole though 😭😭😭 but the tank is AWESOME 😂 https://t.co/TugRjlGmPD
RT @queen_mitchy: @KOlusola i love the shirt so much 😭😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/jxCttUNMTU
RT @CATHancock: @KOlusola #swolecheck I have been LOVVINGGG this tank Kev! https://t.co/AoUVWhfgC1
Summertime #swolecheck, y’all! Tweet me pics wearing your KO merch! https://t.co/ACXXE5Iof5 https://t.co/By3E14yV46
Me, Zurich, international friends, and authentic Chinese food. What more could I want out of life? https://t.co/hJvPGNzZdc
@bravehrx @MikeGrassi it absolutely was a hate crime. And that's terrible. Regardless if lgbt, black, white, they were humans. & it sucks.
RT @MikeGrassi: 50 PEOPLE died in Orlando and many more PEOPLE were wounded. It doesn't matter whether they were gay or straight! Loss is a HUGE word.
I cannot believe the mass shooting that happened in Orlando, especially after everything that happened yesterday. I'm #PrayingForOrlando.
I say this all the time...but I really love my job.
I. LOVE. THIS. https://t.co/qtLfW8sFUm
RT @UsTheDuo: Also, life is a beautiful privilege.. Today, think of the people that matter to you. Call them, FaceTime them, or text them. It's important.
Good Lord. As a performer, my heart goes out to @TheRealGrimmie's family. #RIPChristinaGrimmie #PrayForChristina https://t.co/tYxtxP5NIa
@kennatonix @Avi_Kaplan it's part of what really matters in life I'm sorry
@XsuperfruitflyX aww. You are special. Every human in this world is special. You are finding what makes you amazing. Keep searching :):)
@Avi_Kaplan so wait I'm confused do you just sit there and boom here comes an answer or 😂naw I kid, bro. #HappySabbath
The week is over. Time to connect to what really matters in this life. #HappySabbath
@PTX_Addiction @jtimberlake Hahaha that'd actually be awesome. You up for it, JT?
@ktmcupcake love this!! Such a beautiful voice!
If you follow me on snapchat you might get KO remixes of some of my favorite songs (snapchat name: kolusola) https://t.co/t3MTm9msa7
Berlin...what a ridiculously fun concert! We ❤️ y'all and absolutely adore you guys so much! Can't wait to perform here next time!
A special outta-the-womb anniversary to @ESTArose! Thx for everything you've been to me! ❤️U :) ...I promise I'll never lose my cello again
Thank you Quincy! You will always be my number one musical hero. https://t.co/uo8Q9v40z4
Thank you, Iris!i love the photo!! https://t.co/cSyO9Dq5SR
The PTX Boys. Ready for Berlin. @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @scotthoying https://t.co/eKPafby4V3
@brassigrassi happy belated!
Doing what I love the most. (Who took this pic, btw? Love it!) https://t.co/YFiQUronoP
@thatjazzlover happy graduation day!!
@NuggStruggs gotta get it in 💪🏿
@stephb_10 haha hopefully it inspires other to do the same!
@tendollarbi hahaha all daaaaaay
@AngelaNLD ha that's what it's about!
@roo10dough hahaha I'm just utilizing a gift that was given to me!
He was greatest. His legacy won't be forgotten. #RIPMuhammadAli https://t.co/06mQMfm9LO
Waking up to furiously jot down musical ideas that randomly come to your head >>>>>>>>
@Pentaace__ yaaaaas
I can't believe it's been five years! I'll never forget our first rehearsal at the USC house. Who knew that one meeting would lead to this.
RT @JCollierMusic: #IHarmU ft. @KOlusola of @PTXofficial !! Send me a melody via https://t.co/ho9lpNx9Ga :-) #InMyRoomJC https://t.co/ICoPWM8WVd
Summer’s almost here, which means time to get your #swolecheck on! Get yourself KO merch! https://t.co/ACXXE5Iof5 https://t.co/6OXY7oM8w6
...and hopefully one of those long-term goals is buying tickets to a PTX concert this year 😜
Long-term planning >>>>>>>
There are items you want for the future, but if you don't wisely plan to budget and save for them how would they happen?
Do not underestimate the value of a budget.
@bikerchickut hahaha if you want!
At the end of the day, friends and family >>>>>> https://t.co/E5XwsNfjnR
#tfw you run out of your favorite hand cream on tour and get really, reaaaally sad https://t.co/EF08uGuvFk
@mydogdot08 aaallllll daaaaaay
Hahaha you're so nice! https://t.co/OE3OKBqABe
@MaudJoosten I make them up as it applies to my life, but do a lot of research beforehand of how other successful people understand the idea
I love these photos!! https://t.co/1Z0cULOu42
@ptxmargie absolutely loved it!!
Paris! Je t'aime!!
Prayer can help clarify so much.
RT @HeyItsMarioJose: I NEED YOUr HELP! What rewards would you like to get for donating? Use #MarioKickstarterRewards in your response! https://t.co/VxjcdpNChY
Goodnight. Love you all.
@tumblrgrassi happy birthday!
Also...I reaaaally love my job. #ptxworldtourMAN (📷@lauren_rosee) https://t.co/3nQla2Kw4I
I always love yalls presents during VIP! But the #1 gift for me is y'all giving to your favorite charity. There are too many people in need.
@louisagrassi thank you!!
@sco_mitchell yaaaas
@ptxamy look like I'm about to attack somebody
@BPS159 @amymsx whoa now I don't want to fight with your dad now 😂
aaaaand reiterated
If u follow me on snapchat u might see things like beautiful children actually being attentive in church (@kolusola) https://t.co/DuefMmD4YQ
May I reiterate these beautiful children in another tweet
Look at all these beautiful children in church (well...their backs but regardless 😂) https://t.co/Ps6KXwLzjR
@queenolusola loooove!
#ptxworldtour has been amazing so far! https://t.co/lW9XJ0k7uI
@jen_melhiser yaaaaaaas!
@shawnadole do it! Stay on it!!
@PTXallyssa haaaaa I love this!!
@maleliahonu I'm glad you like it!!
@SharvaAnime haaaaa get it y'all!!
@maleliahonu haaaaaa love it!!
@thelulubrenet whooooooooo
I love my trainer @wileyclarkspop ...but if I die from #swolecheck-ing y'all now know why
@LotteNae Hahahaha you're hilarious! Love!!
Ugggggh this warms my heart ❤️ thank you for the message Arthur! https://t.co/jTx0JVzOX1
@SemiToned @ashleyswaters @PTXofficial haha keep killin it, lads!
Wooooooooow 😂 https://t.co/zjrY1KExBY
Ha I love snapchat :) https://t.co/lv64kCKsFy
@OperaStarr I did! Thank you!
@AllieKins92 amazing! Keep up the good work!!
@ptxclaudia oh no I'm not angry! I'm very happy. Sleep is one of the fundamentals for good health.
The only thing I've done in the UK so far? 😴💤😴💤😴💤😴💤
@mitchgrassi as you should padre, as you should
@liz_4_music come meet me on tour!!
@PTX_kurt_KTM this is awesome!!!
@ptxelysia keep it up!
@rosegoldkim I paid them.
@Nicole_Cav1 thank you!!
@Mendelssohn ha oh wow
@PalcicSe thank you!
Guys all of your comments on my hairstyle are so nice! I was very hesitant before deciding on it, and then I said...forget it, LIVE MY LIFE.
@menard472 ha good luck :)
@wheresallthemlk @ptxsnetter ha y'all are hilarious
@rosegoldally exciting!!! And that's nice of you to say!!
@tendollarbi hahaha it was an honor to get accepted to even one of those amazing schools!
@ptxclaudia thank you!
@PtxtomyPhan hahahahahaha
@_colbs_1 you are amazing!
@rowe_laine we can't talk about this on Twitter I'm sorry
This comment still makes me blush and the sad thing is no one will ever know I'm blushing https://t.co/CQG0W0yCQ5
It was so good! Good luck on the new music, and tell your brother he's an excellent cook! :) https://t.co/FKMpbweVim
@HulloCello glad you could come!!
@iamdanram @PTXofficial you are the man!!
@sconemiche that's amazing!
The Dublin hangout! https://t.co/eQiMzGH7Xw
Goodnight world. What a jam packed amazing day.
Dublin. We're coming. #PTXWorldTourCountdown https://t.co/yTXs3ypLDF
@Carolina5Vieira happy birthday!
Ode to the happiest of Sabbaths. Europe tomorrow. And I absolutely can't wait 😁 #HappySabbath
An absolute honor meeting you yesterday, Gustavo! Such a fabulous concert! Let's make music together! 🎼🙌🏿🎻 https://t.co/rkbxG1G4Ts
@MiaFitzMusic we'll be in Dublin Sunday!
The struggle will always be real. It's just about how you deal with the struggle. And with that...💤😴
@abarn21 hahaaaaa train hard :)
@kels_floyd haha I'm glad you like the videos!!
@harley_atchison XL!
@KaraLuvsKirstie that's amazing! Keep running 🏃
@Scotty_Noodle that's what it's about!
@ptxfttronnor yes ma'am!!!
@OfficialGrace @PTXofficial GIRL YOU ROOOOCK. Yes please find a tour date you want to come to and we'll make it happen!
@IAmSweetTalker yessir!
Amazing day of songwriting with the home boy @IAmSweetTalker! More to come 😁
@shawnadole LOVE!!
I might beatbox for you if you follow me on @snapchat (kolusola is the name) https://t.co/jhzRdYqAc9
Loved meeting @OfficialGrace on Sunday! Been a fan since hearing her version of @QuincyDJones "U Don't Own Me!" https://t.co/vc0TzJ0JFI
The prudent see danger and hide himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. Seek and act on wisdom.
Wow. I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for @Beyonce. She's just on a whole other level.
Man, @StevePamon and crew are killing it. Congrats on everything!
Happy birthday to our lovely lady @kirstin_taylor! Enjoy all the food in Mexico!!! ...and I do mean all of it 😁
@ptxamy looooooove.
Steak, BBQ chicken, rice, and green beans. Yep, that's the #swolecheck https://t.co/FXpuAFbTrn
@acabeIIa awesooooome!!!
1st AA changes their EP baggage allowance policy, & 2nd they don't have a system letting people know their bags are lost! Thx @AmericanAir!
LA I am BACK ☀️😎
.@alyssa_lein just asked me "have you ever put Nutella on your patella?" Um...Happy Sabbath everyone?! #crazygirlfriendproblems
Sharing @TheGRAMMYs stage with you was such an honor and I will never forget it. Happy birthday, #StevieWonder! https://t.co/0CqrAmde9Z
@Nicole_Cav1 @RealChrisPowell @Scotty_Noodle if he's down to do a session
@bazian81 @PTXofficial haha good seeing y'all!
@itsmitchhunty_ awwww
@carissajoan what a letter. Thank you! Means so much to me!
@abbyptx thanks for the letter. It meant the world :)
AND THATS IT!! THANK YOU for an unforgettable first leg of tour, America! We love you! Europe...are you ready?! 😉
@Scotty_Noodle awesome!!
What an amazing show, Nashville! It's shows like this one that make me realize how much I love making music for y'all. Thank you, thank you.
@bree03_bree amaaaaaaaaaaaazing
@MHiohi I know right
@DigitalDevil1 love my high school!
@JeremyDain @Kissesfromk @PTXallyssa I love this whole conversation
@danielsangi @PTXofficial hahaha thank you!!
@mstoriraylin ha thanks!
@Ben_Norrod thank you!!
@SeargentAbigail hahaha that means the world!!
@TimeCantHelpUs that means the world! I just love what I do!
@CraigMcKibben haha that means the world!
@GOSSIPGRASSI Hahahaha thank you!!
@SofiaSpillari thank you so muuuuuch!!
@govertime @PTXofficial wow thank you!!
@Seajules15 thank you!
@ambergraaace Hahahaha love
@katie_marie2014 @PTXofficial thank you so much!
@AinJulSays awww I'm glad you like it!
@thewaitisogre haha thank youuuu!
@HeatherOStanley thank you!!!
@Lambfries25 awesome!
@claudebacon @PTXofficial awesome!
@recklessptx haaaaaa
@CallieTeague let's gooooo
@HayleyC1110 hope you enjoy the show!!
@bethanybd1128 it was awesome! Hope you enjoy the show!
@wonderingkind I gotta keep training to get at that point
Hahaaaa I meaaaaan 😁 thanks for training me on tour, @wileyclarkspop! https://t.co/wfyspMEgoW
The song is also available for FREE here: https://t.co/MhJzGCKluz
Enjoy my celloboxing remix of "Prelude from Bach Cello Suite No. 1" on the #PTXWorldTour? Watch me perform it here: https://t.co/5mZpH67lpY
@ptxkayla that's the sweetest :)
@Asiucc Hahahaha I love this
@PTXallyssa #checkswole #whoops
@kristasaidthis @kirstin_taylor @NikiRenee14 great photographers
Ladies and jedis. @kirstin_taylor (📷 @NikiRenee14) https://t.co/qkbsiXwGHb
@queenolusola hahaha you're awesome
@_AmberWebb_ what in the world was I doing here
@lucylu_120 hahaha I just love music!!
@Allielobo you're awesome!
@shawnadole I'm excited for you! Thank you for your support!
@GaultReilly noooot many
@Asiucc why white?
@rosie_2911 lord I wish
@JkKaminski thank you!
@NikiRenee14 for sure! I was talking to a bunch of people so I couldn't come out!!
@Sreed1991 too bad cause that's happening
@johannatonix it was
@tiffanyvcornejo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
@mitchgrassi I feel exactly the same Mitch, I feel exactly the same
@CoachC1022 it's absolutely amazing!!
Also you all literally gave me all the BBQ sauce that I'll ever need in life soooooo thank you for that Austin 😜
AUSTIN THAT WAS AN INCREDIBLE SHOW! So much fun...man it's always good to be in Texas 🎊🎉🎊
By the way...that was a joke.
And for all of you who need a mom for Mother's Day, I can be your mom. Or ask @mitchgrassi. #wait #thatsweird #ohwell
To the mothers who instill wisdom in us, love us unconditionally, & are always there when we need someone. We salute you. #HappyMothersDay
Austin, are you ready? #PTXWorldTour (📷 @KelbyWCorr) https://t.co/p2dGE4flPs
@Kissesfromk um...I got jokes?!
@wheresallthemlk sweetness!!
@BethBethhn yes ma'am!!
@hassanahmed120 yessir! See you soon!
@PTXftZoella whoooooo!!!
@BethanyLosch hahaha save up and do what you must! #BallHardOnABudget
@ptx_aholic yaaaaaay
@maleliahonu awesome!!
@SwannAlexis awesome!!
@CATHancock whoooo!!!
@queen_mitchy loved it :)
@Simsnet1 yes. Download it for free!
@ptxfttronnor heeeeeeeey :)
@meanpIastic happy Mother's Day I guess
@Scotty_Noodle im excited! Take a picture when you get it!
@Gabii_nix @Avi_Kaplan no his style just needed to be upgraded by yours truly
@SharvaAnime whooooo!! I hope you enjoy the items! Let me know what you think!
@ptxamy whooooo!!!
Time for a #Swolecheck Sunday check up! Who ordered some K.O. swag!? 💪🏿 https://t.co/ACXXE5Iof5 https://t.co/jD2eRrCSdP
@ptxfeelz aw man if I these were framed I'd put them up on my wall or something!
@DanielleTruex of course!
@i_am_merce YAS! Thank you!!
@LunaPTX yaaaaay! Take a picture wearing it and tweet it to me!! Let me know what you think!
@StephieSoto ha thank you!!!!!
Tulsa that was one of my favorite shows ever. We love and appreciate y'all. https://t.co/FBAU1MIEzn
@NikiRenee14 omg thank you thank you thaaaank youuu for the BBQ sauce!!!!
@tiffanyvcornejo ha good to know 😁
@awilcosky @Drake @rihanna ha maybe you'll get more than just a full song 😉
A little singing practice before relaxation time :) @Drake @rihanna #TakeCare #Lovethissong #HappySabbath https://t.co/ffm90xxGqe
@NuggStruggs I don't know what this means but thank you
@rosegoIdmitch should be working now!
@sphynxgrassi it should work now!
@ptxlaughs it should work now!
@picture_takerrr it should be working now!
@Manderslicious @Bandcamp it should be working now!
@PTXplease try it now!
@scomichhee try it now!
You absolutely can donate money for the track, but I share the music with y'all for free cause I just love music. https://t.co/MhJzGCKluz
Just go to the link, click "Buy Now", and enter "0". After that, you should be able to download it for free! https://t.co/MhJzGCKluz
In case y'all are wondering how to download my celloboxing remix "Prelude from Bach Cello Suite No. 1" for free...
@sumobeatboxer @b_fk7n loooooove! Happy birthday!!
You can also download the song for FREE here ----> https://t.co/MhJzGCKluz
In case y'all missed it, I released a live celloboxing remix of "Prelude from Bach Cello Suite No. 1" on @YouTube! https://t.co/5mZpH67lpY
Finished another song with the homie @ThGoldenPhoenix! Yaaaaas Skype
Skype songwriting sessions >>>>>>
@Meridian_KC ha that meant the world!
Share it with your friends and let me know what you think! You can also download the song for FREE here: https://t.co/lLFtjgIjvv
NEW VIDEO! Excited to share w/ u my live celloboxing remix of the "Prelude from Bach Cello Suite No. 1" on @YouTube! https://t.co/5mZpH67lpY
@UsTheDuo @Avi_Kaplan uggggh can all y'all get a room already jeeeeez
@KyleWallace7212 thank you!!
RT @ChipotleTweets: You do the b-flats. We’ll do the b-ritos. https://t.co/jnlG14TJsT
Y'all killed it! https://t.co/e5Zfa2zCOL
Uploading a new live video for y'all tomorrow! Who's ready? 🙋🏿 https://t.co/6r9lbDkpeH
@bsbptx ha thank you!!
That and chipotle. Lord have mercy on my soul I love @ChipotleTweets.
Who ever brings Stubbs BBQ sauce to the Austin show I will love you forever.
Yaaaaall your comments on my high note in If I Ever Fall In Love for #TEAMCOCO mean the wooooorld! Y'all are the best :) 🙌🏿🎊🎉🙌🏿 #PTXonCONAN
@AmandaCCrew so good meeting you tonight! Hope you can come out to a @ptxofficial show sometime!
Tomorrow's success begins with your preparation tonight for the next day. @rubenharris #youngandcultured
Thank you broseph! https://t.co/3N19zrAgFe
So proud of friend @ryanparma! He directed this amazing video on #DanceVideoThrowdown for @lifetimetv! Check it! https://t.co/t7aNUkXXsi
Hey y'all, apparently the photo was actually from @ahmanduhlove! Amazing photo!
Epic. (📷 @lo_ashleighh) https://t.co/zu3GlfdbC5
@ptx_taco @PTXofficial @jasonderulo @scotthoying hahaha glad you heard it on the radio!
@tyleroakley Tyler I'm so happy that you were able to come to the show! Means the world to us! #PTXWorldTourLA
Los Angeles thx you so much for rocking out with us tonight! Absolutely unforgettable night :) 🙌🏿🎉🎊 (📷 @LaVidaNerd) https://t.co/6nWjazBLku
@ConnorFranta good to finally meet you today! I'm glad you could come out to the @PTXofficial show!
Y'all. I meant tanks you can wear. Not the tanks that blow up things 😂
Y'all. I kiiiiinda love tanks.
@Carolina5Vieira honestly, I really love tanks! XL tanks that are long that I can work out in with quirky messages lol
@toosassy4grassi hahaha thank you! just trying to learn!
@ptxxaholic thank you! Just practice!
@merylwar HAAAA thank you! Just practicing I guess!
@ptxasfxck ha thank you! Just practicing!
@IateNutella ha it's more practice than anything I promise!
@marieisLOST hahaha thank you! And it's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
@doser_colleen well, I have been writing a lot lately sooooo...
@foolsptx haaaaaaaa!!! Yeeeeeeeeh!!!
@lemonadehoying hahaha thank you!!
@kalexisjamison ha I'm learning a more about it each day!
@Blaq_Proud @ptxamy ha I'm getting better!
@ReecesPiecesMT thank you! I'm learning more and more daily!
@pentaVIP yaaaaaas
@ptx_aholic hahaha girl it's all taking lessons, messing with it daily, warming up well, and listening to your favorite singers!
@pentazoid LIIIIIIFT
@ReneeRibeiro will I meet you at a concert soon?
@contralto_rose haaaa thank you!!
@ptxcharlotte_ wowwwww I'm so happy you liked it! Never expected that reaction!!!
Happy birthday to the loveliest woman I know! I love you, mom! @CurlineO https://t.co/GA1jPpm5Gq
So excited to share with y'all some new additions to the K.O. merch line! https://t.co/ACXXE5Iof5! #swolecheck 💪🏿 https://t.co/qPSNP5HGrw
Good morning. Who's workin' on their swole today? 💪🏿🙌🏿 #swolecheck
What a night in Vancouver. We loved your energy! (📷 @YupItsVictoria) https://t.co/jrMUVZcsOV
@troglobite_type hahaha thanks a bunch :):) you're the coolest
@beccaeffinbnow you too! And thank you for the amazing presents!
@Sierra_Mars5911 ahhhhhh looooveeed thiiiiis ❤️
@laviniaptx that's super cool!!
@ptxft5sos hiiiii
Messing with some songwriting melodies today!! More to figure out https://t.co/0ko0Tboojb
@Shrieda_j especially when I'm sleeping on stage with my hands behind my back lol
Thanks for an amazing night, Portland 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 (📷 @shawnadole) https://t.co/ozhJswNu1O
RT @LadyDracula13: @KOlusola This is why I love you. You're smile lights up everything & you're such a sweet person. Tonight was fun! https://t.co/0Fbr6awhHP
@MarkBaucum no worries! Yeah I don't know what was going on with that!!
@AJ_Canuck73 thank you!
@shawnadole of course! good to finally meet you!
Thank you! And really looooove this pic! https://t.co/aJCLkIkMGK
@ptxmadison thanks for the letter again!!
RT @antoniettecosta: 🎤🎻🎹 #TriptyqSessions #TBT https://t.co/AJ2zk7So9Z
@hwllsprncss @PTXofficial who took this photo?
It's true y'all. I reeeeally love what I do. https://t.co/9LMBmvImxa
@kelly_clarkson oh my goodness this is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen!!!
Yaaaaaas to this picture!! https://t.co/3G6inOUC0X
And picture by @Hitomimyhomie14!!!
@Hitomimyhomie14 did you take that picture I just put up?
All white everything. Styled by @cdicelove13 👔@engineered_garments_tokyo 👖@R13denim https://t.co/Tz3Wd9y6Qq
@lucyithink thank you!!
@bikerchickut I'm serious this one of the best posters I've ever seen
@bikerchickut were you the one doing that #cougarsforkevin poster? That's funny
@queenolusola toniea! Thanks for everything tonight! Can't tell you how much she and I will appreciate it. You're amazing! Stay incredible!
THE BAY. WE LOVE YOU. (And who took this pic?) https://t.co/fM1pGznxyA
@AinJulSays @PTXofficial it just always blows me away! I'm playing a cello!!
@ptxanna I always land
RT @Scotty_Noodle: You okay Kev? https://t.co/djtN6UrOXk
@ostentenacity @PTXofficial I'm still wearing it!!
@SofiaSpillari you're nice!!
@HaileyPetersenn thank you! Happy you could see the show!!
@tiffanyvcornejo I loved it!!
@andrea_1234 thank you!!!
@Lucys_jeans hahaaaaa your nice!!
💪🏿 #swolecheck https://t.co/BeoFfV6wsF
@bikerchickut haha this poster!!!
Ha that's the ultimate #swolecheck https://t.co/q3blpucIDd
For a baptism, I saw a woman ask to go down in the water twice in a row. I guess she really wanted to make sure she was going to heaven 😂
@ccheyenne4545 as it should be
@PTXallyssa stay strong! You've got this!!
Aaaaaaand goodbye LA helllooooo Vegas 🙌🏿😎🎤🎼
Back in LA literally for 9 hours.
I looked up to this man as a singer, instrumentalist, and entertainer. His influence will not be forgotten. #RIPPrince
Messed w/ @ableton today! I tried to do a simple production of #SameOldLove by @selenagomez! Was fun to tinker with! https://t.co/KgdSoKKnjP
@ptxmadison Hahahaha I do love dancing!
@tumblrgrassi hahahahahaha hilarious!!!
@ToniahLove haaaaahahaha
@PtxIsTheBomb looooooved!!
@JeremyDain stay inspired, little brother.
@RoxannDedrick that's awesome!! Put him in cello lessons!!
@StephanieHoying I'm legit compiling all of these
Wow I can't wait to watch #FollowtheLeader tonight! My friend @Farnoosh follows entrepreneur @garyveeon! Tune in @ 10pm ET/PT on CNBC :)
@lizzieboo182 you're awesome! Stay inspired!!
@BethanyLosch hahaha you're so nice!!
@herosncm 😂
@jedipirate it's the Bach prelude from cello Suite No 1!
Haaaaaa I like you you're funny https://t.co/DqnFlzRNH4
Hahaha that means the world!!! https://t.co/4f2MkAhEFj
@Shena_003 happy you enjoyed it!!
@SofiaSpillari your letter 😭 stay inspired! I believe in you!!
@taylorraeburton hahaha I love this response
@jilli1801 thank you!!!
@thenivenulls I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope we come back soon!
The tour notes you write to me mean the absolute world. You all inspire me so much. I hope that I continue to serve you all with music.
Y'all I need to find me some breakfast Oh uh...good morning
@sidblodg321 yes. I care. Deeply. Tho right now all I care about is breakfast
@ahbeesingya you do have nice hair!!
@ToriKelly Tori you wanna pass that over here some
@Avi_Kaplan @thunderfrick well...there would be a lot better food everywhere and I'd be getting rounder and rounder
@Nemurenuyoru_ @EllaRosegold you're right
@AnnaTichenor I went to Yale because I know how to study, not because I know how to make a star 😂
Thanks for the amazing night, St. Louis! (📷 @hii_im_angel) https://t.co/TIdS7tamsD
@rowe_laine those are some great books to start with!!
@rowe_laine 7 laws of leadership, I'm right now reading a book by J Paul Getty on his life and how he became successful, Michael Jackson Inc
@glitter_ashley thank you! That means the world!!
@wonderingkind @PTXofficial @Mary_Gracemas_ it's the Kentucky in me lol
@rowe_laine thank you! It's to the heart of me!
@SofiaSpillari you really are. I hope you take your story & inspire others to live their life to the fullest despite their circumstances.
@_ePurcell_ all the time
@BradG312 that's cool as well!
@EmilyDBeato did you make this??!!
RT @ZZillions: This is .really. good! If you haven't heard @KOlusola yet, check out his Adele medley. https://t.co/YRV0pXOy2Q
RT @FARNOOSH: Hey! I think that's a youtube vid. Our interview is here https://t.co/KgjUhx6NzG @KOlusola @ptxnewsandstuff @PTXofficial
I loved this interview with @FARNOOSH! #SoMoney https://t.co/rDpEwre3It
Omg fans gave us so many cake balls If I'm late to getting on stage you know where to find me
@cjolley93 you're doing an amazing job!
RT @cdicelove13: Looking fly @KOlusola @R13denim @johnvarvatos #tourstyle by me. https://t.co/PT05lYczIS
@amariahoying thanks a bunch! Your comment meant the world to me! I'll keep going!
Man I loooove this new tour 🎉🎊🎤🙌🏿 (📷 @MaddieDitmyer) #PTXWorldTour #PTXWorldTourORL https://t.co/kbAQXyOMz4
@2013niaII Hahahaha thank you!
@andpop hahaha no worries! Y'all are amazing and hopefully we will see you guys soon!!!
@plexv ooooo thank you :)
Orlando!! Thanks for coming out tonight, and we'll see you when we're back! Your energy was impeccable 👌🏿🙌🏿
@HannahJH_Lee @andpop haha story of my life lol
@StringlessBass I'm glad you came through tonight!
@DavidArchie @PTXofficial dude I'm so happy you came tonight! Love you, brother!
It's all about mastering the fundamentals.
@piyochon_J praying for you Japan!
NEW VIDEO! "If I Ever Fall In Love" ft. @jasonderulo! Hope y'all enjoy it! https://t.co/HyxbFF6JYZ
@xmasdoll_ thank you!!
@nerdy5holic awww thank you! The training is paying off!
@mydannysromance I have no idea what you're talking about
@knyckque of course! You sang great!
@genesis_ptx FEELS GREAT
@KimPiggie I don't know what you're talking about
@ptxanna aw thanks!
@Trans_former420 haaaaaaa you're hilarious
@atweetforemiIy Hahahaha y'all are hilarious
@Asiucc hahaha thank you!
@GiGiDiazLIVE so happy you could come and see the show! See you next time!
@YvettePTX whoooooo!!!
@tiffanymonet53 haha just keep checking out tour dates on our website!!
@OperaStarr @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @PTXofficial hahaha good seeing you today!
@lauraelena0812 thank youuuuu!!
@samthefabu yeeeeeeeh
@ptxanna hahaha thank you! The training is helping!
First show of tour got me like 🎉🎊 #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/Xq5jTmp62i
When I wake up in the morning, I look outside my window & say, "Wow. I'm living my dream." Thx for making my dream a reality. #PTXWORLDTOUR
Ok I love this little app called @snapchat (kolusola) https://t.co/breYjMjrse
@OperaStarr @scotthoying that's incredible! Love it!!
Thanks for the interview! We can't wait to show y'all what's in store ❤️🎉🎊 https://t.co/CHgnsa6Wsg
Hahaha my everyday life https://t.co/TESZq2SDDI
Y'all. @Avi_Kaplan's music is gonna be BANANAAAAAS I can't wait for y'all to hear it!!!
This is great! Love seeing my housemates at @phillipsacademy doing so well :) https://t.co/qyMZZZvvhY
@DJMikeAllan absolutely! You're seeing us on tour?
Keep your heart focused on the people you love and the passions you're pursuing.
RT @mickfinney: Current view. Sup Kev. https://t.co/dFaK9WOTxC
studio tiiiiime 🎼🎤🎻 https://t.co/JUecAHKyDD
Love y'all. Goodnjght :)
RT @the_nuso: #ptx #PENTATONIX *cant breathe* *dead* @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @KOlusola @Avi_Kaplan https://t.co/Wo1f7KJelN
RT @1Dzoey0CEAN: @KOlusola #thankyoukevin For you're amazing laugh and talents so thankful to have you in pentatonix 🌟❤️
RT @paintedviolin: Less than 2 weeks until Denver, got a present for you, K.O! @KOlusola #drawing #pentatonix #ptxart #charcoal #ptx https://t.co/2Gr4ueMnDl
Wow thank you guys for all the #thankyoukevin tweets. I do what I do in order to honor you all to the best of my ability. ❤️ y'all.
Two boiled eggs and freshly cut apples. Now that's what I call #swolecheck food. #KeepYourSwoleInCheck https://t.co/hHN2FVX05n
@Tina3Magic @PTXofficial @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor that's beautiful!!!
Lord knows I wanna keep singing and practicing and doing choreo so that yall have an amazing #PTXWorldTour experience. That's what I ❤️.
@ZachBoychuk thanks for the follow! I'm gonna have to come through and see a game when the band is in Raleigh this upcoming month!
RT @PentaConEvent: Hey @PTXofficial, thank you for the shout out on your Spreecast! We do have some cool merch available at https://t.co/EdOdsLoOKr :)
After a long trip this morning to Napa Valley and now just getting back to my bed in LA, this is how I feel https://t.co/hchbUa434I
Let love guide your thoughts and actions always.
@Meghan_Trainor @PTXofficial so happy you enjoyed it! We love you!!
NEW VIDEO! A little @Meghan_Trainor's #No 😘 Hope y'all enjoy it! https://t.co/X65djrbRdC
@cdicelove13 happy belated!!!
RT @rubenharris: How @mlevchin helped my friends @ArturMeyster & @timurmeyster break into startups https://t.co/GdzqynFfI7 cc @Medium @Josh_Kahn #Everest10x
@KimPiggie I doooooo
@itsmemina_ amaaaaazing :)
Japanese fans: WE LOVE YOU! 🇯🇵❤️ #POPSPRING2016 #SummerSonic2016 https://t.co/9vfGzfmJqu
@ptxMisha yoooooooo
@probablysomehow hahaha love!!
You might have seen me wear this on stage, but I promise this will look good on your head too 😜 #KOHat https://t.co/Bj4EOJHCAb
Are you ready? #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/nKalX7yV72
@LilCee_22 uh oh here it goes 😂
@Laney_G_Dunfee @Adele thank you!!
@babyukichi haha and you're cooler!
@TSUBAKldesu thank you!!!
@minori_n_vocal and pleeeeeasse cook for me next time oleeeeeease
@minori_n_vocal Minori you're my bestest bestest Japanese sister and friend!
@patricia_majano have them contact my agent on my website and let's see what happens!
@iMLordJ thank you!!
@Sreed1991 yaaaaaaaaaaay
@princesshoying hahaha I believe in you! Just think, how would BEYONCE, Michael Jackson, Picasso, the greats spend their time?
@_Jxde_c @Triptyq @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar hahaha dooooope!!
RT @david_krstevski: Gentlemen: A Godly woman does not need to be test driven...You should know the manufacturer who built her. She's quality. #GodsCreation
@yoko14jp thank youuuu!!!
More cherry blossoms, Japanese friends, and Japanese friends beatboxing. Life is gooooood y'all https://t.co/wS4TCYBJpR
Love others.
Um these cherry blossoms. I'm. In. Love. https://t.co/R6VkqlP7OA
Congrats to the @Yale class of 2020! Attending Yale was the best decision of my life. I hope you all make the same one I did.
But hey, we'll play Korea too sooooo ASIA I LOVE YOU
Dang these jet lag tweets do make for some veeeeery funny commentary 😂
@Shun_Pentaholic whoa. Didn't sleep enough lol
@hyoko613 whooooa
Got to my hotel in Japan and received this!! Can't wait to play #POPSPRING2016 tomorrow! 🇯🇵😊 https://t.co/in10wv3t0l
Tokyo we will see you soon! #POPSPRING2016 https://t.co/SAOFUUxRPD
These snapchat filters are kiiiinda fun https://t.co/DdGMF1XEsy
The @ScootEBike looks amazing! How in the world do I try one?!
Just had another voice lesson with @DSVocalStudio!! These are giving me liiiiiiife 🙌🏿🙏🏿💪🏿
Tbh I'm excited to see how @elonmusk rolls out the @TeslaMotors Model 3 in 2017. Big fan of it from what I've read! https://t.co/1wibNO4eQH
I'm only human. I make mistakes sometimes.
Full and exciting creative daaaay. Man I'm so ready for some 💤💤 #goodnight #yallrock
Wisely managing your time can bring about much more efficiency in your day than you ever imagined, let me tell ya. Just say yes 👍🏿
😳 we've been spotted https://t.co/HtIuAZzm4q
@Pharrell thanks a bunch, Pharrell! It was great playing cello for you at @TheGRAMMYs for "Happy" last year. Keep killin it, big bro!
RT @Pharrell: ⚡️⚡️⚡️ https://t.co/0CQ4azlwUI
My throwback jaaaaam #DropItLikeItsHot @snoopdogg @pharrell https://t.co/64YB5PyHuC
If you have something racist to say, just don't say it at all. Especially if I'm around cause...well, I don't have to state the obvious.
HAPPY EASTEEEEER! This day is blessed! https://t.co/3tyBTz9xSy
@PentaholicG @go_keyt it's a great song! Can I write some like it lets goooo
Ha I love this! Get it bruh https://t.co/eeAI7b4XIN
@macy_leeanne as I love y'all!!!
@alyssa_lein I don't know dear
Happy Easter weekend, everyone! https://t.co/3tyBTzr8K6
What r u thankful for this Easter? "Eggs. All I see are eggs. All around me are... Eggs". A poem by @alyssa_lein. Please pray for her.
Ok, Chris! @HomeFreeHatGuy https://t.co/wiWjrvSI9e
Pentaholics are the greatest. Can I get an AMEEEEN 🗣🙌🏿
I forgot it was #NationalPuppyDay, which reminds me...I need a puppy.
I've decided it's not weird That's the airport #swolecheck
I think people are staring at me in the airport while I'm doing push-ups Am I weird
This is so sad for 6-year-old Lexi. Let's support her, y'all. https://t.co/u96LSrLPKi
My heart goes out to Brussels 💔God, be with this broken world. #prayersforBrussels #prayforpeace
Why good morning, world. It's gonna be a great day. https://t.co/j1GcE1Gt0w
Y'all. The mental fatigue is reeeeeal after these production rehearsals, but this show is gonna be absolutely amazing #PTXWorldTour
@km @peteskomoroch scary that's an actual possibility.
Wow I can't believe I get to tour and sing for you all as my job. Can't tell you how blessed I feel.
@AlyBre13 hahaha I don't think we did. We'll be there. That's why this is the first leg.
@abbyptx what's a cello
Y'all tour rehearsals are going so well and I'm so ecstatic! I can't wait for you all to see this shoooow 🎤🎧🎼🎻
@rachel_72s I think you have tomorrow as well. Just try and submit ASAP!
We're getting ready for those tour rehearsaaaaaals 🎻🎶🎼🎤 #PTXWorldTour https://t.co/NN6ezFhWyB
I really can't wait for you all to see the collab we did with @jasonderulo! Such a talented individual! https://t.co/VZG3e3XjDh
Romans 8:28
@scomichesptx take those risks
@hassanahmed120 @PentaConEvent yaaaaaaas
@SadieCulver im scared.
@HellaUnicorn happy birthday!
@ptxmadison that means the world!!
@abbyptx I had to try and play it off some how come oooooon
@PentaAvi21 ha believe me I didn't want to but snapchat was acting up on meeeee
@kirs10_grassc oh yah absolutely. Just gotta practice control! I still have a ton to learn about my voice.
@julz_gricassi well, I learned from the other four literally tons of water and then sleeping as much as possible
@gothtrenchcoat that means the world! As Ed Sheeran said..."I need the practice." Lol
@ptxthingsfirst hahaha jus sing every day! Been listening to Bono, Chris Martin, Sting, Sam Smith, John Legend, Maxwell, etc, & that helps!
@go_keyt my maaaaan!!!
@pugtato_ well then. I stand corrected. 😂
Also..."yore" is now a new word in the English dictionary. Yore welcome. 😂
Ok done. I'm gonna figure out this dag gone snapchat later 😜
Yore my little pusher love girl. https://t.co/wmp00PEuUJ
So high I'm on the ceiling baby https://t.co/hNG9QiR5CE
All I want is you baby https://t.co/MRFbePcpN8
Can you be my dealer baby https://t.co/62o8NY0jTn
And I don't wanna ever come down https://t.co/OBgjafJ3z5
Ah these snapchats are messing up so I'm just gonna upload them here on Twitter!
a huge thx to everyone who bought & supported the @Adele medley! the greatest gift is making music for you all. https://t.co/YYLbjQnsdv
Y'all choreo hurts my ankles should I just stop y/n (NO. ABSOLUTELY NO)
18 months, and still going strong. Thankful and blessed to know you, girl.
Hahaha thank you @QuincyDJones!! https://t.co/eiI2FTOsZ2 https://t.co/CDeLX2Zouu
Just a lil' practice before tour begins #PTXWorldTour #Beatbox https://t.co/XHojZEJib7
Just a lil' practice before tour begins #PTXWorldTour #Beatbox https://t.co/Yc5nWtvVLp
Grind smarter. Grind more creatively.
Happy birthday to the man that taught me that music is all about opening your artistic soul to the world. I love you dearly, @quincydjones!
Long and crazy choreo rehearsal today...but maaaaan this tour is gonna be incredible!
You can also stream my new Adele medley on @Spotify ---> https://t.co/FwzQbrhmtu and listen on @AppleMusic ---> https://t.co/DniH3LXyDz
If you haven't seen it yet, check out my @Adele medley that I released this past Friday! https://t.co/eiI2FTOsZ2 Hope y'all love it!
Me, LASIK, and my new friends https://t.co/tSbrErMm3Y
Shabbat Shalom, y'all.
@recipe145 thanks for the follow! You're gonna have to train me one day!!
@EsterDean hahaha anytime if we can write together!! (...um, I'm low-key serious)
Ahhhh thanks @scotthoying! I'm just trying to do you booooi!!! https://t.co/BDhsUKH5wU
And that's it for #AskKO! I love talking with y'all! :) I hope you all continue to enjoy my @adele medley! https://t.co/YYLbjQnsdv
@Sarah_PTX_ helllllooo!! He's so cute!! #AskKO
@galaxygumdrops well, I'm developing the one I want now, which is singing effortlessly! #AskKO
@elyptx I'm getting better. Just staying focused on the positive! #AskKO
@infamousreee Renegade. Oh my whaaaat it's hard to play #AskKO
@Scotty_Noodle yes!!
@1agustinalucas my willpower. #AskKO
@_KauaneOliveira hello! I love you Brazil!!
@Life4Nerd yep! On a cruise! #AskKO
@vania_j13 we maaaaaay #AskKO
@queen_mitchy haha it's crazy to think that. I'm so inspired by you all. #AskKO
@mollysilvey I want to!! #AskKO
@ameliagogilvie there shall be!
The autobiography of @QuincyDJones. https://t.co/eSrT5NGC18
@milliePTX piano. I play it, but not flawlessly #AskKO
@GaultReilly oh my goodness tell him I said thank you!! #AskKO
10 minutes until my Q&A starts! Tweet me your questions using #AskKO right now. Can't wait to talk with y'all!
@Avi_Kaplan Arigato gozaimaaaaas
If you haven't seen the video for my @Adele medley yet, check it out! https://t.co/YYLbjQnsdv
My @Adele medley is #1 on classical @iTunes?! Ahhh thank you thank you thank you I love y'all so much! 🎉🎊🎉❤️🎻 https://t.co/cLHsKaG5sX
Don't forget to send me your questions using the hashtag #AskKO! Talk to y'all soon!
In honor of my new @Adele medley video, I'll be doing a Twitter Q&A today at 4pm PT! #AskKO https://t.co/8Ix3Clxvgy
@maggPTX @Adele @Spotify hahaha I will!!
@PTXINDO thank you!!
@harryxhoying wow insane!!
@PolishedPTX @Adele slay indeed!!
@uncntrllblefrte ha that'd be awesome!
@jesuscomiche @Adele hahaha Hank you!!
@nellabella1234_ thank you!!
@DeeDeeJosefine @Adele how much do you love it...that's the question
@redjhsampang @Adele so happy you enjoy it!!
@probablysomehow get ready
@narnksgto you may :)
@fangirl_0320 @thebenbram @stringmob woooooow thank you so much for those kind words!!
@NatalieCline26 thank you!!!
@globalptx @Adele Gracias!!
@CurlyQSimmer thanks!!
@ecline101 thank you!
@chiara_muroni that means the world!!
@rosegoldkim haha thank you!!
@rmdela98 hahaha thank you!!
@laurennhustonn you're welcome!!
To all the new admits to @phillipsacademy...I'll tell you now that going there was one of the best decisions of my life. #SayYesToAndover
Hint: this girl has got some serious pipes on her, belieeeeeve me :)
NEW VIDEO TOMORROW! I'm so excited to share this one with y'all!... Any guesses on who the artist I'm covering is? https://t.co/2rVEXvMp3x
If y'all didn't see the first episode of @UndergroundWGN, then you're completely missin out. Incredible show. Can't wait for the next one.
Ahhhh nothing like practicing a little Bach to get you into the romantic spirit.
@OperaStarr haha maybe not a ring, but a necklace I would!
@amazingjr87 it will be on iTunes!!
We just lost a legendary producer in music, George Martin. Without him, @thebeatles wouldn't have been the band they were. #RIPGeorgeMartin
@ajRAFAEL my maaaaaan
@Gagatonix none whatsoever
@brassigrassi good luck 😁
@WowItsSherry ...get off twitter and go study!! And eat good food while you study lolol
@naataalie__ I will!
@princesshoying ...study lol.
@IISYNDIIFOXXII duuuuuuh of couuuuurse
@nadianalex no.
@marieisLOST hahaha I was awake but it's not freaky at all, or at least to me it wasn't. If I can bungee jump, I can get LASIK :)
@TixaRamos happy birthday love!
@jesuscomiche never again! But I might get some for facial aesthetic :)
@jen_melhiser I'm living life right away! Just lots of different eye drops I have to use.
@Tipples84 I highly recommend it if you have an amazing doctor that knows what they're doing.
@Scotty_Noodle awesome!
@KimPiggie yes maybe :)
@notplanningwell yaaaaay I hope you enjoy it!
@hassanahmed120 yessir!
@ptxpasta yes it fixed my astigmatism!
This, everyone, is a great day. 1) I can see! 20/15 vision! WHOOOA 2) I maaaay be having a new video and track out on Friday. Maybe 😁
RT @CurlineO: It's over... Everything went well.. Thanks for the prayers and concerns.. @KOlusola
Post surgery happiness at Roscoes with my mom @CurlineO https://t.co/Q9ou9FRv0l
LASIK over. Took 20 min & my doctor said I did perfectly fine. And I can already start seeing things I've never seen before w/o glasses!
@ShoshSeidenfeld absolutely will! Wish you could be there, would love to meet you!
@kristasaidthis I know I knoooow
@MandaJane__ hahaha I get it. And happy birthday!
Two surgeries in two weeks...Today I get LASIK, and I keep hearing from people that getting it done was the best decision they'd ever made!
This is sick. @the8thunioncrew https://t.co/bZlvtvstYL
@ricea_roni thank you!
@calvinnowell @PTXofficial ha love you man!
@ajRAFAEL will you shoot me if I am?
@cheefqueen same as my Twitter
@OperaStarr @Triptyq @antoniettecosta loooooove!!
Ha y'all commenting on my snapchat story is making me bluuuuush thank you guys! I just needed a little singing practice tonight! :) #company
Man Quincy you're my hero. https://t.co/fIYpQkG6f9
Man I love you all.
If you're in Los Angeles, come and do the Osborne Institute's 5K run on April 17th! https://t.co/LsnN38U15P
RT @Triptyq: Time for a @Spotify listening party! Go here and press play now: https://t.co/tfnYxjokSD Tweet us using #TriptyqSessions!
Politics aside...the cuz and I are watching the @Lakers and @warriors go head to head and LOOK HOW HAPPY I AM https://t.co/pYeuvf4qwC
@ohheyyyitstay I like Bernie. But the way he plans on taxing Americans to death I can't get behind.
I made a decision. I decided I'm moving to Grenada with my cousins.
I just spent hours watching pres debates & looking at their policies plans, & I can honestly say I have no idea who I would vote for.
@LetyMarini envy away
@ptxsnetter wait I'm what I had no idea
Mmmmm...Healthy juice 🌲🌿🍃 @livenomva https://t.co/SbjRFWhC0M
These rehearsals for #PTXWorldTour are going miiiiighty fine
@wheresallthemlk absolutely! I love that! I'm from Kentucky where bluegrass all began!
Hahaha get it Hops!! https://t.co/BSKflz5R5T
Cool sound. @HoistThe_Colors https://t.co/TCjuuRlCda
What did I get myself into tonight. https://t.co/5pSiIrPV7f
@TriptyqFanbase @Triptyq @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar Appreciate all the love!! Thank you so much!
@pentaoutai thank you!!!
@pentatomitch that's what I'm thinking!!
Wooooow. I can't believe it's been one month since the release of The #TriptyqSessions EP! https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN
@toosassy4grassi that's not good
@AJPTX101 epic is definitely the right word!
@chelsaroo5 whooooo!
@Penteatonix if it's tickets then yes
Man. I'm excited for tour.
@shavon_PTXlover glad you could be there!
@josuehdz0 thank you' glad I could be of service.
@KaiteJohnston you're welcome!
@april_hamacher thank you!!
@thequiethowell ha thank youuuu
@starwarsptx it was good thanks!
@ptxamy ha as do I!
@Halleatonix ha I just love what I do. That's all.
@KaiteJohnston ha glad I could be of service
@elisemakana you're very welcome!
@gmtogg ha I guess mine did as well
You're very welcome! https://t.co/Us4IXXTnDj
@SarahSyiem thank you! God wants to do some much in your life. I really believe it. Stay the course with Him, ok?
@kelly_clarkson @AmericanIdol jeez Kelly why don't you just make me ball literally a thousand times over and over again 😭
RT @Triptyq: Let's do this in 3... 2... 1... GO! LISTEN HERE: https://t.co/fAeTYlIJm3 Make sure to tweet us & use #TriptyqSessions!
Let's do this!!! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/FcjBvh1DgS
@ilsedenreijer that's dooooope!
@icep147 that's a start!
@NayhaHamid give me 20 years :)
@CaraHenshilwood yes it does!
@PTXplease no. This is a KO post.
For everyone who is defeating the odds, defying stereotypes, and rising to the challenge every day, I salute you. Let's change the world.
@WhatsUpMiah @NajaNile wowwwww woooow I'm glad I can be a role model! Stay inspired!
I'm sorry ive never heard of the group please try again at the sound of the beeeeeeeeep https://t.co/GzCPWjhnOx
@JamesBayMusic congrats on the #BRITs! Great meeting you at the Grammys. Killin it my man!
@Avi_Kaplan one day you're gonna experience a crazy 5 part harmony and it's gonna blow your MIND
Moms is tweeting a lot this is weird and I don't know how to stop her
😍 looooove! @Triptyq https://t.co/W9I1CrWyF0
YESSSSS #TriptyqTBT https://t.co/Lycp9huY8i
@PTXINDO thanks guys!!
@mattnewmanbeats incredible! Love the beginning sound!
If I had a hammer I'd hammer...NOT in the morning. Cause that's when people are sleeping. Duuuuuuuh.
Hahahaha I like this :) https://t.co/CBYrTjrLt5
RT @Triptyq: ICYMI, we did an interview with @Popdust! Read it here: https://t.co/SSdOuhuHmB #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/2dvqJCxBmb
Wait mom I can't believe you did that that's mean @CurlineO https://t.co/uxNo1ZQrxl
@Tiny666MonsteR woooooow cuuuuuute
Ha this is the best explanation to the emojis. But the story is right! https://t.co/mZGhajtvUq
If you can guess the story I'm gonna follow that person!
👩👁👱. 👩❤️👱. 💑! 👫🚗💍! 🎉🎊🎉🎊.........😳?! 👻😈👽🤖!!!!!!!!😱!! 👱🏃🏠. 🙍. 🔚.
But I digress. Another poem.
It's funny to me that my most recent poem apparently has to be translated from Haitian to English 😂 https://t.co/OeWrQ0pA7p
Bro. Brooooo! Bro?! ...broooo. -A poem by KO
RT @Popdust: We had a great convo with @Triptyq about their debut EP + classical music: https://t.co/vBgpsQAa0e https://t.co/f53A0zpnDW
@Triptyq @JasontheScott @Popdust Thank you Jason!!
RT @Triptyq: Spoke to @Popdust about the journey of creating The #TriptyqSessions, our musical inspirations, and more! https://t.co/SSdOuhuHmB
My doctor said that I'm healing quite well!! Im telling you right now it's because all the boiled eggs momma's been feeding me
@TeyahHerbin great :) doctor says I'm doing well!
@kmg7692 @PTXofficial aww thank you! That means the world!
Haha come see me speak and perform! Walla Walla university at 8 pm! https://t.co/IVO6LWyJVJ
@JKCorden I mean, I do what I can broseph. Thanks for the carpool head banging-lung screaming inspiration 😁
When I write a song, I think to myself "Would @JKCorden scream this at the top of his lungs?"...and if it's a "yes", then I keep going 🤗🎶
I hope you saw us yesterday celebrating Disneyland's 60th Anniversary! 'Twas fuuuuun 🎊🎉🎊🎉 #Disneyland60 @Disney
RT @PTXofficial: Tune in to see us on Sunday night at 8PM on ABC to celebrate Disneyland's 60th Anniversary! #Disneyland60 @Disney https://t.co/5Fby3fONth
Beautiful work, guys! https://t.co/xKkoyyFbkB
I can't wait to go outside and smell things for the first time this is so exciting
Ooooo my momma throwin shaaaaaade 😎 https://t.co/2S7rh5nsf3
Whoa. I think I'm breathing for the first time in my entire life. Surgery changes liiiiiiives
Can't tell you how strongly I believe in this. https://t.co/DECNqLqRXJ
I. Love. Songwriting.
Oh...and if y'all wanna follow my mommy on Twitter...heeeeere you go @CurlineO
My Sabbath: doing exactly what I've been doing all week. 😴 #HappySabbath #GodIsGood
I'm sitting here having my mom feed me boiled eggs and I keep thinking, "Mom, could I be sick all the time so you can do this all the time"
I think I love @arteeninLA and @BingChen?
RT @Triptyq: Celebrate #FlashbackFriday with how we all met, how we picked our name, & recording the EP! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/rrli6VwNBT
@Labrinthda1st yeah man. The band is coming out to London for tour in May. Would love to link up/have you come out to the show my man.
@Labrinthda1st Labrinth! You were one of the people I was hoping I'd get to meet at the Grammys. Love your work, bro.
@antoniettecosta @Triptyq hahahaha YASSSS!!!
RT @antoniettecosta: Learning to twerk from the master himself. @KOlusola @Triptyq #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/KGd0gbh3Qt
@bekkoff ha. It's not network. I just love people who've done incredible things and I want to learn from them.
@diplo my man! When shall we get this #JackU @Skrillex @PTXofficial collab to happen?
@ninaa1_ thank you!
@ninaa1_ ha your welcome! It doesn't make sense rationally. That's why I walk each step of life by wisdom, thoughtfulness, and faith.
@ninaa1_ Live your life. Date people. You'll figure out what you like/don't like. But when God shows you the person u need, you'll know.
I'm no expert on relationships. I've barely dated. But the best advice I can give: let God be your matchmaker. Makes love waaaay easier ❤️
@NuggStruggs aw that's nice
Thanks @Jeff__Benjamin for the @Triptyq interview on @fusetv! @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar https://t.co/0tec95OhIw
@carrieunderwood thank you! Pleaaaase tell me you got some real sleep last night! Babies don't make it easier I'm sure lol.
Yeeeeeees @NormaniKordei @dinahjane97 @kirstin_taylor we look goooooood https://t.co/UfEB8XvdN4
Hahaha well this I great! @edsheeran sorry i photobombed your pic https://t.co/l9nbsg1Av7
taking care of me. Shout out to the Osborne Head and Neck Institute and my amazing doctors who operated on me. Incredible job.
Hey y'all. I had surgery yesterday after the Grammys (had my adenoids removed and my turbinates reduced). It was successful! My mom is here
#TriptyqSessions flashback to filming the Murphy video! Watch the video for it on @YouTube: https://t.co/W2NRKFBUHT https://t.co/cjBaKbptVU
Wait...yesterday really DID happen, correct?
Stevie, I will never forget this moment as long as I live. #GRAMMYs @TheGRAMMYs https://t.co/0ihztWb5wu
Ok now singing w/ #steviewonder on @TheGRAMMYs was the absolute best moment of my life.
😎 @TheGRAMMYs #GRAMMYs https://t.co/KU2IJqqeq2
RT @TheGRAMMYs: Congrats Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella @Avi_Kaplan, @kirstin_taylor & @KOlusola "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" #GRAMMYs
Let's go, @TheGRAMMYs https://t.co/pcKUOyisc2
First Valentine's Day home with my love. Couldn't get any better.
Was just on @MorningMashUp debuting our new single "If I Ever Fall in Love" with @jasonderulo! 🎊🎉🙌🏿
Hahaha that's definitely not how it happened 😂 https://t.co/VvzpcscxYL
Just for the record, Pentaholics...yes I will be ALL of your Valentines. Every. Single. Last. One. Of. You. ❤️😂💁🏾 #HappyValentinesDay
@Meghan_Trainor so can we hanging out at #TheGrammys ooooor
@pentatomitch @PTXofficial @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan 😂
@Scotty_Noodle @Triptyq ahhhh this means the world! I appreciate you so much and can't wait to see you on tour!
@abbyptx @ptxsnetter um...I'm just one guy y'all 😂 happy Valentine's Day to you both!
@PtxHolicc wait I'm confused your muted? Lol anyway hiiiiii
Holy moly that is cooooool https://t.co/po2rpo7zJ8
@Asuperfangirl yeeeeees momma
It really is a blessing to be a blessing.
@TaraKamangar @Triptyq this is HILARIOUS!!
@BethBethhn @Triptyq 😂😂😂
@vivalajenta @Spotify you get double brownie points! #TriptyqSessions
Good question! 😜 #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/JI2XK2I2Yp
@supr3fruit @Spotify thank you!!! appreciate the kind words
Love that!! So glad you enjoy the music. #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/5yHCcLWFHJ
YESSSSS 🎧 #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/axOPMFfZP9
Start your weekend off by streaming The #TriptyqSessions EP on @Spotify! 🎉🎧 https://t.co/wHwoxiyAxU
2X Platinum ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crazy!!!!!!
LISTEN TO THIS SONG. @hayleymwarner https://t.co/APTrFuRz8g
.@Skittles coming to the rescue https://t.co/9DRbtzKJP1
@eowyn1986 @mitchgrassi I mean
@DesuImnida @mitchgrassi :)
@Scotty_Noodle @ptxequalslife I knoooow maybe next time 😉
@jenni_1316 @Snapchat haha no you aren't!
@harryxhoying hahaha you're hilarious
Oh Snapchat Oh @mitchgrassi https://t.co/k2tS9MIelx
RT @antoniettecosta: In deep thought on the set of #Murphy... 🤔💭 #TriptyqSessions #TBT https://t.co/1RvziyYqT3
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you @sup3r_fcute_ for this amazing painting! You're so talented! https://t.co/wzps62Y9Xg
@antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar @triptyq that was a fun day!!
@ptxera I mean...I want you to get tickets sooooo 😜 tell mom and dad I said "hello"!
Haha I love you guuuuuuyz #PentaholicNation
@LivinPoetry how do I even answer this question
@Ptx_Bridge you are unconditionally loved
@ptxmadison yay!
@MeghanSimone_xo 😁
@deluxegrassi excuse me a++ for me 😂
@ptxsinead yeeeeeeeees
@GaultReilly whooooo!
@Gabii_nix add some vanilla icing, and it'll be sweeter I love vanilla icing 😃
@Maldonaddict ha ok!
@ktmcupcake literally love them more than pancakes
@Signlanguage55 I surely hope so
@larais_ WHOA. COOL.
@ptxcuddles *remembered*
@Halleatonix that would be amaaaaaazing
@glitterptx do you have good luck with PTX members?
@ryonilea get it that's dope!
@HOYINGAY we wanna go!
@sconemiche 🤘🏿
@voguehoying I don't yell
#8 on the @billboard Classical Albums chart!? THANK YOU!! Download it here: https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/UUvBZj49tL
This is so cool https://t.co/85plOT1hWn
I get out of a recording session to find THIS! An original gold album! Wow how amazing!!!!! Thank you guuyyyzzz! https://t.co/9kNexak31N
You know you've made it when your band's name is a clue on @Jeopardy
@XxFcutexX @Triptyq thank you Haley!
@wizardofdjooos @Triptyq thank you!!!
@garbagekaplan @Triptyq nice!
@brady__ptx @sconemiche @Triptyq appreciate that!
@camsleeplove @Triptyq @iTunes thank you so much!!
@sconemiche @Triptyq thank you!!!
@brianca_ptx @Triptyq awesome!
@kinghoying @Triptyq so glad to hear that!
@richieisqueen @Triptyq can't believe it either!
Can't believe it's already been a week since The @Triptyq Sessions EP was released! https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN #TriptyqSessions
This is how my father-son conversations usually go 😂 https://t.co/UE0KTTUZET
Wow...our 1 yr "Grammyversary”. So blessed ☺️ Thank you guys for being on this journey with us!
Anything @coldplay does I literally melt to. Also...@BEYONCE #SB50
Also, low-key didn't know that @BrunoMars could dance like that?! #SB50
Get it #HalftimeShow!!!
No traffic on a Sunday morning in LA? Now that's my type of day :-)
Early morning whooooooo!! It's gonna be a greeeat daaaaaay ☀️
What an amazing thing prayer is. #HappySabbath
These early mornings with God really help me focus on the real reason of why I live.
That's it! Thanks for listening with me! Remember if you missed this streaming session, @antoniettecosta will do one tmrw 6 pm PT! ❤️ y'all!
@mdamasio_12 that means the world!
@LaurenManuel11 the chant section! We had no idea how that was gonna go!!
@Scotty_Noodle not a thing
@ReneeRibeiro that means the world!!
@bekkoff so pretty right?!
@LickingEyebrows it should have been Mr. Green
Love when the beat comes in on this song
@aviholix taking time on the songs. It was hard to finish it cause I worked mainly on PTX. Same thing with #TheRenegadeEP. PTX comes 1st.
Ok! On to the last!! #MrRight! #triptyqsessions
Also 1 of the first cello solos I did on YouTube that tried to show that singing quality I was looking for when I played. #triptyqsessions
@hoyingqueen hard
However, we revisited it mths before releasing the album and I said, "wait, I've learned so much about producing beatboxing", so I redid it
This is the first song that @antoniettecosta and I did together in 2011 right after I graduated. Filmed the video in her apartment!
Now onto an oldie but a goodie, #VoidofALegend!
And apparently I "sing-rap"! I wrote the rap when I was with the band in Anguilla last Jan. We added a little bit of Chinese in it as well 😏
@kiksadeniji a piano Sonatina in A minor
Oh apparently...I have a lower register singing voice
And I was listening to a ton of trap music at the time so every time we started this song I wa like "EEYYYYYY"
@sconemiche man they were all hard lol #TriptyqSessions
@theatretonix @antoniettecosta already had lyrics so we just rearranged things, added onto and created a new chorus
@aviholix oh my gosh that's awesome!
First song is #CamouflageMe! I love this song so much!
Who's ready for The #TriptyqSessions @Spotify listening party!? LET'S DO THIS!! Stream here: https://t.co/wHwoxiyAxU
@Avi_Kaplan hahaha thanks man. I can't wait till people hear your stuff! From what I heard...some minds might be blown
I'm sad to hear of the passing of #MauriceWhite from @EarthWindFire. What an amazing musician. Prayers go out to the band & their families.
Thirty minutes until I start the #TriptyqSessions @Spotify streaming party! 🎉 Who's gonna listen with me!? https://t.co/wHwoxiyAxU
RT @Triptyq: For the next 3 days, we're each going to do a #TriptyqSessions EP listening party! More info in the photo. :) https://t.co/7CesmzoQpf
RT @Avi_Kaplan: If you haven't gotten this yet. You're wrong. https://t.co/2lUK5gI9DJ
I heard some call our president "Obeezy" and I got reeeeeal uncomfortable
Uh yeah me and I'm in the band https://t.co/LcMcv16lQ5
Hilarious 😂 @classicalkid https://t.co/ZylDJfgB30
Aaaand this was the day I locked my poor Beyoncé in the recording booth. Look how sad she is. #canyouseeit #beyonce https://t.co/sDhZW2IBsf
Vote for PENTATONIX WHOOOO https://t.co/9YTQ5riUOS
RT @Triptyq: 10 minutes until @TaraKamangar begins her Q&A! Tweet her your questions now using #TriptyqSessions.
RT @Triptyq: Listen to The #TriptyqSessions EP on @Spotify! https://t.co/tfnYxjokSD
RT @Triptyq: 10 minutes until @antoniettecosta answers YOUR questions! Tweet them to her right now using #TriptyqSessions!
Maaaaan. Just watched a Rap Documentary on the "Beef" in Hip-Hop. Man hip-hop today definitely isn't what it was back in the day.
The newest video for #WhenIFall from The #TriptyqSessions is now on @YouTube! https://t.co/uoBvhvwpnN
Woooow I loved talking to you guys! Thank you all so much for supporting @Triptyq and the release of our project! It means the world to us!
@LetyMarini practice. Get better. And then you'll be more confident.
@glitterptx haha whatever technique is necessary to get me to express myself in my own way. That's my favorite technique lol
@awilcosky if I breath in my lungs, I'm optimistic.
@PTX_France figure out what speaks to you, and make sure you think it'll be interesting for the listeners.
@plexv that's so cool! Probably When I fall for me
@CATHancock time. Management.
@Octochutney @Triptyq we're not sure!! We're probably gonna focus on our individual projects for now.
@PTX_France very very different.
@scomichethings @Triptyq girl I wish I knew something myself #TriptyqSessions
@_simplylaurenxo ha no not at all. You can learn more about that here!https://t.co/SPyPoIABan
@sidnieblodgett dogs by far
@jupiterrdrive I like Rozes, Here, Sorry
@queenolusola hahaha I mean, I'm working on it, that's for sure! #TriptyqSessions
@pauladecamila very, veeeeeery sad. #TriptyqSessions
@_simplylaurenxo means the absolute woooorld!!! #TriptyqSessions
@OmgIAmLynn Hahahaha u never know! #TriptyqSessions
@PTX_Addiction @Triptyq I love my falsetto, and that I think I characterize my voice as "Rock R&B". If sting, Bono, Chris Martin had swag.
@vladaptxmeeeow of course #TriptyqSessions
@MeghanSimone_xo solo work for suuuuuuure. I'm still developing as my own musician, figuring out what I love and how to showcase the music
@ptx_trash after college! You can hear about it in this video! https://t.co/SPyPoIABan #TriptyqSessions
Happy belated birthday to a musician who inspires me like crazy, @jtimberlake! We adore you man!! https://t.co/EQxM8NdRRY
Also...#GreaseLive was amaaaazing! Absolutely enjoyed it!
RT @RawrElyBoop: Finally the album downloaded 😂❤️ looooove IT @Triptyq @KOlusola #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/C1t83NMW19
RT @DeeDeeJosefine: @KOlusola @Triptyq @AppleMusic YEAH it is!!!!😃😃😃😍😍😍🎉🎉💃💃💃💃 #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/YF5g2NttTQ
@Triptyq @AppleMusic @TaraKamangar @antoniettecosta AHHH!!
RT @Triptyq: #1 on the classical charts on @AppleMusic!! THANK YOU!! https://t.co/ETrgs8mgUx #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/68ngDMaURf
It's finally here!!! Get The @Triptyq Sessions EP on @AppleMusic! https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: The first one starts tomorrow at 8:30AM PT with @KOlusola! Get your questions ready!! #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: To celebrate The #TriptyqSessions EP out tomorrow, we're going to be doing individual Q&A's on Twitter! https://t.co/7mpMsP4KiT
ONE. MORE. DAY. https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN #TriptyqSessions
So a little birdie told me that we are apparently the New Americana. @halsey got viiiiiiibe homie
Me and @thebenbram at it again this lone Sat night
Rest time from all the craziness of this life. I get to spend time with the One who matters the most. #HappySabbath
RT @PTXofficial: New music video from @KOlusola's collaborative project @Triptyq is on @YahooMusic! You may even hear K.O. sing.. ;) https://t.co/cloL60NUiD
RT @shawnadole: I really love When I Fall! The video is stunning and the song is so beautiful! @KOlusola @TaraKamangar @antoniettecosta
@Sreed1991 @Triptyq excited for you to see it! Happy bday!! 🎉
@AJPTX101 @YahooMusic thank you!!!
@Manderslicious @Triptyq @YahooMusic thank you!! So glad you love it :)
RT @YahooMusic: Video Premiere: Triptyq Debuts ‘When I Fall’ https://t.co/zzhsXthJW5
RT @Triptyq: Here it is! The music video for #WhenIFall premiering exclusively on @YahooMusic! https://t.co/CiF5gNifnY #TriptyqSessions
@MaldonadoMikki thaaaaank youuuu
@abbyptx Daaang that's dope, but what time are you going to bed
@sydneylovesptx wassup wassup!!
@PentaholicG oooooooo sooowwwy
@amirali1008 Hahahaha see you soon!
@april_hamacher I shall do exaaaactly that
@FragaGurl10 thank youuuuuu
@shawnadole thank you!
Man, I've been sleeping great now that we've been home for a while. So thankful to wake up and feel energized every single day.
@Blaq_Proud I slept well!!
@jedizjm awwwwww
@TfarukCygana well then...that's awkward 😂
Good morning world :)
@LilFruitVanay Hahahaha thank you! I just love music and what it does for people 😁
RT @Triptyq: Plus TOMORROW we'll have the video premiere of #WhenIFall! Can't wait for you to see it!! #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: Learn more about us as we talk about meeting, the meaning behind Triptyq, and our upcoming EP, The #TriptyqSessions! https://t.co/rrli6VwNBT
Night y'all. It was such a crazy day of music making that I can't even think straight
@Avi_Kaplan @scotthoying we can't be in a group together no mo'
@scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan I think if we add pineapples to the bunch then it's a perfect pizza
Tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope.
@fierynightmare_ @meghanhilley @Triptyq #soon #TriptyqSessions
We're very excited for you guys to hear it too! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/6549vzYZe3
@meghanhilley @Triptyq awesome!!! #triptyqsessions
Less than a week until The @Triptyq Sessions EP is here! Y'all ready!? @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar #TriptyqSessions
Yaaaas @thebenbram yaaaaaaas 😍 More music coming your way :) https://t.co/kWXDnE1SnO
I love my job ❤️ @stringmob https://t.co/isU7BuLUH1
RT @Triptyq: We made a playlist of all our videos to help you get through Monday! Watch it here: https://t.co/buM0M0uZjw #MusicMonday #TriptyqSessions
10M subscribers. Absolutely amazing. Thx y'all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us & loving us like you do. No pun intended 😝
I'm sorry, but @JimmyKimmelLive's "Black Oscar" segment was highly offensive and absolutely ridiculous. That's not funny. At all.
@PTXofficial @Triptyq @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar Thank you!! #TriptyqSessions
RT @PTXofficial: LOVE the new video @KOlusola! Excited for the @Triptyq EP out Feb 1! @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar https://t.co/NTz6uljOAC #TriptyqSessions
There's something very therapeutic about cleaning your room ❤️
@pat_aitcheson Happy Birthday, Pat! https://t.co/M6YJNw4wOa
We got a new video for y'all from @Triptyq! Watch #Murphy exclusively on @Billboard! https://t.co/GdwzDVbSRX #TriptyqSessions
RT @billboard: Watch Pentatonix's @KOlusola get classical with new trio @Triptyq (exclusive) https://t.co/KEDHJ7YJXK https://t.co/QqZOyvnOg4
My night tonight #Lakers @Lakers #yayprofessionalsportingevents https://t.co/Ft3D11EIdG
@ChrisAugust since when
I loooove making music. And I say again, I LOVE making music.
My man! Get it! https://t.co/uL3eznaR3j
@Scotty_Noodle @Triptyq 😭thank you!
Wait I never saw this https://t.co/CCb2wdYeDx
Can't wait to see the amazing things you all do for Pentaholics Got Talent! https://t.co/5yN5YVWxaK
Praise God for the man Martin Luther King Jr was. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to live the life I've been blessed to live.
RT @Triptyq: TWO MORE WEEKS! #TriptyqSessions Pre-order here: https://t.co/3oWMu5VzjR https://t.co/eGecVkBWLT
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RT @Triptyq: To celebrate The #TriptyqSessions EP pre-order being available for a week, we're following those who pre-ordered it...
@meghanhilley @Triptyq 😬
@AJPTX101 @Triptyq awesome!! #TriptyqSessions
It's been one week since the @Triptyq pre-order has been available! Who pre-ordered their copy?! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN
@antoniettecosta @Triptyq 😜
@marieisLOST @Triptyq I promise!!! 😉
.@Triptyq I promise I was just studying the lyrics! 😜 #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: .@KOlusola hard at work... 😉😂 #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/cY8m5Uvwv8
RT @AGARagency: #MusicMonday New track from @antoniettecosta @Triptyq @Kolusola @TaraKamangar #CamouflageMe #Triptyqsessions https://t.co/CdTVIQtba0
Thank you to @J_Cardillo and @shoplasc for this amazing necklace. Such an artistic piece! https://t.co/B5NhGUflOI
RT @Triptyq: Watch our latest video #CamouflageMe on @YouTube! https://t.co/TQ50Ecz9QT #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/rdA9r8pAbQ
RT @Triptyq: Nice surprise to see @iTunes featuring The #TriptyqSessions!! Pre-order it on @AppleMusic: https://t.co/ETrgs8mgUx https://t.co/9ysHx3CgTl
Right where I need to be. #HappySabbath #BlessTheLord https://t.co/itOFRxjYfn
@TaraKamangar hey now!!
@Just4Stringz @YouTube ;)
Throughout the song we used 2 famous classical references. Can you pick them out? I'll like tweets getting it right! https://t.co/B0zg7Acs8G
Hope y'all are loving the new @triptyq song #CamouflageMe with @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar from our upcoming release #TriptyqSessions EP!
@PTXofficial @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar Man I love y'all so much! Thank you!! #TriptyqSessions
RT @PTXofficial: So proud of @KOlusola! He released a new song collaborating with @antoniettecosta & @TaraKamangar! https://t.co/G7R45pQW2B #TriptyqSessions
@kaleigh_kbug thank you! If you like that, then I hope you'll check my collaboration trio's new single! https://t.co/B0zg7Acs8G
RT @Triptyq: Here it is! The music video for "Camouflage Me" from The #TriptyqSessions! https://t.co/TQ50Ecz9QT
RT @ToriaDanielle97: BEYOND excited for The Triptyq Sessions!!! @KOlusola @Triptyq 😍😍😍 #AlreadyPreOrdered https://t.co/rBaZ7vSiIk
RT @shawnadole: I am OBSESSED with Camouflage Me! It's amazing! 😍 @Triptyq @KOlusola #TriptyqSessions
RT @ptxasf: 😎 #TriptyqSessions @KOlusola @Triptyq https://t.co/oNfdHgC4ny
@Scotty_Noodle @Triptyq happy to hear that!! #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: Tweet us screenshots that you pre-ordered our new EP using #TriptyqSessions and we'll follow and RT some of y'all! https://t.co/ETrgs8mgUx
The #TriptyqSessions EP pre-order is HERE! Get our first single #CamouflageMe immediately when you pre-order it! https://t.co/p2b8kuK8iN
@ptxequalslife @antoniettecosta @Triptyq @TaraKamangar wait till you see the video!
RT @antoniettecosta: Another look at the music video for "Camouflage Me" that comes out tomorrow! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/CZLKyaKotI
RT @Triptyq: We're so dedicated to The Triptyq Sessions EP... we even Skype each other to arrange the songs! #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/qvJ8FjyTS7
I will never get over this. This is something I've dreamt about since college. Thank you @Forbes! https://t.co/M9lOSTkF52
@TaraKamangar @Triptyq This screenshot gets me excited to share with everyone! TWO DAYS! #TriptyqSessions
@dark_dancer2008 @Triptyq I'm pumped for you to hear it! #TriptyqSessions
@rebs_0 @Triptyq me too!
That's right! I don't think y'all are ready! #TriptyqSessions @triptyq https://t.co/xFlXVyONS4
Focused. #TriptyqSessions @Triptyq https://t.co/k0WFAksaYX
Who's excited for the new @Triptyq single that we're dropping on Friday?! 🙌🏿
RT @Triptyq: The "Camouflage Me" music video. January 8th. #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/JMbpPlHETY
RT @Triptyq: In just THREE DAYS you can pre-order The #TriptyqSessions EP! To celebrate we're releasing a music video too! Who wants to see a 1st look?!
Well that's cool ☺️ https://t.co/CNeBqy4lPd
RT @Triptyq: We have something coming for you guys soon.. but until then, enjoy this behind-the-scenes photo! ;) #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/ORnR9wvhXI
This. Is. Hilaaaarious. 😂 https://t.co/bNkLGraMF8
Guess who I'm back in the studio with!! @thebenbram https://t.co/7rjScadJ48
Spent an amazing week at @WaltDisneyWorld & spoke to HS Choir students! It was fun, @disney! (📷: Mariah Wild) https://t.co/b6JqFbFZPk
RT @Triptyq: We've started a new Instagram account! Make sure to follow us for updates! https://t.co/8aRjx2sZTa #TriptyqSessions
My #newyearsresolution: That God is with me always, so that no one can be against me. #HappySabbath
RT @Triptyq: Here it is! Our collaborative project, The #TriptyqSessions EP will be out in ONE MONTH! Pre-order January 8th. https://t.co/4o0ohNx0Lf
That was FAST! Here's the last piece! Now head over to @Triptyq for one more thing... #TriptyqSessions https://t.co/6V783Sssxk
Ready to find out what #TriptyqSessions is all about!? Get this tweet to 350 RT's to unlock the last piece!
RT @antoniettecosta: You unlocked the second #TriptyqSessions piece! For the final piece, head over to @KOlusola... https://t.co/BfxXImWS8x
RT @antoniettecosta: You know what to do! Get this to 250 RT's to see a second look into #TriptyqSessions.
RT @TaraKamangar: Here's the first piece to #TriptyqSessions! Now head over to @antoniettecosta for the second piece.. https://t.co/gYit4CIRBJ
RT @TaraKamangar: Curious to know what #TriptyqSessions means!? Get this tweet to 200 RT's and I'll share the first piece!
RT @Triptyq: To unlock the first piece, head over to @TaraKamangar's profile! #TriptyqSessions
RT @Triptyq: A new year means new music! 🎤 But you'll need to RT to unlock to find out exactly what that means... 😉 #TriptyqSessions
🎊🎉🎊🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🎉🎊🎉🎊 https://t.co/O1Bz7V8MQt
RT @Triptyq: We're excited to share some news with you... but we're waiting until next year to tell you! 😉 Until then, be safe and happy New Years!
Thanks @cdicelove13 for the #RockinEve styling! :)
Gettin' fashionable for @OfficialNYRE! @gucci jacket, @FAGASSENT shirt, @Frame_Denim pants, and @johnvarvatos shoes. https://t.co/aW20Okn8tK
I wasn't gonna be on social media for a while, but I've gotta thank y'all for the best year of my career! We ❤️ u! https://t.co/AwZaml9UYR
Taking some time off from social media, y'all. Need a week to decompress. Coming back on NYE! Love y'all. Rest, reading, and friends.
RT @PTXofficial: We're PERFORMING at @NYRE in 3 DAYS! Celebrate the new year with us on #RockinEve this Thursday at 8/7c on ABC! https://t.co/y2kjvXh3Vp
Christmas Day should happen more often. Like...365 days a year.
I see you, @AppleMusic. I see you. https://t.co/EELYtdB396
Also @Adele have MERCY you can sing. Soooooo inspired.
@superfruiter78 yes
@ptxequalslife @yesptx @tiffanyvcornejo Hahahaha lets see what y'all GOT
@Avi_Kaplan now exactly how beautiful do they have to be to be cherished
@yesptx @tiffanyvcornejo how about my original one about singing?
@tiffanyvcornejo but im gonna up the stakes...lets make it 1500 RTs :)
@tiffanyvcornejo ...sure, why not :)
I'm officially obsessed with singing. Wow...it is fun.
Hahaha I love interacting with y'all 😁
@waterptx what are you talking about I'm chill all the time they call me "The Chill"
@Julia_Shmoolia what I uh what are you talking about
@Irene_hoying good. Night. 😴💤
@ColleensHamster hi
@Veronikpaolocci that's so nice!
@scotthoying whoooo you ain't wrong
@mitchgrassi I knooooow its haaaaaaard 💁🏾
@thatjazzlover oh my goodness that means the world! Stay inspired!
@KassandraMoral6 oh ain't that the truth
@youtubemess and as am I for you!
@ptxben happy birthday!
@Naenaenegrete a la Mitchell Grassi
@Naenaenegrete we loves the activity
@samxxsmith buy me organic chicken wings and we're golden
@ToniahLove that's awesome!
@pineapplegrassi i surely hope so!
@mitchgrassi are they sweet like apple pie or Vetements on a spring day Mitchell Grassi
@maddachov naw I'm just hungry in this picture
@marieisLOST you too!
@AishaPTX it balled. WAAAAAAY too hard.
@scomisha if you buy me all the organic greens and organic chickens in the world
@Scotty_Noodle YOU AINT WRONG
@toosassy4grassi thank you! And ditto!
@harryndinah not ready to have kids yet
@ptxdani nope not with that headband 😂
@ptxmadison thaaaaaaank ya
@Scowaynt :):):) it's an awesome day!
@globalptx you're awesome! Thank you!
@HeiBaiSpirit breaks and schedule your time very wisely.
What a nice bunch of good-looking people 😁 https://t.co/Ox5KSBHSeL
@joicehutcherson I appreciate you!
@DavidArchie thanks brosef! I miss you man!
RT @DavidArchie: If you still haven't gotten into the Christmas spirit you should watch this: https://t.co/l44SjzfTCu #christmas #pentatonix
@Pink Merry Christmas to you! Amazing meeting you at the @UNICEF program last month! You rocked it!
@kelly_clarkson Merry Christmas to you! I hope you and the family had an amazing one!
Oh, and if you're looking for a movie to watch on #ChristmasDay, go see @DaddysHome. It'll change your life 😁 #absolutelyhilarious
@Br33Downs bawling 😭 thank you both for that video message!
A little Christmas message to you all :) #merrychristmas #happyholidays https://t.co/YQTGsF4i73
@hassanahmed120 Hahahaha you too man! Thank you!
@probablysomehow I'm gonna use it for my Facebook and insta as well! Awesome!
Y'all @probablysomehow made this amazing edit that is my profile pic. Talented.
@probablysomehow that's absolutely amazing!
When you call your grandmother in Nigeria and she prays heavy for you over the phone on Christmas Day >>>>> Now THAT'S Christmas To Me :)
Merry. Christmas. Eve. ⛄️❄️❄️⛄️
Omg this is so cool https://t.co/79F7xO6rKo
RT @BillboardJP_INT: 🇺🇸 Billboard 200 🇺🇸 2016/1/2付け #1 25 - Adele #2 Justin Bieber #3 Pentatonix 詳しい順位☛ https://t.co/n6I8MntGlw https://t.co/KqbfhAv1nK
@WorldChanger914 thank you!
@RebeccaRSMusic @scotthoying @samsmithworld that's nice!!
@HeiBaiSpirit thank you! That means the world! I deeeefinitely need the practice lol
@ReneeRibeiro loooove!! Thank you!
@cryingbckirstie maaaaaaaybe
@ayeptx @edsheeran thank you! I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this!
@AishiaStanish @sup3rfruitloops thank you! I feel like I'm improving and starting to understand what I like stylistically!
@parudisefears @edsheeran hahaha thank you! If I'm gonna practice this thing, I might as well show y'all what I'm working on!
@pontatonix @edsheeran THAT MEANS THE WORLD. Oh man I'm gonna cry thank you
@livbethan @edsheeran @livbethan @edsheeran hahaha cause all I listen to right now is Chris Martin, Bono, and Sting
Maaaan @edsheeran can write some sooooongs https://t.co/MTeK9GB4Ie
If yall don't see this incredible singing trio do their thing, I'm gonna be very, veeeery sad. https://t.co/R7eVWLX9fL
@Mix933 @Alpaca_Clifford thanks for playing our music!! We appreciate it!
@SchomicheL I mean ok
Jesus take the wheel 😍 @NandosUK https://t.co/zZFRi9AwHW
@Michu_Pichu_ for dramatic improvement in my voice and musical abilities for 2016
@ReecesPiecesMT We ceeeeertainly did
@rezoIution ah ah I am Nigerian come on now you know how I feel
@nadianalex thank goodness someone needs to get it through his head that they ain't real
@ptxcuddles cause...um WAIT NO HE DOESNT
@carocracked @queenolusola the love is real sis
@SamanthaFaye122 @Avi_Kaplan it's true
@kayleighaokane Nigerian gooooodiiiiiieeeees
@uncntrllblefrte that's nice! but I promise you it's more tenacity than actual intelligence or intellect
@hassanahmed120 yessir!
@mariagarman1552 I reeeeeeally want to sometime!
@omgcameronboyce if you lose do I get the $20
@beccaxptx thank you! That means the world!
@PTXisQueen she did actually! Backstage!
@ptxpierce ...Gouda.
@rosegoldbecky I am human. I like human food. Like tacos. Tacos are really good
@sy_kirsten ...a mustache.
@hazelnuthoying my teddy is your bear always and forever
@fruitleen no. I would not. Unless they paid 100M dollars.
@ReneeRibeiro you are veeeeeery welcome!
@lucyithink @actuallysho oh ball hard heeeeeeey
Hahahaha hilarious! 😂 https://t.co/BSJoHNcDbf
@Sierra_Mars5911 lol 😘
Thanks to @Sierra_Mars5911 for spearheading the making of the birthday video!! It was so special! I owe you a great big hug 😁
Check out the newest issue of @notionmagazine! U might see some cool aca-nerds in there :) #fashion #happyholidays https://t.co/rXymBCH2qc
@kinagrannis that's amazing!!!! So happy for you!
It's one of my biggest weaknesses. I just want to do so much in my life. Literally so much I can't explain. I'll keep my eyes open in 2016.
And I'm sorry I'm so late. I guess my mind was so focused on what was on my plate that I forgot to take time to breathe & enjoy the moment.
OMG my family just showed me the birthday video y'all made for me and I'm sooo emotional. Thank you guys so much 😭😍 https://t.co/1iCmuk8Jzp
.@KingJames, @KevinHart4real, @jtimberlake, @WarrenBuffett....just so many inspiring people in this world to look up to. #keeplookingup
THIS IS SICK!! 🎊🎉 https://t.co/OpNafSiMEd
RT @SiriusXMHits1: Oh hey @PTXofficial! Still can't get #CantSleepLove out of our heads! 😍😍 https://t.co/ZWtTIQ6yi3
The green drink. Wow. https://t.co/5MITzimayE
This is NOT easy
Kellon's been teaching me how to solve a Rubik's Cube and let me tell you
RT @EmpireStateBldg: TONIGHT 7pm ET: Our brand-new holiday light show w/ @PTXOfficial! Look up & listen via @1067LiteFM. #ESBUnwrapped https://t.co/eYeN1IWKdz
RT @npratc: Fresh off a Grammy nod, @PTXOfficial gets back in the Christmas spirit. https://t.co/UaKRUqZSBi
But...it is a liiiiiiiittle bit funny 😏
On a serious note, I feel terrible for both @IAmSteveHarvey and #MissColombia. He made a mistake. We all make 'em. #MissUniverse2015
Is it too late now to say soooooorry #MissUniverse2015 https://t.co/qhayLL0uCL
You messed up. Like...wow.
Daaaaaaaang Steve
Ugh. "Army of One" and "Hymn for the Weekend" from the new @coldplay album make me feel the things
RT @PTXofficial: Tune in to hear us chat and perform on @npratc in just 10 minutes! https://t.co/aMpfCNmxZq
Whoooo we're moving on up! https://t.co/r1isabegGR
@sup3rfruitloops love this photo :)
Great working with you, Jeremy! https://t.co/uxbwEInzyt
G'night 😇 #ForeverYoung https://t.co/Yzv14R4o8Y
If you find wisdom, run with it. It will bring you the greatest peace of your life.
@HaleyxDodd hahaha duuuuuuh
And thats it, y'all. Thanks for an amazing 2015. Onwards to 2016. https://t.co/OK3nbtrVmp
I can't believe this is our last performance of 2015. What an amazing year it's been. #ThankGod #iCantWaitToHibernate
Hahahaha thaaaaaats meeeeee https://t.co/s8mEoyd66c
I respect that @JColeNC hustle & grind.
@ptxpasta thank you!!
@wtmkevin when do you fly back from Spain
@wtmkevin @PTXofficial I AGREE
I loooove this sooooong @rodstewart #ReasonToBelieve #bathroompractice https://t.co/ZQMp3diCSn
@Scotty_Noodle that's awessoooome! Can't wait to meet y'all
@Naturally7 @PTXofficial @TheGRAMMYs thank you!!
@jeremycowart Adler and Eisley what's uuuuuup!
@fellzy @TheSource @alyssa_lein hahahaha thanks Adam!
Thanks for having me, Joey! https://t.co/YtFGvoby6T
Y'all!! NEW VIDEO! Check out our version of "The First Noel"! Hope y'all enjoy it ❤️ https://t.co/v2ZrnwX5Cg
Ahhh @camcountry murdered it on @TODAYshow! Soooo proud of her!!
@ptxmadison awww thank you!
@meghanhilley yes ma'am!
@runtoyouuu I'm so happy for you! Keep going!
Beatboxing in a nutshell: take a box, find a mallet, and beat the living daylights out of it until it can't stand no more
Another day, another typo. What's new 😂
@littleballer_24 girl I had to work out twice in a day to prepare myself to eat @GiordanosPizza
Man I loooove being in Atlanta. Such an interesting, diverse, beautiful city. Oh...& the food's not have bad either 🍛🍹🍽
.#TriptyqSessions #ComingSoon @antoniettecosta @tarakamangar @triptyq https://t.co/fFb82j6GBX
Y'all. If you don't see @DaddysHome, you are missing out. I haven't laughed or cried this hard at a movie in years. @JoeyMcFarland, congrats
In NYC w/ my beautiful gem of a mom as my date ❤️ Going to the @DaddysHome premiere! @CurlineO #DaddysHomePremiere https://t.co/MJDEvREXpi
@awilcosky @theweeknd hahaha cause I didn't have it before! Im glad I've been learning more about it!
@PtxAngel5 aw thank you!!
@sup3rdads awww thank you!!!
@Scotty_Noodle @theweeknd the oh my goodness that means the world to me!!
@kristasaidthis @theweeknd thank you! Still lots to learn about my voice!!
@BravoGabbie17 @theweeknd THANK YOU 🙈
@Julia_Shmoolia @theweeknd thank you! I'm starting to feel like I'm understanding my voice a lot more!
@BravoGabbie17 @theweeknd thank you!!! I'm still trying to develop my style, but that truly means the world!!
@Djooo_Grassi thank you!!
Man I love @theweeknd #music #6secondcover #icantfeelmyface #pentatonix #acapella #singing https://t.co/dw3n1RWWdL
Thank you @B96Chicago for having us tonight! The crowd was absolutely on fiiiiiiire!! (📷 @ESTArose) https://t.co/If4L3HKQ4g
Me: I'm raging tonight @genmakeup: yeah? You partying hard? Is it BYOB? Bring Your Own Bible? 😂
"Love is not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for." @warrenbarfield #HappySabbath
RT @Z100NewYork: .@PTXofficial slaying that #MichaelJackson medley! 💯 #Z100JingleBall https://t.co/GIy1WsXI9T
@itsmemina_ ABSOLUTELY!
@rosepentatonix well he might read this tweet so that'll help lololol
@THGandPTXlover thank you!!
@naataalie__ oh my gosh
@Manderslicious @TaylorMarie1324 I mean I don't know what to tell her
@scrambled_boys wisdom: get off Twitter AND STUDY
@Scowaynt omg
@paigusmaximus 🎉🎊☀️
@cupcakekirstin an ableton master so he can tutor me everyday
@SydJoseph what's a cello never heard of it
@thatweintraut thank you! I mean I'm working on some mateeeerial
@angelwingptx thank you you too!!
@SydJoseph thank oh my goodness absolutely
@nadianalex @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @PTXofficial amazing
@ptxmadison on a scale one to good luck...GOOD LUCK BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS
@kayleighaokane aw well hopefully I'll get to play it for you in concert one day!
@ptxdany it means I'm gonna eat everything I possibly can cause I'm haaaangry
@Scotty_Noodle omg that means the world!
@SuperheroGrassi what would @jtimberlake do?
@AshhNicoleeee @PTXofficial @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor well that's nice!
@yesptx @LaVidaNerd @lovinglife_17 @Avi_Kaplan you know he don't know 😂
@gracedwithptx what would @justinbieber do? and there's your motivation
@PTX_Bri it's gonna be a paaaaaarty!!
@idkscomiche I wish, but we have to go to ATL!
@EmmaJaneHicks absolutely!!! Not.
@Br33Downs thank you!!
@pentaholicGirls @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor thats veeeeeery exciting!
@pentatomitch @PTXofficial @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan hahaha I love this
@Work_Wisdom you're welcome!
@LaVidaNerd @lovinglife_17 @Avi_Kaplan riiiiiiight
RT @NewNowNext: The 10 best @PTXofficial covers https://t.co/mMOIQ4U45D https://t.co/t8hVFn1yhm
@juultje_scheer @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi oh my that's cool!!
@hyoko613 lolol
My morning rn @Ableton #educationneverstops https://t.co/dIcH73FtwQ
@wtmkevin @DeltaAssist booooooo that suuuuuuucks
@Avi_Kaplan #vague
9 hours of sleep and I'm feeling goooooooood baby
@OnYourCallender @TheSource thank you for the interview! It was great!
RT @TheSource: Why Kevin Olusola (@KOlusola) Of Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Is A True Badass https://t.co/1NBKAKF5Pk https://t.co/6dNgAS2uE1
That's amazing! Thanks @billboard ❤️ https://t.co/a3wRw9EdJd
I LOVE these guys. And you should too. #AMAs @walkthemoonband #talented https://t.co/SN3LmPULIG
Thanks to @TheSource for the interview! https://t.co/AdV1zmbPQj
@petricholas booooooi that set was fiiiiiiire
Shoooot that's insaaaaaane https://t.co/wQeKi5lwZu
@addictedcamally hi
Indianapolis now we're REALLY in your neck of the woods @wzpl https://t.co/DMqxNYRjlO
Indianapolis. We are in your house! @wzpl
Ohio was amazing tonight! Thank you @979WNCI for having us tonight! We love you!!
@OperaStarr @PTXofficial wow that's great! So high!
@LilFruitVanay hahaha that's awesome!
@Aoibh_M aw thank you! Ditto!
@cdicelove13 @Adele who's that never heard of it
I should have gone to bed an hour ago, but I'm watching soooo many of yalls reaction videos to our music and I'm just cheeeeeesing 😋
@U2 Bono, what do you think was the greatest advice you received for developing your voice and style? Also..."The Troubles" is my JAM!
Yoooooo the songs + production on this new @coldplay album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
@kelly_clarkson yeeeeeees girl congratu-freakin-lations!!
All I want to do to celebrate @TheGRAMMYs nomination is eat @TenderGreens all day long and sob and dance in utter happiness 😭🍵🍾🎉
@kelly_clarkson hahahaha well then IMA DO WHAT I WANT
😭 #ThankYou #GodIsGood #grammys @thegrammys https://t.co/fEHwfEscAp
San Francisco!! That was such an amazing show and your energy was THROUGH THE ROOF I LOVE YALL ❤️
@AprilNicole1008 well tell him that I love his sermons!
It's not about me. It's about intimacy with the One who's already sacrificed everything for me. #HappySabbath https://t.co/qi43SJXRPx
Man. When God delivers, God DELIVERS. #HappySabbath
Oh look. Happy Kevin w/ happy band being stylish in winter clothes. That's nice. https://t.co/euUO5BJg6l
@Penteatonix wow thank you for writing an essay on me! That means the world! Is this your main essay?
@kayleighaokane well that's nice!!
@ktmcupcake @justinbieber wow thank you!!! That means the world!!
@meghanhilley thank you! And that's before I learned anything about singing so that means the world!
@KimPiggie @justinbieber awwww thank you!!!
@samxxsmith wow thank you!!!
@Penteatonix oh my gosh thank you! Can you snapshot it and send it to me?
@bekkoff oh my gosh that's nice! Believe me still have a long way to go :)
@yesptx @justinbieber haha gave me a lesson once, but I've been taking lessons from different people
@HeiBaiSpirit @justinbieber wow that means the world! I have a lot to learn :)
@nellabella1234_ @justinbieber thank you!
@scotshoying that means the world! I have lots more to grow!!
@HellaUnicorn @justinbieber hahahaha thank you!
@anna_platania @justinbieber thank you!!
@emilydykes @justinbieber :):)
@nadianalex maaaaaybeeeee
@icep147 @justinbieber hahahaha thank you!!
@juustlikekamii @justinbieber hahahaha thank you!
@ptxvoldemort :):)
@idkscomiche @justinbieber thank you!!! That means the world!
@scomichhee @Avi_Kaplan it's awesome!!
@Br33Downs @YassiiPTX @justinbieber thank you!!
@sunshinehoying thank you! Definitely learning a lot about my voice!
@SarahSmmarti1 thank you!!
@Manderslicious @justinbieber I appreciate that! I'm learning a lot!
@LisaSteiner_PTX @justinbieber aw thank you! Lots to learn!
@AishiaStanish @justinbieber thank you!!
@cryingbckirstie @NeYoCompound he is the man!!
@TheBLove28 that's veeeeeery nice of you!
@JDTheodore @justinbieber thank you! Lots of singing to come on it :)
@AshtonSmiles_ @justinbieber thank you! I'm learning tons about my voice!
@Manee_Celoncet @justinbieber wow thank you!
@YassiiPTX @justinbieber thank you! I'm listening to tons of singers and taking these voice lessons! I'm learning so much!!
@eowyn1986 assets that means the world!!!
@_celsolaura @justinbieber thank you so much! That means the world!!
@TristanTulle @justinbieber thank you!!
@jastonix @justinbieber lol 😊
@thatschenough hahahaha thank you!!
@rmrm4innc thank you! I'm glad I'm taking lessons and learning about my voice! Still so much to learn!
@Little_aline @justinbieber ahhhh thank you!'
@rachel_72s @justinbieber thank you! These lessons are paying off!!
Loving these new @justinbieber songs! Did a little singing #bathroompractice with #LoveYourself after #RockCenterNYC https://t.co/uXKKxxG2qf
I finally met one of my musical heroes, @OfficialSting. His music & life has inspired me deeply as an artist. Thx u. https://t.co/1XfbeK1ZEW
How did y'all enjoy the #RockCenterXMAS event?
LIVE on #Periscope: Rockefeller Xmas Tree Lighting!! https://t.co/0mo6rscVqb
Who's watching us on #RockCenterXMAS tonight at the @rockcenternyc?!
Thank you @unicef for having us at the #UnicefSnowflake Ball! https://t.co/blzq0jQkKu
@pink you were absolutely insane last night. So amazing to hear you sing live. Inspirational
@porteous_jen ahhhhh thank you!
@scotthoying I mean I thought it was good. I had a strangel last night for dinner
U know those times when you're at a classy event, ur starving & want to eat everything but it's not socially acceptable to do so #thatsme
.@Avi_Kaplan and I at the @UNICEF #SnowflakeBall https://t.co/ccSDBA2I1T
WOW I could eat breakfast all day. ☀️🍽
@L0Ls @PTXofficial nice!!!!
Haircuts make me happy.
@Just4Shiggles08 thank you thank you thank you!!
Wow what a surprise!! #ThatsChristmasToMe went platinum in Canada! Thank you all ❤️ https://t.co/4KTQBlOJjG
@PTX_Canada @PTXofficial @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi thank you!!
@alihuneke @PTXofficial @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan hahahaha thanks!
@cutiepiegrassi @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @PTXofficial happy birthday!
@CherilynAndrews @PTXofficial @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor glad you could come!
@DianaMSears1 @PTXofficial @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan awesome!
@delyeld5 @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor whooooo glad you hung with us!
@youtube_slays28 @HelloCanada @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor @PTXofficial it was awesome you came!
@Nancayy @PTXofficial @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @scotthoying so thankful!!
@Nancayy @PTXofficial @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @scotthoying thank you!!
@K_Syms @PTXofficial @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan yaaaaaaaas
@BravoGabbie17 @PTXofficial @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor BUT IT IS
@liisaamaae @PTXofficial @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor @scotthoying @mitchgrassi thank you!'
@meeakz_xo thank you! Glad you could come!
@YassiiPTX @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @PTXofficial whooooooo
@richhxrry @PTXofficial @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan what an experience!
@keetcaylen @PTXofficial @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @scotthoying yaaaay!
@meeakz_xo @KiSS925 @PTXofficial @kirstin_taylor @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @Avi_Kaplan we're glad you had fun!
So amazing to perform with these guys right here, @Naturally7! Fan for life. #acappella #acapella #music #pioneer https://t.co/YNtkAeOOQD
Salt Lake City! Come to the Capital Theatre see me, @Naturally7, & other great acts perform! 2 pm and 8 pm! #LoveGod https://t.co/zZ4puDdvZV
The happy family all together ❤️ #happythanksgiving https://t.co/X3sFFYCPyq
So thankful for this guys ❤️ @ptxofficial @scotthoying @Avi_Kaplan @kirstin_taylor @mitchgrassi #happythanksgiving https://t.co/CmgFPEz57R
Made by one of my best friends from college. Ava....just...yes. https://t.co/fYOhhBoSws
That day where Alyssa & I met @walkthemoonband at @loyolamarymount's annual music bash. Yeah, that was pretty cool 😜 https://t.co/rUjuAkFVLI
Y'all did yesterday really happen or nah
@TheRealGrimmie you too! Love what you do girl!!
@NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson great seeing y'all two again! If you go to JLo's party, let me know if I missed out on some epic pool game 😜
@Meghan_Trainor you were hilaaaaarious while we set up to perform! Can we be besties pleeeeease
@iamdiddy great meeting you. You're definitely one of my "think big" inspirations!
Red carpet outfit! (👔: @topman, @7diamonds, @Jbrandjeans, @Publicschoolnyc) #PTXatAMAs @starwarsmovies https://t.co/xknDL9QAkf
RT @TheAMAs: THIS IS AMAZING! See you soon. 💖 #PTXonAMAs https://t.co/OsAWezge6Q
Oh. My. Goodness. My body still is shaking I can't believe we just did that woooooowwwwww
RT @GossipCop: Pentatonix Performs #StarWars Tribute At #AMAs (VIDEO) https://t.co/KWUlP4l2om @PTXofficial https://t.co/PWXOf8sWuu
RT @seventeen: Is @PTXofficial on the dark side or the light side? #PTXonAMAs #AMAs https://t.co/SXow9wtkJ5
RT @Vevo: This is so cool! @PTXofficial #StarWarsAMAs https://t.co/QosDN94WEz
RT @EW: So many feels for that @PTXofficial #StarWars #AMAs performance! #PTXonAMAs https://t.co/YNcPogT8q2
RT @TheAMAs: The genius of John Williams + a live orchestra + @PTXOfficial = @starwars GOLD! #PTXonAMAs #StarWarsAMAs https://t.co/3EilQlc0Ba
RT @TheAMAs: Completely speechless over this special @starwars @PTXOfficial performance! #PTXonAMAs #StarWarsAMAs https://t.co/UZ4kNkhULe
RT @fusetv: We've never seen anything quite like Pentatonix's #StarWars tribute at the #AMAs. https://t.co/5RxxiY3EJj https://t.co/3x4RqsSwLf
RT @people: .@PTXofficial and @giphy are ICONIC! #AMAs https://t.co/YCqDqNUWVM
#PTXonAMAs 😉 https://t.co/duMyVF1vB2
What you can expect from our @TheAMAs Star Wars tribute from @Avi_Kaplan and I #PTXonAMAs #AMAs https://t.co/YltuToXi4M
@cdicelove13 yaaaaaas
Getting styled by @cdicelove13 for #PTXonAMAs. Yes ✌🏿️😉 (👔: @nicolaformichetti #nicopanda #fashion #style) https://t.co/OEk2Ng22MC
When you're with your friends celebrating the most gloriest of rest >>>>>>>>>> #HappySabbath
Check out my interview w/ @SarahGrant for @RollingStone Mag for the #PTXonAMAs tribute! https://t.co/zOhN48Xwgi
I met @fagassent designer @toshikiaoki in Japan at his studio. What an amazing individual and now new friend!! https://t.co/JUts3OV3x4
I look at fan gifts & think, "How were we blessed with the best fans in the world?" We ❤️ y'all. #PentaholicNation https://t.co/Vc4bPYwFm0
Oh the good ol' times in Tokyo https://t.co/kuSXW9QXH5
So nice to be back in LA. Y'all ready for #PTXonAMAs?
Cute. My feelings exactly 😉 https://t.co/mpGH1qDynH
Y'all! It's our last day in beautiful Tokyo!! What should I do here?
Hahaha Japanese Karoke https://t.co/tCgvWJzXMF
Tokyo tower. #PrayForParis https://t.co/bRU6TDJhGZ
One of my best Japanese friends in the world @minori_n_vocal to eat sashimi!! https://t.co/peNjHDphmP
Y'all. Japan makes me feel alive. 😍☀️🎉🎌🎊🇯🇵 I can't wait to go all around this big world and beatbox for you all. Maybe even sing a bit ☺️
Well, this happened last night @genmakeup @kirstin_taylor https://t.co/OrORSgtnRB
Attacks in Paris and Lebanon, an earthquake happens in Japan...and Kylie Jenner trends on Facebook. Lord have mercy.
@Julia_Shmoolia this is great! Thank youuuu!!!
Already on snapchat but this song spoke to me this morning @michaelwsmith #OpenTheEyesOfMyHeart #HappySabbath https://t.co/gVboLSOpR8
Singing online feels like I'm getting my own voice lessons from The fans & I like that :) Any advice y'all trained singers have, I'll take!
To all the men and women who put their lives on the line for America: we honor you, love you, and thank you for your work. #HappyVeteransDay
@Mendelssohn :) happy you love the song!
Maaaaan I love this song @jasonderulo #WantToWantMe #BathroomSingingPractice https://t.co/8BYm6O5u9c
Wow Japanese fans are so thoughtful! Thank you for the wonderful gifts 🎁🎌🎉 https://t.co/IdLE2GtGLX
RT @987ampradio: Do you want to hear @PTXOfficial #CantSleepLove on AMP? How about @DNCE #CakeByTheOcean? VOTE: https://t.co/XtWM2tMn6h
RT @PTXofficial: Check getting introduced by @MissPiggy off our bucket list. Watch us on a new #TheMuppets tonight at 8|7c on ABC! https://t.co/fQMywLurPN
RT @PTXofficial: We're so excited to share that we'll be singing the @StarWars score at @theAMAs on 11/22!! #PTXonAMAs #StarWarsAMAs https://t.co/xbxlSmecQf
Fried chicken on the first night in Tokyo? Clutch 😘
Hahahahaha I'm glad everyone's trying it out tho https://t.co/eEAc2pxcWv
@meghanhilley thank you!
@ranneeeeet whoooo!
@gaga_yoko :)
@ptx_430 thank you! We will!!
@rio_ptx_jp haha I'm happy you liked the hug!
@taiwan_neco yay yay yay
@Klaus1955 hahaha I'm in good company!
@akane_coyote thank you!
@hyoko613 of course I remember! HI!
@MissIcyThea !!!!!
@yumiiwamu thank you!!
@pentasae WE LOVE YOU
@spidey3104 thank you! You as well!
@MisaMm2233 thank you!
@chika0448 happy to be back!!
@suu_hi_music thank you!! Can't wait to see you!
@ranneeeeet yaaaay!
There's something special about affirming who you are in the morning. I can go about my day with confidence cause I know who I want to be.
How delectable in the morning :) @jenisicecreams https://t.co/Gc9J4QqKaA
@90strinity you've got it! Good luck!
Voice lesson w/ @indiacarney?✔️ Laundry for Tokyo?✔️ Life lessons from @DrBillDorfman?✔️ Belting to @elliegoulding?✔️ 'Twas a good day :)
Arranging session w/ @scotthoying, @thebenbram, and @Avi_Kaplan over @google hangout? ✔️☑️✔️☑️✔️☑️✔️☑️✔️☑️✔️
Landed in LA for one day to get ready for our trip to Tokyo. Wow. What a life we live. ✈️🎶🎊
Waaaaaaaay up I FEEL BLESSED
Now THIS is church man #HappySabbath https://t.co/URmmGkBJ5y
It's hard when you have a tendency to see life half-empty. You've just gotta fight hard to smile and believe in your joy.
A day in the life of an a cappella group just trying to make music for all the lovely people of the world
What a great day
@scotthoying maaaaan I would too!!
That night where you hear Justin Timberlake say to @scotthoying "your voice is absolutely ridiculous" >>>>>>
Let's be honest. Drunkness is foolishness, y'all.
Thank you so much!! We love you guys and your song!! https://t.co/TwJhC8TOXC
Hahaha thank God https://t.co/oY7r4cTQl9
Jeeeeez @ChrisStapleton and @jtimberlake & @THETNKIDS absolutely slaaaayed. I wish I could curse right now
It's happening! #CMAs https://t.co/B8KQovekeX
Y'all. Why is Nashville amazing.
And yes I definitely said "spoke to my momma" cause speaking to momma in the morning is the absolute greatest thing in the entire world
It's a gooood morning in Nashville https://t.co/NA0XUs3alm
Well now. This is pretty cool. #CMAs https://t.co/J0FyXT8e01
@rosegoldgrassi yeah I don't know about that lol
@CedezSerenity that means the world! I love what you can do with the voice!
@hey_lil_guy riiiiight?!
@Brittany8594 LOVE!
NEW VIDEO! Messed w/ @ableton to cover @justinbieber's #WhatDoYouMean! Listen w/ headphones! :) https://t.co/P1FAlhI6H6
NEW VIDEO! Messed w/ @ableton to cover @justinbieber's #Sorry! Listen w/ headphones! :) https://t.co/P1FAlhI6H6 https://t.co/ETvuWMw5RZ
A huge CONGRATS to @TheRealJGuts and the @Royals on winning the 2015 MLB Championships! 🎉🎊🎉🎊
I seek clarity with all my heart and soul.
@scotthoying wait now that's the face of glory can't you see it
@scotthoying I MEAN
Great hanging with you on @sundaybrunchC4 Brunch, @seal! #SundayBrunch #NigeriansInMusic https://t.co/t6RTjIM2L9
@scotthoying whooo sir you are NOT wrong
RT @SundayBrunchC4: Wow what a show. Take a bow @GarethMalone, @Seal, @mrmarkdolan, @thewhitmore, @PTXofficial & all our other guests https://t.co/ce0lS5HBRd
UK! Tune in at 9:30 AM to see us perform and ...well, eat on @SundayBrunchC4! #SundayBrunch #BREAKFAST #YAAAAAS
UK Pentaholics hi
RT @shawnadole: I'm listening to @KOlusola 's EP again and every song is so beautiful. It makes me very happy. 💗
#HappyHalloween #Dontaskaboutthepicture https://t.co/zTliI3Mfux
I just ate my face in lamb, chicken, and fries ("chips" as they say here in London). Well then. Happy Halloween.
I will never be perfect. Never. But I'm thankful there's somebody who was that l follow to be better each day. That name is Jesus.
@kinagrannis Kina check your messages!
Finding successful mentors who believe in you >>>>>
@ptxmaya30 that's so awesome!
@AnthonyGargiula lol
All the love I have for you guys cannot be summed up in one word. So that's why I'll use two. Love. Y'all. 😁
I freaking loooove the song #Sorry @justinbieber https://t.co/RCwY06iLjf
Well ain't she a beauty 😚 such a blessing! @billboard https://t.co/VScUNBYaM1
@Naturally7 @billboard my dudes! Thank you!
@lyndseyparker @YahooMusic giiiiirl we adore youuu!!
@shawnstockman thanks Shawn! Thanks to you and the guys for Paving the way for us to even do this!
@SaraBareilles ahhhh we love you Sara! Thank you!!
@Ash_Kaye0 incredible!! Thank you!!
@prdarmywf thanks a bunch!!
@LisaKrabappel thank you!!!
@maleliahonu yaaaaaassss thank you for all of your love and support!!
@PTXFans thank you!!
@voguegrassi that's how I feel
@emilyhopeee_ aw jeez thank you!!
@torihoying thank you!!!!
@BrentRPhillips thanks bro!!
@scomichemylife that's ridiculous!
@Paaulyytaa hehehe we love you :)
@AlanaAmm we appreciate you!!
@perrieyears thank you!!!
@InspireFe that's what y'all are!
#PTXGoesNumber1 #PTXMakesHistory https://t.co/mSwmq9FMMg
@Admissions01810 thank you!!!
@mrsbeawong thank you!!!
@justtamandaa so did I!
@ELEC_BLUE thank you!!
@mitchoying whooooooo!!!
WE DID IIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!! #PentaholicsRock #PentatonixAlbum https://t.co/kxo1dxDczD
🌲🍂👣🏃🏿⛺️ :) #BridgeToNoWhere https://t.co/HmWRyKaXxh
Tweet typos are the new trend. Or I just need to not be delirious when I'm tweeting. #HappySabbath
There's "hello" by @Adele, and there's "oh hiii I wanna sleep" by me, myself, and I #thanksyousupporting happySabbth
Thx to all the fans that supported us this week! Regardless of the outcome, we ❤️ y'all dearly :) #PentatonixAlbum https://t.co/Wh9eoZ9qnP
I sing for my supper! #PENTATONIXALBUM iTunes: https://t.co/Bjir9DNrqu Amazon @ $5.99!!: https://t.co/SAHV3xOPx6 https://t.co/o90cIDF4dw
RT @PTXofficial: Great meeting you today, @WesleyTSnipes. We were so excited to hear you're a fan of ours! https://t.co/6UeaTUcmVc https://t.co/pUWoYtxb16
RT @fusetv: #PENTATONIXALBUM is out now—so, which member of @PTXofficial are you? Take our quiz: http://t.co/9rikMlsOoj http://t.co/sq25SumNcR
@PTXofficial @TrevorMoran thank you Trevor!!
RT @TrevorMoran: EVERYONE GO GET MY FAVS @PTXofficial ALBUM NOWWWW. My god this is great. 💜💜 https://t.co/IgePfZWio4
RT @PTXofficial: Ran into @omimusiconline! Thanks for writing such an amazing song! We LOVED singing it! https://t.co/7Va1tQMv60 https://t.co/Hh3N1cL33O
@JordinSparks @PTXofficial Jordin we love you girl! Thank you! We miss youuuuuu
RT @rubenharris: Go buy @PTXOfficial's new album (I did). They'll be the first Acapella group in history w/ a #1 album. Go @KOlusola! https://t.co/U06oJ1KkOL
RT @RCARecords: .@PTXOfficial’s #PENTATONIXAlbum is #1 on @AppleMusic!! Download NOW here >> https://t.co/c8osXLzFf5 https://t.co/kaGML4UzPI
RT @Julia_Shmoolia: DON'T STOP STREAMING YALL👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 WE WANT THAT #1 DEBUT https://t.co/ly2qYy44Em
We're doing a @CrackerBarrel @facebook Q&A right now about our album! https://t.co/g92qeBeQZ8
Jolly gee wiz I miss LA
@PENTAHOLICSAUS thank youuuu
Hahahaha this literally made my day https://t.co/XgZqqEYoM4
@BoyzIIMen @PTXofficial @AppleMusic thank you guys! We miss y'all! Hope we can come and see your show sometime!
RT @BoyzIIMen: Head over & pick up the new Pentatonix album https://t.co/MtiMCdrazU, we can't stop jamming it! @PTXofficial https://t.co/EBc6V6KA3b
@MadisonTelles it's been checked.
@rosegoldgrassi incredible!
RT @PTXofficial: Who wants to stream the album with me right now? #PTXSlumberPartyKO! Stream it here: https://t.co/FYGwuizAO6 https://t.co/gflVEG4ecK
@jasonderulo @PTXofficial thanks man! We're happy you could be a part of it!
RT @jasonderulo: If u haven't already chk out the cover I did with @PTXofficial & their entire new album which is a masterpiece https://t.co/jGANxJjgi2
You know what I like less than not sleeping? Traffic. Ugggggh
Oh hey wow look at this we have an original album that you can buy whaaaaaat https://t.co/Bjir9E52P4
RT @tyleroakley: okay time to find a store in NYC to buy a physical copy of the new @pentatonix album because only having a digital copy SIMPLY WON'T DO
This is so dope!!!! https://t.co/2RrslXAsX8
And thx to @Spotify for the opportunity for our fans to use the platform to listen to the album! Till next time ;) #PTXListeningPartyKevin
AND THATS IT! Wow. It's so surreal listening to our first full-length original album with you guys! WE ❤️ YALL #PTXListeningPartyKevin
We were in San Francisco messing w/ our background parts for her verse. It was so fun cause we loooove dat verse! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
Y'all. Just. Don't sleep on @Official_Tink. That girl be FIIIIIYAAAAAH 🔥
Last song! CANT SLEEP LOVE FT @Official_Tink! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
Fun fact: in Austin we recorded the finale touches for the album. We had all the workers in the studio come & belt for that Lean On chorus
Lean On. @mitchgrassi you better have the prettiest voice juxtaposed with that crazy chantry raw chorus #PTXListeningPartyKevin
@jasmine8280 yaaaas #PTXListeningPartyKevin
@_rskiud saaaaaame homie saaaame #PTXListeningPartyKevin
If you hear reggae-inspired feels, you know that means @Avi_Kaplan and I have gone to TOWN on the track #PTXListeningPartyKevin
What a song! @omimusiconline, you are brilliant! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
The same day we recorded Light In The Hallway I recorded most of the beatboxing parts for Where are u now #PTXListeningPartyKevin
@AvrieIKaplan very much so. #PTXListeningPartyKevin
I love Scott's verse. I go hard during that part. You probably see it during the video lolol #PTXListeningPartyKevin
.@scotthoying, thank you for having a nephew that's so lovable and adorable. I hope we sing it for Landon soon. #PTXListeningPartyKevin
And I loooooved singing this song. LOVED. And @Avi_Kaplan muuuuuurders the solo!!! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
We recorded it in Utah all together in a recording booth while on tour with Kelly Clarkson #PTXListeningPartyKevin
I think this was probably the hardest song for us to sing. It brought us to our choral roots, and took some time to get it feeling right.
@pierceftptx probably Na Na Na or Sing! The energy will be so insaaaaane!
Ahhhh I loooove this song! When Avi and I wrote it with Taylor Parks, Avi was listening to Walk Like An Egyptian! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
Alright!! First song is "Na Na Na"! Let's listen!! #PTXListeningPartyKevin
Ahhhh I'm excited for this #PTXListeningPartyKevin on @Spotify! YALL READY?
RT @PTXofficial: Only an hour away until @KOlusola's @Spotify playback party! http://t.co/avReuNzfQc #PTXListeningPartyKevin http://t.co/zu2wn0bGHr
He cooked the fluffiest of frittatas. SO GOOD. @colinhutzler http://t.co/QaOo5TPFIk
The guys of @hansonmusic absolutely crushed it tonight at @IrvingPlaza. Inspired by their creativity and their fans. http://t.co/rF9B0k9jRD
What an amazing day. Thank you all for the love and support you've been showing us on our original album! Now...rest time :) #HappySabbath
@ToniahLove I appreciate that
@CATHancock yaaaaaaas
@youtube_slays28 thank youuuu!!!
@ptxtronnor I appreciate it!!!
@EmmaJaneHicks thank you!!
@scomiche15 thaaaaank you
@ptxpasta yaaaay thank you
@kirstin_taylor @audramae yaaaaaaas it was fun tiiiiiimes
Y'all can go and check out our new original album at @bestbuy! Do it riiiiiight...........now #pentatonixalbum http://t.co/7SaQ7rVQNu
I love you @christinaperri can we be friends yet #PTXSing #PENTATONIXALBUM http://t.co/rdC7IXTFE1
@FifthHarmony @PTXofficial we love you girls sooooo muuuuujjjj
@scotthoying @kirstin_taylor @audramae Hahahaha yaaaaaay
What. A. Day. #PENTATONIXALBUM http://t.co/925sMk3UHp
I cannot believe this day is here! Have you pre-ordered the album yet?! http://t.co/Bjir9E52P4
This is how @Avi_Kaplan and I feel about our new album today http://t.co/3EGaAtGq0n
Tonight we're performing on @fallontonight w/ @jimmyfallon @ 11:35 PM EST! Tune in! AND OUR ALBUM COMES OUT TMRW YAY http://t.co/tKxYwmcAyo
Long day of press. Micky and I say our g'nights :) http://t.co/pq5iJK4LPq
We loves you NYC
Happy birthday to meeeeee 🎂🎁🎊🎉 http://t.co/AumOTSxFlp
YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY https://t.co/bqFkLiunT3
God's love is the true winner. #HappySabbath
@TheRealJGuts @PTXofficial my man! Appreciate the shout out! Hope we see each other again soon!
If I can't have you I DONT WANT NOBODY BABY
RT @PTXofficial: Start your Friday off fresh with a @KOlusola​ version of #CantSleepLove! http://t.co/yoC58wwlKZ
If you ain't got #swole, you ain't got NUTHIN
I love style and fashion that inspires me. (@fagassent top, @joesjeans & #Fratellilisco shoes) http://t.co/zr1cOSDmx4
How would you all define swagger?
.@OfficialSting/@U2 Bono/@coldplay Chris Martin with a bit of swagger. Lets see how it goes.
And when I say that, I mean with a modern/today popular swagger.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha thank you! https://t.co/JR0D9o3haa
@nya_ptx love!
@carocracked you ain't wrong girl
@MALDONADONUTS yaaaaaaaass with the perfect Chinese
I just realized that if I keep finding "happy birthday" tweets that I missed and post them, I can stretch out my birthday to a full week
Thank you, RCA! https://t.co/R7ZFUhJ3lh
Thanks bro great seeing you today!! https://t.co/juVaGVQR49
Thank you to all the fans who came out for the "Sing" video shoot! It was so much singing our heads off with you guuuuuys 😋
Hahahaha as you should ;) https://t.co/UcIqKdIAQA
Now thiiiiiis is what I call a birthday celebration 😁🎉🎊🎉 http://t.co/MSR7yyW1eJ
Thank you superfruit my people my homies my dawgs my blood brothas https://t.co/gDzSLnXkm4
Hahahaha I'm not almost bro. I'm old. https://t.co/PypvbabSIP
That means the world!!! https://t.co/bjvKbqKMSq
Just a little birthday message to all of you :) http://t.co/eEgi5RqXWa
It's a #kungfupanda type of birthday 😁 (cc @antoniettecosta) #MusicMaking http://t.co/MDPfYRmMFR
@LetyMarini huh? Lol
@StrangeScribble loooooove thank you!!
@PTXisQueen hahaha thank you!!
@vkdragonfire that means the world to me!
@cnguyenwin thank youuu!
@acowan18 thank you so much!!
@nadianalex thank youuuuu!
@ptxftlouis much appreciated!
@ptx_girl thank you!
@SarahJaneDonn happy birthday to you as well!
@genesis_ptx wow that means the world!
@mint_chapstick yeeeeees
@FxbulousFreyx are you serious?! That's so incredible, thank you for the love!
One year wiser today. Let's get em'.
@LlamaPrincess01 I love that hashtag lolol
This is insaaaaane I'm 27 tomorrow (which means three years away from 30 oh my goooodness 😬)
@kelly_clarkson Kelly, I miss you and you're beautiful baby River! I pray you're doing well!!
All the love you guys are showing us on the single #CantSleepLove is overwhelming! Thx for supporting our original a cappella music!
@995PlayFM @PTXofficial whooooo!!!
I saw my brother Kellon at @ColumbiaMed today! (Ladies, he's single and a med student, what more do you want 😍) http://t.co/zPOPp9cmjQ
Seeing @Stromae in concert at @TheGarden was a moment as I screamed my head off to Papaoutai
#tbt @thebenbram & I recording strings, Alan Meyerson (legendary music engineer for film) & @EricWhitacre in the room! http://t.co/dJ5WxdsISi
NYC the band shall see you soon.
Being human means accepting imperfection. We're not always gonna get it right.
I love my job sooooo muuuuch ☺️ (@stringmob) http://t.co/CBsKTAMzZF
Fantastic session yesterday with @thebenbram recording @stringmob at @RealHansZimmer's studio! Can't wait for y'all to hear what we made :)
@TheHOT1055 @PTXofficial @StephanieOnHOT ahhhh thank you!!!
It was ridiculously amazing seeing you Eric! And glad you liked the music ;) https://t.co/V036Fkme8b
Praise God for the infallible truth of Scripture as it sheds light on understanding the events of today.
Spent an amazing day at my alma mater @Yale talking to students about my musical career. Thank you for having me! http://t.co/jmwayBkq7v
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/WTn48iA3ic
WHERE ARE U NOOOOW http://t.co/jfKqkF4TsD
Wow @billboard thank you! http://t.co/Mg2bta6M4Y
Thank you @ASOS for the absolutely amaaaazing shoes! I can't wait to wear these eeeeeeverywhere http://t.co/kuDBf806BP
RT @Shazam: #Shazam #CantSleepLove now & share with hashtag #ShazamPTX – who knows, maybe @ptxofficial might follow you back 😉 http://t.co/kqvfMJeK9Q
Have you all seen my #celloboxing version of @rachelplatten's #FightSong? Check it out below! https://t.co/3oqB4gSv9n
@RachelPlatten thank you! I love the song! Hope our paths cross in the near future!
Did a #celloboxing version of @rachelplatten's #FightSong! Hope you guys enjoy it! Watch Full Video HERE -----> https://t.co/3oqB4gSv9n
.@RachelPlatten #music #FightSong #beatbox #6secondcover #cello #kevinolusola #pentatonix #PTX https://t.co/FRcT3mYxKO
Also, just wanted to through this out there and say... http://t.co/sc0cFZU1Mh
Pray God is with you all and that you all rest in Him.
Sorry we couldn't make periscope happen today! We were so busy arranging and stuff :( but will make it up to you all. Btw: Happy Sabbath.
I'm thinking it'd most likely be after 2:30/3 pm pst for our @periscopeco, but depends on when I return home ***i feel like I'm texting Yall
Also, if I did a @periscopeco for #KOCorner tomorrow, would anybody mind? Spontaneous, maybe sometime in the afternoon? 😁
Ok guys bring on the teasing replies might as well I'm ready for them
Yall I think I'm going crazy. I think I've lost my mind. ...oh wait, that's right I'm just afraid of lovin. I guess I'm not the lovin kind 😁
AHHHH @scotthoying YOU ARE THE MAN AND I LOVE YOU BROOOOO!! Thanks for being such a creative inspiration in my life! Keep doing BIG THINGS!
1 year. My heart jumps for joy. You know who you are.
Flashback to when I met the homie @itsdougthepug on the @kelly_clarkson tour! #mydawg http://t.co/ChCMoWRiXu
I just want to make music for you guys that makes you dance, cry, bounce, feel like the world is beautiful, stankface...everything.
Who's hearing our song #CantSleepLove on radio? 😁 http://t.co/6wqP4BeONe
Love and self-discipline go hand in hand.
RT @RuntoYouuu: I'm so so proud of you guys! I screamed when I heard the radio host say Pentatonix 🙈🙈❤️ Y'all deserve this! http://t.co/i9MYtskaHA
@Avi_Kaplan that's funny cause I do is that bad Avi
I like flying through the air when I have wifi. What a great technological advancement for aviation ✌🏿️
Reading @zogblog's book "MJ, Inc." made me realize that @michaeljackson was equally brilliant in entrepreneurship as he was in music.
Reading @zogblog's book "MJ, Inc." made me realize that @michaeljackson was equally brilliant in entrepreneurship as he was in music.
We're so sorry that the rest of tour has been cancelled! @kelly_clarkson, thank you for having us on this journey with you! You are a star.
New #KOCorner: do you remember where you were on #911? Tweet me your memories of the historic day. #NeverForget http://t.co/CRyO3nLNve
@wheresallthemlk we just heard the news! We're so happy you're ok!!
@OnAirJake @carrieunderwood @mikefisher1212 😁
Also, fun fact that @carrieunderwood & @mikefisher1212 r my #relationshipgoals. Solid people who devote themselves to family. #Storyteller
I like uz Pentaholics. You guyz iz funneeeeh
@PTXisQueen yep
@wasabioakley yaaaaas
@Penteatonix hahahahahaha
@PTXfandom my non-existent beard
@KassandraMoral6 hahahahahaha looooove
Caption: "Oh shoot they just caught us nappin uh HI EVERYONE" https://t.co/2HaKeOOG8W
Aaaaaand this one ok caption in 3 2 1 GO https://t.co/ThuSn1Xxpx
Caption this gif in 3 2 1 aaaaaand go https://t.co/b7ghFLdkFV
Hahaha yall and the gifs lol https://t.co/MjxBy3dNBR
Love seeing my friends do amazing things! Congrats to my dude @rubenharris starting work at @honor!
Thankful that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love. What. A. Blessing.
RT @AppleMusic: The new @PTXofficial album can’t come soon enough! #CantSleepLove & #Cheerleader now. 😊🎉 http://t.co/bo2JITRVxM http://t.co/9yeFGvXWpG
RT @iHeartRadio: Make sure to listen to all the best music on our own station RIGHT NOW! http://t.co/iWHaPsPvu8 #iHeartPentatonix http://t.co/1um45FWc1y
Vacay vacay I love you vacay Ain't no skies are grey-ey Ain't no happiness will go away-ay
OMG I'm listening to our album & man I can't wait for yall to hear it! and this is where you say "Kevin stop teasing us" i'm ready for it
RT @PTXofficial: #CantSleepLove http://t.co/JW2mDjoQFS http://t.co/frPxnfRP7w
@Meghan_Trainor @PTXofficial thank you, Meghan! We love you, girl!
And now, without further ado, OUR VIDEO TO OUR ORIGINAL SONG #CANTSLEEPLOVE! We hope yall enjoy it!! http://t.co/6wqP4BeONe
@MorningMashUp @CATHancock @PTXofficial thank you!!!!
@MicaylaZee sl*y girl!
@LRavenscroft13 @PTXofficial @SiriusXMHits1 @Avi_Kaplan @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor WHOOOO
@fluffy_penguins WHOOOOO!!
I don't do this usually...but on a day like this I just had to. #CantSleepLove #PENTATONIXALBUM http://t.co/EdFWyQgwbz
Yaaaaay Singapore yaaaaaaaaay https://t.co/CQ52mj1vps
FINALLY! Our album is available for pre-order on @AppleMusic please order so I can love you forever and ever ok thx http://t.co/wVW2XZL1pp
RT @PTXofficial: #CantSleepLove #Soon @KOlusola http://t.co/8w50xaE0Xm
@kinagrannis @mitchgrassi @scotthoying I'm SO SORRY
#CantSleepLove #Tomorrow #whoisexcited http://t.co/qKAKKCcuaA
@LaurenJauregui @ToriKelly you and me both how ridiculous of singer she is
@iambeckyg hahaha get iiiiit #labelmate #RCASquadGoals
Crazy, exciting, relaxing, productive day. Gotta be thankful for those :) goodnight my peeeeeople
We love yall PENTAHOLICS #PENTATONIXALBUM https://t.co/T9AiZu3n0c
@PTXofficial Dolphin cries #PENTATONIXALBUM
@ESTArose @PTXofficial ESTHER
Stop. And Go. (Full version) #music #beatbox http://t.co/3oHtnUzV0Q
Stop. And Go. #music #beatbox #6secondcover #PTX https://t.co/lSYnRjt23o
Ok I'm done playing for today happy guessing my pretty Pentaholic people ✌🏿
@pentakatix @PTXofficial I thought I was getting them all right
@Octochutney inappropriate
@PTXofficial black on white on black on white on black on white on...flags? ...i don't know i tried it #PENTATONIXALBUM
@KimPiggie none of that now #不要
@sonymusicsg thank you!!
@pentatonix_geek I have no idea what you're talking about
@mariagarman1552 whaaaaat I'm taller and prettier than that
@rosepentatonix hi
This game is fun #PENTATONIXALBUM
Yall I don't even know the title of the tracks so I'm guessing just as much as yall...😏 #PENTATONIXALBUM
@PTXofficial no stay away I don't want it? #PENTATONIXALBUM
@PTXofficial something about my ex boring me to sleep #PENTATONIXALBUM
@PTXofficial microphone scares people? #PENTATONIXALBUM
@mvmtwatches love your watches! Just found out about them; really stylish and sleek :)
Everyone how do we feel about Kanye running for President
Hahahaha get iiiiiit glad yall could come! https://t.co/AuY57JIr9p
Well, Yall asked for it, so here's a video for all Yall whip/nae nae fans #watchme #whipnaenae http://t.co/5pIvEwgSz5
@vivalajenta absolutely
@shannamalcolm none for you baby boo I'm sorry we're still cool though y/n
@PTXnation wel. That sounds preeeeetty great
From church to Stubbs BBQ. Now THIS is a good day in Texas http://t.co/PXpXnwVlcy
Right where I'm supposed to be this morning :) #HappySabbath http://t.co/Tf1hGn8sdA
#KOCorner TODAY! I messed with @ableton for the 1st time to create a #KOver of #LoveLockdown by @kanyewest! https://t.co/MWHwVCv4T9
What a tour this has been. Seeing all of your smiling faces has given me so much joy. I can't believe I get to live out my wildest dreams.
@abiannmusic CUUUUUTE
Well...I spoke too soon! The video has over 1000 RTs! I'll be getting that video to you guys #soon! #thepowerofpentaholics #pentaholicsrock
You know what, how about this: if my mini #KOver gets 1000 RT, I'll record a video of me doing the dance :)
Just a mini #KOver of @TheRealSilento #WatchMe (Full Version) #watchmewhip #WatchMeNaeNae #WhyNotWednesday http://t.co/eRpu2AzvCK
.@TheRealSilento #watchmewhip #WatchMeNaeNae #watchmewhipandnaenae #watchmedance #WatchMe #whynotwednesday ... https://t.co/7DexzMXYig
@DelaneyPMC 😂 love!
Oh the joy of performing ☺️ #imactuallyasleep #probablysnoring http://t.co/PLCcZWRfKW
It's hard to go to sleep when you have @inandoutburger in your stomach 😛
@DreamingJGrassi ahhh thank you!!
Crazy to see that my version of @jtimberlake's #Mirrors reached 1M views! Thx for the ❤️, yall :) http://t.co/c7ZFJ6CKEf
@TheMadHatter511 green and dolphin!
Loving me some Pentaholics this morning :)
@EmmaJaneHicks aw tell him I said thanks a bunch!
Bay Area livin'. #icantseenothin #kirstiesglassesmakemelookweird 😂 @kirstin_taylor http://t.co/g4GC8XZE8w
@scotthoying yea I know I knooooow
@Avi_Kaplan whaaaat I would've never guessed
RT @YouTube: Give us a P! Give us a T! Give us an X! What does that spell? https://t.co/HLcjXHDyS1 http://t.co/gVLTgN5kbj
@scotthoying that's what you say about me every day right
#swolecheck at @Stanford http://t.co/E6hxFdpE8b
Just watched a message on the adverse effects of domestic violence on the development of children. Pray for our children. #HappySabbath
RT @omimusiconline: A cappella group @PTXofficial made an amazing Cheerleader video! Watch: https://t.co/nmExV01sZs
A quick #KOCorner update, and our version of Cheerleader by @omimusiconline! http://t.co/eIVi4sqWRq #PTXCheerleader http://t.co/UmmMOM9Ok8
RT @GloZell: I ran into my cousin @KOlusola I'm taking your place in @PTXofficial I'm so good! Xoxo - GloZell #AcapulcoSinging http://t.co/1R5ZqNOnAn
WHOOOOO!! Go get it :) https://t.co/wNdwtccnZ3
@MarcLomasky nice seeing you too! Have fun in NYC!
You ever have that feeling on planes where you realize you're actually flying through air...and then realize how insane that sounds
Los Angeles!! What a homecoming it was tonight with @kelly_clarkson at the @STAPLESCenter! Much ❤️ to all who came out!
"Whadaya know, whadaya say, whadaya do." (Full version) #KOBeatbox #Beatbox #music http://t.co/pOyW0TJWKn
"Whadaya know, whadaya say, whadaya do." #KOBeatbox #Beatbox #6secondcovers #music #PTX #Pentatonix https://t.co/rdyhKv0YDm
I don't know who took this photo, but I adore them for it :) http://t.co/FOQt84hvyz
Love yall :)
@Scomiche4ever I'm honored!
New #KOCorner! Question: When y'all wake up in the morning, what are you grateful for? Tweet me your answers! http://t.co/ercGjy4tEW
It's good to be in my own bed for once. Early night tonight, yall 😴
This is veeeeery cool!!! https://t.co/Hm15v38aNl
Hey yall I have a snapchat and its kiiiiinda fun (name: KOlusola) http://t.co/S8NrhewMO8
@xXAubreeJXx get iiiiit!
Throwback to @monicabrown's #AngelofMine #Hiphop #Dubstep #beatbox http://t.co/LhGMbKNMEB
AHHH @HaileeSteinfeld's new single is killer! So positive, so uplifting, so ridiculously catchy! Congraaaaats! http://t.co/PmV27te7ii
@nadianalex naw homie I have to watch my girlish figure
@brecca_castle I wear it at shows now
@abiannmusic hahaha girl you've got your dad beat lol
I'm watching @steveaustinBSR and thinking "Why in the world would anyone wanna pull a gajillion-lb tire through the desert that sounds BAD"
Portland what an amazing night! Can't wait to visit your city again! http://t.co/L6Dp1AVcLu
@Crunktacular @ModaCenter thanks man! I didn't know you were here! Nicolas Moorman is at the show as well!
Hahahahahahaha I love this picture https://t.co/16vNot1GHe
@StephanieHoying I adore her!
@SarpNina that's a looooot of hi's and heys lolol 😂
Exciting neeeeews!! 😃 http://t.co/gk6fRCXyV7
Studio flow 😊 @thebenbram @scotthoying https://t.co/5rWIEzqsnf http://t.co/v1ehMgxSI0
@P3ntat0nix4Life yaaaay!!
@plexv @PTXofficial 😁
#swolecheck life rn http://t.co/U8tUfpU5i4
@Sierra_Mars5911 hahaha I just wanna do what I love full-fleged! Just a lot of time management, that's all :)
When you're trying to find wifi and the ones available are these 😂 http://t.co/4WStzObOJy
I'm not gonna live a half-filled life. I plan on living life to its fullest.
@Mendelssohn also I didn't realize you answered these questions! Good answers!
@Mendelssohn hahaha I like this tweet
@kristasaidthis I worship, hang out with old friends, etc. If you read Exodus 20:8-11, you'll see what I mean!
Salt Lake City. Such an awesome place to rest. #HappySabbath
@lisamichellelle thank you! Glad you could come to the concert.
@itskendallfire yaaaay I hope you get one!
@WelshPENTAHOLIC I mean duuuuuuuuh
@Lucy_evans97 yaaaaaaay
@EmmaJaneHicks hahaha well I'm glad you like it!
@BravoGabbie17 hahahaha well I hope you get one!
@maureenie_PTX hahahaha loooooove
@LilyCoco7 hahaha I meeeean
@Gighi I hope you get it!
@Emmitonix hahaha I like you
@Dancerwithlove_ aww, I hope she gets back to you. Tell her I said hello!
@dixonnessee just wanna start off slow with one piece :)
@dixonnessee I hope so!
@sup3rslut you ball so hard
@ptx_pizza yaaaay! I hope you like it!
@fcut3rfruit hahaha I hope you get it!
@J_e_nn_ yo yoooooo
@forevfabulous you're veeeeery nice!!
@LuluRocz it ships worldwide now!
@VintagePhase I mean duuuuuuh lol
@ashsoawesome not too bad! A good day of recording!!
Surprise! I'm releasing the KO Snapback hat as my first piece of KO merch! Check it out here: https://t.co/MaLNi1WSp9 http://t.co/sGcMzDXZLF
New #KOCorner! Answered some of your questions today!! Love you guys :) http://t.co/3vBai9ShIz http://t.co/eGwtIMF4yh
What a concert, Denver! What a concert! I'm obsessed with you all ❤️
RT @cdicelove13: Don't be rude, seriously, just try to be a good person. At the end of the day that's all you have; is your character. #respectothers
@kirakosarin hahaha we love you, girl! 🎉
@DaddyJosefine oh my goodness
@Hipposcottamous hahaha check out the full version in the other tweet I sent out!
A little more beatboxing to hopefully brighten up your day #KObeatbox #beatbox #KOCorner http://t.co/hOZumWpWYT
A little beatboxing to hopefully brighten up your day #KObeatbox #beatbox #KOCorner https://t.co/yDkfgtS1bS
@ptxpasta ooooo that's cool!
This week, I'm picking multiple questions to answer for #KOCorner! Post your questions & check back on Friday to see which ones I answered!
That after show loungin' 😏 http://t.co/9hPkcqR9bh
We be in some commercial for @Macys yo http://t.co/P1hFvWbt2m
@cdicelove13 ugggggh why are you so cool
@StaceyMC3 same as my Twitter handle :)
I just said "I have a hard time eating the Chipotle's steak, it takes me a while to chew it before I download it" 😳 #itstrue #imarobot
Man every time I read a letter from a Pentaholic I get so emotional. Thank you so much for inspiring us to do what we do. We love yall ❤️
@eowyn1986 so emotional reading your letter. Thank you so much for the kind words! And I loooove your pictures!!
STL you were incredible tonight! Thanks for rockin out with us! 😍 (📷 @StephanieHoying) http://t.co/epeNPRXgEk
@arayaskye welcome to the party! Hope you can come to a concert soon!
@LLawlietsgirl3 awww thank you!
@Avi_Kaplan I mean sure, why not
Wow I love our fans. http://t.co/cxeFuA7LTt
@chlobird516 nice seeing you, and happy birthday!
I definitely said on stage "the next song spans century of songs by the one and only King of Pop"
Hotel robe life. 😂 #HappySabbath #GodIsAmazing http://t.co/zbcpSUBGcE
I loved reading all your questions!! Thx for hanging out w/ me! Q: what would you wanna see me do for #KOcorner next? http://t.co/gyxJ87H80a
4 more minutes of the Q&A! #KOCornerSnapchat
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The #KOCornerSnapchat Q&A starts in 15 min! http://t.co/y8NYxU3oig
#KOCornerSnapchat Q&A starts in one hour! Get your questions ready! @Snapchat name: KOlusola :) http://t.co/Aa3taYwvBa
@hellojeana loooove!
I can't believe the killing of #CecilTheLion. That's veeeeeery sad.
@queenolusola happy birthday! I hope you have a good one!
A little beatboxing fun today #beatbox https://t.co/YStwOLlZyW
@blllurryface thank you!!
@Harley_349 whooooo!
@hellojeana hahaha thank you! :)
@JOANSTEVEN happy you had a great time!
@allaynapauline hahaha well I'll see you soon!
@lexi_siefker thanks for coming out
@EmmaJaneHicks well I appreciate you! Thanks for your support!
@phantastico2l_ I'm so happy you like it!!
@tfwiley1008 so much fun!!
@LexipopPop we love you!
@shaynon711 :)
@Sav_Hardison one day!!
My @Snapchat name: KOlusola. Can't wait to talk to you guys on Friday! #KOCornerSnapchat
I’m doing another @Snapchat Q&A this Fri @ 4pm CDT! Tweet your q's using #KOCornerSnapchat. Photo: @TheLongnecker http://t.co/bWlLUid3v4
@Emmiilleerrs be done, then. Be. Done.
@LilyCoco7 😆
@grassialmighty can't wait to see it!
@KassandraMoral6 you can, but you have to take pictures or it didn't happen
@maddtonix this scares me
@Emmitonix I don't know what you're talking aboht
@FragaGurl10 use that fan girl use that faaaaan
I'm a firm believer that #swolecheck is the answer to every major philosophical question in life. (Drops the mic)
@trakrina91 :):):):)
@djoostrawberrie and the same pour toi
@RuntoYouuu see you then!
@kachouuuu je t'aime, mon ami!
@BethMGx helllooooo
@carina_gleassi ooooo that looks reeeeally cold 😂
@EmmaJaneHicks what a tweet I love this lol :):):):)
@Lucys_jeans and we miss youuuuu
@holakitty002 hahaha no I'm not that
@oakleyftptx I'm not sure I don't speak Chinese
@lovincolleen :)
@knotreema yes
@stellaprincy I meeeeeean 😁
@NathanTorney wait I didn't know you have Twitter and you sleep like...right next to me
@flowerparties 谢谢
@FragaGurl10 😁
@lilrho247 this picture ftw >>>>>
@ptxfanclub well thaaaank youuuu!
Aaaaand this is what happens after shows on tour 😁 #PieceByPieceTour http://t.co/49oL02KTAs
@shimmer1215 @PTXofficial thank you!!!
Toronto that was so ridiculously fun! WE LOVE YALL #PieceByPieceTour
@queenolusola wow that's incredible! I hope the words keep inspiring you!
With my cousin @AinsleyPhillip devouring sweet bread and malt. The real thing, man. #Carribbeanfood #HappySabbath http://t.co/90VkzozOpF
What a great day to spend time with family and rest. Oh...and eat 😁 #HappySabbath
@mitchgrassi I know I knooooow lol ♥️
Happy birthday to the one and only, the angel, & one of the most talented musicians I've ever met in my entire life. I love u, @mitchgrassi.
Advice I’d give to my younger self? My answer here: http://t.co/MPrqqQPNun @queenolusola @KaylaUzlik #KOCorner http://t.co/BaYm6kvR7V
Oh you know, just getting wild with our amazing team at @RCARecords! 🎊🎉#RCAconnect http://t.co/Vot7k8gGvB
We out on this tour like whoa
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NYC, yes please. http://t.co/DKxX48iW7s
@bluegrassi @mitchgrassi definitely sassier
Whatcha gonna do with all that junk inside your trunk? Well...throw it out, of course. DUH
So cool to hear how y'all would use your currency of fame for good. Some of my favorite answers below! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/7DurexTK4l
Y'all killed it answering Question 5: How would you define the word "confidence"? #KOAsksYou http://t.co/Ko4UfrYt9t
Loved your answers to Q4 - your favorite artists everyone should listen to! Here are some of my faves. #KOAsksYou http://t.co/wbA74FI0IQ
Here are some of my favorite picks for Question 3: which cereal describes your personality and why! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/XPGIF3oIgI
Loved your answers for Question 2: Your favorite songs! Here are some of my favorites! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/qMUqENLKBG
Here are some of my favorites from Question 1 "What's your favorite genre of music to listen to and why?" #KOAsksYou http://t.co/5ON46K8i1A
Hey, y’all! I know y’all have been waiting a while for the #KOAsksYou photos! It was so awesome reading all of your amazing responses!
Okay who really misses Steve Urkel and his "did iiiii do thaaaat" raise them 🙌 UP
Isn't PUTT-PUTT great yall
Wait I actually hate autocorrect right now
Btw put put is great
Thanks for watching #KOTruthorDare! This Friday I'm answering one of your questions for #KOCorner! Send me your questions using the hashtag!
@sassigrassii I feel like since I came out the womb lolol
@KassandraMoral6 thaaaank you! Lots to learn :)
@EmmaJaneHicks thank you! Excited you like it!!
This one’s just too good …;) (from IG KatylovesKates) #KOTruthorDare w/ @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar @Triptyq http://t.co/o3OUNkICJQ
@Sofiipentaholic that means the world!!
@ashleykatenz thank you! The more I sing and listen to others, the more I learn!
@avislownotes thank you!!
Y’all asked for it...#TheChickenSong (from too many fans😁) #KOTruthorDare @antoniettecosta @tarakamangar @triptyq http://t.co/vKy229ZRm8
New soooongz (from @pentatonix_af and @ptxnicolle) #KOTruthorDare w/ @antoniettecosta & @TaraKamangar @Triptyq http://t.co/dKBRY80osC
If we had suuuuuperpowers lol (from @ally_cat1239) #KOTruthorDare @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar @Triptyq http://t.co/zskV8WB9Lm
Our most vulnerable moments in music (From FB Anna Whitehead) #KOTruthorDare @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar @Triptyq http://t.co/IkVfOsJtur
Hey yall! The rest of the #KOTruthorDare videos are coming your way :)
Hey yall! The first four #KOTruthorDare have been uploaded to http://t.co/XVIjPJbimb! I'll be posting the last five on Sunday :) #checkemout
@PerezHilton that would be sick!
@marike2121 youre welcome!
@Emilymulhallxo tell the family we care. http://t.co/sh7Z2PMKkK
This week's #KOCorner im playing #KOTruthorDare w/ @triptyq! Send us dares/truths u want us to do w/ the new hashtag! http://t.co/Mc9QN8Pc0M
Oh you know, just a normal morning on the #PiecebyPiece tour lol http://t.co/yD2bGD1mso
@PentaConEvent of course!
Hey Yall!! Sorry for not posting the pictures yet from the #KOAsksYou event! But I'm getting to them ASAP! 👀❤️👉all
I love these pictures! https://t.co/Bz7IxS8lzr
I don't live life with joy abundantly tomorrow or in the near future. I live for it right now.
@scotthoying or at least try my hardest to
@scotthoying hahahaha yes I do!!!
And this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands http://t.co/kfgURSNtc2
@tbreon72396 :):):) you're awesome!
@TanyaFunsize :) glad you like it!
This is me making fun of the world 😛 https://t.co/8x5rvzepuD
These days off are really great.
@kirstin_taylor @scotthoying ahhhhthose were the good ol' days
Well...I guess this is what you get for beatboxing too hard http://t.co/Gi3S1xXUv7
@Louis_Tomlinson I know you miss me its ok
@AlaLoves1D :):):)
@pentafrootix this letter means the world! It's fans like you that makes this experience worth it all. Thank you for your love and support!
@Heather_Pants yes ma'am! I think it's an amazing truth that God had for people to tap into.
I like BBQ a lot.
@Heather_Pants absolutely! I believe in Exodus 20:8-11!
@LisaKrabappel absolutely!
@buuurnt I'm veeeery happy!
@anman1225 that looks absolutely amazing!
@Aoibh_M living that lyyyyyfe
@hollowxust slept reeeaally well
And by soon I mean early next week :) hitting the haaaaay yall; so, sooo tired.
Yaaaall! Seeing your answers today was amaaaazing! So many more to read, but I'll post my favorites soon! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/mMG45LONkP
Last question…and my favorite one! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/GPau3TawFS http://t.co/nxFfg8gakB
An important question! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/fnADMDAciP
I really wanna hear your thoughts on this one! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/ZRQ5CtBwUU
I love cereal so…there ya go ;) #KOAsksYou (Reply with your picture holding up your answer on a piece of paper!) http://t.co/T2NpNGCOE7
Excited to see how you guys answer this one! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/61ak5gm26y
Question 1! #KOAsksYou http://t.co/govX0f7PWh
#KOCorner begins! Use the hashtag #KOAsksYou and reply to the next post with a picture of you holding up your answer on a sheet of paper!
Tomorrow #KOAsksYou!! http://t.co/0dGrDsoK7m
Booooy am I excited about the @kelly_clarkson tour. #PxPtour
@RandyStine good seeing you!
RT @PTXofficial: 4 days. #PieceByPieceTour http://t.co/F23aUBc84l http://t.co/mwVo2zRFST
So little time so much to do
@suzywillow @rubenharris @atomfactory @BrandonMyint @arteeninLA hahaha Arteen is one of my extremely good friends in LA! Let's link up!
Well ok Snapchat. https://t.co/HDNm6mf5K6
Ode to these crazy bunch of people I spent #July4th with 😂 http://t.co/ukLgRgzYit
Guys. 1. BILLION. Views! My heart is leaping with joy! Thank you for making our dreams a reality! Can't wait to show yall the new music ☺️
@bentatonix I aaaaaam
@PotatoForeman up*
@PotatoForeman I had a sonic game and a baseball game and I think she already boxed it ho
@Yahtzeee just chiiiiilled out with the fam
@PtxNicolle it's awesome, I'm still with them now!
@ptx_pizza nope I finished that 0 min ago
@Lindsey__Kaplan :)
@RaffaBennita how Ballin of you!!
@hii_im_angel you talented person you!
@maggPTX oh man back in the daaaay
@NeonMolly its good, right?
@omgcameronboyce that's awesome!
@Far_Away_78 good seeing you again (through picture)
Oh...and #happy4th 🇺🇸
I praise God Almighty for the family He gave me, the love they show me, and the counsel they pass on to me. Can't take it for granted.
The moment you find out your mom is giving away your @sega game gear you got when you were 8 yrs old http://t.co/ne5zCeZfV1
Seeing family this weekend >>> http://t.co/MO6G9HILky
Thanks for the @patriots hat, @martinsays. I'll never wear any other team's cap again 😁 http://t.co/ViCPKM7jaF
Special #KOCorner for next week! Stay tuned for more information :)
@scotthoying nope never heard of it
New #KOCorner! I picked my favorite @Facebook and @Twitter questions this week and responded! http://t.co/lgC2orYRzR http://t.co/SkrAIm5E6S
RT @KukHarrell: What an incredible week w/ @ptxofficial!!! Can't wait for you all to hear this magic we created!!… https://t.co/4sfvFMkDgO
Living my life like its golden
Have you checked out the #OnMyWayHomeProject Documentary yet? You can watch it on @vimeo here ------> https://t.co/d2o0Ihg7IB
Session ouuuuut
Oh you know, just a little writing session with @TAYLAPARX and @Avi_Kaplan http://t.co/OI7kLsToVq
Good night, good people of the world.
Oh why good morning, great people of the world.
That time I went to @ToriKelly's live stream party for her new album #UnbreakableSmile http://t.co/5Y1BHjLSBB
We're finishing these tracks tonight! @antoniettecosta @TaraKamangar http://t.co/NZRLCXnDuW
#HappySabbath http://t.co/umIod2nqLK
Oh, and for your reference for today's #KOCorner, this is a picture of my mom when she was my age. Isn't she pretty? http://t.co/P7UP3b2grb
Guess what time it is!? Time for you guys to submit questions for next week's #KOCorner! Use the hashtag #KOCorner to submit your question!
What'd my mom teach me about girls? Find that out & more as I answer @Trinka_B’s question for #KOCorner here! —> http://t.co/QP2pSrMRJe
RT @KukHarrell: AMAZING 4 days with @ptxofficial #lovethemvocals https://t.co/ObjsMHlP3G
I'm all about this studio lyyyyyyyfe @KukHarrell http://t.co/2TuIIqPFYA
Mindset is everything.
@princesskelbell ha haaaa there we go mom!
@forevfabulous thank youuuu!!
@sunflowerstogo thank you!
@AnnaBeanie2501 happy b-day!
@oakleyftptx whoooooooo
@Emmiilleerrs you better be dedicated!
@goyaproducts1 YAAAAAS
@PentatonixSings thank you!
@LenaG_H hahah yep
I just got a new play toy. And I'm veeeery excited about it. @Ableton http://t.co/UROSnuTQZX
All the press on the @michaeljackson medley makes my heart so happy and full of joy ☺️ Thanks for the love, yall! https://t.co/ZJfxam8J8k
If yall don't buy @ToriKelly's new album I'm gonna cry. And you don't wanna see me cry. It's ugly. #UnbreakableSmile http://t.co/VNoXr77IS5
RT @billboard: .@PTXofficial's "Evolution of @MichaelJackson" is a perfect tribute to the King of Pop: http://t.co/baBRkBq6vL
Life and joy abundantly is what I crave.
@andrograssi incredible!
@Great_choices thank you!
@GleefulChibi :)
@p3ntaholix thank you!
To be able to cover so many hits from one of my favorite artist is a dream come true. We love you, @michaeljackson!https://t.co/ZJfxam8J8k
@KCzerwony thank you so much!!
@hellaqueenjaque thank you!
@pentafruit_ awwww thank you!!
@xoxokatiee22 aww thank you!
@WelshPENTAHOLIC thank you
There's a surprise coming your way tomorrow and I'm veeeery excited about it
Happy Father's Day to the Nigerian who taught me to improve upon weaknesses & that a strong work ethic can move mountains. I love you, dad.
If this is a traditional Indian wedding, then I need to go to more of them! http://t.co/oDoHO0WjpA
What a blessing to see one of your best friends in the entire world get married. #HappySabbath #traditionalmarriage http://t.co/FqcNCqDBio
THANK YOU GUYS for such a fun #KOCornerSnapchat session! Can't wait to write next week's #KOCorner! So...until then 😊 http://t.co/nLqOELMbG6
SnapChat Q&A is going on now!
@Pentaholic11 @Snapchat either or! I'll be looking through questions via the hashtag, so send them whenever!
TODAY is my @Snapchat Q&A at 4 pm EST! Use the hashtag #KOCornerSnapchat to tweet me questions! KOlusola is my snapchat name! See ya soon 😊
Literally so overjoyed watching the #OnMyWayHomeProject documentary with fans today. What a journey, yall :) http://t.co/FoO5l327Hc
GUYS! Our #OnMyWayHomeProject documentary is finally out on @Vimeo! We hope you guys enjoy it :) http://t.co/Lf5YB7sXcF
@CassiBurrow wow that means the world!
@carolinasmoon thank you!
@berry_kamereo we love Japan! Until next time!
@scottsnapbacks ha I sure hope so!
@jasminehoying naw girl that's youuuu
@sassmastamitch I try homie
@yassmitch thank you! You too!
First thing I'm gonna do...run to Chipotle
Oh yeah, America...we're back 😎
....the bidet?! 😂 http://t.co/6UhQvuLhkP
I'll be doing a @Snapchat Q&A this Friday at 4PM EST/3PM CST! Tweet me your questions using #KOCornerSnapchat! http://t.co/af60fogLhI
I'll be doing a @Snapchat Q&A this Friday at 5PM EST/4PM CST! Tweet me your questions using #KOCornerSnapchat! http://t.co/zSWetHmOyw
@babyukichi you're welcoooome!
@babyukichi thanks for being an amazing chair girl!!
@toosassy4grassi yes! But we'll be back at it with @kelly_clarkson in July!
@Pentaholic11 I don't know...maybe a picture of me laughing! Cause I'm always doing that lol
@P_TX_S a song called Water. In love!
@XinQiii we're happy we could be there!
@FabulousBurger aww thanks! See you soon I'm sure!
@asuka_227 thank you for coming!
Osaka. What an amazing night to end an amazing #OnMyWayHomeTour. I will never forget you all. Until next time...minna daisuki ☺️
@GjaJane thank you!!
Saw @therealgroup live in Osaka, Japan. Absolutely unbelievable. What a gem in vocal music.
This never posted! My last night in Tokyo with Japanese friends I met at @Yale (the same summer I met @PTXofficial) http://t.co/9rJdOzKeAE
@CalypsoFaulkner New Zealand!
@ellie_campbellx that would be not not awesome (eh? Catch what I did there?)
@ptxmargie haha I promise you, it's more persistence than anything else. You should watch the other members in my band and you'll ses
@MarenRohleder thank you!!
@urghsivan eh they aiiiiiiight
@awilcosky well you're nice!
@gracedwithptx that's waaaaay more important 😂
@memegrassi something I watch often for inspiration ☺️ https://t.co/jrl6skLHFJ
@XxFcutexX good luuuuck!
@PTXmizuki it was great meeting you!
@grassifangs aww well hopefully more to come!
@pentaoutai come to a show!
@rio_ptx_jp :):):):):)
@Lucy_evans97 no too bad I want to keep myself you can't steal me I've already stolen myself
@ptxmota that's a blessing. That's all I'm here to do.
@lauraptxx is my mom from Grenada (yes she is, so that automatically means I like Mangos)
@CatyxPtx saaaaame! See you soon!
@jasminehoying hahaha that's nice! But I'm not talented, just more persistent than anything!
@MarieCalatia thank you for being amazing!
Just hanging out with the gang in Fukuoka, Japan! http://t.co/M031n4VNH0
I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely gorgeous the Japanese countryside is. Wow.
nite nite
@jamilah_girl :)
NAGOYA YOU ROOOOOCK! (📷 @Harumi_77) http://t.co/A3LSrI3nLD
@evekatalbas :)
@allie3ga increeeedible!
@peachflour love you guys!
@ptx_430 we love it!
@maa1026 thank youuuuu!
@yrkshi thank you!
@JunnaM4 thank you!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Today we will be holding off questions because next week will be a special @SnapChat #KOCorner! More information to come :)
New #KOCorner TODAY! Read my response to Nicole Concha's question about giving up here ——> http://t.co/cipmFLxpj9 http://t.co/uKMCFNkaHQ
Such a fun time today at the Owl Cafe in Akihabara! #prettyowls http://t.co/oPDtucjCd5
@mnm_uks :):):):) you were amazing!
Trying to finish up this #KOCorner before going to the studio in Tokyoooo
@srn_chu :)
Japan, you've been incredible so far! One more show tonight in Tokyo! (📷 @13ireland_lol) http://t.co/mBKyox7aiH
@Syrena_Hills nice meeting you!
@hikakin it was so nice meeting you! You're incredible at what you do!
This is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in life. #RobotCafe http://t.co/qh12yWKAgv
WE MADE A MOVIE! #OnMyWayHomeProject https://t.co/YgtUakAFuv
Shinjuku || Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 http://t.co/C1yhMiU3Sy
Happy birthday to the loveliest tour manager we know, @ESTArose! Thanks for being with us from day 1 of our career! http://t.co/Yxg457eYMZ
Tokyo, Japan 😍 http://t.co/2betNgOJb6
@hyoko613 :):):):) we are excited as well!
@GabyTasyaa I shall!
@hirahira21 yaaaaaay
@pentachalk thank you!! CAnnot waaaaait
@avysilva aww thank you! Glad you liked it!
Well, I'm in Japan. And I'm absolutely excited. Told ya.
I cannot wait to go to Japan. Absolutely cannot wait.
Cebu you were absolutely lovely last night. Thanks for the amazing show!
@hassanahmed120 thanks!
@ptx_pizza thank you!! Such kind words!
@Mickatthedisco thaaaaanks :)
@AlanisZeta :):):):):):) we love you!
@beliebingchick thank you! I just love what i do, and am so happy I get to share it with yall!
@KassandraMoral6 aww you're nice! Thank you!
@karaangan aww thanks! Glad you could come!
@FatimaIsabelle thank you!!
Thank you! Fun to perform! https://t.co/jnXkXOMXQ3
I wish Twitter had an "edit" button so I could go back and spell everything correctly
@alltimemallow thank you so much!
@kaiLisianne thank you!!
@angellyfishee thank you!!
And after all the tweets, now I know how to spell Manila with one "L" 😂
@mockingjade get iiiiiiiit
@ItsMeLouise96 thank you!!!
@sakatunayan thank you so much!!
Love this photo!! https://t.co/6ToPKCbN7N
@mglslmn thank you!!!
@AlanisZeta great meeting you!
@GitaMnrln :):):)
@jamilah_girl see you soon!
@Ryleeemigs you're so welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
@sparklewrinkle thank you soooo much!
@deniseyuuu thank youuu! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience!
Manilla was hands down one of the best concerts EVER!! Thank you for making our dreams come true! (📷 @Angleinepscl) http://t.co/ZcNMLkhrPi
@imabraaattt thank youuuu! I'm glad you liked it!!
@missIVYlieve we love her!
@keyesel_ that's amazing! So beautiful!
@maxinefaminiano thank you!! As are you :)
Manilla. What. A. Place.
It’s that time again! Tweet me your questions for next Friday with the hashtag #KOCorner, and I’ll pick one to answer in-depth!
NEW #KOCorner! What attracts people to learn languages? My answer to @israelptx’s question: http://t.co/GmU9zgyUOo http://t.co/OZwkiFskUt
It's amazing how much growth can happen in 4 years. Let's continue growing together, y'all! http://t.co/ciZYP0ACep
Jakarta! You guys were such an amazing crowd tonight! So much fun! Can't wait for Jakarta night 2!! http://t.co/78ItZun3mQ
@hellojeana that looks amazing! :) good seeing you in Seoul!
@Gighi @minm_min thank you so much for the gift that you both sent us! That's so incredible tall made that!! We appreciate tall so much!
Just tryin-a think up some new beats http://t.co/KSOsh30oYd
@melodyvall that's awesome!!!
@AnneMarshall226 well I appreciate that so much!
@yap_sters awww thank you! One day I surely hope to be doing concerts of my own!
Work out? ✔️ #SwoleCheck? ✔️✔️ Ready to rock in Jakarta? ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
@gracedwithptx hahahah I love this pic!
@NuggStruggs all duuuuuuuh
@AbigailMayled can't wait to see you there!
@Michu_Pichu_ thank you for listening to our music!! Hope to see you soon!
@Sc0ttIsFlawless but heeeeeealth
@Lucy_evans97 come one now
@gracedwithptx that sounds like life
@thehybridartist @jasonderulo if you got them bring em along
@ranaPTX_ @jasonderulo I'm a little confused by this tweet lol
@MazarMai @jasonderulo thanks for believing in me!
@MklPrds @jasonderulo I know just trying to get to that level!
@leviebooks thank you!
@P_TX_S I believe in me as well!!
@fatmaprasetya1 it was amazing!!
@GitaMnrln today is the day!!!
@thatweintraut never.
@GillyAWard @jasonderulo well. That's what I gotta do, that's what I gotta do lol
@_pentatonix_ yessir yessiiiir!
@DjTdooh thanks a billion!
@laperry94 thank you!! But I still want them abs lol
Oh...@jasonderulo also has the abs I've been working on for months. Ima catch up to you man. Just wait.
I've been a fan of @jasonderulo since Whatcha Say. JD, proud of you for the work, boi! Can't wait to hear it! http://t.co/a1zXqA8CxM
First night in Jakarta! http://t.co/Y29yeS4s25
Indonesia we're heeeeeere http://t.co/YEjr4JpuRf
Police escort in Jakarta? ✔️
@sonymusicsg @PTXofficial @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @kirstin_taylor @Avi_Kaplan THANK YOUUU
Wow thank you for that comment!! https://t.co/9QjE7p5kDP
@iamalfred hahaha you're the man!
@Chanchanetta thank you!
@posiqueer soon!!
@wtvradel thank you!'
@sclaudn thank you so much!!
Music truly does bring people together and soothe the soul. Thanks Singapore for an incredible night! (📷 @kimpiggie) http://t.co/rQtdVETCGl
@uber_fruit thank you!!
Hahaha girl you know we had to represent :):) #ohCanada https://t.co/BbGBJfUsMk
Singapore Makansutra nightlife eatin' #suchgoodfood #foodcomacommences http://t.co/FINqT1DW2q
I'm in Singapore and I wanna go out but right now all I'm gonna do is 💤
That's nice of you! https://t.co/40wZMpCWoW
@janiceng95 thank you! that song I played Julie-O is on my album #TheRenegadeEP on iTunes!
@Pentaholic11 that means the world to me! Thank you!
@magdalenelim hahaha I do! I've been writing simultaneously as I write PTX music :)
If you like what you hear me play on tour, check out my album #TheRenegadeEP! http://t.co/BkTLm8SVyP
What a show, Malaysia. What a show! (📷 @cresencis) http://t.co/zbeNo47Z50
@scotthoying stop. You know what they are don't play playaaaaa
It’s that time again! Write your questions for next Friday on Twitter or on my FB page using #KOCorner & I’ll pick one to answer in-depth!
Another Friday, another #KOCorner! Check out my answer to @Heather_Pants's question here -----> http://t.co/rJrpdiwAho
Finally in Malaysia. See yall tomorrow :)
Seoul post-show!! http://t.co/NVvXhwRup3
RT @good7919: 😍 with worldstar kevin! #specialmeal #Pentatonix #kevin #grammyawards #theseeya #youngjoo#koreanfood @KOlusola http://t.co/Ss3yLZxtn3
RT @good7919: 아..... 태어나서 이런 아름다운 장면을 볼 수 있고 들을 수 있다니. 악기 하나 없이 목소리로 처음부터 끝까지 진행. 충격적이다. #pentatonix 인생에서 본 공연중… https://t.co/qM0aK1azIQ
@good7919 YOU ARE A GANGSTA!!!!!
@ptx_flawless aww thank you!
@josygruijters we definitely miss it!
@PTXdahye we love you!
@emily7960 thank youuuu!!
@b687f688d3214ae yay
@Lucy_evans97 :)
@weyheyynjh see you soon!
@kirstenpiiiieee @subinoh5 absolutely!!
@scomichefruits riiiiight
@peachzizi @subinoh5 :)
@o2l_n_me :)
@hellojeana THIS WAS SO COOL! It was great seeing you again! Thanks for all the support you've shown us!
@pentaholic27 yep!
@willi_sley thank you!
@ericnamofficial dude it was great meeting you! Can't wait for everyone to hear your single tomorrow!
사랑해요 대한민국! 그대들은 최고!!! 📷 @subinoh5 http://t.co/yUUVC96YCq
@ptx_flawless I loved and am shipping it homeb
@oakleyftptx hahaha well this is cool! Definitely vote!
Whatup, Seoul. http://t.co/OMImqix5L9
It's a onesie kind of flight ☺️ #Asia #seeyousoon http://t.co/w2vlthIDfW
Southeast Asia. LETS GOOOOOOOO
@ptx_pizza hi
@ranaPTX_ ooooo that's clever
@CalypsoFaulkner yes ma'am!
@ptxftmitch in due time :)
@PTXBelgium ....wow. #myhero
@hashtagfcuties that's amazing! I don't quit because of the fact that I know I still have a lot to learn.
@ptxLaura HBD!!! :):)
@sarar_xoxo19 hahaha you're awesome! Come and say hi next time!
@ierodorable just check your biceps. If you aint swole, GET BACK TO WORK
@joptxm I actually do! A classmate from @Yale :) but I appreciate it!!
@UnknownDrummer9 dive right in.
@Penteatonix wow that's amazing! Just keep staying inspired!!
@AlaLoves1D I sure hope so!
@Susannevd we'll think about it ;)
@EYESHINEFAN01 I don't know what you're talking about what is this word cute I've never heard of it
@Pentaeatmyass really. Really. Awesome.
@angiexo__ that's awesome! Enjoy yourself, miss!
@supahfruit I hope so
@copfuhchillaray yaaaaaaaas
@merylwar thank youuuuu!
@probablysomehow we'll think about it lol
@Prets86Official sad
@tm9013 :):):)
@Little_aline oh no, I just posted it at this time. This was from last thurs night...at 10:30 pm lolol
@DaddyJosefine it exciting!!
@qvokka no
@Carolina5Vieira hahahaha love!
@Juno_1996 I saw that
@toosassy4grassi I didn't forget :)
@buuurnt yeeeeeees?
@Carolina5Vieira yaaaaaas
Back at it agaaaaaaain. #PTXStudioFlow http://t.co/pCmBEJ8GuJ
YALL!! It's because of you that I'm now up to 200K followers! Thank you Pentaholics! I love the living day lights outta yall!! #KOto200K
My brother Kellon graduated from @cornell today & starts @ColumbiaMed in the fall! So proud of the man he's become :) http://t.co/bLNNwMuWe9
@PTX_Addiction :):)
@ptxnewsandstuff hahaha no worries!
@ptxnewsandstuff i should let you know that "Barely Adventist" is a satire magazine. This isn't true.
@lexgrassikaplan noticed lol
@lawakira 😂
Parents act funny during graduations when their child's name gets called
@Trinka_B hahaha yes! He's going to @ColumbiaMed in the fall!
RT @Candie4JC: @KOlusola speaks Chinese & switches 2 Spanish w/ me. @CurlineO tells dad "Idk a Grenadian & Nigerian could produce a Mexican & a Chinese."
Hearing the @CUHangovers perform at my brother's @Cornell convocation! Good job! http://t.co/tgSH80ltpg
You know you have Nigerian parents when you just won a Grammy and they say "Congratulations! Now...when are you going back to get your M.D."
Finally with the family once again. Oh happy day.
@Penttaholix oh aren't wrong
@love_violin_ yeeeeeeesaaaaaaah
@Danilodemello we need Brazil!
@_0hgrxssi_ el Mismo tambien
@RxchelTheWxnted oh thaaaaats nice
@thehybridartist Long story you don't need to know about it
@liamschant yaaaaaas we'd love to!!
@tiffanyvcornejo wait that's funny cause I admire you great minds think alike I guess
@_simplylaurenxo oooo you got the ideas yes ma'am
Wow I'm so emotional from the video yall made for me. Thank you for all the love and appreciation :) @PotatoForeman http://t.co/KcZTdyd75b
@elliessayy that's you girl you're my spirit animal
You're not wrong :) https://t.co/dvpOiiYfz2
@Manderslicious just tweet me using the hashtag #KOCorner
Aaaaand the impatience continues ;) Tweet me your questions using the #KOCorner hashtag I’ll answer some of them NEXT WEEK!
SURPRISE!! I loved your questions so much, I decided to answer one a week early! Check out my #KOCorner response HERE http://t.co/uYLoI1h5iC
Wooooooooow I love this https://t.co/kd15bfDwqv
@indiacarney @_MelissaBarnum_ @Avengers @AlexanderLBlake IM SAD I MISSED THIS BOOOOO STUDIO LYFE
Oh you know just @Avi_Kaplan and I bro-ing out before the #BBMAs http://t.co/aWoPHTpBEn
@Arts_by_Selina this is incredible! Thank you!
@FifthHarmony it was so great meeting yall this past Sunday! We're gonna need better skills for the next time we have to play pool 😋
@lolalima_ptx why hello out there!!!
@pentaholic_phan hahahaha :)
@xoxokatiee22 we do what we can lolol
@sassmastamitch and we love you!
@ptxzamswift hello!
@PentaholicsRule thank you!
@hunterkanady thank you! We love thee!
@aimey_alonsabe that's awesome!
Hahaha I love this lol 😜 https://t.co/kAMAg5sHrn
Studio floooowiiiiiin
@scotthoying @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @edsheeran I don't know what you're talking about really
@MaxGeorge @edsheeran bruh I don't know I think I held up pretty good by myself 😝 hahaha
@NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson calm down wait till next year's #BBMAs #rematchsuckas
@cdicelove13 :):)
.@HaileeSteinfeld is an OG. There, I said it. #recognize
I promise you @cdicelove13 is the greater stylist of all time. She's real Rock and Roll.
Well, @taylorswift13 is an absolute doll. But we all knew this already 😜 http://t.co/7TAvHceUwa
@ToriKelly let it sink baby sink and uuuuuugh so good seeing you last night
@kelly_clarkson I think you're quite possibly one of the funniest artists I've met. I just got reeeeally excited for our tour now
.@NiallOfficial and @Louis_Tomlinson, next time @edsheeran and I are about to whoop yall in pool.
@AriannJS we're excited!!
@heyitssamrenee whooooo!
@VBKuennen thank you so much!
@PTX_sfruitfly thank you!
@genesis_ptx whoooooo
@HeyHeyItsRei :)
@highonptx yall too!
@o_b_o_e not sure!
@GaultReilly saaaaaame
@MelisaTerlecki hahahaha
@grassifangs hahahaha thanks
BTW Ive loooooved seeing all of your #KOCorner questions, y'all! I can't wait to sift through them and reply :)
@TheBaddest_Girl thank you!!
@GleefulChibi hahaha
Amongst all this craziness, it's always cool to come back to our fans. We love you guys. #BBMAs #PentaholicsRule
@PTXFan4Ever thank you!
@EmmaJHuening ayyyye thank you!
@ToriKelly you looked absolutely gorgeous on the carpet! Good luck tonight!
Omg I literally just said "I'm excited to see all these crazy celebrities here" on the #BBMAs red carpet come on Kevin
Thank you to @YSL, @fratellilisco, and @Dior for the amaaazing styles today #BBMAs http://t.co/b1dAX1zvTM
Well...seeing this was a cool moment in my life #pitchpefect2 http://t.co/2LK3DsZSmy
@BlackChanizzle thank you!!
@BasicallyBriley whoooo
@Steph_fuller13 :):):)
@beautyofmusique hahahaha cool.
Oh blessed rest. #HappySabbath
@Lexus question: would Lexus ever make electric cars?
Head over to my Facebook page http://t.co/XVIjPJsTdJ and ask questions using the hashtag #KOCorner that I'll answer in-depth in due time!
Best. Day. Ever. #GodIsGood https://t.co/FQMHxyCdYl http://t.co/X4pOSziUMp
Getting ready for my #KOCorner Q&A in 10 minutes on my Pop Ballads video on YouTube! Can't wait to talk to y'all: http://t.co/PQsPzoEvJW
Ain't it the truth https://t.co/rBGJVcFtEP
@DaddyJosefine salty and buttery popcorn is my viiiiiice
Can we talk about this for a sec 😂 https://t.co/NTul1i8PGj
I'm kicking off #KOCorner with a Q&A this Friday @ 9AM PT/ 12pmET in the comment section of my new video! http://t.co/PQsPzoEvJW
@Yahtzeee hahaha no an actual Q&A by writing your responses!!
Yall! My good friend @indiacarney is on the Voice! Let's get her to the finale and vote by tweeting #voicesaveindia!
Thank you so much for your endless support! Y'all are amazing! If you haven't seen my newwest video, check it out! http://t.co/PQsPzoEvJW
NEW VIDEO! A medley of pop ballads throughout the ages! How many songs can you recognize? http://t.co/PQsPzoEvJW
I hope everyone is having an amazing Mother's Day! Y'all excited for a new video tomorrow?!
My dad has a special #MothersDay greeting to all you out there 😂 http://t.co/rapTHs2kuw
I don't know who took this picture, but I like it. A lot :) #OnMyWayHomeTour http://t.co/AFHMLP3C3P
How beautiful is home, huh? 😊 http://t.co/WSqm0A9jBq
Church? ✔️ Potluck food? ️ ️ ✔️ 😴? ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Home. Sweet. Home. 😊
@scotthoying it's ok it happens to the best of us
Redeye home. I'm about to cherish this restful time with my family like my life depended on it.
@vivalajenta I heard it was so good
American Sniper? Wooooow So. Good.
awww shoot I'm about to eat a looooot of Chipotle now that I'm home
@PiiaIjas its awesome! I wanna wear it everywhere!
Europe, it's been absolutely amazing here! Now it's time for me to get back to the Motherland✈️🇺🇸🎊🎉
@Avi_Kaplan @ESTArose 😀
@SadaoHara1 thank youuuuu
@GabMars_18 @PTXofficial @Avi_Kaplan @mitchgrassi @scotthoying @kirstin_taylor we love yall!!
@ayrivera889 @PTXofficial thank you!!!
@GianTheSigner so awesome to see your support! We love yall! Ti Amo Italia!
About to perform on Italia's Got Talent! http://t.co/LBtc6TPPIm
We loooooves the drama 😂 https://t.co/KUL9i31DUB
@ESTArose we loooooves the drama 😂
Lord, forgive me for those hip gyrations I did for @ESTArose during "Let's Get It On" last night 😂
@fletcherstattoo hilarious
I've never been pranked on so hard in my life. Thanks, @PTXofficial, thanks 😂
@TheShauni I ask myself that question eeeeevery day
Oh, and remember when I said a new video is coming out this Monday? That's still happening ☺️
@Susannevd I shall! A new video comes out this Monday :)
@hollowxust see you soon!!
@SmauzelPTX me too!!!
@thehybridartist awwwww thaaaaank you!
@ohh_calamiity thank you!!!
@dippinscott I meeeeean
@beales_superfan nice meeting you!
@BethKirkland27 hahaha I thought it was funny lol
Yay my website is finally up!! Go and check it out 😋 http://t.co/l3fawcV0Mi
@angiexo__ you gotta swole check all parts of the day
@GaultReilly @kirstin_taylor absolutely not
@kirstin_taylor it's not easy. Come swole check with me before a show #swolecheck
All this talk about cheeseburgers and I haven't even worked out today ok I'm going to the gym byyyyyeee
@scotthoying Scott I don't agree with this drink water and live
@kirstin_taylor btw i freaking love cheeseburgers
@kirstin_taylor Kirstie we need to talk what is this tweet
@AnneMarshall226 YAAAAAAS tell the teacher I thank him/her. And hope they like what they hear.
@wheresallthemlk whooooo gracias!
@kgrassihoying12 don't hate me you're great
@beccaaaPTX you're special! Don't forget that! See you again when we're in Europe!
@forevfabulous you are loved young one you are loved
@ptx_girl and we wanna go to Poland
@_KauaneOliveira hola
@SmauzelPTX that makes my day!! Thank you! #TheRenegadeEP
@Manderslicious hola!
@bubblysquid you come see us in a show, and then we hug
@siarajbravo :):):):):):)
@voguehunty oh man yes I need to retake I am blurry
@kmorris2609 happy. Healthy. HUNGRY.
@katicparriIIa uh yeeeeeeeeeeeah
@superfruitt much as gracias!!
@lolaptx I'm French and I speak French so I shall say ca va to you (I'm not actually French)
@paintingtunes ditto homie ditto
@LadyDubs25 it's our agent's fault
@memegrassi whoa that's deeeeep! Thank you
@megzkerr whoooooooo see you tomorrow!
Europe, you've been amazing. Glasgow, let's end this European tour big! #OnMyWayHomeTour (📷 @jamesrothman) http://t.co/8a4gXeAi5O
Leeds!!! Oh how we love thee! Thank you for such an amazing show!!
@missgrassii what an amazing letter! Thank you so much for kind words!
When life gives you to candy...make a bull. http://t.co/UgupT4x5Uz
RT @PTXofficial: Thanks guys for participating in the Q&A! Also...(you're gonna want to check the video below) 😏 http://t.co/nwrkyAykXM
I'm gonna be taking over the PTX Twitter account for a Q&A in 20 min!! Ask me whatever you want! #AskKO http://t.co/934gjm2GOo
Hahaha yesterday at the Bullring in Birmingham, UK http://t.co/ziRyTg9kWS
@riaremember HB!!! :):)
@MarieCalatia :):) you too!!
Trippin out that I released an album 1.5 months ago. Thxs to everyone who supported #TheRenegadeEP. Means the world. http://t.co/YKWGOrN54T
@Lucy_evans97 hahaha well I'm glad you're happy! Thanks for coming!
@oakleyftptx niiiiice
@shawsey81 I'm so happy!!!
@blainescronuts ahhhh thank you for coming!
@louisagrassi thank you!!
@bradleyidc thank you!
@SofiaFreeman thank you (typo don't hate me)
@SofiaFreeman thank your!
BIRMINGHAM this was for sure one of the loudest shows of tour! We loved your energy tonight!!!
@JesseniaKolaco @PTXofficial he better say it's amazing or we're not friends
You know who I'm supporting in this fight #PacquiaoMayweather http://t.co/SfS6Lg9eBc
Winding. Doooown. #HappySabbath #AboutThatRest
Yall. Kristen Wiig is veeeeery funny.
@AshleyFearn1 whoooooooo
@alexandragoncic nice seeing you!!
@unstablejox thank youuuuuu!
@sup3rscott done
@sup3rscott yeah? You'd wear it
@savinakus i can't understand this but I'm sure this is nice
@babyukichi whoooo I'm kakkoii whoooooo
@loveualwayszayn HAHAHAHA thank you
@lmccoyyo you're awesome!
@HellaUnicorn riiiiiight?!
@MaudJoosten :):)
@LegendBerry2001 doooooope
@AnitaTweetah thank you! What a great review!
@PiiaIjas nice to see you as well!
@denisaionela6 and so are youuu
@jaimelyn1013 lolololol hilarious
@LilyCoco7 hahaha thank you!
@mxllyspring thanks for coming!
@MadiFeary_x thaaaank youuuu!!
@LegendBerry2001 ooooo where?
@NiallerHugss thank you!
@mjesusra see you soon!!!
@CrazyAngie87 thanks for coming!!
@hashtagfcuties she did alright!
@elissanoblitt absolutely!
@Juliawegman :):)
@lottetimmerman thank you!
@eatmahbananaslo :):):) glad you had a good time!
@pentafr3ak thank you!! 😊
@beradiatelove hahaha we enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you!
@beradiatelove love you!
@PeterHollens congrats my man!
@12abfd674e1f482 yeah she has
@pentaoutai ha this is funny
@LovingBeautyNL hahaha thank you!!!
I love this :):):):) https://t.co/iRBUruKPrM
@Kinaila thank you! These pics are awesome!
Happy birthday to the woman who taught me to be "extraordinary and uncommon" in everything I do in life :) @CurlineO http://t.co/5Ics4sQMWX
@beautytrickernl :):)love you guys!
@HannahCremer_ :):):):) loooooove
@HellaUnicorn :):) thank you! I hope you enjoy my new record!
@PTXunited :)
@_LiterallyLarry @PTXofficial thanks a bunch!
Also, we as a band can't thank you enough for getting our channel to 8M subs! It's insane what can happen in almost 4 years :) #PTX8MIL
Amsterdam your energy is out of this world! Thanks for such an amazing night! Excited we get to do it again tomorrow! http://t.co/40njeychFL
@DaddyJosefine 😂 GET IT
@Studio_Melody can't wait to see you all!!
RT @PTXofficial: In today's @GoPro Monday, get a personal perspective of @KOlusola's solo during the #OnMyWayHomeTour! #GoProMonday https://t.co/GCpbDRGqKC
Just listened to some "Collabo" by @PSquareOFFICIAL with @LillyJaynee. Thank the Lord for African music. #NaijaPower
After all the walking, carnival rides, and loads of cheese, I am officially pooped from King's Day. It's been real, yall. See you tmrw :)
@marieullmann absolutely!
@Joycehoeven see you then!
@iBurrisJr :)
@BansheePower1 yes!!!
@xLyla !!!!
@bethpedraza glad you're enjoying it!
@Harumi_77 see you soon!
@ricea_roni hahaha that's what I think! Hopefully the next album has both :)
@ptxmargie yes!!
Loving King's Day in Amsterdam! http://t.co/2jhLOTA0EG
King's Day! 🎉🎊🎉🎊 || Amsterdam, NL http://t.co/7M57tzXpNm
Look what I found in Paris! http://t.co/7C6wqXNqtB
@ChloeMiniBoobs ;)
@NouckyZan so fuuuuun!
@caitlyncope I'm so happy you like it!
@EclecticGurl13 thank you!!!!!!
@iamaimeejayne thank you!
@PTXfcute that's so cool!!
@Trippydolan thank you! You too!
@BiiaTSantos and you too!!
Touring the world is a gift that I'll never take for granted. Thank y'all for coming out to see us perform! We❤️U :) http://t.co/El8qsGSOTm
@NuggStruggs I juuuuust sleep well, eat well, and drink lots of lemon water lol.
@Saronkh996 @AlinaMay123 that meant the world to me!! Thank you so much for this!
@aldbera see you Soon!!!
@mischls thank you!
OFFENBACH WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for an amazing show!
I really do love yall Pentaholics.
@LilianKoch14 and we love you!!
@Aoibh_M much appreciated!
@Samantha_Gooch1 thank you!
Hahaha I love this!! https://t.co/VSpFxk3aLB
@eddiereilly17 Yaaaaaaaas
@AnneMarshall226 glad you're enjoying it!
@Harumi_77 thank you! You too!!
@allie3ga hahaha no I get sick. But definitely not as bad as the others.
UH oh, Europe. Your Schneider Weisse and Erdinger non-alcoholic wheat beers are two of the greatest things I've had in a looooong time.
@davthadude I didn't graduate! I left in 04 for boarding school for junior year of high school
@JeanDArgh I love this photo!
Baby Kevin percussion picture for the Owensboro High School marching band. Ahhhh those were the days. http://t.co/qdRFsloBTs
I. Love. This. Pillow. Thank you Pentaholics! #CologneSquad2K15 http://t.co/UcJYfiBjN7
At the Hofbräuhaus (public Royal Brewery) in Munich! http://t.co/t5jspM5AOu
@Scomiche_69 incredible!
@tmhft1d it was so fun!
@juustlikekamii we didn't
@gracedwithptx yes ma'am
@Heather_Pants :):):)
@nochn_kueken thank you!!
@evokaplan !!!
@GaleNusha hahaha get it!
@vivalajenta that's ridiculous!!
@Iluvpentatonics where in the world did you find this?
Munich. What. A. Show. I. Love. You. ALL.
@thebeatlemania4 maybe next time!
@Chiara7899 see you soon!
Happy birthday to one of the most sincere, genuine people I know, and one of my best friends on this planet. @Avi_Kaplan, I love you bro.
RT @classicalkid: A wicked cool cover of @Maroon5's "Sugar" with #fttalumni @KOlusola and violinist Kate Arndt https://t.co/uK4VNmGqIj @PTXOfficial
RT @classicalkid: Celebrity Chat: Interview with Kevin Olusola of Pentatonix: http://t.co/dGbW1WbOg2 via @YouTube
VIENNA I LOVE YOU http://t.co/MLbwpTl83C
Found this at the Sony Italy Office. That's kiiiiinda cool http://t.co/ngiHxWu9y0
Just got my first ever facial. In Milan. Whoa.
@Penteatonix lol ;)
@Mrss_Duck :)
@bitchgrassi amazing wooooow
@NadineDMoraleja you're very welcome!
@bbydin @PTXofficial :):)
@GleefulChibi no worries
@bmograb thanks!
@flawedheart :)
Barcelona!! Thank you for such a crazy energetic concert!! Us estimem molt, catalans!!!!!!!!!!
@riandawson ahhhh dude congrats!
I'm so blown away by how talented, creative, and thoughtful Pentaholics are. #OnMyWayHomeTour http://t.co/ocwi1xqYgE
Wow Barcelona is beautiful.
@easyflatbcn wow, such an inspiring day so far!
Music keeps me inspired. http://t.co/xIwWrOsGvN
Hahaha I love Spanish fans. #OnMyWayHomeTour http://t.co/GOXIziibAM
@pentaholiclyfe hahaha it's not about how many, but the quality!
@milky_yoonmo :)
@kristina_sison if you don't i will cry so
@hannahelena92 😉 thank you!
@MistyRhyme i went to many places on my own! It was great!
@MiriCiudad muchas gracias
@CarlotaSotelo @arivillaTW98 thank you!
@xHoransLipsx :)
@2013niaII don't hate yourself bro
@paintingtunes morning!
@GleefulChibi I don't know
@DirectionerSalo 🎋
@ptxbieber 🎈
@forevfabulous ☺️
@ejmgrassihoying 😝
@5sostotalreject 😁
@ashtonptx :)
@pie_martina :)
@fu_lqq you're nice
@jacksonftpotter lemme think about it 😁😂
@AiixaMusicArt see you soon!
Can't wait to show people the next project! https://t.co/kuP3FZE0N6
@sarabellum4 well that's awesome to hear!
@PtxPortugal thanks for coming to our show!
@LonelyTrynaBeMe 😂 hilarious!
@Saaandy44 so nice meeting you!!
@katicparriIIa lolol glad you liked the show!
@pedro_latas thank you for listening!
@oclaudioazevedo same to you!!
@QueroUmBigmac i love it!!
@karismadanita @PTXofficial we will see you soon!
@TronlerJFruit and I love youuuu!
@21_Mockingbird thank you for being awesome!!
@BooBear1DJB riiiiiight?!
@MaryAnne0070 we love you guys!
@LilianaMmoreira we love Yall!
@Beatriz_2612 :)
The moment where the audience sings "On My Way Home" to bring you back for encore >>>>>>> Thank you, Portugal. Thank you. We love yall!!
Ugh, the sheer beauty of Lisbon, Portugal puts my very soul at peace. http://t.co/C5d6DnvswD
Also, @chrissyteigen better slay with her pronunciation of our name https://t.co/v7IFEbc1MA
I read through all of your tweets and then realized how ridiculously funny Pentaholics truly are. Loving all the sass, allllll of it 😂
@samsmithworld you need to come to our show out in London!
PTX got nominated for a 2015 @billboard Music Award??!! 😳 http://t.co/o1RkaeKW4P
Portugal we shall see you soon!!!!!! #OnMyWayHomeTour
I do it for the homie Manny http://t.co/2X089FZO2t
Wait Europe are you sure you're ready
@JoelCompass @PTXofficial @scotthoying my man it was awesome! Hope you finally finished that fat burger lol
@NadineDMoraleja you too!
YES, @RyanParma!! RT https://t.co/q8FoMzy3cm
I agree with this. RT “@rylee_roberts: @KOlusola found a tank top for you http://t.co/JNYU3I46qn
@itscattx see you at the concert!
@MikeGrassi AHHHH I appreciate that!!!
@LucyyySmith whooooo!
@GeviGavrila we hope we see you there also!
@PreciousLiu see you there!
@yap_sters @PTXofficial I hope I get to see you there too!
Thanks Tumblr, thanks :) RT “@SincerelyTumblr: http://t.co/Svs7yhk2oS
@SUNOFHADES @YouRetha2 see yall there!
We leave for Europe in 3 days. #happyhappyjoyjoy
#GoodFriday #TurnYourEyesUponJesus #Easter http://t.co/wCketN73sg
oh my goodness we just produced one of our original tracks in the studio and its sounds so good already wow that's inspiring
I love Polaroid pictures. (📷 @BennyV_) http://t.co/IdFoLPPHO8 http://t.co/q4H12GOo2x
Dang it @Avi_Kaplan broke Mr. Carter and Beyonce I don't have a cello to go to Europe with
How exciting is it that we'll be in Pitch Perfect 2 http://t.co/6hFnNvL7tN
@riandawson bro I missed you at the apartment w @IMGAVI! Congrats on everything!
“Knock in' EM OUT!! RT @IMGAVI: Worked up another ditty with @KOlusola tonight... Sooooo pumped on this one dudes! Happy place for GAVI 😊”
I looooove working with @IMGAVI
@IMGAVI yessir! The love and music making is real!!
@nmlzroo thank you! Happy you're liking the music!
Have you guys seen my soulful rendition of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" yet? Check it out here! http://t.co/yGf2LYZeI6
What an amazing American tour! Thanks for an incredible past few weeks yall. You all make our wildest dreams come true. See yall soon w/ KC!
The official video to my rendition of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" is here! I hope you enjoy it! #TheRenegadeEP http://t.co/yGf2LYZeI6
@AnneMarshall226 :)
@teganjperry thank you!
@jayce_green nice meeting you!
@mollyofficial3 thank you!!
@scotthoying bro why are you coming for me like that
Correction: my electric cello will be called "Mr. Carter" aka Jay-Z on account of my mom likes that name better than just Jay-Z
@mkaplan56 no I dont know if I remember!
Well look at this. Baby dedications. How awesome. http://t.co/XMdlcTq9ik
@kristencross1 @SommerMather just saw this tweet! Lol
Making a dream home is reaaaaaally fun. http://t.co/qg9fz41gIc
Wow, seriously shout out to Austin TX. It's crazy to see how much everyone supports live music here. This is my kind of place.
Austin. I'm ready to perform here and eat all of your BBQ. And I mean aaaalllll of it
@katharineyu_ @Avi_Kaplan I miss you dude! So good to see you! And that apple pie...lets just say I did my thing to it lol
️🇯🇵🎌🇯🇵🎉🎈🎋 http://t.co/7Cahny785p
What are all the screams in the audience about
That time I saw Beyoncé on stage at @TheGRAMMYs 😳😭 http://t.co/lKjiJ6ZrKP
RT @THR: Pentatonix's @KOlusola Talks Classical "Celloboxing" Covers of Sam Smith, John Legend http://t.co/ZQTmWtFxwB http://t.co/cTA3KSz88x
Food is also an amazing weapon for good. How could I leave that one out.
Love is an amazing weapon for good.
@EricWhitacre I sure as heck hope so! Let's stay in touch about this!
@Avi_Kaplan @Lailatonix BRUH you tryina get slapped
Thanks for participating in the Q&A! And remember to download the new single I dropped yesterday! BUY IT HERE -----:> http://t.co/lfoIF10Gye
@IouderthanIou Yes. practically all of them. #TheRenegadeEP
@caligabbygirl :):):) HI! #TheRenegadeEP
@THESTREGONE Oh man waaaaay too much! I love it! #TheRenegadeEP
@brecca_castle :):) #TheRenegadeEP