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I can't just answer ONE question ;)

Guys! I know I choose one question a week to answer, but sometimes I want to respond to all of you! So this week I answered multiple Facebook and @Twitter questions! Check em out below!

Alyssa Daigne Fredeluces 

YOUR MOM IS GORGEOUS! My question isHow did you feel when Kirstie, Mitch, Avi and Scott picked you to be the one to fill up the space for one more member of Pentatonix? #KOCorner

You know, I just took it as a fun opportunity to showcase what I do on TV and to meet new people who love music. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t take it too seriously in the beginning (but maybe I should’ve because I didn’t realize at the time they had auditioned so many beatboxers!). It was only after we met and sang for the first time that I said “wow, we have something really different and really special.” Never in a million years did I think that “fun opportunity” was going to turn into what this is now! Sometimes, you just have to take those random opportunities in life, cause they might lead you down a more amazing path than you could’ve ever dreamed of for yourself! 

Jimmy Allewijn 

So what i would like to know iswhat is the song you really really love to beatbox/sing? #Kocorner

Currently, its the Michael Jackson Medley! Michael Jackson has been a hero of mine; in everything he did, he put in his all. He wanted to give his fans the best show, to write songs that made people feel good, and to give people hope around the world. To revisit what he exemplifies through his work is a blessing, and to sing the medley on stage means the world to me (especially now that I have a solo!).


I made my friend @Tirza_souza become a fan of PTX. What do you think about this? hahaha We love you!

Hahaha you all are so cute :) And thats awesome! 

Molly Spring 

#KOCorner how can one decide their future? Like in school because I have no clue what to do with my life and next year I have to pick my GCSEs and I'm really confused on what to pick! How could I know what to do or chose!?

If you dont know, then Id say explore things youve always been interested in. I think that during this phase of uncertainty in your life, it’s important to love what you do, so jump right in and try something you’ve always wanted to do!! By following your passions, you may discover new passions, change your view on how you see the world, or maybe it’ll spark a new idea that turns into an entrepreneurial endeavor.


@KOlusola what do you want to accomplish with your next solo EP/album? #KOCorner

Wow, what a good question. I think my first album was an introduction to what I can do now with just cello and beatboxing. Now, I want to build upon that foundation to dive deeper into new areas of music and enhance my sound. Recently I’ve been writing a lot more for the band, in addition to experimenting with my voice and music technology. Also, I’ve been listening to not just classical music, but also classic songs such as jazz standards and other popular 20th century songs. I love the idea of juxtaposing those sounds with the musical texture of our time. All in all, there’s so much I’m learning, and I want to showcase what I’ve learned in this next album.

Brianna Soma 

#KOCorner If you weren't in Pentatonix or doing anything with music, what do you think you would be doing? What was your other dream job?

I think I wouldve loved to apply for the foreign service. It would have incorporated cultural diplomacy (so looooots of music), my language skills, and my academic background. That would have been a dream come true! Who knows, maybe I could have become an ambassador to China later on in life if I had followed that passion!

Nandini Dubey 

Your K.O corners are truly so inspiring so thank you for doing them! My question is: do you ever get caught up comparing yourself to other individuals, and how do you get over it? I often feel like I missed the boat to achieve a lot of things friends or classmates have and it seems likes its too late to start working towards or achieving new goals as everyone is so far ahead. #KOCorner

Thats such a difficult one. Ive felt that, even now as I work on practicing certain talents that come so naturally to people in the music industry. Plus, I decided that I wanted to attempt a career in music at the age of twenty, not at a young age like most of my colleagues. You just have to know that you have a uniqueness about yourself that others dont have, and you have to hone in on that. And the other parts of you that you feel like you need to enhance for your dreams to come true, go after it full force. Its about utilizing your unique experiences and ideas to create something truly special for yourself and others.


@KOlusola how do you define talent? When is a person talented? #KOCorner

I think talent is when a skill comes easier to a person than to others. Now, dont get it twisted, there are definitely talents that society gives their thumb of approval on (music, speaking languages, sports, etc.), but dont forget about the intrinsic talents such as the ability to collaborate, the ability to express yourself well, the ability to show love to people in service, etc. Those talents are just as important as the more “socially accepted” talents. I really stress this idea because so many people feel “untalented,” but maybe they just haven’t tapped into those intrinsic talents that make them special.

Dwayne Mason 

#KOCorner What is one language you would love to learn?

I think itd be fun to be fluent in Japanese or Korean! I love going to those places on tour, and I actually said that if I didnt learn Chinese, I would have learned one of those two languages. Also…Arabic would be suuuuuuper cool :)

Julianne M. Ravely 

Kevin, because you all have such eclectic tastes in music, will you be exploring more World music? Zulu-pop is so uplifting and danceable. Y'ssour N'dour's music runs the gamut of tribal to Middle Eastern to rock and even some edgy hip-hop. Shakira has some great Latino elements. Any thoughts?

I would looooove to do that! One of my favorite albums is “Graceland” by Paul Simon! I love how he took his sound, incorporated a lot of South African-inspired music, and created a truly original album. Theres so much great music out there in the world that needs to be explored.



I wish I could answer this question with more details! All I can say is that we’re working on it each day when were off tour, and when were on tour we find times to arrange and practice new material. Were hoping that while were on the Kelly Clarkson tour, we can fly out a lot of producers to help us finish the album. But the album is beginning to crystalize and we’re knocking out songs!

Cameron Dehais 

#KOCorner Do you have any skills that you've been wanting to learn, like a new instrument or a language?

Weeeeell I just saw this “bass cello” that NS Design makes, and I’ve always thought it’d be cool to learn how to play the cello like a bass! I think it’d be such a cool look during a concert.

Carla Pereira 

#KOCorner if you could pick one super-power to own, what would you chose?

Oh man, I wish I had the power to master anything I put my mind to. Id start learning everything I possibly could!

Christoper Williams 

#KOCorner have you ever felt as if no one understands who you are as a person because you are different individually and because you had a different talent than everybody else that wasn't considered normal.

Absolutely. That was my whole K-10th grade experience. And I was bullied a lot for it as well, not just because my talents were different, but my mindset also differed from everyone else’s. What helped me the most was surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who could support me and I could support back. Thats why I went to boarding school at Phillips Academy, decided on Yale for undergrad, and I work with musicians who understand my vision for what I want to create, albeit a little off the beaten path ;). That way, you’ll obtain the constant inspiration you need to keep pursing your dreams, and I believe you’ll be more successful because of it.


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