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Short Answer Q&A

Posted on 8/7/2015

Well, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Emily Kilgour

What is the meaning behind the song Run To You?

Avi and I wrote the song "Run To You" around the theme of longing. Everyone yearns for something in their life at one point, whether its love, a desire, etc., so we wanted to capture that feeling in "Run To You." Before the band recorded it, we all went to Scott and Mitchs apartment to discuss what the song meant to us and what each of us longed for in our lives, and I think that conversation made our performance much more genuine. I hope our song resonates with you!

Cathie Medley

Do you miss Owensboro, and how often do you get back? Have you been back since weve revitalized downtown? If not, PLEASE DO! Im thinking a downtown concert!!

I definitely do miss Owensboro, KY! Its my hometown, the place where I grew up and started building my musical foundation. I have the fondest memories of my hometown. Unfortunately, I havent been back since Christmas of 2011 after winning the Sing-Off and moving to Los Angeles. Also, my family moved out of Owensboro! But Im hoping that we can do a concert in my hometown! Weve done one in all of the other band members’ hometowns, so why not mine? :)

Natasha Kelch

What experience did you have in China that truly made a difference in how you act, think, or see things?

Theres one experience that comes to mind. Before China, I was never someone interested in topics such as business/social sciences/etc. The only topics I really knew were music and medicine. However, Ill never forget the first time I went to China on a ten-day trip for 100 Yalies by invitation of former President Hu Jintao. One of the places we visited was Shanghais Pudong district, a very well developed area for business. I found out that ten years prior, there was practically nothing there. I couldnt believe that in ten years a district could rapidly develop into something of that magnitude. Truly mind-blowing if you ask me! It was one of the pivotal moments that sparked my interests in business, development, social sciences, and entrepreneurship. I didnt know I had it in me at that time, but now I guess I do :)

Emily Anne Maldonado

I have no confidence to do what I love, which is singing. Do you have any tips on becoming more confident?

I believe confidence is a mindset. Its a mindset of fighting for yourself and what you believe is important to you. Every morning, I do something that Quincy Jones taught me: he reads a list of affirmations to channel the mindset of the person he desires to be everyday. I tell myself I am a confident person” and believe it in it, and know that I am someone who will fight for what I believe I am able to do. Try that out, and then pair it with lots of hard work. Practice, sing songs, take lessons, put yourself out there on social media, etc. The more you do it, the more your confidence will build and those affirmations will become real to you. Its difficult, but I really believe that the pairing of a strong mindset and strong work ethic can help you get to where you want to be in life.


What is the most rewarding thing about being a musician? What do you find most difficult/challenging?

What I love the most about being a musician is seeing your musical idea come to life and then sharing it with an audience. It’s an exhilarating feeling that I never want to let go of! I think the hardest thing is juggling all the various responsibilities you have. Today’s industry requires you to be more than just an excellent musician. You have to be an entrepreneur, a business person, a social media personality, etc. You have so many hats to wear that sometimes it’s hard just keeping up with your craft! That’s why time management is such an essential part of being a successful musician!


Have you ever thought of lyrics for Renegade?

I have actually! I haven’t gotten around to it, but if you want to write lyrics, be my guest! :)


Have you ever thought about taking a break from music?

I haven’t thought about it! To be honest, I feel like I’m just at the beginning of my musical journey, especially since I decided to pursue this career relatively late in my youth. There’s so much I’m figuring out in terms of my own sound, my gifts and talents, my strengths and weaknesses, the types of songs I like to write, etc. Also, I believe that being a musician teaches me about my inner strength and tenacity, which is invaluable to me. So, even though music is challenging, I don’t think I’m ready for an early retirement just yet ;)

Natasha Goldberg

Whats the best lesson you have learned in your career?

Be consistently creative! So many people want to have a career in music, but I think those that make a stamp on the industry are those who have honed in on their uniqueness and creativity. As a band, we believed in our ability to make a cappella music something that wasn’t novel that everyone could enjoy. We’re always thinking about creative concepts for our music and videos so that the product would be something everyone would share. For the cello, I listen to so many interesting musical styles that could enhance the way I “sing” through my instrument. That type of creativity is crucial to having a long-lasting career.

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